Boston City Survival: Train Edition


I seriously had the BEST day yesterday! I had my first day of my summer internship in Boston.

In this day I discovered a fancy tea bar (David’s Tea, look it up. I had Forever Nuts, delish), hit it off with my Supervisor, only got lost on foot maybe 3 times, came home to pizza from my favorite joint (thank you JB) and ended the night laughin my a** off watching stand-up with my dude….oh and then there was the reasonably-priced scone from the South End I ate on the train home.

Ya know what didn’t go so smoothly? This girl getting on the wrong outbound train…more on that later… Since I’m kinda a dumb dumb at times and I’m now navigating Boston for the summer I thought it pertinent and necessary to write a series of city survival posts to warn any fellow small town girl’s who feel the lure of Beantown. Introducing…. boston city guideToday’s installment is going to involve riding the train. Now I don’t actually live right in the city so I ride the train to and from. This can be a very daunting task for one such as I, who until I moved here and no clue there were trains for ppl. Buses, duh. Subways, sure. But trains? nope….not even joking….

>>Tip #1 

Check the train schedule seventy billion times before you actually arrive at the station. Repeat the name of your destination the entire walk/drive over, so that when you go up to the counter you can confidently mispronounce your stop. At this point the seasoned ticket seller will confidently know that you are not a native, and actually mean Back Bay, not Black Bay where one would assume a buncha dirty Pirates buried their treasure….

>>Tip #2

Make sure not to politely ask a fellow train rider in a crowded car if you can sit next to them. Silly country girl, don’t you know here in the city you just do what you want, polite banter aside?  You just sit that ole booty down in the nearest available seat b/c you know your balance isn’t good and when that train jerks to a start you don’t wanna be lookin up from the floor.

>>Tip #3 

Once on the train be sure not to make eye contact with anyone else….I’m not really sure why this one is a rule, but they don’t seem to like it so just go with it….

boston train ticket

>>Tip #4 

If you happen to find yourself on the wrong train (heaven forbid this ever happen to you), don’t freak out. I’d suggest making a wild break for the door but those suckers close faster than a venus fly trap. Your best bet is to just get off at the next station and re-group. Or turn on the Southern charm when the conductor comes by (aka speak in a thick accent and flash some giant Bambi eyes)

>>Tip #5

Be sure you pack a book, or if you’re really cool, a laptop. Perhaps a crossword or Sodoku might strike your fancy. Just have something to occupy yourself with. The last thing you want, is to be the weird girl grinning and patting herself on the back b/c you not only purchased a ticket, got on the right train, AND found an empty seat before you fell down, but you’re also gliding into the greatest city in the World. If you look around with a goofy smile on your face and silent pep talk going on in your head your fellow city-dwellers will most likely bestow every single country bumpkin stereotype upon you….Also, refer back to #3.

I hope these tips help some poor girl find her way a bit better than I. After the first time you can pretty much call me a pro. Seriously someone even asked ME for directions in the station on my way home…Boom, instant native…or something like that.

Anyone else have some train tips to share? Or wanna be my Boston friend this summer?

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33 thoughts on “Boston City Survival: Train Edition

  1. Girl, you could make it in NYC now! When my dad had be visit NYC to interview, I was lost as to what was “uptown” and “downtown”. And of course there’s been the occasional time where I get my friends on the wrong train. Oops 🙂

  2. 1) I will now forever think of Back Bay as the treasure stash for dirty pirates. I love it.
    2) Never ask before you sit (unless someone is hogging a seat with a bag), and always try to maintain the every-other-seat rule… no sitting directly next to someone if you can help it!
    3) I think we like to avoid eye contact because there are so many people crammed into our tiny city that it makes things more pleasant if we can pretend everyone else isn’t crammed in with us. Once you get out into the open, we get nicer… I promise! It’s amazing how friendly (relatively… we are still New Englanders after all!) people are when out hiking trails.
    4) It helps to remember which T (subway) stations have a center platform, that way if you realize you’re going in the wrong direction, you can just hop out and wait for a train going the other way without having to exit the station and pay to get back in.
    5) People will peg you as a tourist immediately if they hear you refer to Boston as “Beantown.”
    6) You may have already discovered it, but if you get any cravings for Southern food while you’re here, Hungry Mother in Cambridge boasts some Southern specialties:

    • Oh my Goodness I have so many things to say in response to this!! Seriously I loved all of your points and you’re welcome for Black Bay haha….Also good tip on the Beantown thing, I’ve never actually called it that out loud and asked my Boston guy if that was a thing and he said no lol…I’m having so much fun trying a new place for lunch every day! I’ll haveta add Hungry Mother to my list thank you! (also I followed your twitter suggestions, you’re the BEST!)

      • Glad to help! I’m sure you’re all set with advice/recommendations from your Boston connections, but if you ever have a question you’d like another opinion on (or restaurant recommendations) I’d be happy to chime in 🙂

  3. Oh, and if you’re not already, be sure to follow @universalhub and @BostonTweet on twitter to keep up with what’s going on around the city!

  4. lol this is so funny – and intimidating! i have no issues taking public transportation in sydney but other cities scare me. um, tea bar?! i want to go there.

  5. Whenever I commuted into Boston, I not only had a book, but was listening to my iPod at the same time.

    Don’t confuse the T with the Commuter Rail and if going by T, remember the color since the red, orange, blue and green lines go to different places.

  6. there are some rudeass people on the train! for the most part, people keep to themselves but the one thing that pisses me off the most is when people spread themselves out, taking up all of the seats with their shizz.

    • Haha funny, I’ve never been to Toronto but picture it a lot like Boston lol….Seriously though public transportation will always scare me a bit (sheltered for life!)

  7. This totally cracked me up – we definitely have similar sarcastic styles 🙂 I definitely make sure to pack a book with me every time because you’re right you don’t want to be that weirdo looking around at everyone!

  8. Welcome to Boston!! I’ve been here since September. That T can definitely be tricky, but looks like you’ve gotten the unspoken rules of not looking like you don’t know what you’re doing down 🙂 Let me know if you ever want meet up for a drink to explore a new bar or something! (I’m also a small-town South girl who has adjusted — give it time, but it happens!)

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  10. Ahahha! I LOOVE this and I haven’t even ever been to Boston! Your post reminded about my last trip to Europe this spring. The way the public transportation works in every city, let alone the country is soooo freaking different, and everybody expects you to know it all. Definitely brought back all the fun memories haha! Have a wonderful day and good luck with the rest of your internship! xoxo Olena

  11. Haha oh my goodness, I love tip #2!
    #1 reminds me of studying abroad in Italy when I employed pretty much that technique to do anything!

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