Happy Memorial Day

I know, I know I’m way behind on this weekend update but I choose to spend it with my Guy and friends instead of writing…I’m sorry.  Let me first start out by thanking all those who have served our Country.  I know I owe my freedom and life to the brave men and women who give theirs.  I can never express the gratitude that y’all deserve!

On a completely unrelated note……Holy cold front New England!

Can you tell I'm a TN fan? :)

Can you tell I’m a TN fan? 🙂

It was such a FREEZIN couple of days up here in Massachusetts!  It rained on and off for 2 whole days and hovered somewhere in the 60’s with a biting wind.  A good rainy day is always welcome in my life though, I’m a huge book nerd and love snugglin up on the couch and delving into another world.  I’m currently reading a book called May the Road Rise Up to Meet You by Peter Troy.  Oh man it’s a good one, takes place during the Civil War from the perspective of 2 slaves, an Irish Yankee soldier, and an upperclass society lady from New York.  Very interesting how their stories all unfold….but I digress

Sunday I decided to grit my teeth, wrap myself in 4 layers (I know I’m a baby when it comes to the cold), and headed out for a 4.5 mile run.  By the time I got home my fingers couldn’t function properly, like I could feel them but couldn’t make them do what I wanted lol.

They would actually fire their muskets into the air!!

They would actually fire their muskets into the air!!

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day though, and after a short run in the morning dodging parade-goers, I decided to just stop and watch Memorial Day parade!  I truly believe  now that no one has American pride like New England does! Living in the city definitely has it’s advantages, I walked right out my apartment and BOOM parade!


Every time they stopped they fanned out and crouched down, I managed to snap this pic

We finished up the day with a cookout with friends.  It’s not memorial day without a hotdog!  I also made some peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  Look how patriotic they are!



Hopefully your weekend was as awesome as mine turned out to be.  Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?


“Every Artist was first an Amateur”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The only thing we really do is grill out, either alone or with friends. Yesterday happened to be with friends. I’m a little jealous of you 60 degree temps. We are up in the 80s and I’m sure we’ll be seeing 90s pretty soon.

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