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I’ve never claimed to be a literary genius or the voice of my generation (no wait I am that one) but someone somewhere sometime during my life told me that numbers don’t lie. I personally have a very hate-hate relationship with numbers, so I’ll haveta take their word for it. I know I’ll always hold a grudge towards my Junior year Pre-calc class for ruining my perfect GPA, curse you! And don’t even get me started on graduate level statistics….

Needless to say, Math and I are frenemies who are closer to the enemy part. But statistically speaking these are the posts y’all have enjoyed the most (thanks for clicking over and over to boost my views Mom!) Hopefully this puts my best foot forward so we can start agreeing on that whole voice of a generation thing 😉


Popular Posts Y’all Love

Reasons to Date a Girl Who Runs (featured on RunHaven.com and kicked off my Freelance Career!)

Reasons I Haven’t Hit “Big Blogger” Status now Part 2!

Why I’ll Never Eat Another Quest Bar Again (Top ranked on Google and Troll comments)

The Truth Behind Instagram

How I Spent My Early 20s “Wrong”

Confessions: I’m Cooler Online (like duh)

Why I Stop Reading Your Blog

26 “Adult” Things I Still Don’t Understand

Lessons From a 20-Something

Lessons I Learned at 24 (because more lessons)

Why Your Master’s Degree Doesn’t Impress Me

Posts I love

No-Churn Smores Ice Cream (le duh)

Switching From Worpress.com to WordPress.org in 5 (mostly) Simple Steps

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