Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

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Ok, now on to these lovely little Donuts (“American Churros“) I taunted y’all with Monday. I originally saw a churro recipe on and y’all know how I idolize that girl so of course I wanted to be cute like her and her team….Well my cuteness level is not on par with hers so the churros were a no-go.

So, I did what Americans do best, take something culturally superior and make our own version. (kidding) I honestly liked how these turned out way better b/c they’re baked and not fried. (point Americans!)

Baked Donuts

Baked Donuts

  • 4-5 cups flour
  • 2 Tbsp yeast
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 cup milk, warmed to around 140 degrees
  • 6 Tbsp butter or margarine
  • 1/2 cup sugar, divided
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs

Just warning y’all up front, these are not a quick dessert to make. There’s rising and waiting involved so know that goin in. Side note: y’all know I’m all about bein real, so on the real I used pizza dough yeast b/c that’s what I had. Who knew there’s more then one kind of yeast right? So my donuts were was more dense then they should have been, but still tasted ok.

Down to business…..First mix the flour, yeast, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Heat the milk, butter, salt, and half the sugar (1/4cup) until it reaches 140 F. To be honest this was a guessing game on my part and I seemed to guess correct b/c they tasted just fine. Next combine the milk and flour mixtures along with the eggs until smooth.

Here’s where the waiting games comes into play…Cover the dough and let rise for an hour in a warm room of the house. It should double in size. Once that’s done split the dough in half and roll each half into a rectangle. I don’t have any fancy (read expensive) donut pans so we used a heart cookie cutter to make cuter donuts anyway 🙂 Place the cut-outs on a greased baking sheet and let rise another 30 minutes.

baked donuts

Not very “cinco de mayo-y” but the cuteness was overwhelming so he made every photo lol

Here’s a good place to preheat your oven to 375. Finally bake 12-15 minutes until golden brown. (note: they smell Am-Ahzing!) While they’re still hot, shake donuts in a paper bag filled with the remaining cinnamon and sugar! Boom American Churros!

So again, mine were a bit off but still delicious. Your job is to go make them the right way and tell me what I’m missing….aaaaaand GO!

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Ever made a terrible substitution in a recipe before?




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“American Churros” + First Ever Secret Blogger Club Link-up

Happy Cinco de Mayo mis amigos!

This may expose my white girl status but what is Cinco de mayo anyway? Obviously the 5th of May, but like….why? If I believed the internet it’s an excuse for white people to eat nachos and drink Margaritas…Oh you say that IS the purpose of Cinco de Mayo? Well who am I to argue 🙂

So I had a really clever idea to attempt to make some churros in honor of the day. They seemed easy enough…turns out they’re a lot harder then they look. So I scraped that idea and made some good ole baked donuts instead. Aka “American Churros”.


We were actually supposed to be studying for our Research Methods Final (as you’re reading this I’ll be failing passing with flying colors) but making and eating food is more fun. I’ll have the full recipe up later this week.

It’s finally here!!

The first ever Secret Blogger Club Link-up!!It goes back to when I wrote about the exclusive Big Blogger Club I felt left out of and got so many suggestions to start my own this linkup was born 😀

I confessed Wednesday that I feared this might be a huge failure, but you never know unless you try right? So here goes, hopefully more than no one will join me 🙂 Also until I officially switch over to self-hosted (this summer fingers crossed) the link-up will be on an external page but don’t let that stop you from joining!!

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Happy Monday Lovelies!


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Vega Bars Review

**Disclosure: I received free Vega products to review, but all opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

I feel so grateful for all the opportunities my blog has brought me but this one might be the coolest to date. Through my Sweat Pink Ambassador status with Fit Approach, I was one of the lucky bloggers selected to receive and review the new Vega bars. And oh boy they did NOT disappoint! Before I jump into it, you can go to this link here to read up more official stuff about the bars.

Y’all know I’m pretty bad with “official” stuff. I’ve got a bit of a different spin so let’s get started with 5 reasons you should be on the Vega Bar wagon.


1.  These are absolutely awesome for any lifestyle. I am actually eating the Vega One Peanut Butter Chocolate bar as I’m typing this. Now I’m not a supporter of the whole meal replacement thing, but mid-morning chocolate snack, I can get behind that for sure.Oh and that’s actually good for you?  Does it get much better than that??? I submit that it does not.


2. I lied, actually yes it does. These bars are plant-based and all ingredients are one’s you can actually pronounce. Things like dates, almond flour, agave, and coconut oil. Organic and Non-GMO, this is a brand you can trust with what they put in their products (and consequently feel good about putting it in your body). The Cherry Chocolate Almond literally tastes like a candy bar! Scratch that, even Better than a candy b/c it doesn’t have all that nasty trans-fats and processed junk.

3. While I may not the busiest of bees, I am usually on campus all day long between classes and work. If you’ve been reading BSoL very long, than you’ll know that this girl loves her food. I do pack a lunch but I don’t eat a ton at once so snacks are a must for me. The Vega Snack bars clock  in at around 180 calories, depending on the flavor, 3g protein, and 3g fiber to keep you satisfied and full.


Like my messy bag and beat up planner? It sees a lot of use 🙂

4. Also despite my lack of running these past few weeks, the Vega Sport Protein bars are perfect for after a long-run. Don’t run? No worries, at only 240 calories and 15g of plant-based protein, they’re perfect for any post-workout snack! I accidentally partially melted the chocolate mint one but it was so good I was a weirdo lickin the wrapper in public….what can I say I’m not awkward at all 🙂


5. Favorite flavor? Chocolate Coconut Almond…or the Mint Chocolate…or maybe the Cranberry Almond…no quite possibly the Apple Cherry…Gahhh!! It’s too hard to choose!! With a flavor for every different picky palette out there, there’s literally something for everyone.

Be sure to check out Vega and all their wonderful products here. How would a Vega bar fit into your life?

Also don’t forget to link-up with me and Suzan from Welcome to the Nuthouse for our first ever Secret Blogger Club link-up! Details can be found here, but basically everyone is invited, and more importantly WANTED!! Also there is no theme for this first one (although it is Cinco de Mayo) so link-up whatever you’ve got! We just wanna see your smiling face and brilliant words 🙂


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