Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Recap

Well I’m alive so that’s good news!! I’m so happy to announce that I survived the Run the Bluegrass Half at Keeneland 😀 That alone is Marvelous in and of itself! And though I realize I’m not as ridiculously good looking as this guy, I think this snapshot turned out pretty epic.

Run the Bluegrass Recap

Actually this was probably by far the most miserable race of my life so therefore my proudest race! There may or may not have been tears shed when I saw the finish line…….just saying.  It alternated between raining, spitting, and straight up pouring the entire 13.1 miles. Needless to say by the end I was soaked to the bone and didn’t warm up until after a 45min hot shower, 2 hot meals, cuddling with my sister and watching movies for a few hours, and hittin the hay by 9pm. A pretty productive day I’d say 😉

Let me back up to the beginning though. Thankfully I took the course tour the day before so snapped some pics for y’all. It really is a beautiful course, but you wouldn’t have known it running Saturday 😦 Alas, I didn’t even see some of the beautiful barns from squinting against the rain. And of course no baby horses for me to coo at.

Keeneland Run the Bluegrass half marathon

Like I said pretty right? Moving on…..It was also the biggest race I had ever run in with actual corrals and waves of runners. I know that’s kinda sad for a someone who has been racing for years but hey, smaller races are not only cheaper but allow me to occasionally win my age-group. I was of course in one of the later waves (unlike Ms. KelsieLou who woulda been at the front had she been here) but there were still at least 2000 ppl behind me (4500-ish total running!!!) I’m thinking this one is perfect for Mar to come visit me for next year, thoughts? (don’t worry girl I’m still lookin)

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

Still dry and happy at this point…aka the starting line

It was basically shoulder to shoulder the entire course which was nice. I even made a few friends along the way! Of course they were all from out of state so I guess that won’t really translate to my whole “no runner friends” dilemma. Oh well, maybe this summer up in Boston I’ll be brave enough to join a run club (just don’t hold your breathe).

Now I did finish in my goal time and considering the brutal hills this course claims I was kinda surprised. It that bad? I mean I’m pretty much my own biggest fan (I’m awesome and I know it, whatever) and even I didn’t think I could finish in 2:30. But I did and there was nothing sweeter then gettin this bad boy placed around my neck 😀

Half Marathon Finishers Medal

I look brunette, that’s how you know I was soaked haha

But let me break it down for you. I finished in 1885th place with 666 runners behind me plus the 397 people that didn’t even run. (yes I’m counting them as behind me). Placing 91st in my age category. If I was a year older though, bumping me to the next age division, I would have placed 29th…and yes I counted. Bring it on 25, I’m ready for ya lol.

Anyway, afterwards was spent shivering for approximately the next 8hrs. That cold set down deep in my bones and didn’t wanna let it’s icy grip go. Not one to let this hinder me, I rewarded my empty tummy with a giant burger, fries, and later a DQ blizzard (probably not the best choice when you’re freezing, but I like to live my life on the edge 🙂 )

The following morning I also indulged in a Sunday brunch with my family. As you can see below I was still famished. Table manners weren’t exactly high on my to-do list……Can we just agree that the best part of running is the eating afterwards part. No? Just me? Ok….

Giant Omelette Recovery Meal

I just realized this post has the most pictures of me then ever before. I normally have pictures of other stuff so sorry for bombarding you with my face, jeez lol.

Anyone else race this weekend? Or ever had a rainy miserable race?

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Run the Bluegrass Race Expo

As you’re reading this I’ll be running in the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon through the beautiful horse country of Lexington, KY! Also can we have a moment of silence for my TN Volunteers, who fought valiantly but lost to Michigan last night 😦



Now can we celebrate the fact that Kentucky won last night ?!?!?! Whoo Wildcats!

Ok, down to business. I hit up the race expo Friday afternoon to pick up my race packet as well as take a bus tour of the course.

Run the Blugerass Half Marathon

First of all, I started with a pre-pre race meal of Tom&Chee. Aka grilled cheese from the Heavens Mmmmm…..I am that girl that will go to a normal restaurant and order the grilled cheese. It’s the simple things in life right.

Tom & Chee Grilled Cheese

Second of all, if you ever have the opportunity to take a tour of the course you’re gonna run, DO IT!! Seriously do it! Everyone has been telling me about the tortorous hills that makes up most of this race and I’ve been slightly freaking out on the inside. BUT after the bus tour I realized that those ppl that have been telling me horror stories probably haven’t grown up running in TN and KY most of their life and aren’t used to the terrain. Or I’m just a dummy. Either way, I feel so much better about the course.

Also after the tour they gave out bourbon balls. Who can be nervous after getting free chocolate? Not this girl 😀

Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Honestly I’m not much of an expo girl. I never buy anything and I’d rather just skip the whole thing. That being said the volunteers and race vendors were wonderful and it was never super crowded either. There’s about 4500 runners in this race so I was really worried it’d be shoulder to shoulder but that wasn’t the case at all. I mainly just walked through to get my race stuff so I don’t have much else of an opinion on the expo.

The shirts are beautiful and I got a glimpse of the medals which are true to advertising. Literally the most beautiful medal I will own afterwards. (though shout-out to the Bourbon Chase for having really cool medals too. Must be a KY thing?)

So hopefully I’ll have good news to report come Monday morning with my race recap. As long as I didn’t collapse in a ditch from exhaustion or get so soaked full of water I burst, I’ll count it as a success 🙂 #backofthepack for the win!

Anyone else racing this weekend?



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Irish Soda Bread

Guess who’s computer isn’t busted? THIS GIRL!!! SO a few of my keys don’t have their backlight anymore but other then that it’s completely fine so we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. I haven’t been able to write a new post however, so y’all are getting an archived one (albeit slightly random…sry)

St. Patricks Day……Almost 2 wholes weeks ago and I’m just now posting the recipe I promised. Blogger win am I right!?

I’m officially bringing to you my new favorite treat bread. Carbs are treats to me, I love them that much, but alas so do my hips so ya know…treats…

If there was an easier way to make bread they’d haveta call it breathing (forgive my cheesy jokes)


Anyway, I actually did make this Monday night for dinner, but you know me and blogging. It takes me a hot minute to get stuff up on here lol. So even though it’s not St. Patty’s day anymore, that’s no reason not to make a yummy treat for yourself. I got the original recipe from Marcie at Flavor the Moments, she made a delicious looking Apricot Orange bread. I wanted to start simple so mine is just cinnamon, but Marcie’s is the next one I’m goona try!

Irish Soda Bread

  • 4 cups flour
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1.5 teaspoons salt
  • 4 Tablespoons unsalted butter (I used salted and it was fine)
  • 1 & 3/4 cups buttermilk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375. Mix all ingredients and cut in butter until mixed. In a separate bowl whip with a fork buttermilk and egg together. Then slowly add in to the dry ingredients. Note that the dough will be really wet and probably stick to the beaters. Once all combined, pour (or dump in my case) the dough onto a floured surface.


Knead a few times until it’s in the round shape. Put onto lined baking sheet, I had tinfoil on a pizza sheet like a Boss. Mkae sure to cut a small “X” on the top before you bake it. I’m sure there’s some sort of reason other then to make it look cool but Lord knows I don’t know it. Anyway, bake for 45-55 min, I did about 52ish. Let cool and enjoy!

Anyone else ever made Irish Soda Bread?

P.S. I have a half marathon in the morning!! AHHH!!!



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I Really Am Blonde…+ Contest!


Hello Lovlies 🙂

I’m posting from my phone today Bc guess what DumbDumb spilled water on her laptop and is now waiting a few days for it to completely dry before I attempt to see if it’ll turn back on….you guessed it!! This blonde…sigh 😦

Did I mention it snowed again? So yea week back from Spring Break has been probably one of my top five…ever….(note the heavy sarcasm).

Buuuuut, have no fear I wnt be away long, I do have some pre-written posts which is literally SO not like me.

NEW CONTEST:: Whoever comes up with the best state slogan for Kentucky wins! I need a little fun in my life and you’re just the ppl to bring it to me! My entry is over on my Instagram so go check it out!

The winner will receive a guest post here on the Blonder Side OR if you’d prefer just a huge shoutout and me gushing all about your creative genius and ability to make me laugh. Your pick, make it good 🙂


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Versatile Blogger Award

Um….My Vols won last night (sry Mercer) and my current collegiate residence, UK snapped Wichita St’s undefeated record with a behemoth of a match-up next weekend against Louisville Eeek!! I ❤ Basketball!!

Ok on to some fun stuff! Suzan from the Nuthouse marvelously nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Am I versatile? Is that another word for random and weird? Or maybe beautiful and witty? If so then I thank you Suzan, from the bottom of my blogger heart for the wonderful nomination!!


Anyway, to cover a few rules, I needa give a shoutout to whoever nominated me (see above). But seriously go check out some of my favorite posts of hers, she always makes me laugh. Like that time when she graced us with her derriere in cool jeans or her undying love for mexican food. She’s amazing and you should go be her friend too.

Alright, next I need to nominate 13 other bloggers. What I wanna know is who comes up with this arbitrary number for nominations? 13 is very unlucky while 4 is not, so 4 is what you get. These are ladies I enjoy reading every single post, since I’ve started following them. I also have a bit of a personal tie with each, geographically speaking so of course it makes me love them all the more 🙂

Next up is 7 random facts about myself. I feel like I give you plenty of random things about me, but here’s 7 more that I may or may not have mentioned before.

1. I rarely eat at big chain restaurants. I credit my year in Boston and my bestie JB (also referred to as the Bearded Wonder) for opening my eyes to independent restaurants and now I’m all pretentious and uppity about it. I literally have dreams about the food from Massachusetts, soooo goooood!. (take me back please!!)


This is actually in Lexington NOT Mass so it can be done anywhere.

2. I always have to have my nails painted…I’m a lady and wanna look pretty 🙂 My color of choice is dark purple in the winter and pastel purple in the summer…..hey I never said I wasn’t a boring lady.

3. I have never colored my hair. That’s not random so much as just another question I get often. This blonde is all natural baby 😀

4. I am obsessed (possibly unhealthily) with socks. Colored, patterned, pretty low-cut socks. Though my socks always match, I’m not hipster enough for the whole “unmatched-socks-b/c-I’m-cool” thing. I have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to my sock collection and it’s rare I leave a store without a new pair in hand


Can you tell how old my dresser is? haha

5. Have we gotten to 7 yet?….what else do you need to know about me anyway, you’re starting to creep me out.

Sorry about that….ok 6. Since this is a running (mostly) blog, I’ll confess that I have no running friends…none, crazy right? I keep saying that I’ll join a running group/club to make running friends but then I get nervous to go to a meet-up by myself and the cycle continues…le sigh….

7. Finally, I’ve kept a journal since I was in the 5th grade. I graduated from a “diary” to journal in high school and wrote every day all through college, and no you can not read them. Writing and running help my process and plan out my life.

This is actually the quote on the cover of my current journal

This is actually the quote on the cover of my current journal

For those that stuck around this far I want to thank you. Even if no one read my words y’all know I’d still write and talk to myself, but talking to y’all is so much more fun 😀 So thank you, thank you for being there and supporting me.

Now it’s your turn, leave a random fact about yourself below in the comments!



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Hello Spring

Happy Friday everyone and welcome Spring! It’s taken it’s sweet time getting here and there will no doubt be some more forays back into winter territory but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 😀

In the wise words of the Dixie Chicks, “When the world doesn’t make no sense, and you’re feeling just a little too tense, gotta loosen up those chains and dance.” Of course we all know they really meant “run” instead of dance, b/c running is better. Unless you’re talking about dancing while running but then you’re approaching a whole nother level of elite talent.

But alas, my Spring Break has come to a close. It’s back to school today to start studying for a (rude) midterm on Monday. 😦 That being said, I’m not exactly riding the “I Love Lexington” train right now so I apologize to any Lexington-ites for this post. My Friday Five is brought to you by my bitterness at having to study for a midterm during  a Tournament weekend. So without further ado, here’s 5 reasons why Knoxville is better then Lexington.

(WRITER’S NOTE: based on comments thus far let me reiterate that I’m talking about Knoxville, TN below NOT Lexington, KY…….That is all, plz continue 🙂 )


1. Knoxville is crisscrossed with greenways for running, biking, and just general awesomeness to occur outdoors. And these aren’t just any trails, these are beautiful trails along the river, spotted with trees and parks and did I mention beautiful?…In case you didn’t catch it, they’re beautiful trails.


2. Running men statues in the park. There was a biking one too but we all know running is better. Plus these guys are best buds and capture the essence of a typical runner by showing just how friendly and wonderful we are. Public art for the win!


3. Knox is almost always at least 10 degrees warmer than Lex….I realize it’s 2 hrs farther South, but I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, KY is a Northern state playing make believe by saying it’s a Southern state. I know we’re all awesome and such but not every state can be the true South. (and yes I know they weren’t a confederate state so no history lesson needed here, I learned the War of Northern Aggression pretty thoroughly the first time around thank you 😉 )

4. The graffiti is much more ambiguous and philosophically complicated…or else we just have dummies doing it as opposed to Lexington graffiti artists who like running. If you don’t remember the graffiti I found in Lex, just click here.

Not really sure what either of these really mean....

Deep no?

5. And b/c me….duh. Not to mention Vols > Wildcats. Sorry it’s just a fact.  I’ll be an alumni of both places come next year so I think I’d know best (also they play today at 2:45pm GO VOLS! I love ya Mass but I hope you lose 😛 )

Think you’re city is better then mine? Or want to defend Lexington? Let me know below!



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Sometimes You Just Need Cookies

Remember that 10mile run I was talking about the other day? Well it didn’t happen…maybe later today? I’m actually writing this while watching the Tennessee Volunteers play-in tournament game (wed night). Whoo Go Vols! (edit: WE WON!! You’re goin down UMass) That being said, excuse any typos or random rants that may or may not find their way into this post.


Rockin that beautiful TN orange 😀

I was all set to run when my adorable sister just begged to spend time with me (I’m that cool) and how could I deny her the glory of my presence? That’s just cruel, so of course I had to go shopping with her for like 6 hours in which I spent entirely way too much money and of course bought her and I a terribly unhealthy lunch. Sometimes you just need a hotdog in your life….live a little ppl, that’s all I’m saying…


Then my Mother asked if I wanted her to make my favorite cookies before I left and how can I deny Her the joy of watching me eat all the cookies in one night? I’m such a giver….Because when I blow a running day, I blow it hard…….Not sure that’s what I meant but there ya have it ya gutter-minds 😉

So no run as of wednesday, it all hangs on thursday’s shoulders if I wanna get to one of my favorite Knoxville greenways. Actually can we just take a second to talk about my Half Marathon that is next weekend? I’ve kinda fallen off the training wagon this week and it is bad that I’m not too worried about it? See when you’re a back middle (that might be a bit of wishful thinking) of the pack runner like me, just finishing without a knee-implosion is an accomplishment!

No, no I really do have a time goal, but Run the Bluegrass Half is known for it’s brutal beautiful rolling hills so I’m not exactly looking for a PR. Just a good time and the world’s most beautiful medal at the end…seriously that’s what they’ve promised, so my expectations are high.

What I really want to know is if any of YOU Lovelies are running the Run the Bluegrass as well?? AND if so we are required to meet-up before, during, or after….all are acceptable, none is not an option. Let me know below!



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