End of a Season

Hello Friday!!

I realize a lot of people have started back up at school or have at least definitely seen all the Facebook posts of first days, the aisles at every store crowded with school supplies, and the tax free weekends.

This will be my first year (not including my semi break year before grad school) that I won’t be going back to school in any sense of the word. It’s a bit sad 😦 Yes I was that kid, am that kid, and forever will be that kid…I love school. Start your jokes now….

End of Season

Actually now that I think about it, those who blog probably loved school too so you’re just as nerdy as I was/am. Anyone who continues to write for fun and want to keep learning all about a new trade must have been a nerd back in the hey day. Assuming you’re not still in your hey day ya whipper-snapper.

For some reason, being 26 also makes me feel as though I can refer to anyone younger than me as a whipper-snapper….

But I digress….

Today was my last day at camp. (For those who still don’t know, I’m a Camp Director here in Mass) I also venture to say I’m still at camp as you read this no matter what time of day it is for you. Heck if you’re reading this on Saturday I may still be there closing down for the summer.

There’s so much to do to close down an entire camp. Teachers who close a classroom know part of my struggle. The other part? Sorting the Lost and Found…..

Seriously, how much money do these families have to buy their child a brand new name-brand jacket every week because they left theirs behind never to be collected. I can count on one hand the number of parents that have taken the time to go through our lost and found to reclaim their child’s things…..one hand, if I had lost 2 fingers in a knife fight.

That’s sad…

So there’s the three large mountains of lost swag to sort and donate….

The multiple campsites that need a good clean-up….

The four outdoors sheds that need organizing and logging, as well as the three indoor closets…..

End of the summer staff evals, end of the summer concern emails and phone calls to return, need I go on?

Anyway, I am excited to move on from my 7 thousand hour a week job to something a little less high maintenance. With that extra time comes much more time to dedicate to this space of mine. I’ve got such wonderful plans. I’ll be participating in my girl Julie’s Blog Staycation again this year. It’s such a great way to just focus on your blog to-do list and get ish done. Join us!

Anyone else ready for some Back to School fun? Are you in school or out?

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8 thoughts on “End of a Season

  1. I’m actually starting grad school and yep I’m one of those who does love school for some wild reason. The thing with grad school is I’m seeing all these freshman just starting college and it makes me get a little sentimental of that time in my life. I only got 1 year of school left and then I’m done forever. Kinda sad. I’m sure cleaning up from camp is pretty exhausting, so enjoy your not as crazy life.

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