Secret Blogger Club (24)

Ugh, hello, hi, how are ya?

Having no computer is really crampin my blogger style……

So don’t let me keep whining, go read some awesome posts by some very non-whiny ladies

Secret Blogger Club Title

Secret Blogger Club

>> December Instagram Challenge with The Free and Wild Blog. Y’all know I love some Insta challenges because otherwise I never post…Oops. So #HeresToYouDecember!

>> Mistakes to Avoid As a New Blogger by Sweet Tea & Hydrangeas. Ummmmmm…..I still do like all of these….except the tiny images one, whoops :/ I try to not forget to reply to comments, but I know I’m guilty of that every now and then. Life, amiright? More like excuses, amiright…..Anyway, don’t do these things and don’t follow my example….. 😉

>> 7 Easy Ways Millennials Can Save Money Right Now by Gen Y Girl. Honestly anyone can save money these ways, and with the Holidays upon us, who doesn’t want some extra spending money! It’s not on the list but I’ve been using Shopkick and have already earned some gift cards! I’d do a post on it, but y’all know there’s much better tutorials out there. Google it!

>> Getting the Most Use Out of Your Holiday Dress by Bouvardian. By adding this post to the round-up I’m being really optimistic that I’ll actually have any Holiday parties to go to…Kidding, I’ll have at least two, work and friends. Which means either I buy a second party dress (not likely) or learn to style it a second way. Also possibly even wear to work!

Seriously, so I even remember how to write? Doesn’t seem like it lately……So link up your posts so I can fill up my time with something!

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

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5 thoughts on “Secret Blogger Club (24)

  1. I was whining to my mom the other day about not having any holiday parties to get all dressed up for. Thankfully that has changed and I have one or two Christmas parties to go to. Hope your computer situation gets fixed soon!

  2. Hey lady! Thanks so much for including my post! Shopkick? Never heard of it, but I’ll definitely have to check it out now! xoxoxo, Kayla

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