Wedding Wednesday is Now My Thing

Well Folks,

Here I am again. I say again because I haven’t been posting on my blog for…well too long for me to even remember. I have been lurking in the blogosphere and reading your posts though. Bloglovin is still my most visited website. That and Pinterest so I’m still here. Gone but not forgotten…..


Anyway, in case you missed me, or didn’t, either way I have come back from the dead to announce something. I thought about announcing that I have an announcement like any good Blogger would do, but being MIA for months on end doesn’t really allow that much flexibility when coming back.

SO in case you missed it on Instagram on Monday…..


Engagement Moment

Oh yea, you’re looking at the future Mrs. Barros. Boom Baby!

You can see above I was caught completely off guard. Ignore the ratty tennis shoes and unwashed hair. And Lord, there isn’t a ring pic yet because heaven forbid my nails weren’t painted. But gosh darnit, it was downright perfect, so just focus on the giant smiles on our faces instead, k thanks.

As soon as it happened my first thought besides holy crap it’s so sparkly, was “Dangit I haven’t brainstormed any good hashtag ideas yet!!”

Clearly my priorities were in the right order. I’m working on it don’t worry. For now I went with a ball and freaking chain man hashtag theme….Because well, I feel like the Man right now. (movie reference layup?)

My second coherent thought revolved around the idea that I will finally hit the big time with my blog! Whop doesn’t love a good wedding post! Until I remembered that I haven’t blogged in…..well you get the picture.

Whatever, it’s brought me back from Davey Jones Locker and that’s about the best resurrection catapult I could possibly think of so I’m happy with it.

I still don’t have a computer, but I do now have a fiance with a computer who said I can use his whenever I want. Boy this whole engagement thing is already the bee’s knees!

But of course I now need your help because despite having a Secret Wedding Pinterest board with lots of cute pictures that all color coordinate with one another, I have no clue where to start. Well I know where to start but like how does one find a Photographer? Venue? etc?? Google?

Help a newly engaged sista out will ya!

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40 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday is Now My Thing

  1. Congratulations!! SO exciting πŸ™‚ i can’t really offer much help, because I’m eloping in Belize in a few months. I wasn’t really interested in a wedding (or planning one….) so I can give you advice on that if you’re interested ! Love the pic, and congrats again.

  2. Congrats!! I was just creeping on your insta and am so excited that you’re engaged!! I’m in a few really good nation wide photographer groups on fb who could definitely give great recommendations of wedding photographers in your area if you’re interested!

    • Haha creep away friend! It’s not creeping if we’re friends right? lol And uh YES I’m interested! I know many people who are photographers but being new to the Boston area, not so much so thank you!

  3. Yay! Congrats! My advice is to not let yourself get too stressed and overwhelmed during wedding planning. This is a time you’ve been dreaming of for awhile. Relax and enjoy it! Oh and for the wedding day, if you don’t have an official wedding planner (I sure didn’t!), ask an uber organized friend to be your day of point person. Any little issues can go through them instead of you (or your mom or your wedding party) and they can make sure the guys are all on time and doing what they’re supposed to do. It’s a lifesaver!

  4. Yay congrats! That’s great news, and what a way to make a comeback! I have no helpful tips on account of my recommendations being a) old and b) the wrong side of the Atlantic, but I can do cheerleading from afar! Wahoo!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! My advice: tell yourself up front that you won’t get stressed out during your wedding planning. Write it down, make a pact, whatever you do just frequently say: “You know what, this really isn’t a big deal because I’m going to be MARRIED at the end of my wedding day.” Choose a bridal party that will love and support you and go HAM on someone that tries to piss you off on your wedding day – don’t choose people that you feel like you “have” to choose because it will ultimately cause you more grief in the end. Happy wedding planning!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you, and not at all bitter that you are another person who will be getting married before i do πŸ˜›

    But seriously you look so happy I am so so pleased for you, now all I have to do is convince you to get married in the UK so I can attend πŸ™‚

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