Swagtastic Virtual 10k

I am WAY behind in my blogging.  Yes I know I just posted something yesterday, but I ran my Swagtastic Virtual 10k almost a week ago and have yet to write about it…blogger fail I know.  But it’s a perfect topic for Fitness Friday so my ineptitude actually paid off in a way.

I’ve written about it before but the people over at Swagtastic put together this amazing race to benefit Medals4Mettle.  They are a non-profit that collects marathon, half marathon, and triathlon medals and present them to children and adults who are in a race of their own, to beat a debilitating illness such as cancer, etc.  This race specifically goes towards presenting the victims and responders of the Boston Marathon tragedy with medals so it’s a bit different but still an amazing cause.  Seriously one of the best causes (that came with the best race swag of all time)

My attempt to get both signs in one picture lol

My attempt to get both signs in one picture, Fail #2 lol

I chose to run the 10k vs. the 5k or half marathon options.  I didn’t really choose the best course to complete my race on though.  Since I’ve just moved to a new city I haven’t quite discovered all the best running trails yet, so I ran on one near campus that I really like.  The only problem is it’s about a 2mile loop, so to finish my 10k I had to run it 3 times.  Kind of repetitive and boring, but with all the hills in this course it wasn’t easy by any means!  So I basically ran a 10k of repeat hills…..not my best idea lol.


Update on my planking.  I’ve been sticking with it every day and my times are staying pretty consistent.  I’d still like to eventually make it to 2min, which I know is really easy for some of y’all, but as you can see a stretch for me lol.  I am however, as of today to 34.5/60 miles for the month of July, Yippee!!  That goal is on fire so far and we’re not even half way into the month!  A big ole pat on the back for me 😀

How’d your week of fitness fun go?  Did anyone else participate in the Swagtastic Virtual Races?


“The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.”

-Richard Monckton Milnes

I Like to Move it, Move it!

Moving Day is here!!  These past two weeks I’ve felt like a nomad, wandering from place to place…Boston, Knoxville, Augusta, Spartanburg, and Atlanta, each for a few days.  But I’m finally in Lexington where I’ll spend the next 2 years! I’m all moved in and surprisingly unpacked, I’m getting the whole process pretty streamlined at this point I guess.  I’m so excited to start my new job as a Grad Assistant on campus as a Personal Trainer whoo!


I moved into an unfurnished apartment so had to pack up furniture as well as all my clothes, etc so my Padre rented a Uhaul truck for me…..yea it was kinda sad how little space I filled up in it lol.  But it held all my Wordly possessions and got them to Lexington safe so I’m happy.

It's so empty....

It’s so empty….

Switching gears a bit, do you remember the Swagtastic Virtual Race I signed up for months ago that benefits Medals4Mettle?….No? Well in a second you’re gonna be wishing you’d have signed up too b/c I got the box of swag in the mail the other day and it blew my mind and it’s about to blow yours……



Seriously this box was overflowing with samples of all kinds, bars, gels, coupons, chips, gum, waterbottle, frisbee, throat lozenges, you name it, it was probably in there!  So thank you so much Swagtastic donors and volunteers who put this whole thing together, I can’t wait to rock out my 10k this week just for y’all!!

Also this week I’m proud to say that I got in 13 miles for my 60 in 30 challenge!!  A great start to the month and I can’t wait to try and up the mileage this coming week!!  Who’s all for exploring a new city? This girl!!


“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

My Very First Giveaway: Run Now wristband

Moving Day is upon me! It’s time to move on from New England back South-ward to start a new chapter in my life. Grad School!!!  It’ll be a new set of challenges and experiences but I couldn’t be more excited!

The view from the passenger seat for 13hrs!

The view from the passenger seat for 13hrs!

So in honor of moving away from the great city of Boston, I want to share as much Boston love as I can before I go! Drumroll Please………. It’s my very first giveaway YAY!  I got these awesome Run Now bracelets to support One Fund Boston (they’ve raised something like 54 million bucks WHAT!)  The past year of living here has been wonderful.  Every time I go into Boston I find another reason to love it. I’m not a city girl, but I really do think Boston is the greatest city in the world!  Don’t you agree? That being said  I’ve got 4 Run Now bracelets to give to you! IMG_0410 Wouldn’t you love to run with one of these bad boys on your wrist? IMG_0412 I know I love mine! It’s also a great boost of motivation to keep pushing, run for those who can’t anymore, run for  reason.  All proceeds from theses bracelets went to One Fund Boston, which I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of it, but in case you haven’t.  One Fund Boston was the organization set up in the wake of the tragic marathon bombing on April 15th to help the victims and families.  Theres been an absolute outpouring of support from allover the country and like I said before they’ve raised somewhere around 54 million bucks!

So here’s you chance to have your very own Run Now bracelet.  Bare with me since it’s my first giveaway, but I’ve already got the bracelets(and a little surprise) packed in their envelops and ready to be mailed to you! All I need are some winners!

To enter: click over to a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. You MUST leave a comment below.  Tell me what this bracelet would mean to you to where it.  (Bonus points if you’ve already donated to One Fund Boston!)

2. Follow my blog!  Blonder Side of Life. (optional so no pressure 🙂

3. Follow BlonderSide on twitter! (also optional, bonus points for tweeting about the giveaway!)

This giveaway will run through the weekend and end Sunday night.  I’ll announce the 4 winners on Monday!!  Good luck!


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”

-Audrey Hepburn

Run and Remember

So much love and support has been poured into the city of Boston from all over the country.  Anyone and everyone wants to show their support to those affected from the tragedy on monday.  On the Facebook page created called Run For Boston, people from all over the country have uploaded pictures of themselves dedicating their runs to the people of Boston.  I unfortunately, because of my bad knee acting up lately, couldn’t run for Boston today but I got out there and walked for them all the same. Below is the picture one of my best friends submitted to the site all the way from NC.  What a champ!  Go share yours too!


A friend of mine shared this website (Recover) and fundraiser with me just today and I didn’t even hesitate before ordering one.  I wanted to share with you this opportunity to buy one of their shirts where all proceeds go to the victims of the bombing/whereever it’s needed most.  Since I can’t physically do anything to help these people I feel good knowing that in a small way I can by extension of this great company.  They also use 100% recyclable materials, so not only are you helping out the people of Boston, but also the planet.  Go check it out now!

One of the designs

One of the designs

Lastly, as much as I sometimes complain about social media and the negative effects it can have on society, it’s times like this that I love what it can do.  It’s such a great tool for people to connect, and when used right can have an overwhelming effect on the human heart.  So keep on people! Keep on running, keep on loving, keep on sharing, and keep on supporting because together we can become stronger and overcome the hate.