Real or Prank? Convincing Mother Nature to Let Spring Stay.

Happy Marvelous Monday all you wonderful people out there 😀 First of all thank you for all the birthday wishes the other day. There better have been some donuts and cupcakes consumed in my honor that’s all I’m saying. 😉 In case you missed it, it was my 1 year Anniversary of starting B-SoL (no sorry, still havent’ come up with a better nickname) I designed a free background for your laptop, iphone, or ipad just for you so be sure to check it out!

This week is gonna be great, wanna know why? My  little sister is staying the week with me, YAY! Nothin is better than a bit of sister time….except sister time spent eating really good food. That probably tops the charts for me. Ironically we’ve got some fun stuff planned, mostly revolving around food…funny how that always works out.

My life is generally always marvelous (insert not-so-humble brag here) but today I wanted to share some reasons it’d be nice if Mother Nature didn’t take away Spring and turn it back into Winter like a cruel Cinderella-at-midnight prank. (forecast says snow on tuesday 😦 )


Reason 1: Birds are singing again. Nothing says Spring to me more then the Sun shining and the birds chirping. Although if anyone has ever seen Failure to Launch then you know birds outside your bedroom window are just plain annoying. The past few days some bird has been whistling the Hunger Games tune at me at 6am nonstop for an hour. I’m not sure if waking up about to be attacked by a small and ruthless child or starting a rebellion against a capitol of very strangely dressed ppl….so maybe singing birds aren’t a good reason…

Reason 2: Flowers! Everyone loves flowers right? They’re so pretty and smell so good. However, if you’ve ever strolled across the UK campus there’s these trees that look like the embodiment of Spring but smell like a Dinosaur’s butt-hole. For anyone that can’t imagine what that smells like, just know it’ll make you gag and quite possibly lose your breakfast on your way to your Health Communications class every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 o’clock…..


Don’t let the smiles fool you…we smell pretty bad….KIDDING! We’re adorable 🙂

Reason 3: Warmer weather. Who doesn’t love warm weather? Polar Bears, but I don’t see no polar bears around these parts so everyone…everyone is the answer to that question. Of course having it so hot outside makes ppl sweat, which makes ppl smell bad. And it’s never any fun having to sit in a chair that someone has been sweating profusely in prior to your perky buns claiming it….trust me, it’s just not…(shudder)….

Ummm….so maybe those aren’t the best of reasons to convince Spring to stay? We can all admit that we’re ready for the Winter blues to go away though, am I right? So pretty please Mother Nature, don’t take this away from us again 😦

Clearly she’s gonna take some convincing (and I’m not very good at it) so what are some of y’alls reasons for Spring to stay?



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24 thoughts on “Real or Prank? Convincing Mother Nature to Let Spring Stay.

  1. Sibling time is always the best! Hope you beautiful ladies have a wonderful & fun time together.. as I”m sure you will 🙂

    BTW – I think your reasons were good. Had to laugh at #1. Chirping birds are no fun Ha Ha!

  2. Spring should stay so we can run outside at any hour of the day 🙂 I would love to be able to put those bulky coats and sweaters away too! I mean I need to save some room in my closet for my cute clothes right!

  3. I wish spring weather would stay too because those are ALL great reasons, but I think it’s going away for a little bit come tomorrow (in VA)… 😦 It’ll be back though!

  4. I’m with you, if Mother Nature could leave the Spring that’d be great. We had beautiful weather but then it snowed. Arg. Now it’s nice again but I’m nervous it will change. Spring makes me appreciate the outdoors

    • Yes ma’am me too. She brings out the tank-top weather, tricks me into packing up all my winter clothes, then snows on me the very next day…very rude lady that Mother Nature is.

  5. I can agree with you on every single reason. I would also add, longer days! I love that its light out until later at night now. PS. Love your blog and your gorgeous self!

  6. Ok, ok, ok, this is awesome!!!!!!

    1. I’m like you, I don’t have much I am allowed to claim isn’t marvelous about life, I am one lucky chica 🙂

    2. I love thinking about how great nature is when I run, total motivator!

    The tangled sweaty hair though- that I couldn’t be more overt an it’s only April haha

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