Simple Ways to Build Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Simple Exercise Tips

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Simple ways to build exercise into your daily routine

If you’ve tried and failed to stick to a fitness regime in the past, join the club. Spending hours in the gym working up a sweat can seem like a great idea in principle, but actually trying to fit these exercise sessions into an already crammed schedule can be impossible. The good news is, there’s another way to boost your chances of staying in shape and that’s to build exercise into your daily routine. By changing your habits in the following simple ways, you should be able to create a fitness program that you can actually stick to.

Cycle to work

One great substitute for a morning workout in the gym is a cycle to work. This low-impact activity can help you to lose weight and boost your fitness. On average, someone weighing 175 pounds will burn over 600 calories with an hour’s riding, and this form of exercise is also great for toning the legs. Then there are the added benefits associated with cycling to work to consider. By ditching your car keys in favor of this two-wheeled mode of transport, you can save cash and help the environment. You can also kiss goodbye to those frustrating rush hour traffic jams. Many employers now encourage their staff to cycle to work by offering secure bike shelters. Specialist shelter manufacturers like CAD Street Shelters have designed a range of solutions that mean people can leave their bikes outside work without worrying that they’ll be damaged or stolen.

Take the stairs

Another top tip is to take the stairs rather than automatically heading for the elevator. It might take you a little longer and leave you out of breath, but this is a great way to burn calories. If the climb is too far, there’s always the option of taking the elevator but getting out a few floors beneath where you want to go and walking the rest of the way.

Go for a stroll on your lunch break

On a lunch break at work, it can be tempting to sit still and stare at a computer screen. However, while this is the easy option, it’s bad news for your health. Instead of wasting your time at your workstation, take the opportunity to head out for a walk. As well as burning energy, this will give you a chance to get some fresh air and clear your head. If you need an added incentive, bear in mind that sitting still for too long each day has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. It’s thought that being inactive like this can slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

Just by following these simple tips, you should be able to dramatically up your levels of activity, and once you get used to these simple but useful forms of exercise, you won’t even notice you’re doing them.

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Getting Yourself to Exercise in the Morning

Welcome to the Secret Blogger Club Blog Hop!

Before I get down to business, is anyone else as stoked as me about the two-day event of the Bachelor starting this Sunday? It’s ok if you don’t want to admit it, but I know I’m not alone in this like decade-long obsession. #HopelessRomantic

Anyway, I can’t think of a good segway to what I really wanna talk about so let’s just pretend I said something really clever and we all laugh as I transition…..

I’m a morning person through and through. I’ve never stayed out all night and when the clock chimes 9pm I start winding down. In college that was definitely not the “cool” thing to do, but I survived and am now the envy of all my co-workers.

Be to work before 6am? Sure, can do! But workout at 6am? not my favorite activity……

Morning Exercise

See I’m a Slow morning person. As in I like nice slow mornings and if that means they need to start before the rooster crows than I’m A-ok with it. I like to wake-up, scroll through Instagram, read the paper, relax as I got through 50 outfits. It’s awesome.

But see, I also only have time to exercise in the morning b/c I work until 7-8pm most nights, and w’ve already established I like to be in bed by 10, if not earlier and reading a book. So that leaves me with morning exercise. I’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of strategies I use to get up and movin first thing in the morning…..Maybe one or more of them willhelp you out as well.

Self- Pep Talks

– “Think about how great you’ll feel afterwards!” This one can usually do the trick alone. I always do feel great afterwards so I’m not even lying to myself! However, when the snows come a blowin and the 15 minute walk from my car to the gym is a bit too daunting I haveta resort to some dirtier tricks.

– “You wanna fit into that swimsuit?? You know, that swimsuit you never wear anyway b/c you have irrational fear of the water? Yea that one!” I really do hate the water so rarely will you find me in a swimsuit. However that early in the morning my brain forgets this fact and I get out of bed.


– “If you go to 2 spin classes this week you go to Dunk’s! Remember how much you love Dunks?” Not the best option since rewarding yourself with food is kinda a no-no, but it’s effective nonetheless. Plus I always treat myself to a vanilla chai tea latte and everyone knows those calories don’t count (big lie)

– “Pizza” SImple, yet highly effective

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

– “Ok self, if you don’t get to spin class this morning you can’t watch the latest episode of the Bachelor!!!!” No lie, this is what got me up Tuesday morning this week. I usually watch it with a friend the night of, but we had to cancel and you can’t let an episode of the Bachelor just sit around unwatched….

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What about you? What are some ways you get yourself to exercise? (besides you’re an awesome superwoman who needs no motivation in which case we can’t be friends….Wait no! Come back! I need friends!!)

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Winter Came to Kentucky

Happy Monday Folks, and boy what a Monday it is!

We got snow over the weekend here in Kentucky and I couldn’t be happier 😀

It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the snow. I used to be a Debbie Downer like everyone else when the white flakes started a’comin down. But as I’ve gotten older (and learned to drive in it better) I’ve realized how much I really do love it.

I mean look at that gorgeous sky post snow!

Kentucky Winter

I had to work Saturday morning so I got up extra early to take advantage of the fresh snow sans foot prints, and boy it did Not disappoint!

I haveta preface this next photo however, b/c it looks like I’m endangering everyone on the road and while that’s still a viable argument I realize, the light turned green right as I snapped the photo. God gave me enough brains to know to not have my phone out while actually driving. I even let the man across the street turn in front of me before I gently pressed the gas to accelerate at a safe speed…Good Samaritan status right there….

Kentucky Winter

Major props to the UK grounds crew for keeping the sidewalks salted even on a weekend. Of course there was some big ROTC gun flinging contest involving rival schools so I’m sure that’s the reason and not me working the gym. Either way I thank you.

Kentucky Winter4

Now this next guy was a interesting find…..I’m assuming it represents some sort of tender embrace for incoming students since it’s right by the freshman dorms. However, I’m not too sure how comforting a cold steel hug would be so I’m not entirely sure. On second thought it kinda looks like it’s doing the Macarena!

Kentucky Snow

Sunday was perhaps even more fun since I didn’t have to work. Some friend and I got together for some yoga. We’ve all been practicing out inversions so that was the task at hand. I finally nailed crow pose but side crow still eludes me. Headstands still scare me but I got into one a few times before I chickened out.

Then b/c we’re girls and taking pictures is life, we headed outside to have some fun. The result was pretty epic….

Snow Yoga

Snow Yoga

Snow Yoga2

How beautiful is my friend Natalie!! She’s clearly better then me as the next photo can attest, but that’s not what yoga is about people. I really love how the reflection from the creek turned out. I felt all artistic and cool taking these photos 😀

Snow Yoga

Balance and flexibility have never been my “thing” which is one reason yoga is so difficult for me. But I love it and even if I do think about my to-do list or what I’m gonna eat for lunch instead of clearing my mind, I still feel a sense of calm and peace. Plus a real badass when I land an awesome pose!

How was your weekend? Any snow for you?



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5 Things to Know About Spin Class

Happy Hump Day Friends!

I was gonna do another wedding post, but so many people were confused I was the one who quite suddenly got hitched that I decided to space them out by a few days. Now that my brother and his wife are happily married, my brand new sister is on the prowl to make sure I get my turn. That’s what sisters are for right? lol

Now it’s time to make a huge jump back in time though. I had so many wonderful comments of congrats after I bragged about finally hittin my weight goal a month or so ago. But I also got quite a few questions about what i did to finally break through that plateau.

Honest answer? Lots of stuff. But more specifically, I started spinning. With this being right around the time people are making and still planning on sticking to their resolutions all year, I thought I’d make it a bit easier to jump at least one of those hurdles.


1. Arrive early. Seriously just do it. Not only can scope out the room and claim your perfect bike but this is also the time to ask the instructor to help you adjust your bike. Hint: know where the fans are. Nothing is worse then dying of sweat and receiving zero mercy from the fans because you’re too far away or heaven forbid someone is blocking your salvation.

2. Have the instructor adjust your bike. I know I touched on this above but this is huge. A hour on an ill-fitting bike does not a happy bum make. And if you’re gonna continue to spin, you want a happy bum. Although don’t be discouraged when for the first few times your who-ha gets sore, it goes away.

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3. Bring a towel and water. You may be one of the lucky ones who only glistens or glitters when they workout, but for the rest of the real world you’re gonna sweat your touche off in this class and a towel will be a welcome companion. Not to mention water, which will willingly sacrifice their whole self to fortify you through some pretty brutal climbs.

4. Wear tights. Again, maybe you have perfectly toned legs with thighs that don’t rub together, but for all you normal people, you’ll want tights to reduce friction. No one wants to start a fire in the middle of class. Also you’re a biker now, and cool bikers where tights (or biker shorts for the truly inclined)

5. Don’t wear white. I’ve only ever been to one spinning studio so this could be an isolated case, but my studio turns the lights down/out and only has a few black-lights illuminating the place. Hence the no white shirt unless you wanna be a blinding beacon of annoyance to everyone around you. This also plays into getting to class early so you don’t get stuck on a bike directly under the black-light.

Hopefully that little intro to spinning is helpful to those who have never been. I truly do credit most of my success to those little stationary, but torturous bikes.

Have any of your tried spin class? What’re your thoughts?

Also does anyone wanna come spin with me? I have no spin friends 😦 Boo…

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a hand-knit scarf! You only have a few more days!

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Friday Favorites + a Special Hello

Happy Friday Friends!

Another week gone and some of my sanity with it. This semester has been wicked busy already so I can’t wait until exams and projects deadlines start arriving. Today we’re throwin it back to a little Friday Five. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these but just know I’ve got some great recipe and story posts comin your way so don’t abandon me yet.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

1 >>

I’ve never been good at keepin The Blonder Side a secret from IRL ppl, much to my detriment sometimes. SO I wanted to give a special hello to unsuspecting occasional readers Mark and Michael. Both classmates, and both not ones I’d ever assume took a peek after I told them about this here website.

So to Mark, my buddy and unwilling early morning spin partner, not quite sure how I roped you into that one, but thank you. And to Michael, as much as you protest my friendship advances I think I’m finally wearing you down…you’re welcome. Oh and I can’t forget Chris. Keep reading excerpts out loud from The Blonder Side whenever I’m around because it’s not weird or awkward at all. A pumpkin cinnamon roll to the fella who notices this post. (not even kidding)

2 >>

We all know I gave up running for a bit forever, but y’all It’s SO HAAARD! If you don’t run I sound crazy, but if you do then you know what I mean. It seems like everyone and their grandma now wants to run a fun race with me or start training together and I’m all like “Where was this a year ago??” But alas, my Ortho Doc would be proud of the refusal skills I’ve attained 😦

3 >>

Speaking of Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (see bullet point #1), it’s one of the recipes comin your way. Kristy and I have a study session this weekend which actually stands for “Make-treats-and-talk-for-hours-while-we-stuff-our-faces.” The acronym gets a little lost in translation, but just trust me that’s what “study” actually stands for.

Also comin up are coconut oil cookies (b/c different), pumpkin cookies (b/c Fall), and banana cinnamon swirl bread (b/c I’m fancy). Oh and Snickerdoodles (b/c why not!) I’ve got a pumpkin version I wanna try next  hashtag white girl status. Here’s a sneak peek


4 >>

I bought a butternut squash for the first time ever after seeing a friend eat it for lunch one day. Call me naive or behind the times but I can’t believe it took me this long to try out some different winter squashes. I ended up pinning about a billion butternut squash recipes (follow me!) so it’ll be on the menu for the next couple of weeks. Most recently I made a butternut squash pasta and some baked fries because I like to live life on the edge. Fried = better then sweet potato fries but rival-ring with zucchini fries.  A must try for sure!

5 >>

I got really excited to see I’d hit 400 followers on Twitter! But apparently the Twitter crowd can be pretty fickle or perhaps just in the business of denyin my little heart this one joy because not 24hrs later I was down to this…..


If you look it’s only 3 tweets later so now I’m wondering if I tweeted something so awesome they just couldn’t handle it…get on my level! 😉

I guess one day I might be able to move past this rude slight, but until then you can find me not too worried about it when the 399 that remain are much cooler. (note: if you are that one. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills….too far? haha)

Now tell me about your fun weekend plans? I get to work so I need to live vicariously through y’all!


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Birthday Weekending

My birthday was this past Saturday and I am now officially 25. Or as my 17yr old sister would put it, I’m “soo old” and my life is “practically over.” But she’s still worried about boys and what to wear on the weekends so clearly I’m more complex than that….oh wait…

Anyway, thank you to everyone for all the Birthday love, especially on my last post. I had a great response and everyone was so nice. I’m still getting around to responding to all the comments, so thank you, thank you 🙂

To celebrate my Day, I went camping with my Padre, so excuse my absence from everything social media, but not gonna lie I didn’t even think about it once. I love being outside in nature and “unplugging” as they say. Still love y’all though, promise.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I also realized I went backpacking with my Padre last year for my birthday weekend, so clearly patterns are being established. Not quite sure what these patterns say about my life, but hopefully good things and not old people things…no Fireball was consumed in the celebration of my big day. Just another reason I’m failing at this whole 20-something thing. #sorrynotsorry (<<— that’s still a thing right?)

I got some pretty funny comments on my last post about my lessons learned the other day. I just wanted to clear up that I’m Not the girl in the photo, it’s a stock photo. I mean, they got the mountains and long braid part down but last time I checked I wasn’t a tiny girl. However for your viewing pleasure I’ve attempted to reenact said photo…red bow and all


Nailed it…..minus the crooked braid and completely different person part….

Oh and word to the wise, this is what happens when your Father is you photographer for the weekend….


Notice how he switched the phone sideways half way through as well haha…Love that old man 🙂

Anyway, it was nice to spend time with family and enjoy the Great Outdoors. Don’t worry though, much cake was harmed in the making of this post….like all the cake….Also I tackled making no-churn ice cream so that’ll be up on the blog soon.

How was everyone else’s weekend? I feel so out of the loop!!



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Weekending & Some Winners

Happy Monday Friends!

Thanks to everyone who left me such nice comments on Friday. As much as I miss my pup, I do know she’s better off now than on Earth in pain. I feel kinda bad because I’m about to tell you about another gloriously lazy weekend again. That’s like 3 in a row. I think I need to get my life together….


Well it wasn’t completely lazy. Saturday morning I met up with one of my favorite former clients who now plays collegiate field hockey, and we went through a nice track workout together. Sweat city, I need to work that hard more often. No pictures were taken because no one wants to see that lol.

I also went yard sale-ing and scored so awesome stuff!  I really need a yard-sale buddy though, because it’s way less awkward with a friend to distract you from the eyes following you as you root through other people’s possessions….Old people have no problem staring…Fact.

Finally, I’m happy to announce the winners of my giveaway from last week! I’m so excited for the 3 new besties that will be hangin out on my sidebar! I’ve emailed the winners so please get back to me by the end of the week as the ads will start next Monday (4th)

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Ironically that’s also the date of the Secret Blogger Club so get your posts ready for that! The theme will be the beach! Good things, bad things, awesome things, funny things. Really anything beach or summer related. Get creative! (as always though, the theme isn’t mandatory so just link-up your regular posts come Mon/Tues).


Congrats again ladies and thank you yo every one who entered. I wish I could pull an Oprah and give everyone some free swag. Unfortunately for y’all, I’m not that cool….. Alas anyone who entered the giveaway will haveta settle for a promo code for 40% off my remaining ad spots! You should be getting an email later on today if you haven’t already. Go here to check em out!

Funny story. One of my bestest bloggie friends Mar won the first 3 times I pushed the “pick a winner” button on Rafflecopter. Apparently the Fates reeeeeeally want her on my sidebar! (I of course am thrilled, so the Fate’s and I are on the same page here).

How was everyone else’s weekend?


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