#FuelYourBetter Vega Pre-Workout Mix

Y’all I feel bad……

As part of my affiliation as a SweatPink Ambassador I sometimes get the heads up on some pretty sweet deals. You might remember the tasty and delicious Vega bars I wrote about a bit ago. Well I also had the opportunity to try out their pre-workout drink mix as well, as part of their Fuel Your Better campaign.

**Disclosure: I received free Vega products to review, but all opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.IMG_3126

Vega is a great company that only uses the best ingredients (and actually REAL ingredients unlike a certain Other company I recently wrote about….ahem…Quest….). I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of their team but you should definitely go check out their website if you wanna know more.


My Experience…

I’ve got bad news though….I didn’t notice a difference….zero, zip, zilch. I might as well have been drinking straight up water (my fave). Take this with a grain of salt however. I have a high tolerance for most things. I don’t bother taking OTC meds like aspirin or ibuprofen b/c they don’t do anything for me. Caffeine’s a no-go as well. One time on a really long road trip with friends I took 2 5-hour energy shots to stay awake when it was my turn to drive and (spoiler alert) nothing….

I’ve been reading a lot of other bloggers reviews and they’ve had positive results, so either they’re all liars (not likely) or I’m the exception to the Vega pre-workout rule. I’m ok with that, I’m not a big fan of pre-workout anyway. Because of this, and to try and give y’all the best review possible I gave it to some of my lifter dude friends. They said the flavor was really girly (I got the acai berry flavor) but other than that they liked them.

Bottom Line?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in my opinion the normal person doesn’t need products such as these to get a good work-out in. OR if they are used it shouldn’t be before Every workout but occasionally if you’re really draggin, but more sleep may be the real answer to your problem.

Anyone else use a pre-workout?

(and is it just me or does the very word pre-workout bring to mind body builders on roids?)

Blonder Side of Life

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That Time Someone Asked Me For Directions


Happy Friday Lovelies 😀

I can’t believe the reaction my post on Never Eating Quest Bars got the other day. Ironically my Date a Girl Who Runs post was also picked up by another website(RunHaven) and it started makin the rounds again as well. It still remains my most popular post and I wrote it on a whim. Goes to show you never know what ppl will love until you hit that publish button. Also proves you should write what you love and the readers will come. Needless to say I had a record high for hits that day (and the days following) so THANK YOU to everyone who read, commented, and shared!


So, something pretty miraculous DID happen yesterday. Not one, not two, but THREE people asked me for directions yesterday in Boston. Y’all, apparently I’ve achieved native Bostonian status. Lord knows why out of everyone they asked me as many times as I still get lost though. Pretty sure I constantly walk around with a lost puppy-dog/confused blonde look on my face, but Heck I’ll take it! Keep the advice coming, I can now ride the train, do my laundry, and now give directions like a Pro!

I’m going to the Zoo today with the cutest little human. Well and her mom, grammy, family friend, and her daughter…..aaaaaand I just realized I’m the odd one out….story of my life 🙂

Well we might as well rock out together to my favorite Duo…Us the Duo that is!


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Why I’ll Never Eat Another Quest Bar

Happy Confession Day everyone.

I’ve debated for about almost a week now if I should publish this post. I’m all about honesty here and would never dream of steering y’all wrong but as with anything that goes against the grain it can be a bit scary to actually put a differing view out there. I hope I’m wrong, so let’s get right to it….

I feel as though a disclaimer is needed however. I am NOT telling you what to do. I’m giving MY OPINION and telling you what I’m going to do. I want you to make up your own mind and not just jump on a band wagon without really knowing where that wagon may be leading you…


So Quest Bars. They’re all the rage right now in the fitness/weight loss/healthy eating sphere right now. Can I point something out though? They’re all the rage with regular ppl, not actual professionals in these fields. If that doesn’t throw up a red flag for you right off then go ahead and stop reading this right now b/c you’re only gonna get angrier with me….


For those still with me, I’ve got several friends that are Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians so I ask them all my food related questions when they arise. For some reason Quest Bars never made the list though. It wasn’t until I actually got my first box of Quest Bars that one such friend ironically posted about them to her business Facebook Page (Real Nutrition LLC). It’s no surprise she wasn’t a fan…She also linked to this article which anyone who eats or has been thinking of eating Quest bars needs to read….

The thing I really want to point out is where they get their protein from. A main ingredient in all the bars is isisomalto-oligosaccharides…I can’t even say that. Can you? Remember that rule that foods good for you contain only ingredients you can pronounce? I’m no protein expert but this food rule has never steered me wrong, it seems to be conveniently forgotten by Quest Bar enthusiasts though. (yes I know it can be found naturally in fermented foods, but the Quest folks get theirs by manufacturing them in a factory..not naturally)

Now let’s get down to my personal experience. Not one to blindly follow anyone (and you shouldn’t either), I still wanted to see what all the rage was, so I tried a few of the more popular flavors……Um, first of all, these don’t even look, feel, or Taste like real food (sounds like uber processing was involved to me). It was like eating silly putty (granted much better flavored putty but you get my drift.) Yuck. Even if these bars really were the manna from fitness heaven that many claim, I wouldn’t eat them.

Now I know I’ll be labeled a “hater” as soon as I click publish on this baby, so if you remember just One thing from this post it’s the following…..

 DO NOT blindly follow ANY fitness or nutrition trend!

Do your research on whatever it may be and then make you decision whichever way that may be.  I’m not telling you to eat or not eat these bars. I won’t eat them every again, but I mainly urge y’all to do your research as well as be aware as to who is actually pushing something on you.

Lastly, b/c I am a fitness (and future health and wellness) professional, I don’t think people even need a protein bar to lose weight or stay fit. The less wrappers on your food the better.

Y’all ever seen this graphic?


In case you’re wondering, Quest bars would be in the second category with candy, soda, and chips….just sayin….

***Steps off soap-box***

Bring on the hate…but seriously I’d like to hear your opinion. I feel like I’m the only one to hate these bars.


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Broccoli-Cheddar Salad

First things first…with all my free time I designed a new header (look above) We like? We don’t like? Idk, it may be changing again….By the end of the summer my entire blog will be re-designed haha.

Also, thanks to everyone for being so nice about my current state of Unemployment. To clarify I’m not trying to be a brat and complain about having free time (let’s face it, that’s pretty bratty), it’s the complete lack of money comin in and my slowly dwindling bank account that has me worried…Bein alive and goin after your dreams can get expensive! (not to  mention all those train tickets…)

Now on to more important things….Food.

I tend to get on food kicks where that’s all I’ll eat at a certain meal for weeks on end. Currently my obsession is this broccoli-cheddar salad with craisens. I found the original recipe on Pinterest (didn’t pin it so can’t find it, fail) but I know it called for bacon which I don’t really eat. (go ahead and get all your un-American jokes out I’ll wait…….)

broccoli-Cheddar Salad recipe

Anyway, this is a super simple and cheap lunch option. I usually also add carrots or an apple on the side for a complete meal but for someone who doesn’t like spinach salads this is a good alternative. Seriously, spinach salad make me wanna hurl, ew….

Back to the recipe. Like I said it’s super simple:

  • Head of broccoli
  • block of favorite cheese (I use colby-jack b/c it’s cool lookin)
  • Craisens
  • nuts (optional)
  • favorite dressing

Chop the broccoli into little bits. That’s not the technical term but Lord knows what that is. Also cube the cheese into tiny blocks. If you’ve ever seen me eat cheese (it isn’t often) it’s always pre-sliced or grated. Why? I have a strange fear of touching cheese…Idk, it’s all rubbery and gross, it’s weird I know. I Did, however, cube this cheese all on my own so high five to me!

Broccoli-Cheddar Salad

Sprinkle in craisens and any other option you’re adding. I’ve added pine nuts before but it doesn’t need anything else in my opinion. Finally pour a small amount of dressing on and toss? I always pre-make a huge tupperware full of this when I get home from the store then add the dressing to the individual servings later when I’m actually gonna eat it. Speaking of dressing I’ve been using Italian b/c that’s what I happen to have but I bet this’d be good with ranch or blue cheese if those are more your style. Food for thought, get crazy with it and make it yours.

Whatcha think? Broccoli-Cheddar salad for the win?


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Confessions of the Unemployed Mind

There’s something to be said for the people that work from home and actually like it b/c I’m going crazy and becoming desperate for human contact. The other day I had a 30min conversation with the check-out lady at Family Dollar about ice trays….ice trays ppl….it’s bad….

Today in normal hump day fashion I will be confessing…it’s about to get real…


This is mojo….he’s not impressed….

Having copious amounts of extra time on your hands isn’t all its cracked up to be. Y’all know I have a summer internship that brought me to Boston. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it’s unpaid though. My plan was to work part-time at a gym, That was Plan A…Plans A-D have since fallen through and dang it if it’s not expensive just to be alive up here! I am workin on Plans E-F right now so cross your fingers somethin will work out for me so I don’t end up on the streets.

Because I’ve never been unemployed since sophomore year of high school, I don’t really know how to deal with it. Granted I was working for free in college for the athletic department but I was still working 40-hr weeks getting great experience as an Athletic Trainer. Now I’ve got all day to occupy myself and there’s only so many trips to the library and park a girl can take before it’s even too expensive to drive anywhere. Because of all my free time, my mind has gotten a little…um I’ll let you decide… let’s confess….

>>First things first…..

That pretty much embodies my outlook on tanning during the summer (or really any time of year). Summer brings out all the pool-lounging Instagram photos but you won’t see me baking and working on my cancer intake. Mainly b/c I have no pool to visit and my skin remains ghostly white despite my sun exposure levels….Oh well, wasn’t being uber white considered beautiful at some point in history? I just missed my era is all…

>>Did anyone else know you can now use your own fonts on Picmonkey? I can now look all professional on here without actually being a professional…or at the very least look like a small child who got a little too excited for art’s and crafts…I have enough time on my hands to download a billion new fonts and than proceed to play around with them….sigh


p.s. I found most of those here.

>>My confidence is takin a hit this summer. I’m not full of myself, but I’m good at what I do and my qualifications and background make me a great candidate for any gym. This summer, however, I can’t even seem to get hired as the front desk person. No job is beneath me while trying to make ends meet this summer though, so I’ve branched out from the fitness industry. We’ll see where that gets me….

>>What exactly makes a recipe “clean” anyway? The simple act of placing the word “clean” or “paleo” in front of a recipe makes people swoon these days. How about we all just agree to be a normal person, eat healthy whole foods and relax with all this paleo, clean stuff…..

>>Last confession b/c let’s be honest there’s not a whole lot goin on right now to confess. There’s some blogs that I religiously follow but never comment on. Why? Well 1. they usually garner 40+ comments a post anyway and never respond or 2. I don’t actually like what they have to say but I can’t stop reading them…Seriously, points to them for keepin me hooked when I don’t even like their blog…Minus points to me for bein a loser who just. can’t. stop! (note: if you’re reading this, that pretty much guarantees I’m not talking about you 🙂 )

I now feel bad for actually confessing those last ones. Everyone in blogland is a lovely woodland nymph with amazing, enlightening, important things to say….I apologize for my harsh judgement 🙂

Now that you’ve been exposed to my inner mean girl, tell me one of your mean girl moments….or give me a job, either one works for me 😀


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Back to Basics: Strength Training

Welcome to Monday all you weekenders! I just redid my About page if y’all could go take a peek and let me know what ya think.

I had a great Father’s Day weekend, even though I didn’t get to see my Padre. You can read about how cool he is here though.

Now, as y’all know my favorite form of exercise is runnin. It’s also no secret that I’ve had to scale back my running (aka take a break for awhile on Dr’s orders) these past few months post Bluegrass Half. Don’t worry I’ll still be out there hitting the trails hiking and walking when I have time, BUT I can’t be letting my exercise routine slack just b/c I’m not running anymore. That’s why I’m going back to the basics in a new series I’ll be writing for y’all. (bout time I put my degree to use on here right)

back to backs strength training

I might make other people work out for a living but that doesn’t mean I love it myself. I’ve talked before that I’d much rather be outside than indoors at the gym. The thing I’ve found that works for me though, is following other people’s workout plans. Of course I can design my own (and I’ll be writing some for y’all), but when it comes to my own workouts I like to zone out on someone else’s hard work for a change. Go to my happy place and let them do all the thinking.

Thanks to my Girl at B Loved Boston, I found the Bikini Series videos. They might only be 10-12 min long but you’ll be feeling it trust me. I did the arms workout after B posted it, then proceeded to find their abs, inner/outer thighs, and booty videos…I was drenched in sweat by the end (also having no AC probably aided in that as well).

Above is the inner and outer thigh video. Since my second knee surgery and my new run/walk style cardio, my legs have lost a lot of tone b/c I can no longer lunge or deep squat. No excuses though, it’s just a matter of getting creative. Even in the video when they’re doing plie squats with a leg raise, I just don’t go as deep as the video to maintain a pain-free workout. Simple!

you get stronger

I still feel the burn. Who cares what the muscle-head at the gym says, it’s not cheating (so there 😛 ). And that goes for anyone! No matter your exercise routine for the day, it’s ok to ease up a bit when it gets too much or stop if it’s painful. (keep in mind there IS a difference between hard painful and something’s wrong painful. I suggest pushing through the first one) Do your best and keep your mind right and you can’t go wrong!

So keep your eyes peeled for my new series Back to Basics. I’ll be writing some easy at home workout plans to target certain muscle groups for y’all.

Oh did I mention I get bored easily? Anyone else have some good strength training videos they use?


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City Girls’ Survival Guide to Boston: The 5 People you Meet at a Laundromat

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a complete novice when it comes to city livin. Before I moved to Boston I had no idea trains for ppl even existed. (And no Georgia isn’t under a rock, this is where I claim Blonde)

Anyway, I’m back in the city this summer and as always it’s a big adjustment for me and I’m constantly learning new things…aka just how sheltered suburban livin can make a person. So here’s another installment of The City Girls’ Survival Guide to Boston. You can catch the first edition about riding the train here.

Laundromat people

I’m sure if you’re a big spender you’ll have your own washer and dryer, but for this broke chick I visit the laundromat down the block for my cleanin needs. Now before I get started you need to understand that I am in no way makin fun of laundromats or those who frequent them (after all I’m one of those ppl)…k we good?

>>The Regular. This will be the person/people that seem to be there every time you go. It doesn’t matter if you vary your laundry days and times, they will be there…Do they live nearby? Have a cot in the back? You’ll never know….The upside? You quickly get to head-nod of recognition level and feel as though maybe, just maybe you’ve got a friend 🙂

>>The Old Men. Who knew men were capable of doin their own laundry? Then again I’ve never seen these guys actually DO anything while there. They’re usually taking up the few chairs available, drinking coffee and talking to other old men. Every once and a while I see them move to talk to the worker on duty but that’s about it….curious behavior…..

>>The Multiple Dryer Person. Every. Single. Time….I understand the concept of things drying faster the less items are in a dryer, but seriously people. These are industrial size dryers, I think they can handle more then one garment at a time, please and thank you….

>>The Terribly Misbehaved Children. Seriously I’ve never been to the laundromat without 3-7 rugrats running around causing havoc. I’ve literally been hit up for money for the vending machines from these little devils. Not to mention been caught in the middle of their cart races or spilled on by their wildly handled bottles of juice….Not commenting on anyone’s parenting though, some kids are just strong-willed yea? (that’s the right word right?)

And finally…

>>The Worker. This person is most likely wearing some sort of hideous frock and a perpetual frown. The look of annoyance isn’t b/c they’re mean or angry, oh no. It’d b/c their job is to do Other ppl’s laundry. I’ve seen some weird stuff in my bi-weekly pilgrimage so I can only imagine what they’ve seen. So they will help you if you ask, but might I suggest not asking? They’ll answer your question and then forever assume you’re a half-wit that doesn’t know how to breathe on your own…..I get this reaction more times then you’d think possible though so no hurt feelings here Ms. Laundry Lady….see you next Wed?

Bonus Tip: If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, don’t show up with a bag full of quarters and spend 30min trying to find the slot they go in….Laundromats have upgraded to money cards now…you’re welcome 😉

If you must visit a laundromat, don’t fret too much though. After the first time you’re pretty much a Pro. Seriously that’s kinda the theme here. It might be weird or scary the first time you do something in the city, but once you do it once, the mystery is gone and it can be done again and again with zero bumps in the road…or so I hope…Thus far I’ve survived the Trains and now the laundromat…


What aspect of city life should I write about next?

What about your tips for the laundromat?


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