Bourbon Chase Pt 1

Well I not only survived but conquered the Bourbon Chase this past weekend!  For those who don’t know what the Chase is, it’s one of the many 12 team relays popping up everywhere.  I’ll be running Ragnar TN this weekend which is the same set-up, 200 miles, 12 runners, and 2 days of pure running.  If you’ve never done one it needs to immediately go to the top of your racing wish list.  Hands down the funnest races I’ve ever had the pleasure of running. 🙂

We also had team shirts made with the logo

We also had team shirts made with the logo

Back to my recap.  I joined pretty last minute a team named “Run Faster I Hear Banjos”…Um yea, they were amazing and the perfect team for me!  I made 13 new friends (11 runners and 2 drivers) and couldn’t have had a more fun weekend 😀


Van 2 plus our personal Chauffeur 🙂

We did get hit pretty hard with some rain Saturday, and needless to say it was freezin (for the South) both days.  I somehow lucked out and on my last run the Sun came out.  I like to think it was a omen for the end of a wonderful weekend.  We finished downtown Lexington where we were awarded our medals and joined in the post-race festivities!


Yes there was a Hippie theme this year lol

We stopped at every distillery along the Bourbon Trail (maybe 12 of them?) but I only really remember 4-5.  Since it was raining I didn’t do too much exploring the second day unless I was out running so missed out on some stuff.  Every stop had bourbon shots, or for those of us less inclined water and hot chocolate, as well as chocolate bourbon balls.  Best believe I had several of those each time lol.


Speaking of hot chocolate, I think I had 4 or 5 or 6 (….I lost count) throughout the 2 days.  And I don’t mean a measly styrofoam cup of chocolate…I mean a large steaming bucket of it.  Every single one of my runs was fueled mainly by homemade coconut butterscotch granola and hot chocolate.  Not the best idea ever but totally delicious and worth every sip!!

Only a few of the many

Only a few of the many….

The Bourbon Chase was by far, hands down, no questions asked one of the BEST races I’ve participated in and I will definetely be looking forward to it next year.  I’ll try and take more finish line photos for Ragnar, I kinda forgot this time around oh well.  Later this week I’ll share all pictures of scenery I took during the race so you can get the full effect of how beautiful KY is.

Have any of y’all ever run in a team relay before?

“People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.”

-George Matthew Allen


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