Lessons I Learned From a Bridal Shower

Hello. My name is Kelsey and I know nothing about wedding planning…..

No this is not a post to announce I’m engaged….still living in Single-ville, population of 1.

No, my older brother’s wedding is coming up in December (12.13.14 b/c they’re cute like that) and his beautiful fiance asked me to be a bridesmaid a while back. This might seem like no big deal to you other 20-30 something’s that have attended multiple weddings at this point in your lives. I, however, have seemed to have missed that day in class when all the girls learned about wedding planning…..

Bridal Shower

Growing up in a religious household that doesn’t typically have normal “traditional” wedding’s by most people’s standards (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormon, maybe you’ve heard of it), I’ve only ever been to Mormon wedding celebrations. Not a bad thing, until you’re in the bridal party of a traditional wedding and you have no clue what’s going on….

Here’s a few things about bridal showers that I learned last weekend…..tell me if I’m getting them right

>> Don’t break a ribbon from a gift or else it means you’re gonna have a baby?….Pretty sure I butchered that one, but that was my take-away….???

>> Speaking of babies, bring one. It makes you the center of attention to all the other ladies…this party isn’t for the future bride anyway.

>> Don’t be the only one that goes back for more dessert…this isn’t a buffet (how can you turn down another mini cannoli is beyond me though)

>> When people tell you you look like the groom (my brother) all day don’t get horribly offended that they’re callin you man-ish. He may be a dummy-head (love you brother….as if he even reads this lol), but I guess he’s got pretty good genes…I mean you are a fabulous beautiful LADY afterall.

>> Guessing the answers to questions from someone you Thought you know really well (in this case my brother) shows just how little you actually know about them. (p.s. the bride got them all right)

>> DO stay after to help clean up, because you’ll get sent home with a plate of all the extra desserts the other guests didn’t eat…..Point Kelsey 🙂

>> Lastly, blame bad lighting on all pictures taken of you that you didn’t like because it’s certainly not your man-ish, ribbon-breakin, groom-lookin, dessert stuffed face that’s the problem!

Bride in the middle, two bridesmaids on the side

Bride in the middle, two bridesmaids on the side….Note: I will be the only blonde one haha

Bein serious for a minute (and only a minute) the shower was so much fun. And while I might have been confused at proper bridal shower etiquette, I think it went off without a hitch. Good food, good people, and lots of gifts (sadly not for me), still equals a recipe for success!

Now I wanna hear about some bridal shower traditions that you know of. Who knows, maybe one of these days it’ll be my turn (she said without a hint of bitterness in her voice….)

Hump ya lata 😛


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7 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned From a Bridal Shower

  1. If it helps not only have I never been the bride, but I have always been the “had we had one more it would have been you bridesmaid choice!” So you’re kicking me ass! A tip for the wedding day thought (i apologies if this is over share, but I feel we are there!) apparently the stress of it all can stop periods and apparently a load of brides come on on their special day, so much for wedding night fun hey, (sorry, just remembered the groom is your brother, my bad!) anywho because of this the advice as a bridemaid is to ensure you have plenty of pads and some spare underwear just to be safe!

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