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Hey Friends!

I’ve got a confession to make……

I love my job, but it barely leaves me time to eat anything. Confession; I love food more then my job lol.

But seriously, food it life and I don’t mean the staying alive kind. My job hardly lets me sit down for 12 hours let alone eat something. I’ve seriously gone into work thinking I could just fix my messy bun later that day and 12 hours later I step out of the camp vortex and wonder where my day went.

Thankfully my peeps at Blue Diamond have come to my rescue.

blue diamond almonds

I’m a nut person. I love them in everything and all the things. Cookies? check. Muffins? double check. Anything can be made better if you put nuts in it in my opinion. Even better? Straight up eating nuts. Almonds being my favorite, duh. Although cashews and pecans come in a close second. (note; it’s said P-can, just saying)

Every Thursday is field trip day at work, and every Thursday I think, “Yes! Today is the day I can sit down and eat a normal lunch!” And every Thursday I’m wrong…..

This past week we went to the Beach. We went to the beach with over 100 campers between the ages of 6-15. That is a a potential nightmare scenario and I knew I would need all the energy I could muster up. In comes Blue Diamond Almonds.

blue diamond almonds

I’ve said before how vanilla I like my food, so the salted/roasted and lightly salted almonds are my jam. They also have bold flavors like Sriracha and other crazy flavors I buy solely for JB to eat, because my tastebuds are actually those of a 2-year-old. No worries here.

If I’m being completely honest, the roasted/salted ones are already empty in these photos. Sorry but Homegirl’s gotta eat, photos be darned. I should also mention that I only sat down to snap a photo then it was right back up to go dig holes in the sand with the kids. Final note, I didn’t get sunburned at all. It’s the little things. 😉

blue diamond almonds

I also got a lot of strange looks from passer-bys as I snapped photos of cans of nuts in the sand. The kids however thought it was awesome and it was like having my own personal photo crew. (Don’t worry though Parents, I’m well aware of allergies in my groups and none with a nut allergy were anywhere near them.) << I felt that was nessecary to include…..

So I made it through the day of digging holes, building sand castles, applying sunscreen, picking up sandy sandwhichs, carrying kids across the hot sand, endless trips to and from the bathroom, and picking up the trail of forgotten items on the way back to the buses. It was a  great day. I lvoe my job 🙂

So thank you Blue Diamond for making the perfect on-the-go snack to keep me going!

What about you? what’s you go-to snack to make it through the work day?

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This “Flavor Your Adventure” post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. For more snack ideas to “Flavor Your Adventure” this summer, visit Blue Diamond Almonds on Facebook (http://facebook.com/bluediamond), Twitter (http://twitter.com/bluediamond) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/bluediamond).

Bookish Side of Life: July

Whew, we ‘ve now made it two whole months putting reading above electronics. Unless you’ve been reading electronically, but it still counts. 😉

This month my numbers are slightly down. Partly due to my intense work hours and partly due to picking some heavier tomes. Nevertheless, my numbers for the Bookish Side of Life Summer Book Challenge are now sitting at 14/20 and my yearly goal is 64/100

What I Read July

If I Stay by Gayle Foreman 3 stars. Being completely honest, I picked up this book because there were a ga-jillion (actual number) copies of this book at my library and I knew there’s a movie and I was swayed. It was ok. Real potential with the point of view, but the story wasn’t all that original besides that. Good read though, just nothing spectacular.

World War Z by Max Brooks 5 stars! I hate zombies and everything related to zombies whether it be movies, shows, or books. NO thank you. I have nightmares from just reading about them, no joke. It’s just gross. This book however, focused on how the world would actually respond to a zombie crisis and very little on the actual chomping of faces by the zombies. If you remember I love fake history books, and this one did not disappoint. Read it, just don’t watch the movie….shudder…..

Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter 2 stars. This is a best seller but I’m not entirely sure why….Who comes up with the criteria? It’s a total chicken and egg scenario in my opinion. Someones tells me it’s a best seller so I read it and supposedly it becomes a best seller because people are reading it? Total sham with this book. If you like reading about really depressing characters in a really disgusting and grody type of way then this book is for you. If you don’t enjoy the feeling of finishing a book and wanting to take a shower, then I’d steer clear.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by 4 stars. I don’t remember who recommended this book to me but I’m really glad I listened. It’s a cute story that’s an easy read. You also know it’s a good book when the very first page pulls you in and you finish it in a day. Granted that day was a Sunday and I was worn out from the day before so I spent all day reading, but still. Cute read, I recommend it.

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner 4 stars. After attempting to read All The Light We Cannot See (and not finishing it) I needed something light and breezy. I really enjoyed Weiner’s last book I read so thought this would be a good read, and it was. Easy to read with characters that keep you entertained, it was the perfect palate cleanser. The teenage daughter frustrated you like any adolescent would, and the Mom was over sensitive in that relatable yet infuriating way that keeps you reading. Also, it makes me want to write a book. Go read it to find out why.

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life


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I’m The Kind of Girl Who Wears Stretchy Pants


I realized something about myself this weekend. See I was out shopping for a few new pairs of gym shorts to wear to work. Going from working in the fitness industry to a summer camp is breeze when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

But then I stopped by in Old Navy….And bought a new pair of denim shorts since my last pair was really only appropriate for a street walker or Dangle from Reno 911 to be wearing in public and I’m trying to be an adult these days.

old navy shorts

I found a great deal on an adorable pair of shorts, originally $25, that I got for $10. Awesome! My day was made. I happily sauntered on home and put all my purchases away without giving it a second thought. (Before you get too many ideas though, the above photo was the only one I snapped where you can kinda see my shorts. Normal on the bottom, made for a muffin up top 😉

The next day, JB and I went out to a baseball game and I decided to wear my new denim shorts. It was about half way through the 3rd inning when I was getting slightly antsy and my attention turned from the field to people watching, when I spotted a lady wearing those old windbreaker jogging pants.

I got an inner chuckle out of it and pointed it out to JB. This is when he looked at me and said, “Aren’t you wearing stretchy pants too?”….Ummmm……

red sox baseball

That’s when I realized. I was the type of girl who wears stretchy pants. You know the kind I’m talking about. The kinds of pants with an elastic waistband and no pockets. The kind that only tourists and old ladies wear. The kind that is meant for people who’s girth doesn’t fit into a structured pair of pants.

I am that girl. What does this say about me? That I have a pension for overeating and needing a little wiggle room in my waistband? Perhaps that I’m a free-spirit who doesn’t like being shackled by the conformity that are belts? I really don’t know.

red sox baseball

It’s ok though, they came from Old Navy. Old Navy is hip and fashionable right? I haven’t fallen so far out fo the “cool” loop that I’m shopping at all the wrong places have I? Target is still a thing right?

My guess is that the fashion industry is finally catching on to laziness that is our generation. We liek yoga pants and workout clothes to run errands and sit on the couch eating ice cream not for actually working out. We like to be comfortable. We like to maximize the cuteness with minimizing the pain of a waistband digging into our sides.

falling asleep at a baseball game

At least that’s what I tell myself. Besides they’re cute and JB’s niece didn’t seem to mind, so leave me alone.

Tell me I’m not the only one who one’s an elastic waistband? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Also don’t forget that this Wednesday is the second check-in for the Bookish Side of Life Reading Challenge!

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Exploring Your Own Backyard

Hello Friends!

I’ve been having such a good time lately with ym family in town, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about y’all. I absolutely love when people come to visit me because I’m still such a tourist in my new home so playing tour guide is essentially my favorite thing.

See, I have no friends here yet and the ole bf grew up here and the whole Tourist thing isn’t His thing. Basically this means I either need to make some friends or just have my family continually rotating through to come visit me.

Since my family isn’t made of money and I have essentially zero friend-making social skills the older I get, I’ll stick to what I can get and really enjoy the time I get.

I started us off right in our backyard at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. For non-sports fans like my brother and his wife, they were even impressed. #FreeBrady #hatersgonnahate


Next up was a well-deserved ice cream stop. There’s no denying homemade ice cream is the best ice cream so there was NO way I was gonna let them get away without grabbing some. My brother admitted he’s not a big fan of ice cream in general and I instantly disowned him…..

Left is German Chocolate Cake, Right is Cake Batter

Left is German Chocolate Cake, Right is Cake Batter

Sunday we took the late train into Boston. I got zero pictures of us actually in Boston because I’m lame like that and got too caught up in the fun! Not too sorry though, because I took them to my favorite Tea Shop (David’s Tea), on part of the Freedom Trail, and into Quincy Market for some grub. Y’all should’ve seen the video of the street performance JB got pulled into…..epic….

We didn’t quite make it to the Gardens of Boston Common like I had planned since we ended up getting rained out. Whomp, whomp…..oh well.


Monday, I took the day off work and took them to the Cape. Cape Cod for those who aren’t in the know 😉

It was a scorcher and the beach was empty so we took advantage…..until we got hungry went in search of some seafood…..where my brother continued to insult me and ordered a Ceasar salad…..lame sauce Bro.

We walked the shops and boardwalk where we found this guy…..If that’s not a face of pure joy then slap my grandma because this guy is living the life.


We finished the day at my favorite restaurant, or rather saloon. Yes I’m that cool, I frequent a saloon 😉

Being an adult, I couldn’t take Tuesday off as well, so they explored the city without me while I went to work. They caught a late plane back to Augusta and that was that. I’m so glad they got to come visit and I can’t wait until we can all be back together again.

So now I need someone else to come visit me so let’s make that happen k?

Ever been to Boston? Do you like to be a tour guide in your own city?

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When You’re A Girl

Happy Monday Party People!

I’ve took today off because my brother and his wife are still visiting until Tuesday. I’ve gotten zero writing down because of them (If you’re reading this I blame you) but I couldn’t Not show up.

Last week I was feelin all sassy and kinda went off about higher education and the lack of kindness when it comes to respecting opinions. Today, I wanted to keep things nice and light with some  fun observations from my past few weeks.

When Youre a Girl

Being a girl is awesome.

First of all, when you’re a girl, you’re allowed to take weird photos like this a post them on the internet and people think you’re pretty….but seriously, that’s a weird photos people….. Sorry not sorry though 😉 lol

P.S. I got the Chocolate and Oreo cupcakes and if you’ve never been, you need Mike’s Pastry in your life like yesterday….. #Boston

When you’re a girl, doors are always being held open for you at your local Y.

When you’re a girl, men offer to bring your shopping cart back into Big Lots.

When you’re a girl, you can get out of lifting heavy picnic tables to carry over to a completely different area. (side note: unless you Want to carry heavy picnic tables in which case you go girl!)

When you’re a girl, you get to dress up fancy just because it’s a Tuesday and you’re having a stellar hair day.

When you’re a girl, guys replace the headlights in your old beat-up car just because you asked.

When you’re a girl, you get extra ketchup on your Fenway Frank for free.

When you’re a girl, street performers call you out of the crowd, but instead pull your boyfriend into the show b/c he’s like 7 feet tall and they want to jump over someone…..

They didn’t end up jumping over him though, perhaps because he was too tall? Either way it was hilarious and I’m glad it wasn’t me lol

When you’re a girl, guys unabashedly stare at your butt and find it completely appropriate to leer at you in public like a creep.

Ok so maybe that last one isn’t so great, but com’on, at least you have a butt worth leering at amiright?

Perhaps it’s the doe-eyed innocence of my Southern upbringing in the Big City shining through, or my blonde hair and slower speech. (my accent comes out hard when I’m nervous or feel lost and out of place)

Or maybe it’s just my inner damsel is screaming for help on the decibel level that only dogs and gentlemen can here.

Or maybe they just think I’m slow in the head and they’re doing their good deed for the week…..

No matter, I benefit and can still keep my rose-colored glasses on that everything is right in the world. Call me naive. Call me ignorant. Or just call me extremely blessed genetically, whatevs. I’ll take it and own it.

Do you find guys just doing random favors for you all the time? It can’t possibly be just me that notices that there are still awesome people in this world!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend friends!

I’m coming at ya with one of my all-time favorite smoothie recipes, like ever! One of the few cons of my job is that I’m so busy I have zero minutes for a traditional lunch. No time to eat a sandwich, certainly no time for a salad, and zero minutes to sit. As a Director of a children’s summer camp ages 4-14 you can imagine all the fires that need putting out all day long. Not literal fires mind you, otherwise I’m really be dealing with demonic spawn, shudder….

I’ve tried just about everything so I’m not starving by day’s end and eat everything in sight or hit a drive-through on my way home. My most successful strategy is to blend up a smoothie in the morning and stick it in the fridge that I can sip on all day long. Perfect solution. Plus who doesn’t love smoothies? Communists that’s who.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

My people at Blue Diamond (I don’t actually have any people, just a partnership) hooked me up with my favorite flavor of Almond Milk….Chocolate. Chocolate is its own food group in my life so pairing it with almond milk and fruit is the best way to not be 400lbs. (only on the inside)

It’s not only super yummy but also Easy Breezy as well! If you’ve ever read any of my other recipes, you’ll see that I love two things. Easy recipes and dessert. This satisfies the first, while also tricking me into thinking it’s the second as well.

Strawberry Smoothie2

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

  • 1 handful frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup Blue DIamond Chocolate Almond Breeze
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  • ice if desired

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy your chocolatey, strawberry goodness. I added fresh strawberries because I’m cute like that. I’ve also added frozen banana or blueberries for added flavors to spice things up. I don’t often get bored with my food though so it’s usually just the strawberries.

Strawberry Smoothie

I’m a staunch almond milk drinker. Dairy milk is for ice cream and breakfast cereal only. And ya can’t tell me it helps kids grow because somehow I managed to hit 5’9 without every drinking it. lol

So what about you? Almond milk for the smoothie win?

Give me some of your best recipes in the comments below!

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This “Easy as Breeze” post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. For more “Easy As Breeze” recipes made with five ingredients or less, visit Almond Breeze on Facebook (http://facebook.com/almondbreeze), Twitter (http://twitter.com/almondbreeze), Instagram (http://instagram.com/almondbreezeus) and Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/almondbreeze).

When You Give a Camper a Bead

Whoa guys.

I’m not really sure where Wednesday’s post came from. Apparently I was feeling really sassy that day. So you’re welcome internet, Google will now associate my blog with saying education is overrated. You’re welcome School Teachers for completely undervaluing your profession. And you’re welcome everyone with a Master’s degree for putting you together is a completely irrational lump…….

Sometimes, that’s just how life goes. Moving on….

As many of you know, I’m the Assistant Director at a summer camp this summer. It’s not my first rodeo at a summer camp by any means, but this is the first time with a new company with all new traditions and systems in place.

I really wanted to leave my own stamp on this summer and decided to institute a bead system for the campers. We did something similar at my old camp but it involved stickers instead of beads.

Full disclosure, I made these poster three times with each time them getting ruined by rainstorms before ti occurred to me to laminate them……I really can be an idiot sometimes, le sigh

Give a Bead

Here’s how it works. Each staff member carries a ziplock of beads around with them. When they see the campers portraying the the values associated with each bead, they can reward them with the bead. Campers can then trade their beads in for different prizes.

Here’s the breakdown of the beads.

Bead System

Each camper has a keychain that they can string their beads on as they earn them. And guys, trust me when I say these kids will do just about anything for a bead. I’ve never seen them behave so good and not to toot my own horn but….Toot, Toot! lol kidding.

But seriously. My favorite are the challenge beads (orange). Staff can “challenge” the kids to do really anything for a bead. This comes in great when say, a camper refuses to shower off all the dirt on their feet before getting in the pool. Real life problems y’all.

So what are the prizes you might ask?

Bead Prizes

In case you were wondering, there used to be a taco by the Director lunch prize. It was really confusing the campers so in version three (the one pictured) I finally left it off. What’s so confusing about a taco for lunch I will never know. I guess thery’re too young to know that Chipotle is life….weird.

The most popular prizes thus far are of course, extra swim time, dunk a staff, and be a director for a day. I’m pretty proud of the whole thing so feel free to tell me how awesome I am in the comments below….but seriously…. 😉

Oh, also my brother and his wife are visiting me this weekend so if you have any suggestions on fun places in and around Boston to take them to let me know!

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