Weekending with a Little Person


The weekends are seriously my only time to get anything done. Including sleep. Including writing my posts for all week which is so totally not my thing. My thing is to write about things as they happen……so that’s been fun 😉

Anyway, even though all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep, eat cookies, and read my book, thankfully JB’s sister and her family decided to take us under their wing and improve our movie and nap plans.

I’ve mentioned before how JB’s niece is the cutest tiny human on the planet. Well in hopes I don’t offend anyone, she really is the cutest tiny human on the planet, no exceptions. Even my own children won’t be as cute…..K maybe I took that too far, but you get my point, I love her and she’s technically not even mine….yet.

zoo day

We all met up at the tiny zoo down the street from my place. I’ve been to the park several times and never actually gone inside the zoo and had no idea how big it actually was. Not like San Diego zoo big, but bigger than I thought could fit int hat tiny park.

It also had some of the most random assortment of animals. We’d go from looking at Kangaroos and Emus to Warthogs and Otters. Weird but still a pretty cool zoo. Ty is starting to talk now so the best part of the day was listening to her sat the names of the animals.

Ta-trl equals turtle.

bu-bls equals bubbles (bubble machine by the lemurs)

feesh equals fish

da equals duck and so on.The. Cutest. Thing. Ever!

uncle and niece

It doesn’t hurt that seeing JB with his niece just about melts my heart every single time. He’s so good with her, even if he still claims she’s “boring” because she can’t do anything yet….Men lol.

After the Zoo, I did end up making a chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter chip cookies. The plan was to take them to work Monday, but between the two of us, JB and I finished em off for dinner. We’re a real classy and balanced meal kinda couple.

I ended up making another batch sans peanut butter chips on Sunday and taking those to work anyway. Full disclosure, I may or may not have had cookies for breakfast this morning. Just keepin it real folks. 😀

Now tell me about YOUR weekend! I promise now that I’ve got all my posts scheduled, my free time goes into reading your posts like a good little blogger 😉

Also don’t forget the first linkup for the Bookish Side of Life Summer Book Challenge is this Wednesday!

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A Kitchen Fail Kinda Weekend

Showing up on a Monday! (read in a sing-songy voice)

Happy Monday everyone!

I had the best weekend. Wanna know why? Well for one I didn’t have to work. Any weekend is automatically sky-rocketed into the stratosphere of awesome when there’s no working involved. But second, I got to hang out with the World’s Cutest Tiny Human aka JB’s niece.

Best. Weekend.

I had a few fails though…..

See, in case you missed it, it was Father’s Day on Sunday and with my Dad in Germany, I spent the day with JB’s family instead. (I did Facetime my Dad though because I’m a good daughter) And even though JB’s Dad isn’t mine and I have, like zero obligation to get him anything, I’m a super adorable person and wanted to bake something for him anyway.

Enter the Kaluha…..

See, I was even ready with my props for photos!

See, I was even ready with my props for photos!

It happens to be his favorite so I decided to get creative (aka search Pinterest) for a good baked Kaluha treat. Here’s where things went wrong. Like really, really wrong.

So I started off attempting to make some no-bake Kaluha truffle things. All I needed was Kaluha, powdered sugar, and a bag of mixed nuts and chocolate covered espresso beans. Easy enough right? Nope. Mine didn’t set, ever, even after sitting overnight in the fridge and adding an extra cup of powdered sugar. So I was left with a bowl of soupy Kaluha goop and a bag of crushed nuts. Not a very tasty treat….

Not pretty, but delicious for sure.

Not pretty, but delicious for sure.

Enter plan two.

I decided to make brownies with a Kaluha swirl. Delicious, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself. Well you’d be wrong again. The Kaluha mixture didn’t like the oven and bubbled up and basically turned into a layer of plastic on top…Fail #2.

Finally I dropped by the store, picked up a tube of cookie dough, tossed it in a bowl, added a few splashes of Kaluha and the crushed nuts/beans and baked em up. These actually turned out edible but apparently there was zero Kaluha taste to them. Whatever, they were gone within seconds so I call them a win.

So two disasters aside, I managed to bring home a win, even if it was only semi-homemade. Some lady made a living off of that on tv after all 😉

How was everyone else’s weekend? Ever turned a kitchen fail into a win?

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Father’s Day Pancakes

Whoa it’s Father’s Day weekend!

How is it almost through June? Yesterday was New Year’s Eve was it not??

Anyway, my Padre is across the Seas living in Germany and while my sister got to go visit for a few weeks, Adulthood beckoned and I had to hang back and work and pay them bills. Sad face. So while they’re both playing, I wanted to share a little bit about my Dad. (you can read more here and here as well)

One of our many trips together

One of our many trips together. Perfectly explains our relationship

My Dad is Awesome with a capitol A. I just wanted to get that out there before we started. Now I know you probably think you’re Dad is cool and all, and he probably is, but there’s just nothing like a Daddy-Daughter relationship. Growing up my Dad walked on water and was as tall as the trees. He was as strong as a Giant and as funny as a video of someone falling down (you know those make you laugh too).

It may also help that I’m as gullible as a three year old at Christmas time, but I thought my Dad hung the Moon. (still do) Out of all my brother’s (that’d be three of them) my Dad and I had the most in common so we were special pals. We’d go camping together, fishing, hiking, played sports together, worked on my game, and just all around had fun.

Ignore the blurriness, it's one of my favorites from an  old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

Ignore the blurriness, it’s one of my favorites from an old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

One special thing you should know about my Dad is that his culinary skills are at their finest in the woods. He magically transforms into a gourmet chef once we cross into our campsite. Most kids simply roast a hotdog over the fire, or bring sandwiches from home. Not my Dad. Nope. We eat stew, we eat berry cobbler and apple crisp. We eat fancy noodle dishes and complete “home”-cooked meals. Granted we started with the hot dogs and sandwiches, but over the many many years he’s become an expert at eating like a King in the wilderness.

One thing that always remained a tradition though, was breakfast pancakes in the morning. He’d even start making them for us at home sometimes too. If there was ever an award for best pancake flipper, it’d go to that guy.

What better way to say thanks than to make my Dad some special Father’s Day pancakes then? Of course I’d haveta ship them across the World and I highly doubt they’d be all that delectable once he received them, so you’ll just have to help me out and make them for your Dad instead.

Father's Day Protein Pancake

It’s such a creative and adorable idea I don’t know how I have never though of it before!! You can find the recipe here! Can I admit that I tried to make these anyway? They’re just too cute not to!

premier protein

Premier Protein also sent me a chocolate protein shake and some wicked delicious protein bars as well. Let me tell you. These bars? Manna in my mouth. I ate the cookie and cream and chocolate peanut butter ones before i had a chance to take any photos. Read why here. They are the perfect snack bar on the go or after an intense workout to help you recover.

So now I want you to tell me your Father’s Day plans. It better involve at least calling that Dad of yours and telling him you love him!

Oh yea, Love you Dad!

This is a sponsored post. Al products were received for free in exchange for my honest review, however all opinions are my own. 

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Oh Hey It’s Me

Oh Hey, it’s Me…..

You know, the girl who used to show up 3-4 times a week?

The girl that used to tell funny stories and give useful information?

Yea I don’t blame you if you forgot about me. It’s been a whole week and I’m having serious blog withdrawals.

But it’s not my fault, it’s really not……

See, I started my new job and ever since last Friday, my hours have been somewhere in the ballpark of 5:30am to 9:30 pm……

See totally not my fault, right?

By the time I get home I literally toss my clothes off, wash my face, fall face first into bed, and pass out to do it all over again. I’m only slightly complaining though because I absolutely love my job. It’d be a terrible thing if I spent 16 hours a day at a job that made me wanna slam my face into a wall. Sidenote; if that’s your job then Please quit Right Now!

Anyway, I’m not gonna apologize for not showing up here as often this summer. I will apologize for having two sponsored posts so close together though. I promise it wasn’t planned that way and I woulda spaced them more out if it wasn’t a time-sensitive type post.

Le sigh, that’s just life sometimes, ya know.

So now fill me in on your life! I’m hoping to make it around to everyone this weekend when Lord help me if I end up working again lol

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Simple Ways to Build Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Simple Exercise Tips

This is a sponsored post not written by The Blonder Side of Life

Simple ways to build exercise into your daily routine

If you’ve tried and failed to stick to a fitness regime in the past, join the club. Spending hours in the gym working up a sweat can seem like a great idea in principle, but actually trying to fit these exercise sessions into an already crammed schedule can be impossible. The good news is, there’s another way to boost your chances of staying in shape and that’s to build exercise into your daily routine. By changing your habits in the following simple ways, you should be able to create a fitness program that you can actually stick to.

Cycle to work

One great substitute for a morning workout in the gym is a cycle to work. This low-impact activity can help you to lose weight and boost your fitness. On average, someone weighing 175 pounds will burn over 600 calories with an hour’s riding, and this form of exercise is also great for toning the legs. Then there are the added benefits associated with cycling to work to consider. By ditching your car keys in favor of this two-wheeled mode of transport, you can save cash and help the environment. You can also kiss goodbye to those frustrating rush hour traffic jams. Many employers now encourage their staff to cycle to work by offering secure bike shelters. Specialist shelter manufacturers like CAD Street Shelters have designed a range of solutions that mean people can leave their bikes outside work without worrying that they’ll be damaged or stolen.

Take the stairs

Another top tip is to take the stairs rather than automatically heading for the elevator. It might take you a little longer and leave you out of breath, but this is a great way to burn calories. If the climb is too far, there’s always the option of taking the elevator but getting out a few floors beneath where you want to go and walking the rest of the way.

Go for a stroll on your lunch break

On a lunch break at work, it can be tempting to sit still and stare at a computer screen. However, while this is the easy option, it’s bad news for your health. Instead of wasting your time at your workstation, take the opportunity to head out for a walk. As well as burning energy, this will give you a chance to get some fresh air and clear your head. If you need an added incentive, bear in mind that sitting still for too long each day has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. It’s thought that being inactive like this can slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

Just by following these simple tips, you should be able to dramatically up your levels of activity, and once you get used to these simple but useful forms of exercise, you won’t even notice you’re doing them.

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Recent Finds

Happy Friday Folks!

I’ve made it through an almost first week of work here in Mass. I say almost b/c tonight is our overnight staff retreat. Oh didn’t I tell you? I’m the Assistant Director of a YMCA summer day camp up here in Mass….Yea, I’m like a Boss to people. Granted they’re only babies compared to real working people, but I’m a Boss of these babies and am, here to shepherd them through the summer…..or something like that.

Anyway, any good summer camp has a staff retreat and tonight is ours. The campers arrive Monday and by then we’ll all be the best of friends. Well they will anyway, I will retain my cool Boss, yet professional aura about me at all times, don’t worry.

Braids Are For Winners

This isn’t so much as a find, as a way to brag about my braiding skills…… it’s cute though amiright?? Humble Brag over…

Anyway, I was gonna write about something entirely different until I came across find #2 and I’m seriously concerned for the well-being of my fellow bloggers for not knowing about it. And if you Did know about it and didn’t tell me, then you should be worried about your well-being as well! (kidding, peace not war)



This is basically a spoof of The bachelor. THE BACHELOR PEOPLE! It’s a scripted show about scripting a reality show. It’s on lifetime and only two episodes in so you still have time to get with it if you’ve got real t.v. For those on Netflix I will patiently devour this show and wait with you (to watch it again) when it hits the Flix.

I’m assuming the real behind the scenes of the Bachelor isn’t as twisted as this show makes it out to be, because Lord if it is that is one capitol E evil show! But until Bachelor in Paradise starts, this si a great way to get your weekly dose of Bachelor Nation…well kinda.. Guilty pleasure now becomes an actual show….which still remains a guilty pleasure because those are the most fun 😉



I suppose this one shouldn’t be a new revelation to anyone, but seriously have you ever shopped from these places? There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone’s hand-me-overs. Especially when you’re tryna make an apartment cute on a budget. The other day I found a perfectly good headboard for 10 dollars. 10 DOLLARS!! Not a scratch on it either. Ignore the other stuff around it, Go Vols btw, but seriously a steal of a deal!

Now Goodwill….as with Craigslist, you need to take the time to find the gems amidst the ruins. Also, a little elbow grease and diy spirit, you can truly transform your finds into brand-new items. I picked up some end tables, a cutting board, and prop dishes, all for under 10 bucks. I will admit that sometimes the clothes give my the willies, but that’s what washing machines are for right?

When all else fails just do what this cutie does….



Sorry, I know I’m too old for Vine. Or at least I feel like it’s meant for the teenage spawn of the world, but sometimes it makes me giggle so hard. For those of you who still have a jolly soul, this guy is my favorite…. https://vine.co/v/eZLWJIpUEvr/embed/simplehttps://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js

https://vine.co/v/OldqHUhu1LL/embed/simplehttps://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.jsAnd this one just speaks truth….. https://vine.co/v/eq6XatTXvqX/embed/simplehttps://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js

Hahahahahahahhahaha…just me?

Well anyone got any fun plans for the weekend while I’m cloistered away with my camp-squad.

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What State Signs Should Actually Say

Oh hey, Happy Humpday!

I’m gonna come right out and say that this post might offend you if you’re from any of the following states I’m about to write about. I’d say I’m sorry, but we both know that would be a lie and since this was all done in good fun, you really shouldn’t be mad anyway ya Negative Nellie! So if you don’t laugh, or at least even smile a bit, for that I am sorry, but nothing else 😉

State signs

Just a week ago, I found myself making the 900+ mile drive from Tennessee to Massachusetts for the 5th time. The only thing that I can conclude from this is that I truly possess a nomadic spirit as well as a slightly masochistic one. With driving this entirely too long journey for the 5th time (twice by my lonesome) I feel I’ve earned the right to make completely generalized and asinine statements garnered from a few to judge the many.Don’t question my logic.


Let’s start with Virginia, shall we?



Since almost 1/3 of this trip takes place in VA, I’ve got a lot of thoughts on the place. Absolutely none of them are very nice and to say if I never drive through it again would be too soon is an understatement. Let me tell you a little story….

The VA police force apparently takes their end of the month ticket quota very seriously. Deny that it’s a thing, they might, but I seem to always be making my trek northward at the end of  a month and the police cars are as numerous as flies to garbage. On one such drive, JB was driving, and while yes he was technically speeding (about 10 over) we were well within simply keeping up with the normal traffic and nothing crazy. All of a sudden we get pulled over. Speeding ticket. Reckless driving. One very pissed off JB…..

Over the course of the VA miles, we see no less then 15 other cars pulled over and not a single one of them with VA plates. Coincidence? I think not.

New Jersey


Sorry for all New jersey-ans whom I really really love (Alyssa!!) My only experience is driving through it and JB’s opinions. Keeping in mind he’s a born and raised Massachusetts man….Also though the highway through a place and the actual place are very different, if the roads could talk they wouldn’t have many nice things to say.

New York

Perhaps the worst place on the planet, and yes I am specifically referring to New York City, not necessarily the entire state. I’ll reserve my judgment on that for later. Not only were the roads literally lined with trash, but I’ve never seen such awful driving and heard so many car horns. At one point as we approached the George Washington Bridge, everyone seemed to forget their driving lessons and instead of driving in a straight line through the toll booth area, they seemed to think they needed to cross no less than 6 lanes of traffic to get to the Other cash lane because the one right i front of them wasn’t good enough for them. Semi trucks were amond the biggest offenders….

You can see why I might have a deep-seeded angst towards this place…..

Rhode Island

welcome to rhode island

I actually like Rhode Island and have explored way more of it than Mass. In all fairness it takes a whole lot less time to explore it, but ya know….



Massachusetts residents have been called Mass-holes and that’s not an exaggeration. They’re really not any more mean than any other region, they’re just blunt about it. See in the South we like to coat things with lots of sugar and misdirection. I can promise we can be just as mean though (well not me obviously 😉 )

So there ya have it! A silly little (slightly offensive, yet very representative) look into a few of the states I’ve driven through several times now.

Now I’m asking your view. You ever been to any of these? Think I’m really wrong? Or right? lol

But seriously, I’m kinda right 😉

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