A Sister is a Built-in Best Friend

I’m so happy to be over last week and also to say that my little sister is staying with me for the week!  Nothing brightens my mood like hanging with my smallest BFF! (of course since she’s a teenager she can also darken it mighty quick as well lol).

Life feels like it’s back on track, good decisions seem easier to make when the Little Sis is looking on and mimicking my moves.  She’s a terrible influence though, look what we got for dessert after a long day of shopping!!!  This was after the Veggie Pizza we shared for lunch!  (she’s only here all week, let’s see how my waistline fares lol)


Good thing I went for a run early this morning before she woke up.  Along the trail Mother Nature gave me a little buddy to run with.  Of course he was running away from me but running non-the-less!  Just a little sign that I’m on the right path (no pun intended).


The best part of the day by far though was seeing the Sis get all her hair chopped off and donated to charity!!  She’s such a good kid…Maybe I’ll do the same one day?  (after lots of inner reflection and time to say goodbye…..)


Isn’t she just adorable!!

It feels so good to be back on not only the blogging train but to feel like everything is gonna be ok after last week’s trainwreck of emotions.  So Happy Tuesday everyone, and thank you for hanging through last week with me!


“While we pursue happiness, we flee from contentment.”

-Hasidic Proverb

Been Awhile and Outdoor vs. Gym

**Disclaimer: Lots of chocolate covered strawberries were harmed in the making of this post**

Remember when I was talking about my “Marvelous Monday“?  It seems like so long ago right now.  This week has been rough, I’ve had quite a few emotional roller coaster things happen with the relationships in my life which has knocked me off my blogging feet.   But that being said, I’ve had some stellar stress busting workouts because of it so plenty to write about now! Before you worry, everything is fine, just some big life desicions to be made.

Enough of the sad though, let’s move on to happier things, like the fact that I’ve worked my way up to a 1:30 min plank!!!  Oh and did I mention that I beat my 60 mile goal for July?  Yea that happened!! (Thanks Manda and Mr. Howie 🙂 )

timed plank

Now I have a confession for y’all that might come as a bit of a suprise……Even though I’m a Personal Trainer I Hate(?)(I don’t normally use such a harsh word for things but it really does sum it up) working out in the gym unless I absolutely have too! I know right?!?!? Shocker! I love being in the gym and helping others, but when it comes to my own workouts I take it outside 99% of the time. (Just another reason Boston wasn’t for me in the long term, those winters are brutal man!)

university of kentucky faculty gym

I don’t know if it’s because I work in the gym all day long so I just wanna get out of there by the end of the day or what. It is by no means my “happy place” when I wanna sweat. (Although it is super convienient when the weather is not so nice outside. Like the other day it was raining so I got in a nice grueling rowing machine workout). When I need to let off some steam, get my sweat on, think through life’s big dilemas, I hit the pavement or trails or anywhere outside in the sunshine!

So here’s to more Marvelous Mondays( and hoping the days in between are much better then last week 🙂 )  Now I want to put forth the question to you, dear Readers….Which do you prefer? Indoor gyms or outside in Mother Nature to get in a sweat sesh?


“Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

-Marilyn vos Savant


Let’s Connect!


Rubik’s “Master”

My weekend was “Marvelous” and I’d like to share my accomplishments with y’all today.  I’m all about fitness (being a Personal Trainer will do that to a person) but I also am not one to neglect my brain.  I know I’ve confessed my nerd-dom a few times, but I’m about to majorly expand on it lol.

This last weekend I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.  Like legit start from all messed up and fix it 100%.  Don’t believe me?  I thought of that in advance and have provided some proof below.

Yup....I did that :)

Yup….I did that 🙂

Feel free to stare a bit longer, when you’re ready to pick your jaw up off the ground we can continue…..

Ya good?  Alright, so a good friend that I’ve come to know as of recent taught me all the tricks needed to solve it so I really can’t take the credit for it.  But I still learned and that’s a big enough accomplishment to make this old gal happy 😀

Oh I also saw Kermit being kidnapped on my way to church Sunday?

I think he's yelling for help lol

I think he’s yelling for help lol

Yea that was weird….cute but a little strange…..

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with my planking!  Still cruising at a cool 1:15-ish but that’s ok, I’m starting to have fun doing them (you heard me right lol)

See the fun?

See the fun?

I don’t dread timing my planks like I did when I started this challenge.  Improvement, however slight, can really boost your confidence in yourself and I look forward to beating my previous record every day!  Join in the planking fun with me everyone!

So solving a Rubik’s cube + planking = a very good weekend.  Oh and throw in some fun times with new friends (go see the Lone Ranger if you want a good laugh) and life doesn’t get much better.  I guess my next challenge should be to solve the Rubik’s Cube while planking? Hmmm….

How’d you spend your weekend?  Marvelously I hope!


“There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out.  There’s no such thing as life in between.”


Fitness Podcast VIP

I’ve got a very special announcement for y’all today…Ready?  My favorite podcast, Awesome Starts Today, read my email on air today!!!!  What?  Yes, this really happened and if that doesn’t keep me out there pounding the pavement then I don’t know what will!


Awesome Starts Today is a weight-loss podcast put on by comedians so a lot of it is jokes and funny stories but they do throw in some good fitness tips as well.  It’s mainly geared towards men but I listen to it on my longer runs/walks to take my mind off the distance and it literally has me laughing out loud sometimes!  I suggest you give podcasts a try next time you lace up them sneakers.

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

On to keeping myself accountable, I’m up to 50 miles this week Yipee!!  I’m only 10 miles away from my goal and a little over a week to get it done in!


Next my planking has been improving, I’m still hovering right around that 1min mark though I’ve been pushing more towards 1:15 so slight improvement.  I’ll get there 2min, don’t you worry your very long mind about it.  I’m going to start tossing in some other core exercises as well (mostly lower back), since that’s usually what gives out on me first, and see if that helps.

How has everyone’s week gone?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Races planned?  Planks to do?


“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”


Hot Run, Hot Bod

I’ve got 2 things of wonderful news today!

First, I know I’ve told y’all that I’ve started my new job on campus but I snapped a pic of my new digs at work today to share.  It’s a super nice facility (not top of the line, but big and stocked!) and I so far so good!  It is a bit slower compared to my last job working 1-1 with my clients, I’m more of a Supervisor here.  I do get to do first time consultations with people though which I now live for to break up the “supervising” lol.


Pretty nice eh?

Second…..get ready for it…….Yesterday I ran pain-free for the first time in weeks!!!!  YAY!  Following Dr’s orders really does pay-off! haha (seems like common sense but hard to follow through on sometimes).  I only went 4 miles total, 2 running, 1 walking, then 1 more running so my mileage has suffered but that can be trained up again.  I mean idk about y’all but I’d rather run 2 pain-free miles then 6 painful ones and be incapacitated the rest of the day, so I’ll take it!


But oh my goodness, the thermometer has been stuck in the 90’s all week, flirting with the triple digits!  EVEN when the Sun goes down!!  For that reason my outings have been some pretty sweaty ones lol.  Now I’m not really all that sweaty of a person when working out, I usually only start sweating post-exercise (TMI, I know I’m sorry) but yesterday was a different story. I tried to take a picture to show that I literally had sweat rolling down my legs (sans lotion) but it didn’t really show up. (the close up was just weird so I stuck with a distant shot lol).


The sky keeps threatening to rain, we’re getting some pretty intense heat lightening in the darkening skies but so far no relief, the heat just keeps on….SO I just gotta keep my towels stocked and my sunscreen on hand because I gotta keep keeping on as well!  Besides a hot run means a hot bod right? 😀

How are you faring with the heat this summer?


“Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise just like muscles of the body.”

-Lynn Jennings

Are You a Runner?

Something happened to me the other day that has never before in my life (or in my imagination) would have happened….They asked me if I was a runner….

And well that may be commonplace for some of y’all, no one has ever taken one look and assumed I was a Runner.  A fit person yes, but a Runner?  Never. So BOOM!  My Runner’s ego is inflated to the max and riding high right now lol.  As soon as she said it I wanted to tie on my shoes and go for a run right then!  But I was at church so I didn’t haha.


From this small and simple question (after my head deflated some) I started to really think about what makes someone a Runner?  What does being a Runner mean to me?  I certainly never thought I “looked” like a Runner, I mean let’s just say I’ve got a booty lol.  And while I Do run, I don’t often win.  I don’t train full time or aspire to run a marathon.  I don’t only wear running tights and talk in PR’s and fartleks.

How cool ppl ice :)

How cool ppl ice 🙂

So does all of that mean I’m not a runner?  Of course not!  If you put shoes on and take just one running step, you’re a Runner.  If you sign up for a race and run just a part of it, you’re a Runner.  If you push yourself beyond your imagined limits all in the name of running, then you’re a Runner.  You don’t have to be a sleek, gadget wearing, full-time training, lingo talking, amazon woman to be a Runner.  All you have to do is run.


That’s the beauty of this sport.  Anyone can do it, anyone can have fun, and anyone can be a Runner.

Has anyone every asked if you’re a Runner?  What was your reaction, what makes YOU and Runner?


“How am I to know what I can achieve if I quit?”

-Jason Bishop

Sami's Shenanigans

Swagtastic Virtual 10k

I am WAY behind in my blogging.  Yes I know I just posted something yesterday, but I ran my Swagtastic Virtual 10k almost a week ago and have yet to write about it…blogger fail I know.  But it’s a perfect topic for Fitness Friday so my ineptitude actually paid off in a way.

I’ve written about it before but the people over at Swagtastic put together this amazing race to benefit Medals4Mettle.  They are a non-profit that collects marathon, half marathon, and triathlon medals and present them to children and adults who are in a race of their own, to beat a debilitating illness such as cancer, etc.  This race specifically goes towards presenting the victims and responders of the Boston Marathon tragedy with medals so it’s a bit different but still an amazing cause.  Seriously one of the best causes (that came with the best race swag of all time)

My attempt to get both signs in one picture lol

My attempt to get both signs in one picture, Fail #2 lol

I chose to run the 10k vs. the 5k or half marathon options.  I didn’t really choose the best course to complete my race on though.  Since I’ve just moved to a new city I haven’t quite discovered all the best running trails yet, so I ran on one near campus that I really like.  The only problem is it’s about a 2mile loop, so to finish my 10k I had to run it 3 times.  Kind of repetitive and boring, but with all the hills in this course it wasn’t easy by any means!  So I basically ran a 10k of repeat hills…..not my best idea lol.


Update on my planking.  I’ve been sticking with it every day and my times are staying pretty consistent.  I’d still like to eventually make it to 2min, which I know is really easy for some of y’all, but as you can see a stretch for me lol.  I am however, as of today to 34.5/60 miles for the month of July, Yippee!!  That goal is on fire so far and we’re not even half way into the month!  A big ole pat on the back for me 😀

How’d your week of fitness fun go?  Did anyone else participate in the Swagtastic Virtual Races?


“The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.”

-Richard Monckton Milnes