2014 – No Excuses, Yes Realistic

First of all Happy New Year everyone! And what a wonderful 2014 I plan for it to be! Lot’s of big moments coming up for me and my family so I’m excited 😀 Sorry it’s been so long, I actually meant to post this Jan 1st but we see how well that worked out lol.


Second, I’m finally back from the beach and even though I don’t talk much about serious things (If you’ve read my blog at all it’s pretty obvious lol),  with the new year and the subsequent resolutions that come with it upon us, I felt the need to talk about this…


Resolutions….They’re awesome, they really are. I set some every year just like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry. As a trainer I always make my clients have a goal in mind. They just work. BUT there’s a dark side to resolutions and goals which I want to address….the backslide, regret, depression, self-hate, and the excuses…..these are the things to avoid.

I’ve read the inspirational books that say there are no excuses (and I agree), but there is such a thing as being realistic. Don’t get caught up in who you used to be or what level you were at. For example, I used to run 7-8 miles a day and had no problems. Since then I’ve had 2 knee surgeries, have arthritis in one knee, and am lucky to get in 1-3 miles every few days much slower and run/walking. It took me a long time to be ok with that, but I realize I’m not the same person I was years ago and therefore cannot train like I did years ago.


One of my goals this year is to run a marathon. Well run/walk anyway. So I haven’t let my knee become an excuse Not to do something, but it is a reason not to do what I used to (aka run the whole thing)….So my point is, make goals and resolutions, dream big! Now go ahead and throw out your excuses, just get rid of em! But remember to be realistic about the goals you set and the way you go about it. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall, or stumble on your way to completing those goals. And remember that as time goes by, things change. You won’t start where you might have been once, but every day you get better and stronger. And you’ll reach those goals if you stick with it.

What are your goals for 2014?

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

-Paul Brandt


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13 thoughts on “2014 – No Excuses, Yes Realistic

  1. Great way to look at it. I’m in a similar situation with regards to running. I used to run miles upon miles in high school but have cut back due to injuries and schedule. It was extremely difficult to adjust to this but once I realized that other cross-training and even rest would help me run later in life, I started to adjust mentally 🙂 It’s definitely a process.

    • Totally agree but it’s so hard sometimes 😦 But perspective helps big time, like you said wanting to run later in life has helped me slow down and cut back now so it’s possible later.

  2. It’s definitely important to be realistic for all of your goals, and allow enough time for them to be accomplished. I really want this to be an injury-free year for me, so I’m looking to get myself really “together” before doing any major races!

    • I’d love that! I actually work under a Wellness Coordinator for the university and get to work on so many awesome programs and events for the faculty and staff! I’d love to pick your brain about your path to where you are 🙂

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