The Many Stages of Filing Taxes

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!

I had to be at work today at 5:30 this morning and didn’t stay up to watch Kentucky play, ya know, because I’m old and can’t be staying out that late and all. (they played at 9:45, no thanks) I’ve since found out they won so Yay go Wildcats….unless my source was wrong in which case, boo Mountaineers.

Anyway, I did a very grown-up thing yesterday and filed my own taxes for the first time. My Daddy finally decided it was time for me to grow up and no amount of pleading or begging would dissuade him….. sad face.

I did it though, and y’all, filing taxes is easy if all you have are W2 forms to do….easy peasy lemon squeezy.

However, if you have other income like I do (hello freelance writing) it was basically akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack and the haystack is underground so it’s pitch black. Oh and also you can only use your face…..

Many Stages of Taxes

Stage One: Pick your Helper Site

I’m a DIY-er as much as possible so I wanted to do them myself versus going to like an H&R Block and paying them to do my taxes. I mean heck, people only go to school for a degree for this stuff, it can’t be that hard to figure out.

Stage Two: W2’s

Like I mentioned earlier, this part was super easy and only took me all of 10 minutes to do. Most of that was simply the learning curve of never doing it before. I used TaxAct and it walks you through the process really easily.

If by chance you can’t read then this may be a difficult step for you

Stage Two: Other Income

Here’s where things got dicey. First of all, for some reason all the questions about owning your own business were followed with questions about farm equipment. What? Then I wasn’t sure if freelance work counted as my own business (because no I don’t have employees or insurance costs or revenue thank you TaxAct questions) or as just extra income untaxed…..

Stage Three-Seventy: Confusion

I used the “back” button and Googled lots of terms several times. I mean, who comes up with this stuff? What the heck IRS. This is the stage in which you start to consider moving to another country because America is hard…. #ThanksObama

Stage Eighty-Nine: Review

Eventually you fill everything out, answer all the questions, tear out all but one strand of hair, and cry many a tear in frustration and somehow arrive at the part where they ask you to review all your answers……..

Basically I fumbled my face through the haystack in the dark and came out on the other side with scratches and second-guessing everything I filled out.

Stage Ninety: Filed and Complete

Finally you e-file them and you’re done.

And there ya have it folks, how to file your own taxes in 90 easy steps…..

Does anyone else file their own taxes like a grown-up? Or am I the only one who had trouble figuring out all the government mumbo-jumbo speak? Le sigh….

Here’s to the weekend!

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Sometimes I Just Don’t Wanna

Growing up is awesome and horrible all at the same time. Are ya with me ladies? (and gents)

For example, I love the freedom that coms with getting older, and by freedom I mean the “luxury” or making decisions on your own. But if I’m being honest I really only like making the easy ones on my own. The big ones always warrant a call back home to see what my parents think. #kidatheart

As I was lying in bed last night lamenting that fact that I had to get up early for work (read as 4:00am) I realized there are a LOT of things I just don’t wanna do sometimes….You could also read this as a list of things I’m not allowed to whine to b/c everyone hasta do them and nobody likes a whiner. Sale Vi!

I present them to you now.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sometimes I Just Don’t Wanna…

….wake up early for work. Starting with softballs here, it’s pretty obvious this is the one that led me to think of an entire list. The struggle is real…

….do my homework. Again, another easy lob that anyone still in school can understand. I used to be a HUGE school-nerd (ok fine still am) but at 25 the charm of being the first to finish the homework has worn off and I’d rather watch Netflix and knit #oldladyalert

….put on real clothes. Being a personal trainer is really the best job ever b/c all you ever wear are workout clothes and it’s completely acceptable to never wear real ppl clothes. Goin into the corporate world of health doesn’t allow quite the same perks. Pantyhose anyone?

….take out the trash. It seems that everyone on the planet hates this task b/c every roommate I’ve ever had equally avoids it. We’re in a current standoff to see who’s gonna cave first and finally tie the bag up and take it out. Little does she know I once lived in a house with 8 girls so I’m very familiar with the subtle art of female trickery 😉

….shower. This is pure laziness at it’s finest…

….play games. I feel like this is just me, but if I feel something towards someone (boy or friend) I don’t play games trying to get them to know….I just tell them. The avoidance games some ppl play is extremely annoying and makes me feel like we never left middle school. Sure, I may like you, but my life isn’t over if you say no, so just spit it out. (I’m super romantic, I swear! lol)

… to people. This one makes me sound like a real Scrooge so please tell me y’all can relate. I’m all for being nice, but can we skip the small talk? Don’t ask me how my weekend was when you know very well I didn’t do anything b/c I’m single and alone and not bitter about it one bit, so yes I know you’re only asking so you can tell me about the wonderfully adorable date-night you had with your husband/fiance/boyfriend…I get it, your love life is winning….

….go out on the weekends.  I realize this directly conflicts with the one above but my closeted introvert makes it’s appearance every now and then and I’d like to just spend a night at home.  Single life table of one please.

**After some deep contemplation I noticed a glaring pattern amongst all the things I don’t wanna do sometimes and I think I need to re-evaluate some life choices. Also for those sincerely concerned for my psyche, I promise I’m not a bitter old shrew (not entirely anyway 😉 )….feelings have been exaggerated for maximum fun!

And thus concludes Whiney Monday. And after typing that I realized this would have been a much better post for wednesday. Whiney Wednesday sounds much more blogger-esque but here we are on monday.

Now it’s your turn to tell me some things you don’t wanna do sometimes to help validate me in my feelings 🙂


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Lessons From a 20-something

Hello and Happy Friday Lovelies! 😀

I promise I’m almost done responding to everyone wonderful comments from my post the other day. I never knew declaring my unpopularity would be so popular lol. So thank y’all again!!

I think by now we’ve all realized growin up isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…what’s that quote? “With great power comes great responsibility” (nerds of the universe unite!) so with all that “freedom” you dream of as a youth come a whole lotta not fun stuff too. Bills anyone?

Through all my trials and tribulations and a whole buncha fun (don’t get me wrong, growing up is more awesome than not) I have learned some valuable lessons as I’ve gotten older and I wanted to share a bit of the wisdom I’ve gleaned (thus far) from adulthood.


Yes, that is a golden mustache 😉

-Dry shampoo is a girls best friend. Bed head is no longer acceptable or cute. This isn’t just 9am world history class your attending but your job. A place where you’re expected to look like a functioning and intelligent human being.

-Friday nights are not just for partying. Your social status is no longer dependent on what party you were at or how many dates you go on(as if it ever was Ms. Too-cool-for-school)…That doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good time though. Until you’ve rocked out on your couch in your pj’s and called it a night at 10pm you haven’t really lived.

-It’s ok if you don’t know what you wanna do with your life yet. 18 isn’t/wasn’t your prime, you’ve still got plenty more growing and learning to do. That doesn’t mean to put your future off, just don’t feel like you’re being left behind b/c you’re not.

-That being said, being unmarried at 24 doesn’t mean you’re destined for the life of a spinster cat-lady (thanks for all the pep-talks though married friends). I mean, I like cats and all, but there’s no denying boys are better. A good one will come your way I promise.

-No matter how old you get, you will still miss patches of hair on your legs when you’re shaving so just come to accept it….sigh

-Negative people aren’t worth your time. Some people weren’t meant to stay in your life forever, so don’t feel back to let some negative friendships go. There are plenty of fun and positive people that can take their place, trust me.

-Netflix is no replacement for good old fashioned friend time…though friend time that includes Netflix just might be the best Sunday afternoon activity known to man…well throw in some food and THEN it’s the best time ever.

Hopefully we all learned something today. Before I go though, I wanna introduce y’all to one of my lovely ladies over on my sidebar. I promised not to sell-out, not to remain friendless so sorry, not sorry! Anyway, Rebecca writes over at A Married Writer and is so adorable and just so happens to reside in my favorite state (TN for those that couldn’t guess). I had her answer some fun questions (I answered a few over on her blog if you’d like to continue cyber stalking me 😉 ) so y’all can get acquainted, but be sure to click on over to say hi as well.



What made you start blogging?

I started blogging last January. I’m from California and I moved to Nashville to go to college. Once I graduated and got a job, I realized Nashville had become my permanent home. Because my family is so far away, the realization that I wasn’t just away at college anymore made me homesick. The fall before I started blogging I got engaged to my now husband and a blog felt like the best place to keep all my family in the loop about my life and my wedding planning. Since then, my blog has become a place of refuge for all my creative energy. I love writing and it has naturally grown into my little corner of the world where I can work on those writing skills.

What are some of your favorite posts?

I love looking back at some of my older posts to see how much I have grown as a writer and blogger. When my husband and I returned from our honeymoon I wrote a blog post about our experience climbing the waterfalls in Jamaica and how the challenge related to our new marriage. More recently I wrote a letter to Katy Perry about how to handle her breakup with John Mayer and a post about pimping out my kidney that was fun.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

Coffee. I have a serious addiction and I think I could single handedly keep Starbucks in business.

What is the theme song to your life?

I’d like to say it’s The Beatles Let It Be. I had the title tattooed on my wrist a couple of years ago to remind myself that when things get hard it’s best to just “Let it Be.” I have a chronic illness and often singing that song to myself made me remember that pain is only temporary. When I was very new to blogging I wrote a post about how that song changed my life.

Finally, give me two truths and a lie

1) I majored in Songwriting in College
2) I am terrified of people in animal costumes
3) I own four cats

I’ll let y’all guess which one is the lie!

Happy Friday Everyone 😀

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