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Hello Lovelies,

I’ve been gearing up for midterms (aka hell week before Spring Break) hence my absence. But I figured none of y’all would care to discuss the complexities of research articles and whether of not the source of motivation has any determining factor on satisfaction of goal outcomes or the theories behind community-based health campaigns and interventions….or maybe you would, in which case I have plenty to say!

Don’t worry I wouldn’t do that to you, I realize the average jane isn’t on my level of nerd status 🙂

Today I’m linking up with one of my favorite Bloggers Mar! Being the narcissistic wonder that I am, her theme is perfect! It’s all about me today folks! I’d say grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat, but really it’s you just reading obscure facts about someone you don’t even know…pretty one-sided when you think about it actually…


So I decided to let y’all in on all my deepest secrets that make me who I am. But let’s get real as cool as I am, I can guarantee you’re probably cooler so make sure to be a kind soul and leave me some facts about yourself too….Ok let’s get started!

  • No joke I really am a nerd and have always loved school….like for the learning part. I was that sibling at dinner that wouldn’t shut-up about what I had learned that day 🙂
  • My Ortho Dr. told me a few years ago I couldn’t run anymore. I said watch me. (guess who won that debate?)
  • Runner Fact: I have never gotten a black toenail or chafing….does that make me not a real runner?
  • I have two teddy bears…Shia and Mya. They go where I go. Seriously I had a panic attack one time when I went on vacation and forgot to pack Shia. Yes it’s weird and no I don’t care 😀


  • I have an affinity for braids…one time at summer camp ppl couldn’t remember my name so referred to me as the little blonde with braids instead. That’s actually a really depressing story now that I think about it….
  • A life without dessert is not a life worth living….
  • I had a Dora backpack in college (yes college) and the obsession only grew from there. (Here’s a picture) My Brother and Sis-in-law always have a wonderfully themed Dora gift for me #itsnotweird
Dora ring pops for Valentines Day :)

Dora ring pops for Valentines Day 🙂

  • One Tree Hill is the most perfect tv show of all time.
  • She’s The Man is consequently the most perfect movie of all time. Quote either to me and we are basically soul sisters for life.
  • Tie for my favorite person in the whole world is between my best friend and my sister. Gun to my head I really couldn’t choose.
Yes my sister is better then yours...just a fact sorry

Yes my sister is better then yours…just a fact sorry

  • Runner confession: I never foam roll….or stretch like I should. Except when I first wake up in the morning and yawn and get that great arms-over-the-head-legs-straight-out full body stretch…it’s the simple things 🙂
  • I have a crippling fear of the water. Mainly open water, but it’s so bad that I can’t even be in a pool without the fear of Jaws deep in my bones…..does having 2 older brothers who loved Jaws growing up explain this? You tell me.
  • Last but not least, I have the worst memory. When I say I love backpacking but can’t name a single trail I’ve ever been on, I promise I’m not lying. I literally just have zero capacity for remembering anything.

So basically you now know some really weird things about me, and I’m probably gonna have some awkward conversations after this…Having my blog known and read by real life ppl can get weird sometimes lol. Whatevs, I am who I am, no apologies. (except if a future employer happens upon this, in which case this is all one big joke and I am an adult I promise 😀 )

Now it’s your turn! The weirder the better!! United in weirdness around these parts!!


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Miles on Miles on Miles

Does anyone else compose their posts during long runs or it it just me? I mean I got lots of miles to think, so many a post gets mentally written to distract myself. The trick is remembering all the literary gems I concoct out on the trails…it doesn’t happen that often…oh well.

Anyway it’s Monday and you know what that means! Y’all getta hear me complain about said Marvelous long run YAY!!! j/k It really wasn’t bad but I’m still new to this whole long-run fueling thing so I’ve got a kink or seven to work out still.

I started out thinking I’d do 6 miles out and back to my car, eat some GU/water then finish up the remaining 5miles…..did I mention that I started running at 1pm on an entirely uncovered trail under the blazing 65 degree sun? I guess I’m still young (read that as dumb) enough to think I can power through that sort of bodily abuse…..say it with me people, fluids are your friend!! Apparantly I spell long-run D-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-i-o-n….that says dehydration for those special readers out there 😉

See finished with a smile on my face...couldn't have been too terrible :)

See finished with a smile on my face…couldn’t have been too terrible 🙂

Now if you’re a male and do not wish to read about womanly details then I suggest you skip down past the next picture, go ahead leave now…..




All gone? (ps if you’re a dude and you’re still reading this, you’re weird…just throwin that out there, sry)

So ladies, running when your monthly visitor has stolen all your energy is hard. It just is and no amount of GU or adrenaline shots (are those available?) will help. My knee also aches more…or that very well could be in my head….stupid womanhood…messing with my head and my runs….le sigh.

It really should read "EVERY day is a nice day for a run" but I won't bee too picky lol

It really should read “EVERY day is a nice day for a run” but I won’t bee too picky

K gents welcome back. I hope you enjoyed my graffiti discovery. Someone has a sense of humor b/c while it was a great day for a run, I’m not too sure homeboy next to that saying is feeling the endorphins. I probably looked like him right around hitting mile 8 haha.

But 11 miles in the books and like I said it wasn’t as bad as I just made it sound. I’ve learned a few things and I’m ready to tackle 13 next weekend!

Have some fun long-run stories? Or maybe some not so fun ones? Share them with me!


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Things I Don’t Understand…

Every have those days or week when you just don’t have anything to say? That’d be me folks. I guess I had so MUCH to say these past 2 weeks that I’m all talked out…either that or school and work have taken a big giant dumping on me and I’ve been too busy to form complete thoughts let alone sentences. Either way, I apologize for my absence, I know y’all have been sitting vigilant at your computers just waiting for me to push publish….

So your welcome on the publishing part, though maybe not so welcome on the completely random post with literally zero good stuff in it part…..I can’t even photo dump b/c I’ve taken no photos…. #bloggerfail I know. So instead you get a list of things I don’t understand.

Since I’ve started blogging and reading others fitness/life blogs I’ve learned many wonderful and entertaining things, followed others fitness journeys and virtually shared in their success. Then there’s the things in the blogging world that make absolutely no sense to me….Maybe I just haven’t caught on yet so if anyone can enlighten me, please step forward because I’d like to understand….

1. What’s with taking a picture of your legs and down? I do it too, but is this really the most flattering angle? That’s a giant resounding NO! Oh hey world, I just ran 6 miles/worked out/lifted weights here’s a picture of my pasty white thighs and dirty smelly feet….you’re welcome 🙂


2.  Posting more then one blog post a day….Like who has that much to say let alone the time to sit down and write about it?  Ok, fine, I admit I do have that much to say (or “think” I do), but time?  I just can’t find it….Clearly, since I had trouble even posting once this week.

3. Staging photo shoots for your food. Again something I do, but it’s kinda weird. We’re only one step away from yellin at our smoothies to “give me your sexy face, sexy face…good, good, now smolder, pout that lip! Beautiful!!” We’ve all seen Zoolander right?….(insert time to go watch Zoolander)


click for recipe

4. Speaking of food, I just really don’t get the raw, paleo, organic, whole, make everything “healthier” kick everyone seems to be on. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I just want a brownie. Not a black bean or beet brownie, but a regular honest-to-God chocolate, fudge, gooey brownie….Call me crazy.

5. This only applies to runners, but what’s with talking about black toenails or showing pictures of blisters? Maybe it’s b/c I’ve never had the joy pleasure experience of a black nail, but I certainly don’t want to see yours. And feet just gross me out in general so there’s that….

On a more serious note however, I really do love reading other people’s blogs so obviously none of this really bothers me. Let’s face it, we as bloggers are weird, but I love it!

Is that enough random thoughts for you? I really got nothing else…now go read some other peoples random thursday thoughts!


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Always Have a Backup

Hello friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their friday 🙂 No one should have been sad b/c I gave lots of ideas on how to celebrate, relationship status aside. After I got off work the rest of my night looked pretty much like this…


Ok, confession time….remember those magical 8 miles from last weekend? Yea me either, it’s a thing of the past after my 10mile not so Marvelous Saturday. It was all my fault though so I’m really not mad about it, plus I’m writing this in my nice warm bed so I’m happy….I’ve got a short memory…But for your entertainment, here’s a rundown of my horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad run

I woke up at 8am to go run but it was snowing out so I decided to see if I could wait it out. Snow stopped around 11am but now I haveta wait for the roads to clear, grocery shopping it is! Come 3pm and I still haven’t gone for the run but now I know I’m losing daylight so ok fine, you win 10miles, here I come.

Just kidding I didn’t leave my apartment until 4pm. Now I’m on my way!

I wanted to puke for the first 3 miles (note to self: Doritos as a pre-run snack was a bad idea. I was literally running with orange dust on my shirt…yea I’m a thinker).

Nope...I pretty much just felt the dying part...

Nope…I pretty much just felt the dying part…

Somewhere between miles 3-4 my watch died (guess who forgot to charge it for a few weeks….)

I finally got in my groove around mile 6 (sorry Doritos, I win this one!) But let me tell ya, 6 miles of fighting the urge to puke does not make time go by very fast, ugh….

3 miles later, somewhere after mile 9, my phone died (see I really planned ahead for this run didn’t I) So no music, no distance or pace calculator, just me…ambling around trying to decide when I finally hit 10 miles. I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt and saying I hit 10 but who really knows. My mind was a bit hazy at this point lol.


Haha that’s one of my favorite quotes, and I’m sure y’all like me get asked that all the time. But a story like this really does make me sound crazy for running…whatever 🙂

Moral of the story? Always have a back-up plan and long runs are more fun with friends…Oh and don’t eat Doritos before you go…

Anyone else ever have a terrible run and live to tell the tale or is it just me?


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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day….a day that you either love or loathe (all depending on your relationship status of course). Did anyone use my advice to score themselves a date for tonight? How about give a Valentine to your running shoes? No matter, don’t be sad or feel alone, I say let’s change our attitudes people! Whether you have yourself and man (or lady) or you’re rocking it single this year there’s something for us all to celebrate this V-Day!


1. Tiny Heart Candies. I feel like this one doesn’t need any explanation but I’ll humor you. They’re tiny little hearts that tell you how much they love you, or want to hug you, or call you…it’s not creepy just b/c they’re not alive. Oh and they’re yummy, you should eat them.

2. Have a friend? It’s ok, you only need one. Tell that person how special they are. Ya don’t gotta be dating someone to love them. Heck Brick from Anchorman loves lamp! And if he can do it, so can you! Have no friends? Yes you do silly, I’m your friend! 😀 (and I love to be told how amazing I am FYI)


3. For those of you with no friends (and who so rudely denied my friendship request), have a pet? Or a neighbor that does? Or there’s squirrels in your front yard? Or you saw a bird in the sky once? Please say yes to one of these, I’m trying really hard to include everyone here….Go tell that furry friend how much you love it. There’s no love like puppy love!

4. Have siblings? Maybe a sister or two? They are built-in best friends after all (and if you don’t like your sister go make up now!) Make her a gift of paper hearts and confetti. Nothing says love like a giant handmade card filled with confetti that when opened explodes over her entire room and takes hours to clean up! #thumbsup (note: Mother’s also love this type of stuff)


See, aren’t sisters fun?…Hey, get you’re own, she’s mine!

I just realized I listed food, friends, and animals before my own sister….While this will require much internal reflection and a serious One Tree Hill marathon together to figure it out, I am confidant we can get to the bottom of this Sis!

5. Own a pair of running shoes? Go show that pavement just how much you love it by pounding in it’s face for a few miles. On the bright-side this also allows you to eat more tiny heart candies so it’s really a win-win for everyone.

6. Buy lots of, chocolates and flowers (I hear this is a traditional gift). Then as you eat your sorrow and drown your loneliness, you can at least pretend some handsome man gave them to you….(sorry I kinda ran out of ideas…)

After you’ve read my list of awesomeness, I hope we can all agree that Valentine’s day doesn’t haveta be all about whether we’ve locked someone down or not. (though I am trying Mother, please stop asking….) Find something or someone wonderful to celebrate with, for, or in secret. I’m referring to my obsession/girl crush on Lauren Conrad. She may never know my love for her, but heck if I don’t celebrate it anyway!!

So are ya with me!! How are you spending your Valentines Day?



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A Valentine to Running

Who had a dream about running (and winning) a marathon last night? THIS GIRL! haha…I also consequently didn’t turn my Garmin on an there was a maze at once point, but still. Best. Dream. EVER  😀

So 5 mils conquered on the treadmill yesterday. This weekend I’m hittin double digits with 10!! (hopefully NOT on the hamster wheel) I also am one of the workers at the Heart, Glove, & Sole 5k here in Lexington. It’s put on by my office so I’ve been doing a lot of the leg work that goes into a race. It’s been weird/fun being on the other side of a race and I certainly have a newfound appreciation of race officials and organizers.

In keeping with my Valentine’s theme this week, I thought how appropriate it’d be to write a valentine to the one thing I love most in this world. Bloggingfoodsigned copies of my Lauren Conrad books…RUNNING! And b/c I’m such a giver, feel free to give this valentine to your own running shoes so they know just how you feel 🙂


Dear Running,

Roses are red and violets are blue,

I’ve got bad knees so I know the importance of a good shoe.

Also that outside is always better then the gym.

You fill me full of joy right to the brim!

Whether I win or lose,

Or bring up the caboose,

Race day is my personal nirvana.

You’re always there to see me through

All the happy times, as well as the sad and blue.

I love you Running despite this bad knee,

Also I have no friends so please don’t ever leave me….

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day everyone. If you cold write a valentine to something you love what would it be?


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8 Mile & Valentine Week

Wowza, I somehow snuck an 8 mile run in this weekend between all the bouts of snow and slush we got. It was one of those magical runs where you’re in the zone and the miles just slip by. And Oh. My. Goodness! It felt SO GOOD to be back outside again!!! That right there is my freedom kids 🙂 This is also my last week without a double digit run and I’m gettin kinda nervous/excited. When I ran my Half I didn’t really follow a training plan so honestly I never ran over maybe 8-9 miles (gasp, I know). So we shall see!!

Now for something fun…..I’ve got a few Valentine’s themed posts comin up this week.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know some of you out there are just as date-less as I am right now (though I am working so money is a nice consolation prize). Don’t let that worry you though, it’s only Monday so we’ve got 5 days till that clock strikes midnight and we turn back into a pumpkins. I recruited my sister for help on this one, so if we all put our heads together we may just pull this off.

Because I’m the wonderful helper and hopeless romantic that I am, I’ve put together a list of MARVELOUS ideas for how you can snag yourself a date for Vday. These are things that have personally worked for me so I apologize if they don’t have the intended effect for y’all. Just remember above all else, confidence is key! And if all “else” fails no man can resist a woman who cries….work-it girl!


My beautiful sister (who already has like 10 dates don’t hate)

-Casually drop hints to every guy you know that you’re still date-less. Your guys friends, classmates, co-workers, the mailman. There’s gotta be some poor sap out there that will be guilted into taking you out to dinner.

-Change your Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with____” and send the request to every single guy you’re friends with. Chances are at least one will take the bait. 60% of the time, this works Every time so the odds are in your favor. And don’t worry, if anyone gets weirded out by this gesture just claim hacking.

-You know the phrase “ball and chain?” Get your own and attach it to the nearest single male, Viola! Instant date! (maybe not the most willing of dates, but ya know we gotta take what we can get at this point).

-Recruit your guy cousin to go to dinner with you then just conveniently forget the minor detail that he’s your cousin when you’re regaling your girlfriends with stories about your mystery man. Tall, dark, AND handsome, he’s got it all (mainly b/c you’re lying through your teeth but shh they don’t need to know that part).

If you use any of my tricks let me know!! And it they’re not really your style that’s ok too. I mean, really, who needs boys to have fun on a Friday night? Ladies Night is calling and it wants to have a good time 😉

Who else had a long run this weekend? Any more magical runs goin on out there?



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