How to Make Friends in Your 20’s

I have such a fun post for y’all today!

Remember Jess? You know, my uber cool friend who somehow still likes me despite my homebody grandma personality? She also wrote here before about Treating Your Self, which if you’re not doing already you need to start Immediately!

Also to answer the wedding questions, no we don’t have a date (but possibly our venue so it’s tbd very soon, eek!) also no I haven’t looked at dresses or caterers or wedding favors or anything else you want to ask me about. Wedding planning is awesome and fun but choosing is hard. First world problems yo….

Anyway, without further ado, take it away Jess!

How to make friends in 20s

Hey Everyone!
It’s been a while since I have written for Kelsey, and to be honest, she asked me to do this in August but I’m such a procrastinator that I didn’t get it done…hence the reason I will never be a real blogger. But anyways, since you’ve last heard from me (a year ago) I have gone from traveling job that had me hopping place to place, to permanent job at an amazing hospital in Seattle, WA. I could not be happier with my decision to land in this city, even with it being so far away from my New England home. Which is what brings us to today’s topic: tips for making new friends in your 20s and beyond.  This can be a hard thing to do, but it is possible, and hopefully this will help!

Disclaimer: I am an extrovert, and kind of pride myself on bringing introverts out of their shells when I can. So if you are an extrovert, these will be tips on how to work it, and for all you introverts, hopefully this will help you feel more comfortable out of your shell.

Focus on your interests

By the time you are 24, most people know what things they are interested in whether it be fitness, reading, outdoor adventures, board games, computer games, dancing, and general debauchery. You at least have an idea of what makes you happy and like to do. And if you like it, I can guarantee that there is someone else out there who likes those things too.  So do your research online, talk about the things you like to do with coworkers, if you see someone doing something you like, go talk to them (if they give you a weird look, who cares, you are just being friendly) Also, I highly recommend the website for groups that get together to do said interests.

Say yes

This is my number one go to rule. It’s the most proven (personally at least) way to meet cool people and form amazing friendships. If you get an invitation that sounds interesting, just say yes. Whether it be an invite to a party full of people you may not know, out to a drink with someone you’ve only had a few conversations with before, or for a walk on a nice day (or in the rain too!) just say yes.
Simple right? ( the answer is YES!)

Be yourself

How do you expect to make authentic friendships if you aren’t being your authentic self? This is also a simple one.

Get out there!

Go! Out of your house! Grab someone and go somewhere, or go by yourself. Sit at the bar, eavesdrop and butt into interesting conversations (you know you are listening anyways). Go for a walk or run and stop to pet someone’s dog, social interaction is important. Even if these random encounters don’t go anywhere, they will get you more comfortable with talking to people, I’m looking at you introverts! Even if it’s out of your comfort zone, set a goal for even 1 time a week to get out of the house and do something social.

Use Connections

A friend of a friend could be your next BFF and you just don’t even know it yet. If there’s someone who you think you would hit it off with, don’t be afraid to use you connections, personal or digital, to reach out. I mean come on, I know you are Facebook and Instagram stalking them anyways.


Did you make a new friend that you want to make sure sticks around? Make dates, see each other, plan things, and then use each other to make even more awesome friends!

Give Zero Craps

Not to be rude here, which I am also not saying you should be, but seriously, the less you stress about what you are doing, or what you look like or are perceived as to other people, the easier it will be to complete any of the other steps. Know that you as you are right now, is an Awesome person, and go share that with the world. If you meet someone and they don’t see it, then it’s their loss.

So those are the general rules, I have been using these a lot recently, and have formed an amazing variety and strong groups of friends in Seattle, in just 7 months. So take the plunge, get yourself out there, and surround yourself with people as amazing as you!

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The Many Stages of Filing Taxes

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!

I had to be at work today at 5:30 this morning and didn’t stay up to watch Kentucky play, ya know, because I’m old and can’t be staying out that late and all. (they played at 9:45, no thanks) I’ve since found out they won so Yay go Wildcats….unless my source was wrong in which case, boo Mountaineers.

Anyway, I did a very grown-up thing yesterday and filed my own taxes for the first time. My Daddy finally decided it was time for me to grow up and no amount of pleading or begging would dissuade him….. sad face.

I did it though, and y’all, filing taxes is easy if all you have are W2 forms to do….easy peasy lemon squeezy.

However, if you have other income like I do (hello freelance writing) it was basically akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack and the haystack is underground so it’s pitch black. Oh and also you can only use your face…..

Many Stages of Taxes

Stage One: Pick your Helper Site

I’m a DIY-er as much as possible so I wanted to do them myself versus going to like an H&R Block and paying them to do my taxes. I mean heck, people only go to school for a degree for this stuff, it can’t be that hard to figure out.

Stage Two: W2’s

Like I mentioned earlier, this part was super easy and only took me all of 10 minutes to do. Most of that was simply the learning curve of never doing it before. I used TaxAct and it walks you through the process really easily.

If by chance you can’t read then this may be a difficult step for you

Stage Two: Other Income

Here’s where things got dicey. First of all, for some reason all the questions about owning your own business were followed with questions about farm equipment. What? Then I wasn’t sure if freelance work counted as my own business (because no I don’t have employees or insurance costs or revenue thank you TaxAct questions) or as just extra income untaxed…..

Stage Three-Seventy: Confusion

I used the “back” button and Googled lots of terms several times. I mean, who comes up with this stuff? What the heck IRS. This is the stage in which you start to consider moving to another country because America is hard…. #ThanksObama

Stage Eighty-Nine: Review

Eventually you fill everything out, answer all the questions, tear out all but one strand of hair, and cry many a tear in frustration and somehow arrive at the part where they ask you to review all your answers……..

Basically I fumbled my face through the haystack in the dark and came out on the other side with scratches and second-guessing everything I filled out.

Stage Ninety: Filed and Complete

Finally you e-file them and you’re done.

And there ya have it folks, how to file your own taxes in 90 easy steps…..

Does anyone else file their own taxes like a grown-up? Or am I the only one who had trouble figuring out all the government mumbo-jumbo speak? Le sigh….

Here’s to the weekend!

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How to Be a Proper 20-Something

Welcome to the Secret Blogger Club Friends!

I wrote the other day about my Half-Birthday, and amidst the well-wishes (I ate all the half-birthday cake don’t worry) I got to thinkin….

Being half-way through my 20’s, I feel this gives me a fair perspective on the whole 20-something thing. Granted I’m not really your typical 20-something which is pretty plain to everyone. But the fact that I am numerically categorized as one of them, I deduce this gives me all the credit and authority to talk about them like an expert…..Also I blog so am an expert at talking about things, duh.

Being a 20-something really is actually pretty hard. I mean eat, sleep, watch Netflix, repeat every day isn’t the only thing we have to keep track of. There’s a distinct difference between being in your early 20’s and being in your late 20’s. Not to mention the insanity that is 25.

There are a few blanket things that bond all 20-something together however….

Proper 20-something

*Warning, this post is full of lots of sarcasm and shameless links to my own social media accounts. All follows help boost my fragile 20-something ego and self-importance. Thank you in advance.

1. Use Hashtags. Don’t feel limited by social media either. I mean literally say hashtags out loud. Yolo, throwbackthursday, mancrushmonday, ByeFelicia…you get my drift. You will say these things in daily conversation and only a 20-something (or blogger) will be able to decipher it. The more hashtags you use the better and more in-the-know you really are. How else will people know that you’re the Queen of Social Media??

2. Repeat after me…..Leggings Are Pants. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Pants with actual structure and pockets are for old people and you Miss. are neither old nor considered an actual contribution to society yet, so you have no need for those. I have to warn you against not covering your booty though…always cover the booty…..

3. Netflix is your BFF. Or BF for the majority of your early 20’s as well. I realize the euphoria that is Netflix transcends the boundaries of age, but having a full and loving relationship with Netflix is key for a 20-something. It will be one of your longest and most  fulfilling relationships afterall.

4. Selfies are King. You can never take too many selfies. Selfie in the morning. Selfie at lunch. Selfie at your grandmother’s funeral, say what? (this actually happened…..ppl are weird…..and disrespectful…..) Selfies are a lot of hard work and getting the perfect one may take up to several hundreds takes. Don’t let this discourage you…One day it’ll pay-off when you become Instagram famous.

5. Panic That You’re Behind. B/c you are. You’re not married yet? What’s wrong with you, do you want to die alone? Oh you say you are married but don’t have kids yet? You know you’re not getting any younger and neither is your uterus. You’re still living at home you failure? Don’t have a house, job, car, boat, private jet, or platinum selling album at the top of the charts? Think all these thoughts at once and you’ve nailed it! Anxiety-ville here we come!

Oh, and apparently you’re only doing it right if you drink all the wine….Or so I’m told….

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I hope this post has helped some of you learn how to be a proper 20-something. I know I feel much better now that I’m gotten my thoughts out into the internet b/c I only have big and important things to say and everyone should read them…… #winning

What’s your best tip on being a 20-something? (sarcastic or otherwise)

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