That Time I Volunteered

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the upcoming turkey day and giving back, I wanted to throw it back a bit and tell y’all a story. A story about volunteering.

Earlier this year at the start of the semester, I was really excited to be a part of a volunteering group to go work in a local Food Bank for a few hours. You know the saying about when you’re down go serve others, or something like that? Well I decided to put that to the test and get outside myself and give back……

food bank

Little did I know I’d spend most of my day standing outside in the sweltering heat in an empty intramural field on campus….doing nothing but waiting. But let me back up a bit.

Monday morning I got to the check-in place on time (actually a bit early because that’s just the kind of person I am). I signed in and found my group where we waited for the kick-off welcome speech from the Mayor and a few others. An hour later the Mayor finally gets up on stage to give his 30sec spiel (which was pretty politic-y if ya get my drift).

So then it was time to load the buses to head out to the food bank right? If you guessed yes then you’d be wrong. It took another 1.5 hours for the directors to figure out how to get people from point A (the field) to point B (the buses). Keep in mind said vans were right outside the fences of the field so I’m not quite sure what the hold up was.

So now I’ve been stewing in my own sweat for 2.5 hours longer than I had planned on and really failin at bringin sexy back. Of course we finally did get on the buses and arrived at the food bank and ended up doing some really great service so it was all worth it. But is it too much to ask for a little organization and efficiency in my life?

Have you ever been hopelessly frustrated at someone else’s lack of organization?

Or better yet tell me a GOOD story about volunteering to help restore my faith!


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That Time I Tried to be Cool

Well it’s finally happened. I finally understand the obsession everyone had with Sex and the City growing up. I haven’t actually watched much of the show yet, I eased in with the Carrie Diaries (totally adorable btw)

Maybe it’s b/c I’m a single woman soon to embark into the wild unknown of the working world or perhaps my growing cynicism towards a happily ever after. Either way I can relate to Carrie going after her dreams and not letting those around her feel bad for what she wants. All while looking fabulous of course, duh.

Well today’s post isn’t about love or being single or going after one’s dreams, although if you stick around for any amount of time you’re bound to find posts on all of the above. Today I’ve got a story for y’all on how I attempted to channel my inner Carrie/Manhattanite and head out for some drinks with friends. (hint; it didn’t go well….)

tall boots in the leaves

I should back up slightly to give this story a bit of triumphant context instead of just tossing you into my utter failure of a social life.

I grew up in a pretty religious home and never even saw a drop of liquor until college. And even that was only one year, then I transferred to a religious college and didn’t see any again until after graduation and a move to Boston. Needless to say, I can never quite seem to find my bearings in situations involving alcohol no matter how “normal” I tell myself it is so I usually chicken out from invitations such as the one I’d been presented with.

BUT this time I decided to be cool and casual and meet up with my friends. I got ready and even put on lipstick….(the alien feeling has slightly worn off Kristen) However, as I alluded to earlier, it didn’t go as planned.

Let’s count the things that went wrong

things went wrong

It involved a bar. Um yea, I’d rather hide under the covers then be standing in a bar feeling like a Mormon out of water. Not to completely alienate myself from my wino friends though (love y’all!), people drinking around me isn’t what makes me uncomfortable. It’s being in places meant to cater to alcoholic beverages.  Like bars. I feel completely, utterly, and entirely out of my element.

It was raining and dark. As I’ve already let the cat out of the bag about how terrible my eyes are and rainy darkness equals not being able to see any of the lines on the road. Anyone with this problem can commiserate with how terrifying that can be….

There was no bar parking. This may not seem like a problem for you city dwellers, but anyone who grew up a Suburbanite knows the value of a parking lot. No need for parallel parking or a change purse full of quarters.

There was a basketball game. Again, maybe not a big deal for normal towns, but I live in Lexington, KY. Home of the UK Wildcats and current all around best college basketball dynasty in the country. To say the entire state of KY comes out for their games is an understatement. There were people EVERYWHERE. sidewalks, crosswalks, All the walks! Not to mention darting out in front of cars (hey no one said UK fans are bright #VFL)

SO defeated and on the verge of a collision with body or car, I went home……

at home reading

So much for my night of coolness. le sigh…I did however end up finishing three knitted headbands so I guess you could say I won in the end anyway 🙂

How was your weekend?

Do any of my irrational fears scare you too? (or am I alone on this one?)


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Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Confession: I wrote this post in the summer and am just now barely posting it, hence the bright purple nail polish (I’m currently rockin a dark mauve/burgundy)….my draft section is out of control! My Blog-o-lution (like resolution but for the blog) for 2015 is to get organized! Aka, actually finish the 65 drafts sitting in my folder…..le sigh


I need to give a little background on this cookie before we dive into the food porn though. (Not sure how I feel typing the word porn on my blog….Google, feel free to ignore that little bit)

I found this recipe on Pinterest boating to be the, softest, chewiest, BEST chocolate chip cookie on the planet. I wouldn’t consider myself a connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies or anything, I mean I have a few recipes of my own, here, here, and here….but that’s a pretty bold statement. Like, have you even eaten all the c.c. cookies on the planet? How do you KNOW these are the best, softest, chewiest, most delectable cookies on the planet?

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

Needing to solve this mystery and never one to turn down a cookie (sorry hips) I assembled my ingredients and realized I didn’t have anything I needed but the coconut oil because that’s normal. So a trip tot he store later and mored determined then ever made these cookies.

I feel like I should have condensed the title of them a bit, but I don’t like my cookies to be deceiving. Like, you’ll know both out of the ordinary ingredients for these cookies before even opening this page. The worst thing ever is clicking on a yummy picture to make it and realizing you don’t have the “special” ingredients for it……Well now that I think about it, don’t I want people clicking to my website? Even if I have to resort to trickery?….I need to ponder on this….

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

I followed the recipe from Averie Cooks because I have yet to find a bad recipe on her website. Please don’t click over to her site until after you’ve finished looking at all my pictures because once you see hers, mine will look like turds. (porn and turds in one post….this can’t be good…..)

Also disclaimer, if you enjoy more cookie than chip you’re gonna wanna reduce the amount you pour in because it was almost like eating a melted chocolate bar with cookie bits in it. Not complaining, I just actually like to eat a cookie after making cookies….ya dig?

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

  • 3/4 cup coconut oil (melted like normal vegetable oil, etc)
  • 3/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (I only had almond extract)
  • 2 cups flour
  • one 3.5 ounce box instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • pinch salt
  • one package chocolate chips of choice (remember less is more, unless you’re not me in which case dump the whole thing in and enjoy)

So put together sugars and all wet ingredients first. Then add in dry ingredients. I’m no pro or anything but I have NO idea how the original recipe lady did this with a mixer. Be classy and use your hands. Bake on 350 for about 15 min. (original says 11, mine took 15. Find your happy medium)

Although it was a bit too much chocolate for me, the outrageous claim on Pinterest was not false. These really were the softest chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. I’m guessing that’s the pudding talkin,  but what do I know about food science. Since making these and my Oreo Pudding Cookies, I’m convinced that pudding belongs in my cookies.

Also big shout-out to JB for contributing with the photography this go around. His turned out better then mine so that tells you a little bit about how awesome I am lol. Anyway, take note that the dough looks like sand and you really haveta pack it together and even then some of mine fell apart. I ran out of brown sugar and used more white and maybe that’s why? Who knows.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

K, epic cookie novel over. Although these will never be my go-to cookie, they were absolutely delicious and a good change of pace. I doubt I’ll ever make these again, the whole pack like a snowball got old pretty fast. They’d make a really good crust to an ice cream pie though I bet….Hmmm…wheels turning.

Anyone have a “best ever” cookie recipe I need to tackle?


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I’ve Got a Secret…

I have a big secret for y’all today. The kind of secret that no one minus my family and former roommates know. A secret that I keep closely guarded and few have ever witnessed….

Deep breaths….here we go!

I wear glasses……. glasses

Yup. I’m a regular ole four-eyes and have been since about the 3rd or 4th grade. Dang it’s been so long I can’t even remember when I was forced to don the sexiness that is eye-ware. Well I should correct that statement. I wore my glasses until 7th grade when my parents finally allowed me to get contacts. And I’ve never gone back…in public that is.

Anyone I’ve met from 7th grade and on has no clue that I wear glasses or contacts for one very good vain reason. I HATE the way I look in glasses. Hipster is not my look even before being a hipster was even a thing….ironically of course

After over a decade I have yet to find a pair of glasses that I like enough to wear in public. Until now. Thanks to I’ve finally found a pair of glasses that I not only like but are also affordable! (double whammy!) glasses

Seriously, they have a ton of cool styles (ok as cool as glasses can ever be) starting at like 23 bucks! Um yea that’s a pretty good deal if ya ask my hate-to-spend-money-on-glasses self….

Don’t just take my word for it though, head on over to check it out for yourself. They’re always having promotional deals like BOGO as well as their First Pair Free promo goin on right now! So ya never know just what deal you’ll find.

And before you ask, yes that is my Teddy Bear that I sleep with every night….Shia, meet World, World meet Shia (after Shia Labeouf in his Disturbia days, not Even Stevens duh)

So let’s be honest,The Lonely Island Boys said it best….I wear glasses, like everything, like a Boss 😉

Anyone else out there wear glasses and are not so proud of them?

Or better yet, who else has a Teddy? 😀


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**This is a Sponsored post though all opinions are my own b/c duh, it’s no secret I hate glasses lol Also look at how cool I am now, I’ve got Disqus for better commenting Whoo!

Sometimes I Just Don’t Wanna

Growing up is awesome and horrible all at the same time. Are ya with me ladies? (and gents)

For example, I love the freedom that coms with getting older, and by freedom I mean the “luxury” or making decisions on your own. But if I’m being honest I really only like making the easy ones on my own. The big ones always warrant a call back home to see what my parents think. #kidatheart

As I was lying in bed last night lamenting that fact that I had to get up early for work (read as 4:00am) I realized there are a LOT of things I just don’t wanna do sometimes….You could also read this as a list of things I’m not allowed to whine to b/c everyone hasta do them and nobody likes a whiner. Sale Vi!

I present them to you now.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sometimes I Just Don’t Wanna…

….wake up early for work. Starting with softballs here, it’s pretty obvious this is the one that led me to think of an entire list. The struggle is real…

….do my homework. Again, another easy lob that anyone still in school can understand. I used to be a HUGE school-nerd (ok fine still am) but at 25 the charm of being the first to finish the homework has worn off and I’d rather watch Netflix and knit #oldladyalert

….put on real clothes. Being a personal trainer is really the best job ever b/c all you ever wear are workout clothes and it’s completely acceptable to never wear real ppl clothes. Goin into the corporate world of health doesn’t allow quite the same perks. Pantyhose anyone?

….take out the trash. It seems that everyone on the planet hates this task b/c every roommate I’ve ever had equally avoids it. We’re in a current standoff to see who’s gonna cave first and finally tie the bag up and take it out. Little does she know I once lived in a house with 8 girls so I’m very familiar with the subtle art of female trickery 😉

….shower. This is pure laziness at it’s finest…

….play games. I feel like this is just me, but if I feel something towards someone (boy or friend) I don’t play games trying to get them to know….I just tell them. The avoidance games some ppl play is extremely annoying and makes me feel like we never left middle school. Sure, I may like you, but my life isn’t over if you say no, so just spit it out. (I’m super romantic, I swear! lol)

… to people. This one makes me sound like a real Scrooge so please tell me y’all can relate. I’m all for being nice, but can we skip the small talk? Don’t ask me how my weekend was when you know very well I didn’t do anything b/c I’m single and alone and not bitter about it one bit, so yes I know you’re only asking so you can tell me about the wonderfully adorable date-night you had with your husband/fiance/boyfriend…I get it, your love life is winning….

….go out on the weekends.  I realize this directly conflicts with the one above but my closeted introvert makes it’s appearance every now and then and I’d like to just spend a night at home.  Single life table of one please.

**After some deep contemplation I noticed a glaring pattern amongst all the things I don’t wanna do sometimes and I think I need to re-evaluate some life choices. Also for those sincerely concerned for my psyche, I promise I’m not a bitter old shrew (not entirely anyway 😉 )….feelings have been exaggerated for maximum fun!

And thus concludes Whiney Monday. And after typing that I realized this would have been a much better post for wednesday. Whiney Wednesday sounds much more blogger-esque but here we are on monday.

Now it’s your turn to tell me some things you don’t wanna do sometimes to help validate me in my feelings 🙂


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A Little Goodbye…..

Today we’re gonna have a bit of a celebration….

Well three celebrations because it is Friday and I actually showed up here twice this week 😀

The second one comes in the form of a very narcissistic expression of my pride in myself and my accomplishment of late. Feel free to cheer right alongside me but I can promise my shouts of joy will be the loudest.


I finally broke through my plateau and hit the 150’s! I haven’t seen that number since high school 😀

I know it’s not all about the numbers and all that jazz, but seriously this is too awesome Not to be excited about. I carry all my extra weight in my booty and while no one else may notice it (I’m kinda tall) I do. I’ve been hoverin right bwtn the 160-70 range for the past little bit since my “no-running” edict was passed down. (admittedly I kept running off and on for another year give or take a bit)

Don’t worry boys (do boys read this?…that’s weird), there’s still plenty of ba-donk back there. It’s just now a less jiggly, more toned ba-donk. If you’re in to that sort of thing…

Anyway, I don’t tell you this to get high fives or any “damn girl you look good’s” though I won’t be rude and turn them down. I  simply wanted to pay homage to this dark passenger of mine (Dexter?), so I wrote my fat a little letter to commemorate the good times we had together.

This is totally a braggy photo.... #noshame

This is totally a braggy photo…. #noshame

Farewell Fat,

It’s been a long road. Your 5 or so years may have been cut short and while no one will shed a single tear for you, you’ve been a faithful companion. We spent many a night together, watching Netflix, indulging in sweet treats, and being single (though I will admit this wasn’t entirely your fault). Despite your warming capabilities and milkshake bringing abilities, I say goodbye…..

You’ve been with me through thick, but it’s time for a little thin. Please don’t haunt me (or anyone for that matter, just be gone jeez) but I promise to remember you. I’ll think of you fondly as I decimate your friends and family. I do this out of love……for myself, but you get the picture….

So be safe Fat and take care. Mostly take care to never come back.


Obviously life is a grand journey of ups and downs, but today I’m celebrating an Up! I’ll clue y’all in to how I finally achieved my goals in a later post. Because if you thought I could actually be serious for more then one post you’ve come to the wrong place…

Who wants to celebrate the small victories with me today?

What’s one of your most recent victories?

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Sisters Weekend

This weekend my sister (and favorite person) came to visit me!

She’s 8 years younger then me so we didn’t really spend a lot of time under the same roof once we actually became real ppl and not just kids. Because of this, or maybe despite this, we get along great and never (there was that one time) fight! It’s basically the perfect sister-bond-friendship. I love it.

sisters weekend

Isn’t she beautiful?

She came Friday and we immediately went shopping. Duh! After a little thrifting and getting stuck in downtown traffic like a nube, we grabbed some dinner and headed home for a movie night. We also painted our nails like proper gils at a sleepover, but when she painted mine I’m pretty sure she got more on her hands then my nails. We make quite the giggly pair….

coffee mug painted nails Saturday got off to a slow start but picked up when we I forced her to take copious amounts of photos for the BlonderSide. I also made her pose for me b/c, duh, she’s gorgeous and she was a good sport through the outfit changes and got rewarded with a Sonic run for slushes so really we both won.

Besides, she makes it look easy so she can’t really complain. See below for evidence….

DIY knitted headband

Yup, she’s the pretty one in the family 😉

The rest of the day was spent with more shoppin. She’s a terrible influence when it comes to spending my money. I somehow walked about with 4 sweaters, a scarf, and some new gloves when I hadn’t planned on buying anything! Thanks sis ;D

Sunday was another slow morning, but that’s what Sunday is for anyway right? Sadly this was also the day she left me, but it was a wonderful weekend with only 2.5 more weeks before I see her again for Thanksgiving!

What did you do with your weekend??

Also don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter to win FREE money!


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