Museums, Babies, and Awkward Adult Encounters

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!

Anyone else just hanging out in their pajamas all day? Yea i didn’t think so…..

Does anyone even read these besides my parents anyway? Whatever, let’s go.

This weekend was my weekend of Ty (JB’s niece) For my birthday, she set up an entire weekend of plans for me including a day at the Boston Museum of Science. She’s pretty advanced for a 1 year old….

Boston Science Museum


I actually went to a cookout at their house Saturday, sans JB, He’s at a bachelor party all weekend in Philly. A 5 day bachelor party, but that’s a story for his blog….if he actually had one…which he doesn’t, so the story will never be told…..

Back to the cookout! I was the only unmarried, childless one there. The group literally consisted of married couples, each with a child, and then me… So the whole day looked something like the grown-ups talking and me splashing in the pool with the kids. Story of my life.

The next day was museum day though which is where the non-awkward fun began. (note; the awkwardness came from me, not JB sister’s friends). I drove over to their house and we set out to dodge the suicidal-offensive drivers in the city. Seriously, the number of times people will cut you off, move into your lane with no warning, and honk at you for them doing something wrong is astounding.

Now I’ve never been to the Boston Science Museum so everything was a new experience for me. This was also Ty’s first trip so we basically had all the same feelings about it. Except she actually fit on the hands on exhibits like the see-saw, swings, and really all the fun stuff so I guess she actually had more fun than me. Although she didn’t really get the Pixar exhibit so who’s the real winner, hmmm?

She ended up falling asleep on the way home in the car as I hand-fed her watermelon. Kids really are in too much of a hurry to grow-up in my opinion.

So that was my weekend. Pretending to be an adult but secretly just making friends with their kids, running around a science museum with a small child who’s attention span is shorter than a tweet, and binge watching entirely too many episodes of Hart of Dixie (anyone else from the South find that show slightly offensive?)

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

Also I’m toying with the idea of a vlog….I know…but if you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask type away and send em my way! (comments, twitter, facebook, you pick your method)

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Exploring Your Own Backyard

Hello Friends!

I’ve been having such a good time lately with ym family in town, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about y’all. I absolutely love when people come to visit me because I’m still such a tourist in my new home so playing tour guide is essentially my favorite thing.

See, I have no friends here yet and the ole bf grew up here and the whole Tourist thing isn’t His thing. Basically this means I either need to make some friends or just have my family continually rotating through to come visit me.

Since my family isn’t made of money and I have essentially zero friend-making social skills the older I get, I’ll stick to what I can get and really enjoy the time I get.

I started us off right in our backyard at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. For non-sports fans like my brother and his wife, they were even impressed. #FreeBrady #hatersgonnahate


Next up was a well-deserved ice cream stop. There’s no denying homemade ice cream is the best ice cream so there was NO way I was gonna let them get away without grabbing some. My brother admitted he’s not a big fan of ice cream in general and I instantly disowned him…..

Left is German Chocolate Cake, Right is Cake Batter

Left is German Chocolate Cake, Right is Cake Batter

Sunday we took the late train into Boston. I got zero pictures of us actually in Boston because I’m lame like that and got too caught up in the fun! Not too sorry though, because I took them to my favorite Tea Shop (David’s Tea), on part of the Freedom Trail, and into Quincy Market for some grub. Y’all should’ve seen the video of the street performance JB got pulled into…..epic….

We didn’t quite make it to the Gardens of Boston Common like I had planned since we ended up getting rained out. Whomp, whomp…..oh well.


Monday, I took the day off work and took them to the Cape. Cape Cod for those who aren’t in the know 😉

It was a scorcher and the beach was empty so we took advantage…..until we got hungry went in search of some seafood…..where my brother continued to insult me and ordered a Ceasar salad…..lame sauce Bro.

We walked the shops and boardwalk where we found this guy…..If that’s not a face of pure joy then slap my grandma because this guy is living the life.


We finished the day at my favorite restaurant, or rather saloon. Yes I’m that cool, I frequent a saloon 😉

Being an adult, I couldn’t take Tuesday off as well, so they explored the city without me while I went to work. They caught a late plane back to Augusta and that was that. I’m so glad they got to come visit and I can’t wait until we can all be back together again.

So now I need someone else to come visit me so let’s make that happen k?

Ever been to Boston? Do you like to be a tour guide in your own city?

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Books & Spring Break Snow

Hello Darlings!

Hello from the airport. It ended up snowing Friday and my flight was canceled. When re-booking my flight, I couldn’t get out of Boston until now due to Spring Breakers filling up all the flights! What? Who knew….

You should know I have horrible luck flying. The past 4-5 trips I’ve been on have been delayed or canceled and taken at least an extra day to get where I’m goin. I’m starting to take it personally….

Anyway, I had an amazing week in Massachusetts. One filled with snow that’s for sure. I’m really good at picking warm vacation spots. No amount of snow could have  put a damper on this trip though.

small plug, scarf by Me.

Scarf by me, uneven legs by orthopedic surgeons.

If you wanna see how high some of the snowdrifts still are, check out my Insta photo. And then promptly like and follow, le duh 😉

And even though I didn’t get lots of writing done or show up here too often, I did however read 5 books, so you can see where my priorities on vacation lie lol.

Books included:

  • The One & Only by Emily Giffin (2 stars)
  • Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult (5 stars)
  • The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (5 stars)
  • One Plus One by JoJo Moyes (1 star)
  • The Lady’s Slipper by Deborah Swift (4 stars)

Book Review

Ugh, don’t even get me started on how much I hated the last 1/3 of the One & Only. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t read it, but just no. It ruined the entire book for me. I’m not a fan of Emily Giffen’s other books (i.e. Something Borrowed) so I really shouldn’t be all that surprised. Jodi Picoult never let’s me down though and mind blown with her latest one.

That also makes 18/100 for my 2015 goal. Catch me on Goodreads.

I also got to spend some great time with the World’s cutest tiny human. Any time spent with her is awesome, but watching JB play with her is perhaps the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on the planet. Well either that or the look on her face when she finds her belly button. it’s a toss up.

She’s pretty advanced for a one-year-old and left JB and I this message on the fridge.

fridge magnents

Parenting for the win. Role models for sure. How do you make it look so easy!

I took plenty photos for her but didn’t manage to snap one of us together. Too busy crawlin around on the floor together to be bothered. #babylife

Are you still a child and get a Spring Break? Or am I the only one who hasn’t grown up yet?


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Linkin up with MIMM & Weekending

Hemp Hearts Winner

Happy Monday Spring Breakers!

Or rather I suppose if you’re reading this you’re most definitely Not on Spring Break. I’ll still be visiting your blogs however, b/c I live dangerously like that.

I’m just poppin in from Boston, where yes we did get some snow last night, I’m really good at planning warm weather vacations.

Spring Break Snow

I spent the entire weekend Not writing so this will be brief. I wanted to announce the winner of the Hemp Hearts giveaway. But first a thanks to everyone who entered and shared it!

So congratulations to Sue. I’ve emailed you. If I don’t hear back by Wednesday then i’ll pick another winner.

Finally the Secret Blogger Club will still be on this week, so be sure to link-up and join the fun!

Now tell me how your weekend was? (I’ll be stoppin by later 🙂 )


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Linkin up with weekending


Happy Monday Lovelies.

I was housesitting this weekend and let me tell you, it felt nice to be in a real house instead of my usual transient apartments for a change. Plus when you’ve house-mates that look like this, life really doesn’t get any better.


I literally looked just like this kitty all weekend. Cute right? Ok not as cute as their tiny human they took with them but beggar’s can’t be choosers and in case I wasn’t clear enough, I fall under the former. So a special shout-out and thank you to the Atwoods, y’all were the ones doin ME a favor, not the other way around.

I felt like such a legit blogger though. My friday consisted of throwin on my bathin suit after working that morning, takin my laptop outside (b/c houses have real decks), and writing with a Dunk’s watermelon Coolatta in hand. Well not actually in my hand b/c I need them to type, but trust me, lots of icy cold beverages were consumed that afternoon.

Patio and Laptop with Dunks

Hi Dunkin Donuts, wanna give me all the coolatta’s for pluggin em here?

A girl could get used to this life…..With all my free time hangin with other ppls animals only punctuated by the daily puppy walks, I checked a few things off my bored list. Example, I finally watched Sharknado on Netflix…that sorta stuff makes this the bored list. Well if I’m being honest, I only made it about 6min before I turned it off so it remains on the bored list for now I did however finally get around to downloading Dropbox and organizing all my files. Late to the party as always….

Not on the list was smashing two of my knuckles into the ceiling fan while playing Dance Revolution by myself. They’re black and blue even two days later so I gave em a good smack #graceful.  I’m also really prayin the videos of my dancing isn’t saved to a giant Cloud or however that works….it was pretty horrible awesome. Awesome for the mere fact it was so horrible 😛 (let me know if you find anything Julia).

With my dancin skills firmly not in question, I moved on to safer activities such as reading a book, taking a nap, and binge-watching Psych on Netlfix. Productive weekend? I’d say yes. Sometimes ya just need a break from the grind and a nice lazy weekend. Or so I tell myself to justify such a lazy weekend…..Let’s just pretend I’m right.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Any lazy weekenders like me?


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Linkin up with Biana & MIMM 

Linguica & Sweet Potato Hash

First things first, I’m so proud of the Secret Blogger Club for record numbers!! Thanks to everyone who participated (it’s still open through today fyi) Also a HUGE thank you to Kristen for co-hosting this month 🙂 Also if you’re interested in co-hosting in the future, just shoot me an email.

I also had an interview on SugarFreeGlow the other day so you should go check it out. I talk about my healthy (mostly) lifestyle choices and favorites. It made me feel like a bigger deal then I really am so ya know, you should go give it a looky-loo 😉

Now it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared a recipe with y’all but it’s not for lack of cooking. It’s more a lack of taking photos before I eat it (#fail). I ended up making Peanut Butter Candy for the Fourth and zero pictures were taken..whomp, whomp…..So put that aside for another time. Today I’ve got a good one for all you spicy lovers out there though.


I’ve mentioned my bestie JB on here before, but I haven’t told y’all he’s half Portugese. This isn’t really that big of a deal except it means he eats weird food like Linguica and Keilbasa (my uncultured side is showing). Yes those are real foods this Southern girl never knew existed. They’re also foods that are entirely too spicy for me to eat in large quantities (don’t hate). Because of my perpetual need to please those I love around me and my utter lack of tolerance to spice, I made up a hash I could enjoy as well as my spice-lover bestie.

Linguica & Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

-Linguica links

-1 large sweet potato

-3 green peppers

-1 onion


Yup, 4 ingredients are all you need. You can also change the ratios of them as well. I’m not a f an of onion but JB loves it so a whole one went in. Same with the peppers and sweet potatoes. Toss in any much or as little as you want! Pretty darn easy for a man-pleasing dinner such as this one.

All you need to do is cut the linguica and toss in a skillet. Cook on high until browned then set aside in a bowl.**make sure to leave the drippings in the pan** Toss in the rest of the ingredients (that you’ve already chopped b/c I forgot to say that before). You shouldn’t have to but you can add a little olive oil if your linguica didn’t produce enough to coat the chopped veggies. Turn the heat down slightly so the sweet potatoes cook through before browning. This part took maybe 30min for me.


Finally add back in the linguica and toss altogether! I served it with a side of steamed cauliflower but we both just ended up adding it into the bowl with the hash. So there ya go ladies and gents, another Man-approved easy meal to add to your repertoire. (Also for you non-spicy lovers, the sweet potato as opposed to regular potato cuts down on the spice….your spice receptors can thank me later)

It’s so easy Kelsey can do it!!…Seriously, that’s a real thing 😀

Anyone else ever eaten linguica before or am I just that lame?


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Fourth Celebrations – The Secret Blogger Club Is In Session

Happy Monday and Welcome to the July Secret Blogger Club Meeting!!

Blonder Side of Life

I hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating with yummy food and crackly fireworks!

This month’s theme was Fourth of July Celebrations so it’s time to see who can one-up everyone else (kidding!) I had a nice a relaxed weekend with special guest Arthur. Hurricane Arthur that is. Friday was stormy all afternoon but I did get to see the cutest tiny human (aka JB’s niece I not so secretly claim as my own) that morning so it was plenty festive.


This is actually from a cafe in Boston’s South End not the place we ate Saturday….I eat a lot of ice cream….

Saturday we went to a friend’s for a little cook-out and corn hole. Followed up with a run to the farm stand for ice cream. And I don’t actually mean run…I mean we got in the car and drove, then consumed 3 giant scoops of Green Monster (aka mint oreo….yum)

Now before you leave I wanna introduce this month’s Co-Host, Kristen!! She writes over at See You in A Porridge and is perhaps the cutest thing in Blogland (no shame in admitting it either 🙂 )


If you’d like to get to know her further (as any sane human would) make sure to read about her here, as well as her 30 before 30 list. Oh and she just got back from a visit home so if you’ve ever wanted to go to Australia she’s got a great recap post!

Now link-up and go become friends with Kristen (you can thank me later). Don’t forget to go give Suzan some love too. She’s not posting a live link-up with us today b/c she’s super busy having all the fun.



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