I’ve Discovered the Secret to Blogger Success

I’m not joking guys……

This is a top secret classified bit of information that only the best of the best in blogland know and I’m here to share it with you right now!

And no I’m not talking about taking or finding the perfect photo from above with your hand, laptop, and cool phone case all visible. Clearly this is a very important step in the process, but every third grader who dreams of internet fame knows this one. Keep reading for the juicy stuff.

Blogger Success

It’s no secret that I haven’t been writing……….well really anything since the Holidays.

I posted that I got engaged….

And y’all responded with all the happiness and well-wishes.

I posted about the extremely difficult problem of not knowing what to hashtag my wedding…..

And y’all gave me all the best ideas non-stop until I picked one I loved. (#SomethingBarros in case you wanted to stalk me, but like in a non-threatening manner)

Then I had my Life Guru Jess post about making friends in your 20s…..

And y’all ate it up!

So what’s the secret to blogger success then?

Um, duh, it’s YOU! Community.

The Secret to Blogger Success = Community

Cliche maybe, but it’s the truth. I don’t care how wonderful your life is or how well you can craft the perfect post or how much blogging advice you have, without people to read your blog your blog would be just bunch of gibberish posted on the internet.

I mean if we’re all really honest with ourselves, blogs really are just gibberish posted on the internet. But we are Bloggers and we shall not givein to such nonsensical thinking.

Back to the secrets.

If you’re still with me at this point then I know you truly care and aren’t actually looking for the secret to blogging success and therefore proving my point. Sure making side money, or having a full-time blog is cool. I’ve made money off this thing, it’s a pretty cool feeling to be sent free stuff. In full disclosure I just bought a ton of wedding stuff from blog money just chillin in my Paypal account.

But what makes me come back time and again.

The friends and connections I’ve made while writing, not the money made.

So whether you agree with me or not, thank you for reading my words and connecting with me even when I’m not around as often as I used to be. I promise I’m still around and trying to connect with y’all.

What do you think? What’s the secret sauce?

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Why Your Master’s Degree Doesn’t Impress Me

Guy’s I’m comin at ya today. I was gonna write about Camp, but it got all rained out yesterday and my photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted so instead you get the following…..

I realize I just spent two very intense years of my life getting a Master’s Degree at a top college in the country. Basically, that’s exactly what qualifies me to write this post. (I got my degree in Health Promotion, which if you’d like to know more you can click here.)

This post is completely inspired by the many, many comments I get on my Quest bars post from months ago…Months ago and I still get comments. Namely, many commenters like to point out that they have a Master’s degree in the health and fitness field. Congrats! That’s not an easy accomplishment! But I’m still not impressed.

Masters Degree Doesn't Impress

See I also possess a Master’s degree in the health and fitness field, and *gasp* still have a different opinion than you. That’s the beauty of opinions, they’re like buttholes, everyone has one and they’re mostly full of sh*t. Too vulgar?

Not trying to take away anything from your, clearly superior, education over mine, but I went to school with many an…how do I put this gently…..idiot. Yes I said it, you can have a Master’s degree and still be an idiot. Maybe you think I’m an idiot, that’s fine, at least we can mutually agree on something.

Higher education is awesome, grand even. It’ll land you a job over someone with only a Bachelor’s degree and it’s fancy when you frame it in your office. Parents also like to use it to brag to their friends and lord it over your aunts and uncles that their kid is smarter than theirs. But, com’on, education is over-rated.

Let me say it again. Education is over-rated. 

And this is coming from the Queen of education. I love school, I love learning, I love everything about it. But your education is over-rated if you can’t understand that an opinion is not a fact. Just becasue someone state their opinion in a public forum doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. And just becasue you disagree doesn’t make that person dumb, stupid, fat, ugly, or any other mean words you wanna throw at them.

Your education doesn’t give you the right to call anyone stupid for sharing their opinions with the world. And It certainly doesn’t give you the right to publically attack someone from behind a computer screen. Sorry bro, but your Master’s degree just isn’t that impressive.

It’s actually an embarrassment that you even behave in such as way after spending so many years “educating” yourself. I kinda feel like Shania Twain having to tell guys that their cars, jelled back hair, and shiny shoes just don’t impress me much. Let’s just add higher education and superiority complex to the list, shall we?

So here’s to those that don’t have a Master’s degree, but make up for it with being kind. Or to all those that worked hard for a Master’s degree and still managed to retain their sense of human decency. I shouldn’t judge, maybe part of your curriculum was How To Be a Dick 101, in which case, you nailed it. A+

Really though, am I just being too sensitive? For the most part I get a good chuckle from the mean backlash. I don’t take it personally. I don’t feel attacked. I don’t even get mad despite the tone of this post. Sometimes my feelings get hurt. Sometimes it’s harder to shrug off. Sometimes I do wonder if my opinion is that outrageous.

And then I remember that an opinion isn’t something to feel bad about or apologize for. Unless of course you don’t like ice cream in which case you’re just dead wrong and we will fight to the cyber death. I guess I just don’t understand the mentality of saying such hateful things to a complete stranger over a dumb opinion on a power bar….a power bar people. A power bar…

What’re your feelings on the subject? Am I being too harsh? Got a Bee in my Bonnet? Agree, disagree, think I really am an idiot? All opinions are welcome because I’m an enlightened person like that. 😉

But seriously, what do you think?

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A Blonder Shamrock Shake

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day…..Oops, I’ve never been one to really celebrate St. Patty’s day beyond wearing green so I don’t get pinched (yes my friends are still immature lol) Other then that, nada. Maybe a green dessert of some kind….maybe. Well that was all before blogland, and now I’d be a pariah if I didn’t at least mention the day right? Maybe have some cool themed post?

You’re outta luck with all that, I’m super out of ideas so the only thing I have is a Shamrock Shake recipe b/c who doesn’t like green shakes/smoothies? …….No one….No one is the answer to that question. (also I realize it’s a day late, grow up)


I got this recipe off Pineterest so you know it looks better then mine, go take a look if you don’t believe me. Also I decided last minute to start my Patty’s Day with a green shake so didn’t have half the ingredients. I’m a winner I know 🙂 It was a makeshift of everything green I currently owned such as an avocado and key lime yogurt…it’s as weird as it sounds.

Seriously go look at the real recipe here. I mean mine did turn out alright, but I did add in (tons of) cocoa powder at the last minute to cancel out the key lime taste. (trust me it was THAT strong, ugh) Basically don’t make it the way I did (epic fail). Though the end result was pretty cool lookin. Also don’t, I repeat, DO NOT use a heavy hand with the peppermint, you will regret it. A little goes a long, long, long, long Loooooong way.


You’ve been warned!!

After goin to the store yesterday, I remade the shake the right way this morning so I know it can be done haha. I also had some leftover soda bread I made yesterday (recipe to follow later this week) so I was channeling my inner Irish a day late much better.


Yummy B-fast!

I’m also hoping to get outside and do 10miles either today or tomorrow. The weather doesn’t seem to realize I’m on Spring Break and should therefore be warm and sunny….stupid weather 😦

How did you celebrate St. Patty’s Day?



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Fourth Time’s the Charm Right? Liebster Award

I’ve met so many kind and wonderful people through the Blonder Side, the blog world never ceases to amaze me. Ashley @ the Grit’s Blog has nominated me for my 4th Liebster award so you’re now going to know way more about me then you ever wanted to YAY! 😀 I met this girl via a link-up just the other week and I’m so happy I did! She’s so cute so you should go give her some blogger love.

I’m also really loving the redesign of the award, it wasn’t so cute (read kinda a hot mess) last year. If you’d like to see my previous answers you can click here. Oh and also here.

The Liebster

Much cuter right? Anyway, I’m not going to nominate anyone (breaking the rules I know) but I want Y’ALL to answer them!

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is it bad to say idk? I’ll graduate with my Master’s this December and then from there I go where the job takes me. I can tell you where I Don’t see myself though, in KY or anywhere in the midwest….sky’s almost the limit though really 😉

2. What’s your favorite makeup brand? Which product in particular? Oh shoot, I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I will absolutely never leave the house without mascara on. I’ve got blonde eyelashes so without mascara they don’t show up haha.

3. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Does this answer the question?….

Dunk's all day baby :)

Dunk’s all day baby 🙂

4. What is your favorite time of the day? Why? I love the evening right before bed. It’s usually when I’ve gotten everything done already. I can just relax with a good book, or snuggle with the man, or stay up late talking with my girlfriends! Some of my most favorite times have happened in the evening 🙂

5. Do you enjoy partaking in frozen yogurt (or fro yo as I call it)? If so, what’s your favorite flavor and topping combination? If frozen yogurt were a food group it’d be on the bottom of my food pyramid! I’m not one to discriminate against yummy food but Im all about the chocolate, cookies and cream, brownie flavors. Mama don’t want no fruit in her dessert!

Can you tell which one is mine?

Can you tell which one is mine?

6. If you could travel to any place in the world, right now, where would you go? With the weather being so cold, you’d think I’d pick somewhere warm but honestly I’d say Boston where my bestie best lives. Also I’ve never ben out of the States and I’m not that creative lol

7. Which would you choose great hair or perfect makeup? Refer back to #2. Great hair it is!

8. If you had to decide between music or literature which would you pick? Holy hell that’s a hard question. Music really does run my life but there’s nothing I enjoy more then getting lost in another world of a book……ok, Literature! Quick move on before I change my mind.

9. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one hair product, what would you take? A hair tie? Does that count as a product? Clearly I never inherited the girly gene from my Mother (who always dressed me in ribbons and frills, sorry mom).

10. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Guilty pleasure huh….I’m still a huge fan of the MTV challenges. I don’t watch Real World anymore but I will get down with some challenge action.

Brand new library card yo!

Brand new library card yo!

11. Who is your favorite author? Easiest question of the bunch. John Grisham no ifs, ands, or buts. I own every single novel of his and can reread them on the drop of a hat and still be amazed by his words. Close second is Jodi Picoult, she writs about such strong topics and makes you really rethink things.

Wasn’t that fun!?!? Now you know way more about me then you ever cared 😀 But now it’s your turn! Pick a question or 11 and answer them in the comments! Or do an entire post and let me know so I can come check it out! Oh yea, this is getting totally posted!

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask, Act! Action will delineate and define you”

-Thomas Jefferson


Makin Changes – New Header and Page

If a blogger changes her header but doesn’t tell anyone does it make a sound?…Or something like that, I know there’s a sage saying in there somewhere. I couldn’t take the chance so if you haven’t already, take a gander at my new header!! I hope you like it!

Change is good, and sometimes it’s just needed.  I like change, I move a lot, I like to see new places. So why would my blog be any different? Is it bad that I can’t stop staring at it?…yea? ok I’ll stop 🙂

One of my goals for 2014 (and let’s be honest it has been for awhile) is to finally make the jump to self-hosting my website. I know, I know you’re probably sittin there sayin “just do it already.” Hey, I said I like change, not that I jump in to it quickly…..


Anyway, so besides a new header I’ve also added a new page….(Cookin w/ Kels?) As some of you (read as none of you) know, I actually started blogging when I moved to Boston in 2012  on another blog. I did a lot of recipes and whatnot over there but for many reasons I retired it and came over here. Now, for your immense pleasure, I’m bringing the recipes page back…you’re welcome taste-buds 🙂

It’s sparse now but will soon fill up..I may or may not really, really love food 😉 Any recipes you’d like to see me try and (hopefully) succeed at?

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.”

-Langston Hughes



Ever have one of those days where everything just falls your way and life seems grand? I sure hope so, b/c it’s the best feeling ever!! I’ve had a wonderful day….Also for some strange reason I’ve got this pattern stuck in my head, so as strange as you might find it I got a good laugh out of today’s post. So today I….

Finished my finals (hello Christmas break!)

Ran an extra mile for the FitApproach and Runnerbox challenge and said hello to this cute little bridge 🙂


Almost finished packing for home (hello Knoxville!)

Started plans for a study abroad this summer (hello Netherlands!)

be jealous :)

be jealous 🙂

And finally scheduled my hair appointment this week (goodbye split ends!!)

So short and sweet today! Hey it’s better than goin a whole week without checkin in right?……No?…well, thanks for stoppin by anyway 🙂

Are you doin the Runnerbox challenge week? How’s your RunStreak goin?

“There are only two optiolns regarding commitment: you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in between”



I’m Not Ready!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve got some disturbing news for y’all today….This was the view out my window when I woke up this morning……


Not even my little patio was spared …



You’d think spending a winter in Massachusetts would prepare me for a small dusting of snow, but NOPE! My Southern roots will not be denied and the inner child in me wanted to immediately and promptly get right back into bed under my 3 comforters lol.


That not being an option I got up and went to campus.  I taught my second class, though this one was more like a seminar, to faculty and staff today.  Today’s topic was Balancing Your Wellness Wheel, which is again a topic that I’m very passionate about(and is so simple) but many don’t understand.  I’m terrible at just standing and teaching so I almost always have an interactive/hands-on portion, which makes sense if you think of my background in fitness.  It was a big hit and everyone seemed to have a good time, but more importantly learned a lot! 😀


My night class had been canceled so I had originally planned to go for a short run after my class but the snow foiled my plans. (I’m terrible at slipping when it’s snowy outside so I just avoid it altogether) Instead it was off to the gym for a little 1-1 time with the elliptical (ironically treadmills hurt my knee more then running outside).

THEN b/c I just got paid (not a good excuse) and b/c it just snowed (barely, so an even worse excuse) I went a little shopping crazy at Burlington….I bought 3 scarves and I won’t even tell you how many I already own haha. But on the not to irresponsible side, I also got 2 Christmas presents which puts me half way done now! I’m one of those shoppers that buys that “perfect” present in July and holds on to it so I’ve had a few stockpiled already lol.


Did anyone else get snow today? And more importantly, how do you feel about snow and will you consider switching weather with me…

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

-Mark Twain