How to Beat the Target Trap

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely adore Target as much as the next 20-something white female. I rarely leave that place of sweet, sweet shopping Heaven with smaller then a 3 digit bill….That being said, I think I’ve finally cracked the code, solved the puzzle, and unraveled the conundrum that is the money-suck of Target.


Let’s back up to the beginning…

Saturday morning dawned nice and bright and I set off to procure some goodies for the pseudo niece at a few yard sales. I found them, and like any good yard-saler only paid $1.25 for my cache. A giant stuffed elephant originally caught my eye, but once this monkey entered the picture there was no doubt which one I’d be taking home.


Ignore me, and just look at the cutest baby in all of baby-dom.

The cutest right? Anyway, There I was having the best morning ever, when a lens from my sunglasses popped out. Very random and hard to recover from mid-conversation with the yard-sale owner. This tragedy left me sunglass-less for the rest of the sunny weekend.

Monday rolls around and I set off in search of new sunglasses because it’s summer and no one likes squint lines. Target is forever at the top of any shopping trip list, so I went there first. Only on the look-out for one item I fore-went the basket or buggy and like a girl on a mission even passed the $1 bins straight through the bags/jewelry sections to the sunglasses. Feeling pretty awesome for ignoring ALL the things, I proceeded to try on several pairs of shades. I liked them all of course but not the steep tag of $17. Call me cheap, it’s a label that fits me well.

Discouraged but not defeated I decided to ponder this grand purchase by browsing the aisles. Big Mistake. 20 minutes and an armful of goodies later, I knew I was in trouble.

I believe this is JB's debut on the blog as well....welcome Dude

I believe this is JB’s debut on the blog as well….welcome Dude

Problem #1, I was teetering on the edge of needing a cart if just one more small item was added to the pile. Problem #2, I still didn’t have a pair of sunglasses. And Problem #3, perhaps the biggest and most pressing, I’m poor (refer back to this post) and can’t afford even half the stuff I was picking up.

Fast forward to the point where I walked out those electronic gates with nothing in hand……nothing ladies. Somehow I entered into the very depths of Target and walked away, wallet unscathed. How did I do it? How did I beat a system designed for me to fail?

I’ll tell you.

I forgot my wallet in the car……(not on purpose mind you.)

Yup the puzzle that is Target has been solved. Don’t take your money into the store if you don’t want to end up with no moneys. Your welcome.

This message has been brought to you by the very forgetful and blonde mind of Kelsey.

Also another of my articles was published yesterday on RunHaven. it’s called “The Eight Different Types of Runners” and from the comments it’s yielded, I think there will be a second installment soon!

How does everyone else deal with the love obsession of a store?


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Weekending & Some Winners

Happy Monday Friends!

Thanks to everyone who left me such nice comments on Friday. As much as I miss my pup, I do know she’s better off now than on Earth in pain. I feel kinda bad because I’m about to tell you about another gloriously lazy weekend again. That’s like 3 in a row. I think I need to get my life together….


Well it wasn’t completely lazy. Saturday morning I met up with one of my favorite former clients who now plays collegiate field hockey, and we went through a nice track workout together. Sweat city, I need to work that hard more often. No pictures were taken because no one wants to see that lol.

I also went yard sale-ing and scored so awesome stuff!  I really need a yard-sale buddy though, because it’s way less awkward with a friend to distract you from the eyes following you as you root through other people’s possessions….Old people have no problem staring…Fact.

Finally, I’m happy to announce the winners of my giveaway from last week! I’m so excited for the 3 new besties that will be hangin out on my sidebar! I’ve emailed the winners so please get back to me by the end of the week as the ads will start next Monday (4th)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ironically that’s also the date of the Secret Blogger Club so get your posts ready for that! The theme will be the beach! Good things, bad things, awesome things, funny things. Really anything beach or summer related. Get creative! (as always though, the theme isn’t mandatory so just link-up your regular posts come Mon/Tues).


Congrats again ladies and thank you yo every one who entered. I wish I could pull an Oprah and give everyone some free swag. Unfortunately for y’all, I’m not that cool….. Alas anyone who entered the giveaway will haveta settle for a promo code for 40% off my remaining ad spots! You should be getting an email later on today if you haven’t already. Go here to check em out!

Funny story. One of my bestest bloggie friends Mar won the first 3 times I pushed the “pick a winner” button on Rafflecopter. Apparently the Fates reeeeeeally want her on my sidebar! (I of course am thrilled, so the Fate’s and I are on the same page here).

How was everyone else’s weekend?


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Dogs: A Runner’s Best Friend


As exciting as this week has been blog-wise,(ps. don’t forget to enter my giveaway for free ad space!) in real life I took a hit. My beautiful dog Riley passed away on Wednesday. As sudden as it was, it was kinda expected. I got her in the 8th grade if that gives you any idea how old she was. No matter how expected a death is though, it’s still hard and takes its toll. I actually had a completely different post planned for today, but had to pay homage to my bestest doggie friend instead.

RileyTitle Riley, or as I called her Schmiley or Schmiles, was my running buddy from the day I got her. Well not the exact day because neither her nor I were very capable at first. So from day 500 and some change, she was my running buddy. I’ve written before how running is my happy place, but that happy place wasn’t complete without my pup.

So here’s to all the other dogs out there hittin the trails with their runner pals. In honor of some of my Best memories, here’s a look at what it’s like to run with your dog.

>> They give you an excuse to take a break. Dogs aren’t the best at planning their day. They’re more of a fly by the seat of their pants, do whatever they want when the fancy strikes kinda animal. Because of their lack of foresight, they inevitably must poop during the run. This gives you the convenient excuse to take a break while you wait for them to finish their biz…Any break is always welcome….or maybe that’s just me.


>> They push (aka pull you) on the run. I don’t know about you, but my dog is faster then me….by like a lot..a lot, a lot. I’ve run some of my fastest splits with her because she constantly wants to go, go, go. There’s literally no excuses to stop when a steam-engine propelling you forward.

>>They motivate you to start. Riley was one smart pooch. She knew which shoes were my running shoes and which were for grocery store runs. She also got to the point where she could hear me getting ready in my room and would wait for me at the bottom of the stairs. The problem (for me at least) came when she thought I was getting ready for a run when I wasn’t. I’d come down the stairs to an excited pup and no shoes….sad dogs are the pits, so I’d get the right shoes and take her for a run afterall.

That giant sock monkey is her "baby"

That giant sock monkey was her “baby”

>> They make you meet new people (and dogs). As you can see, Schmiles had beautiful coloring (the most beautiful in my mind). She also had a slight blue tinge to her in the sun so people were forever stopping me to ask me what kind of dog she was. (Boxer-Bluetick mix if you must know). I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met because of that dog 🙂

>> Finally, they make it fun. There was nothin more fun than a happy puppy. After every run there’d she be, tongue out, enjoin the wind from the open window of my car as we drove home. I’m unashamed to say I’m firmly in the “Cat-person” camp, but when it comes to my runs, I need a dog by my side. Life is more fun with a happy-go-lucky attitude like your puppy.

cookie for my puppy

And go Big Blue and all that I guess….Just Kidding Go VOLS!

Although as she got older, and I retired her from the running schtick, she remained my best bud. We even matched with our bum knees! I’ll miss her immensely, but I take solace knowing she’s no longer in any pain and can finally run free. Now go run with your dog for me, won’t you 🙂

Has anyone else ever lost a pet? What’s your favorite memory?


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Confessions: I’m Cooler Online + Giveaway

Happy Hump Day Lovelies,

We’re back to regular programming as I can only introduce and nerd out over my new design so much before y’all get sick of me. So moving on. I’ve got a bit of a confession for y’all today that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise to…well, really anyone in either my real life or Blogland….. CoolerOnline You read that right. I’m not very “cool.” In case I didn’t know this myself, plenty of people (JB included) like to remind me on a daily basis. Ask anyone from high school, my siblings, or the entire BYU football team that saw me bite the dust in the middle of the field….while being televised on ESPN. Thank GOODNESS there was no camera on me for years of continued embarrassment! I try really hard, I really do. But some people just walk in the light, ya know. (name that movie) I just happen NOT to be one of those people….

>> I’m clumsy. I trip a lot. Like more then the normal person…over nothing…I also run into things. Wall corners, table edges, car bumpers,you name it. If a normal person is able to avoid it, I will hit it. I wake up with new bruises all the time. Oh yea, remember that time I lost a fight with a ceiling fan?

>>I stutter. I feel weird even putting this out in the open because I like to think it’s not noticeable. It isn’t a common thing, just sometimes my mouth lags a bit behind my brain. I know exactly what I want to say, I just can’t seem to get it out. (A busy brain is a sign of genius right?) Thankfully it’s never happened when I’m actually giving a large presentation for class or work, but it’ll happen to me in a one on one convo….try impressing someone with that. Online, it doesn’t matter though as long as my fingers keep a typin!

>>I like corny jokes and puns. I’d think this one would increase my cool stock but apparently “cool” kids don’t like lame puns? I must get this love from my Padre. Here’s one for the road. “What do you call a dinosaur with a extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus”….crickets……

Good thing I have my own Secret Blogger Club right… >>Last confession, I recently announced that I’m now offering sponsorships, but I’m really nervous that I’ll have, like zero takers. It’s scary to put yourself out there in any sort of aspect. But since I’m my own biggest fan (go me!), I’m gonna give y’all a few reasons why you should.

    • #1. You’ll get my undivided attention. Seriously you might be the only one. Even if you aren’t though, being new I know I’ve got something to prove. Don’t you wanna be on the receiving end of that?
    • #2. I’ll work harder for you. I may be smaller, but as a smaller blogger myself, I know how important it is you get what you paid for. Your baby becomes my grand-baby (and we all know how much grandparents love to spoil their grandkids)
    • #3.  I’m growing, you’re growing, let’s grow together. As I won’t let you forget, I’m also writing for RunHaven a few times a month so I’m only goin up in my stats. I’ll make sure you have a seat on that rocket. If not a rocket, at least something that moves in the relative direction of up….you see my point. (Ps my first article went live today!)

    If my un-cool persona and the aforementioned reasons still don’t have you convinced, I understand. Until I’ve got some street cred I wouldn’t trust me either. It’s rough out in them streets of Blogland. For that reason I’m giving away some free spots just for you! Just enter the giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

// else ever feel left out of the cool kid circle? Sig

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Welcome to the New Blonder Side

Happy Monday Lovelies.

A huge thank you to all the well wishes from my announcement of my new writing gig! I didn’t respond to a single person and I apologize. I tried to get over to as many blogs as I could but I know I missed some of y’all. Why didn’t I respond? Well this dummy decided to become self-hosted on a Wednesday…yea stress city. Don’t ask me why I thought that was a good idea…transfer my site right after I make a big announcement….good one Kels…

Whatever, it’s finally done, everything is in working order(mostly) and I couldn’t be happier! 😀 I’ve already had several people ask me how I did it, so you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be many posts dedicated to switching in the future here soon (does that even make sense?).


Exciting news! I’m also now offering sponsorships opportunities via PassionFruit ads so head on over to my Sponsor tab. I’ve got sidebar, in-post banner, and guest posting options. If you’d like to join in on the fun over here I’d Love to have you 😀

All this new blog stuff has me feelin a little like this….

Did anyone notice my new look? I promise I’m done changin it on y’all for awhile. This whole blog designing thing is addictive though! I’ll even let you in on a little secret…a local business has hired me to design their website. #ImAGrownUp. I’m seriously havin so much fun learning how to write blog design code. Take a gander at my newest trick over on my sidebar right under the About picture…..(hint, it says look what I can do)

Other things of note: I changed my header and overall color scheme. I know “Blonder” might bring to mind yellow but purple is my favorite color so oops. I also moved my social media buttons to the side over on the right. I haven’t decided if I’ll remove them from every post or not. They’re just so cute! Lastly, there’s a subscription button notification at the top!


Being self-hosted allows for ALL the customization I can learn, so it can be a bit overwhelming to par things done to the stuff I really love….Eh, time will tell. (thoughts?)

This next one is probably the one I’m most proud of. It took me almost 3 hours to figure this one out despite all the tutorials I read and watched. Some of my coding was wrong upon upload for some reason so being the obsessive nerd I am, I scoured the internet in search of how to fix it….Here’s the result 🙂


Whew….those are all the changes thus far. If I know me (which duh, I’m me) there will be a few more on the horizon.

Until then, what does everyone think? Did I do a good job or should I quit while I’m behind?


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Follow Me, I’m Self-Hosted Now!

Hello Lovelies!

I know I don’t normally post on a Thursday but I just switched to a self-hosted platform yesterday (don’t ask me why I did it mid-week, it makes no sense). Because of the switch my old Bloglovin links won’t work so you’ll need to be sure to follow me at the correct one here.

Twitter and Instagram wasn’t affected. My WordPress readers might have been however, so if I normally show up in your feed be sure to either subscribe by email or follow me on Bloglovin.

Also if you come across any broken links, please let me know so I can fix them 🙂

Thanks and I’ll resume normal programing come Monday!!


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Follow Me, I’m Self-Hosted!

Hello Lovelies!

I know I don’t normally post on a Thursday but I just switched to a self-hosted platform yesterday (don’t ask me why I did it mid-week, it makes no sense). Because of the switch my old Bloglovin links won’t work so you’ll need to be sure to follow me at the correct one here.

Twitter and Instagram wasn’t affected. My WordPress readers might have been however, so if I normally show up in your feed be sure to either subscribe by email or follow me on Bloglovin.

Also if you come across any broken links, please let me know so I can fix them 🙂

Thanks and I’ll resume normal programing come Monday!!


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