How to Get the Best Workout of Your Life in 5 Sec or Less…

Want the best workout of your life?  Just bring your personal trainer a candy bar at the beginning of your workout!

Cute Easter sock monkey for your pleasure :)

Cute Easter sock monkey for your pleasure 🙂

Yes this really does happen to me….I have a client who, on the days he really wants me to kick his butt brings me a snickers bar lol.  (Good thing it’s not a candy bar I actually like!)

It’s become more of an inside joke between us now, a signal that he had a bad day and instead of eating the candy bar himself, gives it to me as a symbolic gesture….Or maybe I’m reading too much into it and he just likes to yank my chain lol.  Either way, it makes me laugh and he gets a kick-ass workout out of it so everyone’s a winner!

So here’s to becoming friends with your trainer, we’re people too ya know!


(p.s. no snickers bars were harmed in the writing of this post)


Know Your Knees!

There’s a lot of things I don’t know anything about….like cars, why people actually Choose to live in cold climates, or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop.  But if there’s one thing I do know, it’s knee pain.  It’s not a very fun thing to know about, I know, but someone’s gotta experience it all so other people can know right?  I’ve taken that burden upon myself to find out, your welcome 🙂

But seriously, after 2 knee surgeries and multiple complications, I know a thing or two (or billion) about every type of knee pain possible.  I kid you not, I’ve got every type of knee sleeve, brace, wrap, or strap invented by man… collection is extensive….


This isn’t even half of the knee contraptions I’ve collected over the years

It’s not all bad news bears over here though.  Because of my pain, and subsequent knowledge gained because of that pain, I’ve become a better runner.  It’s sounds counter-intuitive to become a better runner after knee problems, but it’s true.  I’ve trained myself to run with correct form to avoid pain, and proper post-run care and rehab exercises for preventative measures. (of course it helps that I have my degree in Athletic Training and am a CPT, but still).

So get informed, if something is bothering you don’t just ignore it or let it sideline you from what you love.  Learn as much as you can on how to take care of your knees, because take it from me, you don’t know just how wonderful a gift healthy knees are until they aren’t.  Keep running fellow racers(and  hopefully owners of 2, fully functioning, knees), I’ll see you at the finish line!


Racing Portfolio

I’m somewhat of a Hoarder, but not the kind you’d see on tv with their whole house full of crap they can’t get rid of.  (Actually I’m really good about throwing things out and cleaning out every Spring.)  No, I hold onto anything I deem as sentimental, or that has the potential to be nostalgic or collector worthy.  In this case that’s every racing bib I’ve ever had.

I have no good way of displaying them, plus some are pretty muddy or crumpled after the runs so they’re not exactly what you’d call aesthetic.  I’ve seen some really cool bib displaying flip books online but haven’t taken the plunge to buy one yet.  Because of my lack of pulling the trigger on something I clearly want but don’t need, I’m left with a simple essay cover.  That’s right folks, I literally took an old college essay out of it (tossed it of course, see not a Hoarder) and put in all of my racing bibs!

After every race I also write the date, length of race(if it’s not specified already), and my time.  Also some I’ve run with other people so wasn’t shooting for a PR of any kind and recorded that as well.  Its turned into quite the nice little cache of memories for me.  Just one look at any given race bib and I remember every single detail of that day!  I thought I’d share with you some of those bibs.

Ran as a camp counselor with a camper to help him get a PR!
Ran as a camp counselor with a camper to help him get a PR!
Dirty Dash 5k with some of my best college buds!
First solo run, bit by the bug and quickly signed up for my 2nd race!
First solo run, bit by the bug and quickly signed up for my 2nd race!
Second race....and a PR!
Second race….and a PR!
Ran with a camper again and she got her PR too!
Ran with a camper again and she got her PR too!
The Georgia Games! Won my age group!!
The Georgia Games! Won my age group!!
First road race, was a rough one weather-wise
First road race, 5miler….it was a rough one weather-wise
The Ragnar Relay is seriously the best fun in 2days you'll ever have!
The Ragnar Relay is seriously the best fun in 2days you’ll ever have!
Runnin to support a local food pantry...1st race of the new Year 2013
Runnin to support a local food pantry…1st race of the new Year 2013

Life’s Theme Song

Ever heard the saying “soundtrack to your life”?  I guess that’s a saying anyway, maybe more of a phrase…also a song I think.  Anyway, music has narrated my life for as long as I can remember.  When I was young it was Yanni and Enya I would “pretend” to play the piano along with.  Later is was The Dixie Chicks and Brittany Spears I played over and over in my room.  As I grew up the music changed but the message never did, there was always a song to describe my mood, day, life experience, or memory.

Now it’s music that gets me through my short, medium, and long runs.  I’ve got a playlist of songs to pump me up and push me through my workouts.  On that playlist I’ve got a few songs that really push me into overdrive!  For the past few years my ultimate song has been “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl (yes I’m a closeted musical enthusiast…and actually I listen to the Glee version, people don’t call me a nerd for nothing lol).  I can’t play it for you, but I’ve included a link to a youtube video of the original Barbara Streisand version for you if you’ve never heard it. But nothing punctuates or describes my attitude about life more then this song.  It’s such an up beat take the world by storm and don’t let people bring you  down kind of song and that’s just how I want to live my life, going for my dreams and not being held back by doubt.

Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl

On another note I have recently rediscovered the amazing-ness that is icing my knee.  If you’ve read the About part of my blog then you know I’ve had 2 knee surgeries already and looking forward to my 3rd this summer (only the first one has been major, the rest just maintenance).  This picture shows my ghetto attempt to hold the ice pack on, hands free using a Theraband (because ain’t nobody got time for that!)

How cool ppl ice :)

How cool ppl ice 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve got your own theme song to live by, and it might change for different stages of your life, but this one’s been my go to for years and I can’t see it changing any time soon.  What song narrates your life?  Which song do you turn to for a pick-me-up?


Run 26.2 for Boston

The mood and atmosphere in the state of Massachusetts is a tense one today.  I don’t live in Boston, about 30min south of it, so I’m not within the locked down area that the bombing suspect is currently being hunted, but it’s still scary.  People are staying home and there’s a huge police presence everywhere you look.


     There have been so many wonderful responses on social media to the marathon bombing.  Last wed I talked about the Run for Boston 4/17 movement that went on country-wide and it had an overwhelming response to it!  I wrote about it here.  According to their Facebook page it garnered 24,000 likes, 500 groups running, over 5,000 photos submitted, and they think around 20,000 people who ran to show their support for the people of Boston.


My sign from wed 4/17

I’ve recently come across another and movement called Run 26.2 for Boston on a fellow bloggers page over at Will Run for Tequila.  I then visited the Facebook page for the group and was surprised more people hadn’t seen it (only at 200-ish likes).  I think it’s got a similar if not the same message then the previous Run for Boston page.  It’s about dedicating your runs for Boston, and about putting aside our own aspirations of racing to show our solidarity and support as a community and nation of runners.

I for one am going to for sure dedicate the next 26.2 miles I run for the people of Boston and those affected by monday’s bombing tragedy.  I started yesterday and am up to 8.5miles after today.  So lace up those sneakers and get out pounding the pavement!  Add up your miles and see how fast you can get to 26.2 for Boston.


Run and Remember

So much love and support has been poured into the city of Boston from all over the country.  Anyone and everyone wants to show their support to those affected from the tragedy on monday.  On the Facebook page created called Run For Boston, people from all over the country have uploaded pictures of themselves dedicating their runs to the people of Boston.  I unfortunately, because of my bad knee acting up lately, couldn’t run for Boston today but I got out there and walked for them all the same. Below is the picture one of my best friends submitted to the site all the way from NC.  What a champ!  Go share yours too!


A friend of mine shared this website (Recover) and fundraiser with me just today and I didn’t even hesitate before ordering one.  I wanted to share with you this opportunity to buy one of their shirts where all proceeds go to the victims of the bombing/whereever it’s needed most.  Since I can’t physically do anything to help these people I feel good knowing that in a small way I can by extension of this great company.  They also use 100% recyclable materials, so not only are you helping out the people of Boston, but also the planet.  Go check it out now!

One of the designs

One of the designs

Lastly, as much as I sometimes complain about social media and the negative effects it can have on society, it’s times like this that I love what it can do.  It’s such a great tool for people to connect, and when used right can have an overwhelming effect on the human heart.  So keep on people! Keep on running, keep on loving, keep on sharing, and keep on supporting because together we can become stronger and overcome the hate.


Love From Boston

     Yesterday, April 15th, 2013, was many things….Patriots Day…..Marathon Monday….A tragic day in the history of New England, the city of Boston, sports and athletics, and the United States of America as a whole….

     I really don’t have a whole lot to say on the topic, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what happened.  For those who haven’t heard or seen on the news or through social media (though that’s probably not many of you) two bombs were set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon around 3pm.  So far I’ve heard of 3 dead and over 100 injured……

     I was fortunate enough to have not gone into the city to watch the marathon.  I can’t tell you how close I was to being there, cheering on the friends I had running.  For reasons unknown to me at the time, I was prevented from being able to make it.  The Lord works in very mysterious ways and I don’t know what I would have done had I been in the city earlier today….

     My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy.  Living so close to the city of Boston means everyone I know up here has at least one person affected as either a runner, spectator, or emergency responder in the aftermath.  I can’t imagine the confusion and terror experienced by those involved, because I know the whole nation will feel the despair and senselessness of today’s events for years to come, myself included….

My heart hurts for those people.  It’s hard to read their stories because it cuts so close to home.  But it also makes me want to rise up even more, recommit to running, and finally that drive to run a marathon is in me.  I want to run for Boston and I want to run Boston.  This tragedy only embeds the city of Boston and it’s people even more deeply in my heart then it already was.  I love that city, I’ve walked those streets, I love those people, they’ve welcomed me into their hearts since the moment I moved to New England, and I love running that much more, because it’s fueled a fire in me that won’t be stopped….