Is it Thanksgiving yet? I don’t know about y’all but November is my busiest month to date.  Everything seems to be due for both school and work.  For that reason my posts seem to be mostly limited to the weekend, not that anyone will probably complain… 🙂

So Fall is here (has been for awhile I guess hence the blur part of the title) but I now have photo evidence of such existence! Did I miss the entire month of October? Oh right, I spent every weekend running a major race…I should really rethink my decision making skills lol.  So good-bye October, I feel like we barely met and yet our time is done…in other news, special shout-out to my Bro for knowing me so well and sending me this little gem 🙂 No joke I have a post about her, check it out here lol

Dora is my homegirl :D

Dora is my homegirl 😀

This past week at school I was able to teach my first class ever!! Academic setting type class to faculty and staff at UK, kinda intimidating but Oh So Much Fun!! The title was 15 Exercises to Counteract the Effects of Sitting and I think I’ll share the whole thing with y’all later this weekend.  I think it’s a very important topic that applies to literally everyone on the planet. I also recorded the class online so there’s a video out there somewhere….I’ll let you know if/when it’s available to the general public if you’d like to check that out as well.


Despite being busy I was able to get in 21 miles this week (don’t ask me how lol).  Winter is trying to slowly take over though so I’ve moved a lot of my runs indoors sadly 😦 But have no fear there’re still getting done which is the important part.  I’ve got my 6.8 mile Prediction race next weekend so gotta keep going 🙂 Fingers crossed the weather will stay nice”er” and look a little something like this….Adorable no?

Pumpkin time!!

Pumpkin time!!

Be sure to check out all the other wonderful bloggers at RunningBloggers, they seriously inspire me to keep pushing! You’re bound to make a new friend or two, trust me 😉

Oh I almost forgot! I made a new batch of homemade granola so that’s something to look forward to as well. Seriously soooooo yummy!!!! Everyone’s life can benefit from homemade granola I think…FACT! lol I also made flour tortillas myself this week which was surprisingly easy as well.  I’m turning into a regular Martha Stewart…well ok not even close but pish I’m still pretty awesome, right Mom? 😉

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”



Ragnar TN 2013 Recap

It’s finally here and it only took me a week to put it into writing lol (it’s kinda long so just look at the pictures if you’re rushed for time lol)

Ragnar, one of the most fun races you could ever hope to participate in.  And not that I’m biased or anything but Ragnar TN is probably the most beautiful as well. 🙂


I only ran 2 legs of this race due to a school/work scheduling conflict.  I had to give a presentation at work on the Wellness Wheel that I couldn’t move, but right after that I jumped in the car and headed off to meet my team!  I met them right after they had all run once and passed the bracelet to the other team….Just in time for all the fun stuff, food and friends!  The most common phrase you will hear all weekend is, “If you didn’t have to run, this would be the Best weekend” and different variations of it haha.

After hitting up Subway for an early dinner (we were projected to start running again at around 7:30-8pm) we took our break at the next exchange point where some pulled out sleeping bags to try and get some shut-eye, while most stayed up and just talked….dang I love team races for this very aspect of it, being able to connect in a very different way.


My first run came at 10pm so head lamp required for all 6.1 miles of it.  It was pretty dark and there was only one runner around me (much faster) but I took off and tried to keep up for the first 2 miles with him, but let’s be honest I can’t do 6 miles at 8min miles haha.  I did beat my goal of finishing under an hour though so thank you strange and fast man 🙂

Our guys team was super duper fast (an average of 7min miles….yea) so our breaks between running were pretty short needless to say.  This second break we did get about 2 hrs of sleep or so which is waaay more then we did last year.  We have things down to a science now I guess haha.

Anyway our final leg started somewhere around 3am or so, and I ran right as the sun was coming up at 7am.  So beautiful, seriously

I was lucky enough to get this on the fly!

I was lucky enough to get this on the fly!

This last leg was 6.8 miles and labeled hard….and it was….There were a few big hills and it was FREEZING!!! The whole weekend was cold but it was 20degrees no joke! Anyway around mile 4ish I was going down a pretty steep hill and I guess got too much momentum and my bad knee buckled under me.  For those who have kept up, I’ve had 2 knee surgeries and still have issues with it so once it buckled I felt extreme pains with every step and knew I couldn’t run another 3 miles on it.

They really did save me :)

They really did save me 🙂

Thankfully my team is so wonderful that they had been stopping every few miles or so to cheer every runner on so mile 5 I saw our gloriously decorated van waiting for me.  I switched out and a friend finished my last 2 miles for me (which not gonna lie was super frustrating to know that one mis-step prevented me from finishing).  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running though is that your health(knees) are WAY more important then any run so I am glad I stopped before I made things worse….Let this be a lesson to you all! 😀

The finish line is in downtown Nashville and you literally run across the Music Hall of Fame Path to finish.


My team ended up finishing 2.5hrs ahead of our projected time so we pretty much smashed it lol.  There was live music (it’s the country music capital duh) and lots of food vendors.  I finally got to try some Nuun! We collected our medals, took our celebratory pictures, and signed the official finishers wall!

Forever a finisher!

Forever a finisher!

Seriously I can’t get over how fun this race is.  We’re already thinking up good names and costumes for next year! Mystery Machine anyone? haha


A Super-friends Celebration!!

Have you ever run a Ragnar or similar race?  Better yet, who has a great team costume theme for 12 runners? Have a Marvelous Monday!!

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”

-Dalai Lama


Happy November + Challenge

Happy November Y’all!!! Can you believe it?  I feel like I’m still stuck in September!!

Anyway a new month brings on new goals and challenges.

GOAL !: I came across an amazing Challenge, very similar to 30miles in 30days.  Monica at Run Eat Repeat has a challenge that is totally do-able for everyone!  Basically you pledge a certain amount of miles for the month of November and check in weekly for a chance to win some great prizes! I pledged 60 miles, 70 hasn’t been happening so I have moved the bar a bit lower (this is not defeat! lol)


GOAL 2: I promise I have the Ragnar race recap coming soon.  For some reason grad school thinks it can dominate my life jeez 😉 I have signed up for my next race however.  The Trail That Can’t Be Concord in Knoxville.  How cool is this…it’s a prediction race!!  That means before the race starts you predict how long it will take you (6.8miles) and at the end whoever comes closest to their predicted time is the winner!!!  Oh and no one can wear a timing device of any kind….yea awesome, I just might stand a chance haha.


GOAL 3: A Turkey trot?  I haven’t done one since middle school and I wasn’t much of a fan back then 😦 I’m sure home is bound to have one in town.

GOAL 4: Be more consistent with my workouts. No explanation needed, just be better self!

GOAL 5: Finally change my laces!!  I definitely handed these bad boys out to my Ragnar team and I’m the last one to switch em out! Fail!!  A logical person would have changed them after taking this picture but nope, not me so it’s going on the to-do list lol.

Brooks + pink laces = PR's!! :D

Brooks + pink laces = PR’s!! 😀

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What are your goals for November?

“Happiness consists in activity…it is a running stream, and not a stagnant pool.”

-John M. Good