Secret Blogger Club

Calling the Secret Blogger Club to Order

This is a link-up for anyone and everyone! It takes place the first Monday of every month unless otherwise stated.

The purpose: to discover new blogs, make new friends, and support the smaller bloggers of blogland 🙂

InspirationFeeling shunned from the “bigger” bloggers

The rules: There are no rules!! (j/k mostly)

-Make sure to follow your Hosts on social media Blonder Side and Nuthouse

-Display the badge in your post or link back (mandatory)

-Link-up, click around, and be friendly 😀

Blonder Side of Life
Blonder Side of Life

Club Minutes:

May 5th, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

July 7th, 2014

August 4th, 2014

Wanna co-host? Shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

Let’s Connect!


21 thoughts on “Secret Blogger Club

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  2. Hi!
    I just joined your link up! I love link ups! Not sure if you are still looking for a co-host, but I would love to be included. 🙂
    I am trying to start my own link up (What’s Cooking Wednesday) and am also looking for some fellow bloggers to co-host. Let me know if you are interested. 🙂


  3. Excited to participate! I completely feel like there’s some magical combination of words and pictures, abracadabra, bibbity boppity boo, and then you’re a big time blogger. And after 5 years I still haven’t quite hit the mark, but I still love blogging and always love finding new blogs to follow!

  4. I’m totally slow in life, but I want to co-host with you if you’re ever looking for someone 😉 And I’ll be linking up this week because hey, someone got her act together and stopped letting pregnancy brain take over everything! Haha! xo

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