Delusions and Other Confessions

Happy Hump Day Folks.

If it feels like October is half way over and you’re still recovering from it being August and school started then welcome to my current state of mind. Seriously Father Time, I need a minute or two to catch up, k?

Today I’m linkin up with both Kathy for Confessions and Taylor and Helene for Blogtober. First b/c confessions are cathartic and amazing and Two because I love quotes (today’s prompt and sort of a confession….kinda)

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Does anyone else create fictional stories in their head that might happen and how you’d react? Like, cute boy bumps into you and you say something witty and he instantly falls in love with you and you’re all I’m too cool for school?…..Just me?…I mean like full-on write the entire script for this delusional and very fake scenario and you always come up cool as a cucumber but if it actually happened in real life you’d be a bumbling fool?

Ok fine, just my life….

Here’s a good one for you…..does anyone else always find the biggest puddles and step in them? And I don’t mean on purpose b/c you’re a free spirit and you love Mother Nature and embracing spontanaity, I mean on accident when you happen to be wearing white shoes on the way to work……Every.Day…

The puddles of Lexington seriously have it out for me…

Quote time. I’m a quote person though so picking just one was really hard. I’ve always liked words so I pay close attention to quotes and lyrics. Perhaps it’s because when that fictional cute boy from above bumps into me I never have a witty comment in response….whatever…I’m beautiful on the inside.

Dr. Suess is a good go-to in a situation like this, so without further ado


I’m that annoying girl that is always lookin on the bright-side, finding that silver lining, and making the best of things (making my bout with depression that much more shocking). I’m actually a terrible person to complain to b/c out of the 70 bad things you tell me I really only hear the half a good one.

For some reason this also leads lots of people to complain to me to find that half a good thing…..Hmmmm, maybe I need to re-think my life strategy…..

How it’s your turn. What’s one confession from this week so far?

Next, b/c I’m a quote whore (that’s a thing) I wanna hear one of YOUR favorite quotes!


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Some Much Needed Confessions of Late

It’s been a hot minute or two since I’ve confessed anything. It’s gonna be even weirder now that I know entirely way too many people IRL that read this. Why try and pretend I’m not as strange as I know I am, so let’s go ahead and make things awkward for work/class/life.

Mindy Kaling gives some great advice


>> I’ve had zero motivation to get any writing done lately, which explains all the recipe posts. I guess I figure if I distract y’all with food you won’t notice the lack of substance.

>> Speaking of substance, can school be over already? I gotta keep tellin myself grad school was a good idea….It’ll be worth it once I get that degree in the Spring but until then I don’t wanna write any papers (see above), study for any tests, research for any projects, or read any chapters for discussion…..In case anyone is considering grad school, that last sentence pretty much sums up the experience.

>> I’ve got a really vulnerable post sitting in my drafts but I have yet to get the stones to hit publish. It would certainly make up for the distinct lack of substance I’ve been worried about, but dang-it, it’s SCARY!

>> This time next week I’ll be in California and I am beyond excited but also a tiny bit nervous. Not for the conference itself but for the opportunities and networking with some pretty big names that I hope to do.

Dear hiring managers I will soon meet,  

     Please love me and hire me and pay me lots of money….and maybe include some benefits.

Sincerely, Kels

>> My Monday’s now start at 5am, which means I’m up at 3:45…that’s am. No longer can anyone complain to me about their Monday’s because clearlyI have one two billion-upped you.

>> I’m making a short video for one of my classes and it involves me doing both voiceover and being in front of the camera…..awkward….like really….this video will be on YouTube and don’t you worry your little booty I’ll be posting it for my humiliation and your entertainment on here as well.

Whew, I’m done. Now tell me some of your confessions?

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Confessions: I’m Cooler Online + Giveaway

Happy Hump Day Lovelies,

We’re back to regular programming as I can only introduce and nerd out over my new design so much before y’all get sick of me. So moving on. I’ve got a bit of a confession for y’all today that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise to…well, really anyone in either my real life or Blogland….. CoolerOnline You read that right. I’m not very “cool.” In case I didn’t know this myself, plenty of people (JB included) like to remind me on a daily basis. Ask anyone from high school, my siblings, or the entire BYU football team that saw me bite the dust in the middle of the field….while being televised on ESPN. Thank GOODNESS there was no camera on me for years of continued embarrassment! I try really hard, I really do. But some people just walk in the light, ya know. (name that movie) I just happen NOT to be one of those people….

>> I’m clumsy. I trip a lot. Like more then the normal person…over nothing…I also run into things. Wall corners, table edges, car bumpers,you name it. If a normal person is able to avoid it, I will hit it. I wake up with new bruises all the time. Oh yea, remember that time I lost a fight with a ceiling fan?

>>I stutter. I feel weird even putting this out in the open because I like to think it’s not noticeable. It isn’t a common thing, just sometimes my mouth lags a bit behind my brain. I know exactly what I want to say, I just can’t seem to get it out. (A busy brain is a sign of genius right?) Thankfully it’s never happened when I’m actually giving a large presentation for class or work, but it’ll happen to me in a one on one convo….try impressing someone with that. Online, it doesn’t matter though as long as my fingers keep a typin!

>>I like corny jokes and puns. I’d think this one would increase my cool stock but apparently “cool” kids don’t like lame puns? I must get this love from my Padre. Here’s one for the road. “What do you call a dinosaur with a extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus”….crickets……

Good thing I have my own Secret Blogger Club right… >>Last confession, I recently announced that I’m now offering sponsorships, but I’m really nervous that I’ll have, like zero takers. It’s scary to put yourself out there in any sort of aspect. But since I’m my own biggest fan (go me!), I’m gonna give y’all a few reasons why you should.

    • #1. You’ll get my undivided attention. Seriously you might be the only one. Even if you aren’t though, being new I know I’ve got something to prove. Don’t you wanna be on the receiving end of that?
    • #2. I’ll work harder for you. I may be smaller, but as a smaller blogger myself, I know how important it is you get what you paid for. Your baby becomes my grand-baby (and we all know how much grandparents love to spoil their grandkids)
    • #3.  I’m growing, you’re growing, let’s grow together. As I won’t let you forget, I’m also writing for RunHaven a few times a month so I’m only goin up in my stats. I’ll make sure you have a seat on that rocket. If not a rocket, at least something that moves in the relative direction of up….you see my point. (Ps my first article went live today!)

    If my un-cool persona and the aforementioned reasons still don’t have you convinced, I understand. Until I’ve got some street cred I wouldn’t trust me either. It’s rough out in them streets of Blogland. For that reason I’m giving away some free spots just for you! Just enter the giveaway below!

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// else ever feel left out of the cool kid circle? Sig

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Confessions of the Unemployed Mind

There’s something to be said for the people that work from home and actually like it b/c I’m going crazy and becoming desperate for human contact. The other day I had a 30min conversation with the check-out lady at Family Dollar about ice trays….ice trays ppl….it’s bad….

Today in normal hump day fashion I will be confessing…it’s about to get real…


This is mojo….he’s not impressed….

Having copious amounts of extra time on your hands isn’t all its cracked up to be. Y’all know I have a summer internship that brought me to Boston. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it’s unpaid though. My plan was to work part-time at a gym, That was Plan A…Plans A-D have since fallen through and dang it if it’s not expensive just to be alive up here! I am workin on Plans E-F right now so cross your fingers somethin will work out for me so I don’t end up on the streets.

Because I’ve never been unemployed since sophomore year of high school, I don’t really know how to deal with it. Granted I was working for free in college for the athletic department but I was still working 40-hr weeks getting great experience as an Athletic Trainer. Now I’ve got all day to occupy myself and there’s only so many trips to the library and park a girl can take before it’s even too expensive to drive anywhere. Because of all my free time, my mind has gotten a little…um I’ll let you decide… let’s confess….

>>First things first…..

That pretty much embodies my outlook on tanning during the summer (or really any time of year). Summer brings out all the pool-lounging Instagram photos but you won’t see me baking and working on my cancer intake. Mainly b/c I have no pool to visit and my skin remains ghostly white despite my sun exposure levels….Oh well, wasn’t being uber white considered beautiful at some point in history? I just missed my era is all…

>>Did anyone else know you can now use your own fonts on Picmonkey? I can now look all professional on here without actually being a professional…or at the very least look like a small child who got a little too excited for art’s and crafts…I have enough time on my hands to download a billion new fonts and than proceed to play around with them….sigh


p.s. I found most of those here.

>>My confidence is takin a hit this summer. I’m not full of myself, but I’m good at what I do and my qualifications and background make me a great candidate for any gym. This summer, however, I can’t even seem to get hired as the front desk person. No job is beneath me while trying to make ends meet this summer though, so I’ve branched out from the fitness industry. We’ll see where that gets me….

>>What exactly makes a recipe “clean” anyway? The simple act of placing the word “clean” or “paleo” in front of a recipe makes people swoon these days. How about we all just agree to be a normal person, eat healthy whole foods and relax with all this paleo, clean stuff…..

>>Last confession b/c let’s be honest there’s not a whole lot goin on right now to confess. There’s some blogs that I religiously follow but never comment on. Why? Well 1. they usually garner 40+ comments a post anyway and never respond or 2. I don’t actually like what they have to say but I can’t stop reading them…Seriously, points to them for keepin me hooked when I don’t even like their blog…Minus points to me for bein a loser who just. can’t. stop! (note: if you’re reading this, that pretty much guarantees I’m not talking about you 🙂 )

I now feel bad for actually confessing those last ones. Everyone in blogland is a lovely woodland nymph with amazing, enlightening, important things to say….I apologize for my harsh judgement 🙂

Now that you’ve been exposed to my inner mean girl, tell me one of your mean girl moments….or give me a job, either one works for me 😀


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Hump Day Laughter

First things first, hopefully you’re all getting as excited about my new link-up as I am. I’d prefer it not be an utter failure with 4 links (if I’m lucky) so I’m hoping y’all will do me a solid and spread the word and link-up with me (pretty pretty please 🙂 )

Ok, now for some fun. It is Hump Day after all. Anyone else out there a Vine-lover? Am I the only adult that loses brain cells watchin this stuff?….ok, well I’m about to make a believer out of all of y’all. I think this represents my life pretty well….#SingleGirlStatus (be sure to click the sound on)

Hahahahahahhahaha Excuse me while I continue looping this…….

Whew, laughter has subsided enough for me to go on, all y’all with me?

Today I have a few confessions……..

-I haven’t run since my Half Marathon a few weeks ago. I’ve thought about it and even put my shoes on this past saturday but ended up hiking and zero running was achieved. My only motivation to log some double digit miles is so I can eat an entire pizza myself….is that bad?

-Speaking of races, I just realized I hadn’t updated my Races page until I wrote this post….oops. You’ll notice my 2014 schedule has been pretty sparse thus far and I don’t really have an explanation for you on that one except I’m broke and can’t afford entry fees, sigh.

-The statement that blondes have more fun isn’t true. I have been the epitome of “all work no play” these past few weeks. Between finals, large end-of-semester projects, internships to organize, and moving plans, I’ve been pretty busy. Oh and also the whole work for money thing has been getting in the way lately. (that kinda made me sound like a Lady of the Night…I’m not just so we’re clear…)

-I got way too excited to design the new button for my link-up. So in that sense this blonde has still been having fun lol



-I’m kinda worried this linkup will be a complete failure and I’ll have to retire from blogland in disgrace….you’ll help me out won’t you? Membership to the Secret Blogger Club is free….I’m also not above begging…if you’re friendship can be bought then I’ll buy it, just saying….

-I have 39 drafts (make that 41) sitting in my posts section. I can’t even pretend to be cool and organized b/c they’re all unfinished drafts…so yea there’s that. Maybe one of these days I’ll get my blogger act together.

-Speaking of which, it’s Cinco de Mayo on Monday which I only realized when someone asked if that was the theme of the link-up…..Um, Nope, I didn’t even know it was a holiday…I’m very out of touch with reality sometimes. Someone also had to remind me Mother’s Day is coming up (sorry Mom). For a girl who owns at least 4 calendar’s, I’m really bad with dates….

-Oh and remember that whole “I didn’t run so I don’t get pizza thing” from above?….I ordered the pizza anyway, oops….

Have anything to confess?

Plan on joining me in my link-up?



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