Fitness Friday

Well I made it through the first week of grad school….though that’s probably the easy part lol.  I cannot stress enough how different grad school is from undergraduate.  Hello responsibility!  I may be a student but I work for the school so I’ve got emails and meetings out the wazoo!  Also, really no class assignments and certainly no busy work(thank you), but lots more time intensive studying and homework(if you wanna call it that).

P.S. employee parking for this little grad student like a Boss!  Proud to be a Wildcat 🙂

VIP yo! :D

VIP yo! 😀

…..But I digress….It’s a 3-day weekend and there’s no time for dwelling when you can be having a good time am I right?  My best friend flew into town for the weekend I couldn’t be more excited to show them my new home!


First up, my favorite pizza joint…..Mmmm hawaiian pizza, how I dream about thee 🙂  We also hit up a new breakfast place Sat. morning and I got the most delectable Pecan French Toast of my whole life.  I’m not really into food photos so didn’t even think about taking one, but holy crap I was in Heaven.  (can you tell I like food?)

I also practically forced some Bourbon chocolates on him (saying no to chocolate is foreign to me).  But I eventually got him to eat one, as well as purchase some to send home to share.  I don’t personally like them, but hey it’s something unique to Kentucky and it’s chocolate so I spread the wealth 😉

This was obviously supposed to be posted Friday (hence the title, I’m a little late) so I should fill you in on my August numbers.  I barely made my August goal of 70miles.  This last week with orientation and classes I literally didn’t get any in (embarrassing I know).  I’m going to leave my Sept goal at 70 for now, but I may up it to 80 like I originally planned later on.

So there ya have it, there’s still a lot of weekend left ahead of me so I’ll leave y’all to it!  Have any fun Labor Day Weekend plans?


“The only man who never makes mistakes, is the man who never does anything.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. Congrats on getting through the first week of grad school, sounds really busy. I’m starting freshman year of college next week and am both excited and nervous. Ha ha, saying no to chocolates is foreign to me, too. 😛 Hope you meet your mileage goals in September and good luck on your 5k!

  2. Congrats! I was able to survive a year of juggling work, school and trying to get healthy (a must for grad students because hours of reading and studying is exhausting, very tempting to grab comfort foods like chocolates burger and everything unhealthy). My second year starts next week, so far so good. Good luck and enjoy! 🙂

  3. Pecan French Toast?! Drool!
    Don’t worry about not taking food photos, some bloggers (ahem…) take more than enough! 🙂
    Congrats on making it through your first week of grad school, that’s amazing!

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