Delusions and Other Confessions

Happy Hump Day Folks.

If it feels like October is half way over and you’re still recovering from it being August and school started then welcome to my current state of mind. Seriously Father Time, I need a minute or two to catch up, k?

Today I’m linkin up with both Kathy for Confessions and Taylor and Helene for Blogtober. First b/c confessions are cathartic and amazing and Two because I love quotes (today’s prompt and sort of a confession….kinda)

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Does anyone else create fictional stories in their head that might happen and how you’d react? Like, cute boy bumps into you and you say something witty and he instantly falls in love with you and you’re all I’m too cool for school?…..Just me?…I mean like full-on write the entire script for this delusional and very fake scenario and you always come up cool as a cucumber but if it actually happened in real life you’d be a bumbling fool?

Ok fine, just my life….

Here’s a good one for you…..does anyone else always find the biggest puddles and step in them? And I don’t mean on purpose b/c you’re a free spirit and you love Mother Nature and embracing spontanaity, I mean on accident when you happen to be wearing white shoes on the way to work……Every.Day…

The puddles of Lexington seriously have it out for me…

Quote time. I’m a quote person though so picking just one was really hard. I’ve always liked words so I pay close attention to quotes and lyrics. Perhaps it’s because when that fictional cute boy from above bumps into me I never have a witty comment in response….whatever…I’m beautiful on the inside.

Dr. Suess is a good go-to in a situation like this, so without further ado


I’m that annoying girl that is always lookin on the bright-side, finding that silver lining, and making the best of things (making my bout with depression that much more shocking). I’m actually a terrible person to complain to b/c out of the 70 bad things you tell me I really only hear the half a good one.

For some reason this also leads lots of people to complain to me to find that half a good thing…..Hmmmm, maybe I need to re-think my life strategy…..

How it’s your turn. What’s one confession from this week so far?

Next, b/c I’m a quote whore (that’s a thing) I wanna hear one of YOUR favorite quotes!


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18 thoughts on “Delusions and Other Confessions

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking on the bright side. I wish I was more like that. Sometimes I fixate a little too much on the bad things that it makes me miserable…..lucky for me, I married an optimist, so he always reminds me πŸ˜‰

    Oh and YES to finding that one big gross puddle…haha! The worst part is usually I see it but then get distracted by something and then step right in it…and I’m usually wearing flats or sandals when I do. haha!!

  2. I tend to be optimistic too! My favorite quote came from my BFF years ago. “When you share your joys you double them and when you share your sorrows you cut them in half”. Apparently that’s why we talk so much…lol. have a good day and watch out for those puddles!

  3. I do that fictional story stuff and stepping in puddles. Those stories never turn out how I imagine them (ever!) and I can’t get away from the puddles. There are so many low spots at work there’s always puddles. Puddles everywhere!

  4. Not only do I do the conversations in head things, but I have actually had an entire conversation in my head with a friend on route to see them, where we had an argument and I was really off with her for the first 10 minutes and had to keep reminding myself it was all in my head!!

  5. UGH YES! The puddles. Every. Single. Time! And then it always looks like I went swimming!!! UGH! I’m also totally in love with that quote and try to remind myself of it daily.

  6. Found your blog through the SPA Facebook page… love it! My favorite quote is “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it….. The time will pass anyway”

  7. I create fake stories in my head all the time and try to figure out what would happen if I did this or I did that. I love your quote! I think people get so wrapped up in what they don’t have they sometimes forget to appreciate what they do and how beautiful their life truly is.

    Katie Petty

  8. I don’t like jumping in puddles but like you said I always freaking step in them.. gah. and I make up so many fictional stories in my head I forget whats real and whats not sometimes. oops.
    favourite quote.. thats a hard one.. right now it is ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and i had a post scheduled for blogtober but i was sick and didnt want to deal with it today… lazy?

  9. I can totally imagine whole situations happening based on one interaction! And favorite quote…I wouldn’t even know where to begin because there are so many! That’s probably why I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to quotes!

  10. I’m the same way! I always make up imaginary stories in my head and puddle jumping is the reason I bought big rainboots. Okay my favourite quote is “that which we are we are, one equal temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate but strong in will to strive to seek to find and not to yield”. It’s lengthy but I love it!

  11. I love this so much because I literally do it all the time. Except with bad things, like “What would happen if I got raped?” I won’t even go into detail, but basically it ends up with me getting revenge and killing the person who raped me with a broken bottle, because then they couldn’t trace me… too much? Haha.

    the little diary

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