Confessions and Such

Hello Friends….

I’m not sure if these are confessions or just random thoughts coming out of my brain…..

Either way, I’m publishing them on the internet so I’m sure there’s a statement about my social well-being in here somewhere….

small plug, scarf by Me.

>> Starting off, I have to be honest…..That picture is from last year when I visited JB in Boston for New Years. Winter so far this year has been 63 degrees and sunny so I’m not quite sure if I brought my Southern warm with me, or Mother Nature is about to have the biggest laugh on us all come January….

>> In case anyone was wondering, I look pretty much just like that picture still, except my hair is about 2 inches longer. Confession I haven’t had a haircut since then…I’m really good at hair maintenance………

>>I’m gonna complain one more time about not having a computer…My laptop’s still broken and I’m still broke so no replacement has been determined as of now. And by complain only one more time I mean every time I publish a post for the next year until I get a new laptop. And by I’m broke I really mean, too stingy to buy a new one when I’d rather have a savings account and pay off my student loans….Oh and also my car is now half way on blocks so there’s that fun expense….Being an adult is awesome….

>> I’ve published literally ONE post in December so far…..It’s a good thing I’m not all caught up in that stat counting thing….silently weeps on the inside…….

>> Does anyone else, about once a month get a little moody and question every decision they’ve ever made in their entire life and suddenly envision their life going off the rails and ending up in a van down by the river? Probably just me. My life is so hard.

>> Don’t take it personally if I haven’t responded to your comment in about 2 weeks….I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments for two weeks. So at least I’m not showing favoritism ya know.

>> I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and therefore lost all purpose in life for the next two weeks. I suppose I could focus on wrapping said gifts, but I’m flying most of them home to TN and they don’t allow you to fly wrapped gifts. Like once year in college in Utah, I tried flying home with wrapped gifts in my carry-on and despite the extremely powerful x-ray machine they use to find guns, drugs, and other illegal things, somehow my Dollar Tree Dora the Explorer wrapping paper duped them….The security guy made me stand there and unwrap Every. Single. One…..

>> I typed this all in about 30 minutes on my ipad, before I had to run around like a crazy person getting ready for work this morning. Good thing I’m so good at girl things like putting on mascara and remembering to do both eyes before leaving the apartment……

So that’s basically it. Confessions or just rando statements. I’m just not sure. Make them what you will. The only thing I ask of you is to be nice to me during my involuntary hiatus and still be my friend when I’m back

K thanks.

Oh and Happy Holidays and all that

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Secret Blogger Club (24)

Ugh, hello, hi, how are ya?

Having no computer is really crampin my blogger style……

So don’t let me keep whining, go read some awesome posts by some very non-whiny ladies

Secret Blogger Club Title

Secret Blogger Club

>> December Instagram Challenge with The Free and Wild Blog. Y’all know I love some Insta challenges because otherwise I never post…Oops. So #HeresToYouDecember!

>> Mistakes to Avoid As a New Blogger by Sweet Tea & Hydrangeas. Ummmmmm…..I still do like all of these….except the tiny images one, whoops :/ I try to not forget to reply to comments, but I know I’m guilty of that every now and then. Life, amiright? More like excuses, amiright…..Anyway, don’t do these things and don’t follow my example….. 😉

>> 7 Easy Ways Millennials Can Save Money Right Now by Gen Y Girl. Honestly anyone can save money these ways, and with the Holidays upon us, who doesn’t want some extra spending money! It’s not on the list but I’ve been using Shopkick and have already earned some gift cards! I’d do a post on it, but y’all know there’s much better tutorials out there. Google it!

>> Getting the Most Use Out of Your Holiday Dress by Bouvardian. By adding this post to the round-up I’m being really optimistic that I’ll actually have any Holiday parties to go to…Kidding, I’ll have at least two, work and friends. Which means either I buy a second party dress (not likely) or learn to style it a second way. Also possibly even wear to work!

Seriously, so I even remember how to write? Doesn’t seem like it lately……So link up your posts so I can fill up my time with something!

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The Blonder Side of Life

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