September Foodie Penpal

I did something new this past month, I joined Lindsey from The Lean Green Bean for her monthly Foodie PenPal.  Basically she pairs you up with another blogger (or reader) for the month and you put together a fun food package of goodies for them.  She’s got all the official rules on her website so if you’re interested be sure to click over and read all about it!

The Lean Green Bean
I had so much fun participating in September!  I was paired with Nicole from Passport Eater, which from her blog title alone I knew she was a true foodie, the pressure was on!  So I put together a box of local Kentucky food for her to try, you can click over to her blog to read more about it.
What I REALLY want to share with y’all, are all the wonderful goodies she sent Me!  She’s a girl after my own heart and I got some yummy chocolaty goodness 😀  Not to mention nuts…chocolate and nuts are my nirvana 😉
I straight away ate the popcorn, I literally took a picture of the empty bag b/c I had already eaten it before I remembered to snap a picture for you guys (no control haha).  My box also included butterscotch peanut butter, chips ahoy mini cookies, 2 chocolate bars, Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, and some crack-covered cashews( j/k it wasn’t crack but it was sure delicious!).
My favorite by far was the Phillies peanut butter chocolate bar.  It also happened to be the cutest!  I had no idea their baseball team mascot was so cute!! (I guess not watching baseball would explain that though lol)
Next the chashews…..oh the cashews….  I am a firm believer that nuts improve any dish or food.  Nuts on their own are pretty darn fantastic as well and these were no exception.  It was hard to not eat them all in one sitting, which I am proud to announce it took me TWO sittings to finish lol.  The butterscotch peanut butter was interesting.  I love nut butters, especially flavored nut butters, but this one took a few times for me to decide if liked it or not.  In the end it won me over (that probably goes back to me no control lol)  and it replaced my normal peanut butter for a few weeks.
So if this didn’t convince you to join the Foodie PenPal group then ignore my bad review and terrible pictures and join it anyway, you can thank me when a giant box of goodies show up on your doorstep 🙂  Your welcome in advance!
“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert

I Signed Up For What?

Remember my lazy saturday?…Yea me either, it was so long ago or it could be that today was so jammed-packed, saturday got pushed right out of my mind…yea, probably that one…..

I did something quite crazy (read I’m a dummy-McDummerson) and agreed to be part of the Bourbon Chase relay team the weekend right before Ragnar TN…..Ok more like forced to not be able to say no by Higher-Ups at school (when the Dean of your college asks, you can’t say no…you REALLY can’t….) So there ya have it, I’m running 200mile relays, 2 weekends in a row, Lord help me.


On the upside though, it’ll be great networking, and the overnight relay races really are my favorite of all time….I’m still searching for other upsides so feel free to insert another on here…..(_________)

On to less intimidating news, I came across this quote on Pineterest and loved it so much I’m sharing it here with you, my lovely readers.


Ok, it was actually used against me when I tried to tell the Dean I wasn’t really a runner and couldn’t be on the team….Darn you inspiring quote!

To drown out my doubts, I decided to spoil myself with a gourmet meal of Spaghetti Squash for dinner.  It was the first time I’d ever attempted to make it myself, usually my best friend (who just so happens to have a birthday today, Happy Birthday Ashwee!!) made it for us and all I did was show up at the dinner table lol.  It turned out pretty good though, turns out this old dog can learn new tricks 🙂


Have you ever been roped into a race/event you couldn’t say no to?  Or is that just a me thing….Feel free to leave words of wisdom and encouragement for me in the comments below……I’m gonna need em, thank you in advance : /

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

-Sigmund Freud


Lazy Sleep-In

Confession time…..I wrote this while still in bed while watching netflix…..lazy Saturday morning to the max lol.  In all fairness though I was watching Hungry For Change, a documentary about eating healthy and scary revelations behind the diet and food industry….Check it out, it’ll change the way you look at food and seriously change your life, I feel so inspired (and Empowered!) after watching it.


Also is it just me or are there more gnats than ever out!  Yesterday at the park  I felt like I was swimming through them!!  Gross, yea.  Is it just a Fall thing or a grass just been cut thing?  I don’t know, but I didn’t like it lol  The park was still gorgeous though, and I got in 4 miles so I really shouldn’t be complaining.


Next on to a very frustrating (but very thought inducing) paper I have to write for class.  It’s a 6 page paper on my own personal philosophy in relation to Health Promotion and Education.  At first, I thought it’d be easy (I’ve always got plenty to say lol) but having to intelligently articulate them on paper is a lot harder to do….Oh Grad School, sigh lol.  I’ve still got 2 more weeks to work on it so it’ll get done 🙂

Now on to the good stuff…JUICING!  I tried a new recipe today for breakfast (once I finally dragged myself out of bed, before I promptly got right back in lol)  I found it online and it’s called Parsley Energy Explosion, which was very tasty.


It was composed of apple, celery, carrots, and parsley.  Parsley was kinda weird to juice I thought but whatevs let’s go for it!  It turned out fine and tasted mostly like carrots and was a little on the sweeter side, which was fine by me.  Up next I think I’ll do the Fabulous Fennel Juice (rumored to help with headaches and improve night vision (I could use some help there).

Sorry for all the random thoughts today…just one of those weeks that I need to brain dump afterwards…

Any races to be run this weekend?  I can’t wait for Ragnar!!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”

-Annie Dillard


Countdown to Ragnar

Ok first of all, exciting news!!!!  Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!  Eeeeee!!!!  You know what that means right?


Ok now that my happy dance is over, it means a giveaway in the near future for y’all so stayed tuned!!

I’ve got more exciting news for y’all.  Only 1 more month until my Second Ragnar Relay!!!  YAY!!  (yes I realize my countdown says 29 days, I rounded up, so sue me lol).  I ran this same Ragnar TN last year which you can read about and I’m also running it with pretty much the same team.  One or two people have changed, but my core group of ladies are all still there (my motivation to endure the 2 days stuffed in a van.  It’s like the ultimate girl time lol)

So last year we decorated our Van but didn’t wear costumes.  THIS year we’re steppin up our game and we are the Super Friends!  If you just had to leave to go Google that you’re not alone, I did too…now that you’re back, let’s continue….

Of course the boys are like Superman, Batman, and The Flash, etc  And the girls are…..well a lot of us are going as the villains not the Super Friends Haha…..Catwoman, Poison Ivy……All the good ones were snapped up real quick which left me in a dilema…..Do I go as someone I’ve never heard of or mix things up a bit?  Of course I’m mixing it up and I’ll be going as Robin.  Now I realize he’s a dude and I am clearly not, but whatevs, I’ll look awesome!!  (Side-note, my brother informed me there actually was a female Robin once so it totally counts!)

Also real talk, I saw Santa riding a motorcycle today…..Seriously though, I wanted to shake this man’s hand for being such a Boss 🙂


Ps. this picture was taken at a red light don’t worry lol

Don’t forget I’ve got my Momma’s juicer for the next month as well, so send me your favorites!!!  I’ll be blogging about the ones I try!!

“Things start out as hopes and end up as habits”

-Lillian Hellman


Marvelous Monday

I don’t get home to see my family as often as I would like, but this weekend was the exception.  So I thought I’d share a littl recap of my weekend home 🙂  It also serves as the perfect topic to link-up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life!

Marvelous Is:

Game Day!!!  Of course we lost, but I’ll remember the good times when we were still leading in the 2nd half.  Besides it was just fun watching football with my Padre, a little untraditional daddy-daughter time if you will lol.

Reflecting only on the good.....Go Vols!

Reflecting only on the good…..Go Vols!

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with this little guy….Actually he isn’t so little anymore, he’s growing up so fast, sigh 🙂  He still has that kitten playfulness about him though, such a cutie.


Lunch dates with my Mama!  It’s nice to spend a little one-on-one time with her.  She’s always so busy taking care of everyone else it’s hard to get her to take a break lol.  We went to this great build-your-own stir-fry place near downtown.  Mine included broccoli, pineapple, carrots, pea pods, red peppers, and chicken…uh yea…Yum.


JUICING!  I know I’m a bit late to the party on this but my Mother has a juicer she let me play with this weekend.  My first concoction was apple, cucumber, carrot, and lemon and it was delish!  My next was the same minus the cucumber and was just as good just more apple-y then cucumber-y (both are words thank you lol)  She was even nice enough to let me take it back to school to experiment so I’ll have more juicing news in the near future, Im So Excited!


What made your weekend marvelous?  Have any good juicing combos for me?

“Happiness is not a destination.  it is a method of life.”

-Burton Hills


Friday’s Are For Late Nights…..

Friday’s are perfect for late nights…….at work.  I am literally typing this post at work tonight ppl.  See how dedicated to y’all I am!  lol  Actually I meant to type it sooner but alas, life happened 🙂

You can tell Fall is upon us, people are showing up on the trails in force!  All my favorite trails are getting really crowded, I’m gonna haveta start expanding my list of go-tos jeez lol.  No, in all honesty it’s good that people are getting out there, and I love seeing groups of ppl being social and active!  My little personal trainer’s heart just bursts with joy 🙂


I took this in true creeper fashion lol

This week I brought my monthly mile total to 46/70.  Whoo 2-ish more weeks to finish it up so September is looking good. 30 in 30 has been conqured!  I’ve also feel like I’m finally falling into a groove at school/work so can get my regular workout times scheduled instead of the sporadic few minutes here and there I’ve been pulling since the semester started.

Real quick, can I just say my campus is beautiful!  Seriously take a look at this walkway….so pretty, and Safe!! (notice the blue emergency button station).


Though I would Reeeeally not like my face to be this huge plastered on the side of a building…..That girl has got some major confidence.  Work it girl!!


Well now I’m off to drive the long road home to see my family for a few days.  I can’t wait to see my sister!!!  And watch the TN game, GO VOLS!!

How are your September  goals going?

“Motivation is what gets you going.  Habit is what keeps you going”

-Jim Ryun


The Big Cooldown

I’ve got a very different type of post for y’all today…I haven’t ever posted  a recipe before but seeing as how food is a big part of why I train hard I figured what the heck.  This weekend we got what everyone is calling the “Big Cooldown.”  Literally all last week people were all excited for the “Big Cooldown” and I, the ever sceptic of the weatherman, just nodded my head and smiled.  Well slap your grandma and call me silly b/c I woke up Saturday morning to a crisp 60˚ “cooldown” haha.  (and now it’s gonna rain all week…lucky me 😀 )


Not one to wallow in my incorrectness, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to break out my crock-pot and start welcoming in Fall the proper way…..with homemade soup!  Aww soup, doesn’t it just make you think of curling up in a big fluffy blanket during a snowy winter? No? Well not really me either but whatever, it’s yummy and I love it!  In my quest to become a domesticated woman(as in wifey material, cooking for a family and such) I’ve started very simple and will slowly,(probably slower then most) but slowly make my way up to more difficult things.  SO my go-to is as always the crock-pot.  You can’t really mess anything in the crock-pot up.  I mean really, you toss in a buncha ingredients and a couple hours later, BOOM! Fully cooked, and wonderfully delicious dinner!


The original blog I got this recipe from (can be found here) and gives really good instructions.  She’s also way more advanced then me so cooked her own chicken first and added that to the mix (yes I did just use pre-cooked canned chicken, I’m working on it ok).  I also added different veggies, just what I had on hand  Anyway, here it is! (Oh yea I also made cornbread muffins to go along, MmmMmm).

Step 1: add everything but the noodles and chicken to the crock-pot.
                 -cook on low for 4hrs.
Step 2: add the noodles and chicken.
                 -turn on high and cook for 1 more hour.

Yup that easy, 2 steps. So dust off the crock-pot, chop your veggies, and get to cooking!  And by cooking I mean doing absolutely nothing but being praised by anyone who partakes of this wonderful soup like your a cooking goddess!  Yes you’re welcome 🙂


“Sooner of later, those who win are those who think they can”

-Richard Bach