Recipe For a Great Weekend

Holy Moly Batman! I can’t believe all the positive responses I got from the other day!! I seriously feel as though I HAVE hit the Big Time now 😀 You can go read it here if you haven’t already. I do want to reiterate that I was joking about all of those points…being married or loving Disney are not bad things. Also, I got several suggestions for a Mediocre Blogger Club to be formed….. I’m thinking there’s a potential link-up in there somewhere….I must ponder on this 😉

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! I honestly had one of the best weekends a girl could have (no I didn’t get a boyfriend, but thanks for asking…) I did think about those less fortunate than myself, however, and took notes on how to achieve marvelous weekend status yourselves. I’m sucha  giver 🙂



-Write a popular post about why you’re not popular…it might sound counterintuitive, but apparently ppl like that sort of self-depricating humor. You can also choose to write about why you are actually dateable despite your single girl status. Last option, just write whatever you want and I promise to come read and comment.

-Start your day out with a donut for breakfast! Preferably a giant one slathered in both glaze and chocolate icing from a unique coffee shop downtown. I suppose my trusty Dunks will suffice in a pinch….wait no, only giant homemade donuts are acceptable sorry…

North Limestone Coffe & Donuts


-Go on a road trip with your best friend. Mine was my sister and we were just driving to my parents, but 2.5 hrs is an acceptable length to qualify as a road trip. Oh and make sure your passenger falls asleep and leaves you to pass the time on your own. They’re there to keep you company so what’s a little nap right? (cough…cough….sister….)

-Attend one of your really good friend’s baby shower for her (soon-to-be) baby boy. Take lots of pictures of all the cute decorations to catalog for future reference. Or just look on Pinterest later b/c let’s face it, no one is all that original anymore (I know I’m not).

baby boy shower mustache decorations

-Hit up your favorite running trail in your absolute favorite running outfit, only to come home to your favorite cookies fresh from the oven. I really can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon. If you have any suggestions please let me know b/c running and cookies make my life complete. (ok this one may have been wishful thinking….but it really woulda taken my weekend to the next level)

-Do your laundry and not lose a single sock! This NVR happens, I always lose a sock no matter where I do laundry, so this was a huge success and definitely worthy of of making any weekend marvelous in and of itself!

-Throw out every single step I just gave you and do your weekend your way! Lists are fun and all, but they’re really more of guidelines. 😉 Happy Monday everyone! 😀

How did you spend your weekend?

Oh and Happy Boston Marathoning y’all!! 😀


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