Reasons I Haven’t Hit Big Blogger Status {Part 2}

Happy Friday Everyone!

After sharing all my freelance work with y’all and bragging about my awesome snow yoga this week, I felt it only appropriate to poke a little fun at myself and this weird thing we do called blogging.

Remember that time I wrote about why I hadn’t hit big blogger status yet? And then that other time when a monthly link-up called the Secret Blogger Club was created b/c of it? I thought those two things alone would instantly propel me to rockstar status…..sadly this was not the case, and I was forced to take a harder look at my Blogger-soul….

These are 5 more reasons I’ve decided I haven’t become a Bigger Blogger……..yet.

reasons i haven't hit big blogger status yet

>> 1. I Don’t Have Any Haters. Well none that I know of, so will the real haters please stand up…..and exit the building b/c I’m plenty happy not hearing from you. Since I’ve started contributing to a large site like Run Haven, I’ve definitely read mean comments on things I’ve written, but as of yet, the garbage trolls haven’t migrated over to my lovely space. I’m ok to keep it that way too.

Although with my Quest post getting so much attention I’m definitely working on this status maker. Maybe one day I’ll have my own fan club!

>> 2. I Don’t Have Professional Photos. And by professional I mean someone to take my photos for me……Refer to this fashion blogger post if you will. I’m thinking if anything this one needs to change but probably won’t (at least for a long time). Have you ever noticed many bigger bloggers have these cool photos of them looking flawless? Usually in a really cute outfit looking over their shoulder, or effortlessly laughing into the camera…Yea, I’m not that girl even when I try really and point? You can click here for some reasons I’m not “cool,” as if you really needed any more.

Now all I need to do is snag a man I can bribe into taking my pictures…..hmmmm…..

peeking at the camera

>> 3. I Don’t Frequent Brunch. This is actually one I’d love to change. Brunch just sounds cool, right? If you don’t “brunch” you must just be extremely uncool. Welcome to the club….. I’m gonna blame it on the fact that I don’t live in a big city with a hundred new brunch spots to try every weekend. Also I have no friends in which to attend brunch with, so there’s that…

Ok fine, the “no friends” thing really isn’t true….I have friends, I’m just an Ambivert remember…Please someone help me with this….

[Tweet “I may not be a big blogger but my friends are many 🙂 #bloggersgetsocial”]

>> 4. I Don’t Have a Ba-jillion* Giveaways . (*technical term) Not that there’s anything wrong with a giveaway. Lord knows I’ve done a few myself (and have a few coming up don’t worry). I’m talking about that blogger that is in literally Every. Single. group giveaway you come across. But hey it works, so actually I need to step up my game on this one…or my budget….oh wait, I’m poor….

>> 5. I Don’t Use GIFs. Beyond the occasional Vine video that just really tickles my fancy, (case in point here and here) my blog isn’t too animated. I enjoy gifs on other’s blogs, it’s just not my style. With the short attention span of people these days maybe I’m just not shiny enough, who knows. Maybe if I used more glitter…or gold, gold seems to be what the cool ladies like.

The longer I’m in this blogging game the more I realize I’ll just never be at the top, and that’s ok. I love my space and I love the people that come here to laugh along with me.

Besides, if I made it big, who would make fun of them? (I joke because I care 😉 )

What other trends do you see in the “Bigger” Bloggers?

Blog on friends!


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My RunHaven Freelance Articles

I’ve haven’t made it a secret that I do freelance work (wanna work with me check-out my sponsor page) Anyway, I realized that I’m pretty horrible at sharing those articles with y’all here. Obviously I write exclusive content for their websites so I won’t repost them here but I can link to them, duh Kelsey!

The One that started it all: Reasons to Date a Girl Who Runs

This wasn’t actually a freelance article but since writing it last year has become my second most popular article and has been featured on many other websites. (Including RunHaven below)



I started writing for RunHaven right around the time I decided to take a break from running for arthritic-knee purposes. Ironic I know…. Since then, I’ve amassed an entire archive just for myself. I’m pretty proud of it. I think I’v written only two serious articles for them with the rest being humorous. hey, what did you expect from me?

After the popularity of my debut article (date a girl) I obviously followed up with a Reasons to Date a Guy Who Runs. What kind of writer do you think I am!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.38.37 AM

Here are a few of my other favorites: (in no particular order)

>> Run Like You’re in the Hunger Games – I designed my own themed race for the Hunger Games. If you’d like to run with this idea I only ask you give me some kind of kicback 😉

>> Which Disney Princesses Would Be the Best Runners? For some reason all of humanity is obsessed with these ladies, but most especially runners so I of course had to write this. All opinions are welcome, besides wanting to be a mermaid growing up I wasn’t too fascinated with princesses so I’m clearly an expert.

>> Absolutely Absurd Alternatives to Running Shoes. All these shoes have actually been worn in a race… it if you don’t believe me.

>> Will Run for Brunch. Brunch plus running…there’s an actual club coming to a city near you…

>> 7 Running Costumes That Require Minimal Effort for Maximal Fun. This one even features one of my favorite photos from my last Ragnar Relay race with all my buds. We were all superheros that year.

>> 5 Gifts You Should Absolutely NOT Give a Runner. I wrote this for Christmas but it applies to any situation you’re looking for a gift for your runner. Read this before purchasing….

>> The Different Types of Runners Part One & Part Two. Being the Type A person I sometimes am, I like to categorize everything. I can put a label on just about anything much to the dismay of every guy I’ve ever dated/talked to/flirted with #labelmaker Not even sorry about it.

I’ve written plenty more for RunHaven as well as the University of Kentucky faculty Health and Wellness monthly newsletter. Those ones are obviously fact-based and researched heavily, which is why I also have a blog so I can publish as many non-researched based entirely in my opinion kind of things….life is all about balance 😉

And because what kind of writer employee person would i be without plugging all their social media channels as well. They actually do publish really helpful articles on nutrition, gear, and training as well. I’m the comedic relief I suppose….at least I laugh and they haven’t turned me away yet so that’s a good sign.

Twitter * Facebook * Instagram

I hope you enjoy my bit’o freelance work! Which one was your favorite?

Ok fine, real question not fishing for compliments, do you do any freelance work I should check out?


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Winter Came to Kentucky

Happy Monday Folks, and boy what a Monday it is!

We got snow over the weekend here in Kentucky and I couldn’t be happier 😀

It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the snow. I used to be a Debbie Downer like everyone else when the white flakes started a’comin down. But as I’ve gotten older (and learned to drive in it better) I’ve realized how much I really do love it.

I mean look at that gorgeous sky post snow!

Kentucky Winter

I had to work Saturday morning so I got up extra early to take advantage of the fresh snow sans foot prints, and boy it did Not disappoint!

I haveta preface this next photo however, b/c it looks like I’m endangering everyone on the road and while that’s still a viable argument I realize, the light turned green right as I snapped the photo. God gave me enough brains to know to not have my phone out while actually driving. I even let the man across the street turn in front of me before I gently pressed the gas to accelerate at a safe speed…Good Samaritan status right there….

Kentucky Winter

Major props to the UK grounds crew for keeping the sidewalks salted even on a weekend. Of course there was some big ROTC gun flinging contest involving rival schools so I’m sure that’s the reason and not me working the gym. Either way I thank you.

Kentucky Winter4

Now this next guy was a interesting find…..I’m assuming it represents some sort of tender embrace for incoming students since it’s right by the freshman dorms. However, I’m not too sure how comforting a cold steel hug would be so I’m not entirely sure. On second thought it kinda looks like it’s doing the Macarena!

Kentucky Snow

Sunday was perhaps even more fun since I didn’t have to work. Some friend and I got together for some yoga. We’ve all been practicing out inversions so that was the task at hand. I finally nailed crow pose but side crow still eludes me. Headstands still scare me but I got into one a few times before I chickened out.

Then b/c we’re girls and taking pictures is life, we headed outside to have some fun. The result was pretty epic….

Snow Yoga

Snow Yoga

Snow Yoga2

How beautiful is my friend Natalie!! She’s clearly better then me as the next photo can attest, but that’s not what yoga is about people. I really love how the reflection from the creek turned out. I felt all artistic and cool taking these photos 😀

Snow Yoga

Balance and flexibility have never been my “thing” which is one reason yoga is so difficult for me. But I love it and even if I do think about my to-do list or what I’m gonna eat for lunch instead of clearing my mind, I still feel a sense of calm and peace. Plus a real badass when I land an awesome pose!

How was your weekend? Any snow for you?



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Are You An Ambivert?

TGIF! We made it Homies!

I’m currently on another business trip if you will (only a day trip this time) and yes I do have service unlike last time. Since I don’t have any classes this semester, only work, I’ve got a bit more free time on my hands that I usually spend knitting or crocheting (p.s. check out the hat I just finished below)

However, if you’re a 20-something like me, no matter how much you “could” get done, you probably spend entirely way too much of your life taking Buzzfeed quizzes and laughing at their funny gifs. But y’all. They really blew my mind the other day….

I read this article and my entire life makes sense now. I’ve always come out as an extrovert in those questionnaires you take and it makes sense, except when it doesn’t, which really makes no sense at all…..Confused yet? The article is called “21 Signs You’re Actually an Ambivert” and it’s finally settled the age old debate inside my head of extrovert vs introvert

Because I, Kelsey BlonderSide, am an Ambivert…

I Am An Ambivert

Let’s break down their points….b/c Buzzfeed as we all know is a highly scientific, thoroughly researched database of knowledge and fact….

Again not all of this fits exactly with who I am either. Example? #1 says Ambiverts won’t talk to strangers. False. I’m that person on the plane who talks to the person sitting next to them if they give even the slightest hint of wanting to talk. (*Note, eye contact qualifies)

#3 and #4 have plagued me my entire life. Bring up a subject I’m interested in and you can’t hardly shut me up. Wanna talk about something I know nothing about like your 3rd grade teacher with all your hometown friends? Cool, I may not chime in but it doesn’t mean I’m shy or bored I just have nothing to say. (ps. I’m ok with just listening sometimes)

#5 and #8…..just yes….

#11 mentions the utter hatred of small talk and I’ve been saying this for years! I find it SO in-genuine and fake. Granted this isn’t always the case, and when I’m with clients for only 20 minutes at a time during a health screening small talk is kinda a necessary filler. However, there’s a difference between asking just to ask and asking and actually caring about the answer you get.

#12-14. Yes to wanting to spend some weekends alone. Yes to going stir-crazy with too much down time. And Heck to the NO for not going home for 3 days….That sounds awful!!

#15….Wait, there’s actually people that Don’t overthink every single second of their day and make up imaginary scenarios in their head about each and every response they’d have to a given interaction with an specific person?…weird…

I also am a firm believer that #16 can sum up my day-to-day interactions. I don’t necessarily crave the spotlight, but if I’m with a quieter bunch then I’ll keep the conversation a’flowin. When I’m with JB’s crowd though (never a dull moment there) I’m content to hang in the back, laugh at their jokes, and just enjoy their company.

#18 leads to #17 in my opinion…..

[Tweet “Are you an Ambivert? Here’s a good way to tell!”]

In case you’re not completely convinced of Buzzfeed’s superior science then here’s a few other articles I rounded up on the subject for your reading pleasure:

>>Ex/In/Ambi Quiz (based on research at U. Penn)

>>The Lost Personality Type (quotes Carl G. Jung and Meyers-Briggs, must be legit right?)

>>This one’s my favorite by Sommee Cards making fun of the whole thing called “You’re just a human being with largely the same responses to social situations as everyone else” They make some Very good points. #4 is my daily struggle, but #15 is way off. I write a blog afterall…..

So whatcha think? Could you be an Ambivert?


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Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad

Hey Party People!

I’ve gone and done something very uncharacteristic of myself…I’ve made a recipe that’s actually not a dessert! Am I feeling alright you ask? Well physically I feel great since consuming this amazing salad this week, but mentally my sweet tooth seems to have taken a break, weird.

Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad

I actually got the idea to make a quinoa salad from one of my blogging besties Ursula when she posted her Quinoa, Kale, Apple, & Pumpkin Seed Salad and I had every intention of making it, but I didn’t make a list and besides coming home with the quinoa, I didn’t have any of the other ingredients so this Mexican-style cold salad was born…or created, food isn’t born (unless it has a face in which it has a caring mother wondering where it is, how could you!) ((kidding, I eat meat…bad joke, flashbacks of Bambi hit me pretty hard just then))

Moving on!

I’ve tried quinoa a handful of times and both times wasn’t such a fan. This salad however has quickly climbed the list of packed lunches to take to school/work. It’s yummy cold and easy enough to warm up if you’d prefer it warm!

Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad

And you know how much I love versatility when it comes to my recipes. Actually it’s because I’m lazy and hate to read recipes and run to the store if I’ve forgotten something. I used a few of my favorite Mexican ingredients but you could substitute in yours just as easily.

I’m also pretty notorious for my bland tastebuds and just put a little salt and pepper on the salad, mainly to interact with the avocado. Feel free to include some Mexican spices or seasoning when cooking the quinoa if you’d like more flavor. Better yet, you could even douse this in hot sauce and I wouldn’t even be offended!

And in spite of my bad vegan shaming joke above, you could add some chicken to this no problem. I find myself eating less meat these past few years, not for any reason other then I hate cooking it and I enjoy veggies more then I used to. To each their own I say. (p.s. Ursula wrote a good article on that as well)

Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad

Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad

  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 2 cups water (to cook the quinoa)
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 can red beans
  • 1 can corn
  • 3-4 stalks green onion
  • salt and pepper to taste

While you’re cooking the quinoa, start assembling the rest of the ingredients. I had a large bowl that I dumped all the ingredients to as I finished chopping them. Cut green onion first and set aside to add to the quinoa as it simmers. Drain and rinse the beans. Open corn and add to bowl. Chop green pepper and add to bowl as well.

[Tweet “Mexican Inspired Quinoa Salad recipe #goodeats”]

Once quinoa is cooked let it cool a bit before adding to the rest of the ingredients. I’m not really sure the logic behind this but I did it and it’s my recipe so you haveta do as I say. Once it’s cooled a bit add to the rest of the bowl and stir altogether. I then stuck the whole thing in the fridge to cool before I added the avocado. Finally enjoy it cold or heat back up for a warm salad instead!

Now because I have a huge bag of it, what’s You favorite way to eat quinoa?


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The Survival Guide to No Cell Service

Happy MLK Day!

I’m actually not sure if today is the kind of holiday you wish people well or if I should have started this post out with a somber hello of respect….or possibly not posted today at all….Not quite sure what the etiquette is on that so we’re pushin on like it’s a normal (but still very respected) Monday.

I would say I got plenty of sympathy messages about my past week living with no cell service, but I had no cell service to receive said messages so I’m sure they just got lost in the atmosphere or however cellphones work b/c I know everyone was extremely worried about me. The most frustrating part was I wasn’t even in the middle of nowhere. Bowling freakin Green, Kentucky has a University for crying out loud! And a Wal-Mart! While institutions of higher education may set up shop in the backcountry, Wal-Marts do not.

I’ve been told that Kentucky is AT&T country but that’s dumb b/c I know Verizon has a more filled in U.S. map with 5x more coverage so what do they know. “They” apparently know that KY actually IS AT&T country and Verizon is a big fat red dot liar!

No Service Survival Guide

Before we get going can we just acknowledge that my lock screen contains the face of an angel? I didn’t mind checking my phone for service every 15 seconds just to see those dimples…….

Since I am the only survivor of the terrible No Cell Service Crisis of 2015 I’ve written a little guide, since that’s what survivors of things do….write books…. So the next time you find yourself with no cell service for three days in the modern world (not by choice of course) you can refer to my quick guide. Actually no cell service means no data usage so you should probably print this off for the most certain and imminent occasion that this will happen to you….

1. Panic.

This is most certainly Armageddon and you weren’t taken by the Rapture you naughty thing you and the Zombies are coming for you.

2. Run.

This step is only if you see a Zombie. If no Zombies are in sight yet then you’re still safe at the moment and can continue to #3.

3. Commence Denial.

This is a very handy emotional blanket in the event of seeing the number on the scale, no one liking your instagram photos, and being single in your 20’s . Or in this case having on cell service. It’s 2015 Kentucky, get your head out of the Antebellum Age and get some more cell towers in your “major” cities. (*Note: Bowling Green is actually only the third largest city in KY (true fact) but considering the horses out number all residents of the state anyway this isn’t saying much) (**Second Note: I made up that last stat)

[Tweet “How to Survive with No Cell Service #yesthisreallyhappens”]

4. Receive a Sore Thumb.

From checking your phone so often of course. Seriously I think I sprained it from clicking the home button to light up the screen so often! This might be the Universe’s way of telling to start lifting again, but gosh darn it cardio is just way more fun! (I realize most people do Not find cardio all that fun but I find it much more engaging then picking things up and putting them back down. It’s seems rather counter-intuitive to me, call me crazy)

5. Resign to Your Misfortune.

You my friend must have really offended the Big Guy upstairs because I’m pretty sure that’s how cell service works. On the off-chance that you still have internet privileges be sure to send an email letting your Mother know you’re ok. She’s probably the only one who’s going to notice your fall from the face of the planet anyway so it’s just the polite thing to do. If you have no internet either then settle on in for the long haul, someone will come looking for you after you’ve been missing for 24-hrs or you start to smell, but that last one may be for a dead body….I’m getting my CSI episodes mixed up….

Obviously I jest, not having cell phone service for three days, while frustrating and inconvenient, isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen. It could have been Four! Gasp!

Has anything like this even happened to you?


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Get Upgraded to First Class for Free

Greetings from Bowling Green, KY where Verizon doesn’t have coverage!!

Yes you read that right. I’m currently on a three-day work trip in a place that I don’t get cell service….no cell service for a work trip….epic fail #ThanksObama (no but really Not thanks Verizon)

Today’s post isn’t about my misfortune with cell service, however it does involve misfortune, but ends with a happy note…..

I had quite the flying adventures over the Holiday break. I went into an airport twice just to turn right back around and go home due to canceled flights. (Thanks Philly) However, I crossed a item off my bucket list on my way to Boston by way of First-Class. While I didn’t join the mile-high club (ya nasties) I did get served free cookies and a pillow in my ungodly large seat.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about y’all. What fun is living the high life if you have no friends. I’ve compiled my best tips on how you too can score a First Class upgrade the next time you fly.

Get Upgraded to First Class

Step One:

Be jealous I got three whole weeks off for the Holidays to do absolutely nothing with. I accomplished on all fronts. Or rather didn’t accomplish anything but flying all over the place to see family and friends. Once you’re jealousy and green vision as subsided proceed to step two….

Step Two:

Be a girl, preferably a blonde one with the propensity to fall into a Southern drawl when overwhelmed. If you don’t possess any of these qualities, hate yourself a little on the inside and continue to step three….

Step Three:

When you talk to the airline people rescheduling your flights use all the 4-letter words you know. Wait no, don’t do that…that’s step one in how NOT to get upgraded….Instead smile and say things like, “Your hair looks extra ethereal and effervescent this morning,” or “Boy, did you catch the game last night, that Rick Pitino sure is a dunce.”  But relate it to the current city you’re in to be taken seriously…..

 Step Four:

When your flights continue to be canceled and your destination seems even further away then ever, send out a tweet and tag your airline in it. They may just respond so make sure it’s not mean, but witty and clever so they know you’re just joking…but joking in a very serious manner…

Step Five:

Feign surprise when they present you with a shiny First Class ticket. (seriously it like glowed in my hands)

Step Six:

Snuggle up in your free fleece blanket, recline in your massive chair, and enjoy those free Milano chocolate cookies they serve you as they pull the curtain closed on the poor people behind you….you’re livin the dream my friend.

[Tweet “How to get upgraded to first class for free”]

If all these steps fail you in your quest to First-class, then just remember one thing. When your flight gets canceled and you’re stranded in the airport, life could be a lot worse. You could be the fan of any basketball opponent UK faces this year….

Farewell friends, wish me luck as I continue to have no cell service until Friday….I’ve decided small town living is not the life for me…..

Have you ever flown First Class?

Or gotten a free upgrade for being awesome? (j/k that’s definitely NOT the reason this happened…I’m always awesome and usually sitting in coach)


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