I’m Not Ready!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve got some disturbing news for y’all today….This was the view out my window when I woke up this morning……


Not even my little patio was spared …



You’d think spending a winter in Massachusetts would prepare me for a small dusting of snow, but NOPE! My Southern roots will not be denied and the inner child in me wanted to immediately and promptly get right back into bed under my 3 comforters lol.


That not being an option I got up and went to campus.  I taught my second class, though this one was more like a seminar, to faculty and staff today.  Today’s topic was Balancing Your Wellness Wheel, which is again a topic that I’m very passionate about(and is so simple) but many don’t understand.  I’m terrible at just standing and teaching so I almost always have an interactive/hands-on portion, which makes sense if you think of my background in fitness.  It was a big hit and everyone seemed to have a good time, but more importantly learned a lot! 😀


My night class had been canceled so I had originally planned to go for a short run after my class but the snow foiled my plans. (I’m terrible at slipping when it’s snowy outside so I just avoid it altogether) Instead it was off to the gym for a little 1-1 time with the elliptical (ironically treadmills hurt my knee more then running outside).

THEN b/c I just got paid (not a good excuse) and b/c it just snowed (barely, so an even worse excuse) I went a little shopping crazy at Burlington….I bought 3 scarves and I won’t even tell you how many I already own haha. But on the not to irresponsible side, I also got 2 Christmas presents which puts me half way done now! I’m one of those shoppers that buys that “perfect” present in July and holds on to it so I’ve had a few stockpiled already lol.


Did anyone else get snow today? And more importantly, how do you feel about snow and will you consider switching weather with me…

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

-Mark Twain


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready!

  1. Being from MI, I am used to the snow but I do not like it! I am a FL girl at heart. I picked up 2 new scarves from Forever21 for a few bucks each. They have a crazy sale going on right now.

  2. First of all, I love snow and I am sooo jealous! We only got flurries in Philly. Second, I looooooove scarves. I have one of those over-the-door closet hangers that holds all my scarves, and I’m seriously running out of room. You can never have too many!

    • Haha I have the door hanger PLUS the extra which have been moved to a giant trash bag…..obsession maybe? Or just really stylish haha (NOT!)….I actually don’t mind the snow as much as I used to. After living in Boston and getting slammed with feet of snow every weekend I can handle whatever KY wants to throw at me 😀

  3. I’m the opposite–I’m SO ready for snow. I’ve grown up in Ohio, and I thought I’d like being nice and toasty warm (and dripping sweat every time I walk outside) in Houston, but it actually makes me miss the snow so much more.

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