A Blonder Shamrock Shake

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day…..Oops, I’ve never been one to really celebrate St. Patty’s day beyond wearing green so I don’t get pinched (yes my friends are still immature lol) Other then that, nada. Maybe a green dessert of some kind….maybe. Well that was all before blogland, and now I’d be a pariah if I didn’t at least mention the day right? Maybe have some cool themed post?

You’re outta luck with all that, I’m super out of ideas so the only thing I have is a Shamrock Shake recipe b/c who doesn’t like green shakes/smoothies? …….No one….No one is the answer to that question. (also I realize it’s a day late, grow up)


I got this recipe off Pineterest so you know it looks better then mine, go take a look if you don’t believe me. Also I decided last minute to start my Patty’s Day with a green shake so didn’t have half the ingredients. I’m a winner I know 🙂 It was a makeshift of everything green I currently owned such as an avocado and key lime yogurt…it’s as weird as it sounds.

Seriously go look at the real recipe here. I mean mine did turn out alright, but I did add in (tons of) cocoa powder at the last minute to cancel out the key lime taste. (trust me it was THAT strong, ugh) Basically don’t make it the way I did (epic fail). Though the end result was pretty cool lookin. Also don’t, I repeat, DO NOT use a heavy hand with the peppermint, you will regret it. A little goes a long, long, long, long Loooooong way.


You’ve been warned!!

After goin to the store yesterday, I remade the shake the right way this morning so I know it can be done haha. I also had some leftover soda bread I made yesterday (recipe to follow later this week) so I was channeling my inner Irish a day late much better.


Yummy B-fast!

I’m also hoping to get outside and do 10miles either today or tomorrow. The weather doesn’t seem to realize I’m on Spring Break and should therefore be warm and sunny….stupid weather 😦

How did you celebrate St. Patty’s Day?



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Days Gone By

Look who it is everyone! Yes I’m still alive and no I really didn’t have time to write. A better blogger would have had guest posts or already written posts scheduled to go…..well if you’re a reader of MY blog, you’ll know I’m not that girl…..sorry not sorry.

Midterms are “almost” over (one next Mon) but I’m free for a week for now so no studying for me! I have already had a wonderful day shopping for bridesmaids dresses with my sis and future sis-in-law.


We said Yes to the Dress! Though let’s be real those attendants ignored us in favor of the 8 brides in the store but I guess I can understand. Commission on a wedding dress versus a bridesmaid dress is a fat paycheck so whatevs. We had a lot of fun trying on fancy dresses so it was a great day. And it was followed up with lunch at Salsaritas. (it’s literally exactly like Chipolte and Qudoba)…..yum….


The rest of the day consisted of more shopping, lots of catching up and story telling, a redbox movie and these….


I finally got me some Girl Scout cookies and they were gone in one night. Though let me say, I didn’t eat them all myself….just most of them. Seriously thin mints are like potato chips, you can’t eat just one!

I also want to introduce one of my new favorite music artists. At least new to me, I’m usually way behind on these things haha. Her name is Yuna and she sings the soundtrack to my life (If I lived a really cool life anyway) This girl has such a smooth sound, happy or sad I want to croon right along. I’ll spare y’all that disaster so just check her out instead.

Oh and as promised I tried to get more pictures of the puppy, but good LORD it’s hard to get her to sit still long enough to snap a photo!


Now it’s on to reading everyone else’s blogs! What have I missed in a week!?! Leave a comment and fill me in!



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Have a MARVELOUS Monday everyone!

Puppy Love

Well it was the quick weekend I thought it would be (I’m getting around to every one’s comments I promise!! I’m so behind, but I have been reading them I promise!!). I’ve also got a midterm today that I did absolutely nothing for while home so y’all are gettin the good ole photo dump. But before you get all huffy and click away elsewhere, you might wanna take into consideration that this photo dump comes curtesy of the lil sis’s new puppy….



I thought ya might stick around a bit longer 😀


That face!!

I mean really, how  could I study with a face like that beggin me to play? Midterms-shmidterms, give me a puppy any day!




The puppy obsession is real….Baby hungry? What are babies, I want  a puppy….

Ok here’s one from the game b/c that’s the real reason I even went home. lol


Taking pictures by yourself is weird but a blog necessity sometimes…sigh

Anyone else have a puppy obsession?….Or at least more self-control then me lol


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Fly-By Friday

I really do feel like I’m just flying by (or driving by, but in a good way) today. I’m jet-setting (aka driving in my trusty silver bucket) back home for the weekend. Kinda crazy considering how it’s the middle of mid-terms and next weekend starts my Spring Break. But the Padre got tickets to the TN basketball game and y’all know I love me my Vols! (sorry professors…priorities, ya know 🙂 )


It’ll be a quick trip though which is why I’m 99% sure you won’t be hearing from me until Monday. If I survived my Cellular Obesity midterm that is…gulp, gotta love grad school.  (Seriously, though…..if you don’t hear from me, send out the search party lol)

Anyway, if you’re really good while I’m gone you might get some photos from my weekend. If not, you’ll still get photos from my weekend…something to look forward to then! Actually, I’m being a really bad marathon trainee and skippin my long run in favor of a basketball-watching, sister-shopping, yummy-dinner-eating kinda weekend. Sorry not sorry 🙂

That being said y’all need to stay on it and I’ll long-run vicariously though you….that will totally work!

Have a great weekend Lovelies!!



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Motivation Needed

Whew we’ve made it to Hump Day folks and even with a snow day on Monday I feel like it’s been an eternity in getting here….If you’re like me then this winter weather is seriously sapping your motivation to get your sweat on. I am the biggest supporter for spring and summer, 3 digit weather has never gotten me down. And yes I realize how strange that sounds for someone who wants to live in Boston. Ya can take the girl out of the South and all that lol.

This was taken in '13 after Blizzard Nemo

This was taken in ’13 after Blizzard Nemo

So I know I didn’t complain to y’all about my long run this past weekend, I thought I’d give ya a break. Long story short I had 13 miles planned but didn’t get through many of them before I pulled my groin (I said groin, grow up). So I spent my snow day eating cookies and studying for midterms watching Netflix. Come tuesday I knew I needed to get in the gym and do somethin but it was seriously the last thing I wanted to do. Well second to last behind actually studying for midterms…

Dress for success they say so I was extremely lazy  had enough forethought to wear my gym clothes to class (and no I didn’t shower either) with plans to hit up the gym afterwards. How did I keep myself occupied in order to get through 45min on the elliptical you ask? As any decent 20-something with romantic tendencies duh. I put on The Bachelor.


I slightly disgust myself for once thinking he was extremely attractive. Either I’ve somehow become less shallow (I like to think I have high standards) or he really has fallen that far in the ranks of decent men. And let’s be honest with ourselves ladies, it’s not the first one. Just ew.

Also can we all just agree that going to the gym is like the greatest social experiment ever? My little perch on the elliptical was overlooking the weight room where the testosterone was thick enough to slice with a knife. And YIKES, some of these bro-skis seriously need a lesson in proper lifting form!


Remember that shallow comment from before? Yea, a guy who doesn’t know how to lift properly seriously falls in the ranks of attractiveness. Though consequently they do rise in the ranks of entertaining me while I exercise indoors. Which is something y’all know very well that I extremely dislike. So there’s pros and cons to both sides I suppose. Sa la vi 😉

Tell me about your weekends snuggle-bunnies! Anyone else get the giant storm Sunday/Monday?



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Oreo Pudding Cookies

I know the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” but is there anything about March being a bratty you-know-what? I mean I’m not gonna complain about school/work being canceled but the giant ice storm that rolled in last night? We just can’t catch a break!

It’s a fact that being stuck inside alone all day can make a person go crazy (as if that hasn’t happened already). And other then talking aloud to myself, what better way to combat the craziness then with cookies! I made these the other day with one of my besties but y’all get to enjoy them for the first time today. I’d say we hit it out of the park with these, but you’ll haveta make them for yourself to see.


I got the original recipe here, but my local Kroger wasn’t cooperating so my ingredients were a tad bit different. They turned out divine however and they will for sure be gracing my tastebuds with their presence again. They’re super simple to put together and best right out of the oven of course, though they do store well too.


I added the M&M’s as a wishful thinking, ready for Spring type deal, but obviously Mother Nature wasn’t impressed…..sigh… Oh and that 10 mile run I was supposed to do today? Eating 10 cookies is definitely the same thing. They both take dedication and persistence, so I feel pretty good about it. Marathon cookie-eating training is the best!

Oreo Pudding Cookies

  • 1 cup butter softened
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar (I used turbino sugar)
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1 package  Hershey’s white chocolate pudding mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 1/4 cups flour (I used 2 cups wheat and 1/4 white)
  • 1 tsp baking soda and salt each
  • 10 chopped (or smashed) Oreos
  • 1/2 cup Easter M&Ms to make them pretty


Preheat oven to 350 then mix ingredients in the order listed. Cream butter and sugars together, add pudding mix, etc stirring together as you go. Bake for 7-9 minutes or until done. Ours baked for almost 15min each but come to discover afterwards we had 2 pans , one inside the other lol. We’re smart I promise! Just a bit preoccupied with girl-talk to notice much else around us haha.

Alright I hope y’all aren’t stuck inside alone like I am today. But if you are either go make these cookies and send me some, or just talk to me so I don’t go crazy talking to myself. Both are very acceptable behaviors 🙂

Oh and a very Happy March to y’all! (where is the time going???)



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