Secret Blogger Club (20)

Y’all, there’s only two more days in October!

What the heck calendar! How we get here?

Oh well, time marches on and I for one am excited because we’re one month closer to Christmas which (not to overlook the Day of Turkey) but my entire family will be home for Christmas for the first time since we all lived at home. I can hardly contain my excitement!! Eeeeeeee!

Considering we have family members spread all up and down the East coast, plus a father in Europe, that’s kinda  big deal.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today is still October 29th and we have some Club business to take care of.

Secret Blogger Club Title


>> Things Only Books Lovers Will Understand by See You in a Porridge. I couldn’t help myself. Books are my only friends some times so I understand all the feels. You will relate if books are your life, but you’ll also relate if you just read occasionally. Go feel the feels people. Feel the feels.

>> No More Disclaimers by The Cunningham Two. I know Stephanie and I aren’t the only ones to do this. Seriously, every time I serve dinner to JB I preface it with a, “it’s not my best work” or a, “idk I hope you like it.” When com’on, JB will eat anything and I’m a pretty dang good cook anyway so what the heck? Here’s to no more disclaimers!

>> How to Show Some Long-Distance Love to Your BFF by Helene in Between. Um, y’all know I move approximately every 2 years (up till now) so I’ve got besties residing in multiple states. That means lots of long-distance love. And it goes both ways too! One of my best friends sent me a flower arrangement for my birthday this year! I meant so much to me, and also got me planning ahead for hers coming up ;D

[Tweet “The #SecretBloggerClub is live with posts from @seeyouporridge @heleneinbetween @OurFoxTales @LindsayLHess @steffski”%5D

>> Six Tips for Decorating Small Spaces and Rental Homes by Our Fox Tales. I not only live in a small space (hello studio apartment I can almost touch all walls at once in) but it’s a rental. Kym is the most adorable anyway so why wouldn’t you take decorating advice from her? I would show you pictures of how I decorate my apartment but I want us to still be friends afterwards….

>> 10 Minute Halloween Costumes by Wife in Training. Um, guys….It’s Halloween this weekend. As in Saturday…like two days…. Are you ready? Got your costume? I’ll be sharing mine tomorrow so be sure to come back. I’ll give you a hint, it involves fringe and flowers. In case you haven’t deemed your Halloween costume as priority numero uno, Lindsay has some awesome ideas for you….

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19 thoughts on “Secret Blogger Club (20)

    • Yea I have yet to move to an apartment that I felt I really truly made “mine.” But I also usually only stay one lease (about a year) and then move to another so that doesn’t help lol

  1. It does feel like October just started. I don’t usually comment on how quickly time is going by or how shocking it is that another month is coming or whatever, but it does feel like it was only a really short time ago that we were all freaking out about it being October 1. But you know what? Maybe I’m insane but I started thinking about Christmas the other day and I honestly can’t wait. But anyway. Thanks as always for the excellent reads to dive into today!

    • I don’t either…or obviously I do lol. But October just blew by. My November will be a bit more muted but only b/c I won’t be as busy with life stuff. Of course job stuff picks up but that doesn’t require oodles of travel.

    • Ummmm…..I have so many questions, like was this in Germany? Was there beer involved? Did you wear pigtails or a milkmaid braid? Ahhhhh!!! Haha but yea I’d say you celebrated early lol

      • I wish it were in Germany! It was a fall gran fondo in Bucks County PA. We left from Appalachian Brewing Company Parking lot and then returned there and were treated to free beer from the souvenir steins and a German buffet. I was the only one who did this in costume. Just a store bought German beer girls costume…with knee socks. My hair isn’t quite long enough for braids but that would have been awesome.

  2. I have a feeling the “no more disclaimers” is one I need to read and live by. I’m constantly saying “I’m sorry…” for stupid things. My boyfriend gets annoyed by it sometimes haha. Can’t wait to see your Halloween costume. I’m still in need of a costume idea.

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