Motivation Needed

Whew we’ve made it to Hump Day folks and even with a snow day on Monday I feel like it’s been an eternity in getting here….If you’re like me then this winter weather is seriously sapping your motivation to get your sweat on. I am the biggest supporter for spring and summer, 3 digit weather has never gotten me down. And yes I realize how strange that sounds for someone who wants to live in Boston. Ya can take the girl out of the South and all that lol.

This was taken in '13 after Blizzard Nemo

This was taken in ’13 after Blizzard Nemo

So I know I didn’t complain to y’all about my long run this past weekend, I thought I’d give ya a break. Long story short I had 13 miles planned but didn’t get through many of them before I pulled my groin (I said groin, grow up). So I spent my snow day eating cookies and studying for midterms watching Netflix. Come tuesday I knew I needed to get in the gym and do somethin but it was seriously the last thing I wanted to do. Well second to last behind actually studying for midterms…

Dress for success they say so I was extremely lazy  had enough forethought to wear my gym clothes to class (and no I didn’t shower either) with plans to hit up the gym afterwards. How did I keep myself occupied in order to get through 45min on the elliptical you ask? As any decent 20-something with romantic tendencies duh. I put on The Bachelor.


I slightly disgust myself for once thinking he was extremely attractive. Either I’ve somehow become less shallow (I like to think I have high standards) or he really has fallen that far in the ranks of decent men. And let’s be honest with ourselves ladies, it’s not the first one. Just ew.

Also can we all just agree that going to the gym is like the greatest social experiment ever? My little perch on the elliptical was overlooking the weight room where the testosterone was thick enough to slice with a knife. And YIKES, some of these bro-skis seriously need a lesson in proper lifting form!


Remember that shallow comment from before? Yea, a guy who doesn’t know how to lift properly seriously falls in the ranks of attractiveness. Though consequently they do rise in the ranks of entertaining me while I exercise indoors. Which is something y’all know very well that I extremely dislike. So there’s pros and cons to both sides I suppose. Sa la vi 😉

Tell me about your weekends snuggle-bunnies! Anyone else get the giant storm Sunday/Monday?



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A Valentine to Running

Who had a dream about running (and winning) a marathon last night? THIS GIRL! haha…I also consequently didn’t turn my Garmin on an there was a maze at once point, but still. Best. Dream. EVER  😀

So 5 mils conquered on the treadmill yesterday. This weekend I’m hittin double digits with 10!! (hopefully NOT on the hamster wheel) I also am one of the workers at the Heart, Glove, & Sole 5k here in Lexington. It’s put on by my office so I’ve been doing a lot of the leg work that goes into a race. It’s been weird/fun being on the other side of a race and I certainly have a newfound appreciation of race officials and organizers.

In keeping with my Valentine’s theme this week, I thought how appropriate it’d be to write a valentine to the one thing I love most in this world. Bloggingfoodsigned copies of my Lauren Conrad books…RUNNING! And b/c I’m such a giver, feel free to give this valentine to your own running shoes so they know just how you feel 🙂


Dear Running,

Roses are red and violets are blue,

I’ve got bad knees so I know the importance of a good shoe.

Also that outside is always better then the gym.

You fill me full of joy right to the brim!

Whether I win or lose,

Or bring up the caboose,

Race day is my personal nirvana.

You’re always there to see me through

All the happy times, as well as the sad and blue.

I love you Running despite this bad knee,

Also I have no friends so please don’t ever leave me….

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day everyone. If you cold write a valentine to something you love what would it be?


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The Awkwardness That is Me at The Gym

I’m almost embarrassed to write this post. Especially now that people in my real life read it. I know I keep harpin on it but since This Post last friday, people in my real life (other then my Mother) now know I blog. Let the jokes begin friends b/c I’m never givin this baby up!

Anyway, I promised full-disclosure so here we go…..

Remember that time I said marathon training was going good? Yea…Well then do you remember that same time I said I was sick all weekend? Now we’re gonna play a fun game a mix the two…


I had a 6 mile training run planned for Saturday morning which of course didn’t happen because of the aforementioned sickness. Monday became my make-up day but then all Hell broke lose in the form of snow and ice resulting in the shut-down of the city. (and subsequent lazy-stay-in-bed-some-more day). With Tuesday afternoon now firmly in my sights to run, I entered the Student Gym on campus…(cue the dramatic music)….

I put my stuff in a locker and promptly forgot which locker # I had just put it in…double-checked then thought I should write it on my hand for good measure. The front desk people just stared at me as I stuttered out an explanation why I needed to borrow a pen…not even a courtesy laugh, jeez.

Ready to run away from the front-desk-starers I headed up to the indoor track where I discovered that everyone and their sorority sister had decided to run the track today. If you think I blend in well with sorority girls maybe you should refer back to the picture above…or heck here’s another for your viewing pleasure…


I thought I’d put my friends on blast too hehe 😉

Next I ran clunked my way around the track (dodging petite beauties) until I realized spending a weekend in bed does not a 6 mile run make easy. Ok, no problem, I’ll just finish up on the elliptical. Cue the sweat of course…Did I mention I forgot to grab a towel? The “petite beauties” on either side of me were none too impressed……

Alright the embarrassment is really starting to sink in so I’ll just tell you that 6 miles didn’t happen today….A big, hulking, feather-rufflin,sweaty, awkward mess of a workout happened, but my 6 miles? Not so much…

There’s always next time right?

Your turn, tell me an embarrassing story about your fitness endeavors so I can feel better. My ego thanks you in advance 🙂


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Is it Thanksgiving yet? I don’t know about y’all but November is my busiest month to date.  Everything seems to be due for both school and work.  For that reason my posts seem to be mostly limited to the weekend, not that anyone will probably complain… 🙂

So Fall is here (has been for awhile I guess hence the blur part of the title) but I now have photo evidence of such existence! Did I miss the entire month of October? Oh right, I spent every weekend running a major race…I should really rethink my decision making skills lol.  So good-bye October, I feel like we barely met and yet our time is done…in other news, special shout-out to my Bro for knowing me so well and sending me this little gem 🙂 No joke I have a post about her, check it out here lol

Dora is my homegirl :D

Dora is my homegirl 😀

This past week at school I was able to teach my first class ever!! Academic setting type class to faculty and staff at UK, kinda intimidating but Oh So Much Fun!! The title was 15 Exercises to Counteract the Effects of Sitting and I think I’ll share the whole thing with y’all later this weekend.  I think it’s a very important topic that applies to literally everyone on the planet. I also recorded the class online so there’s a video out there somewhere….I’ll let you know if/when it’s available to the general public if you’d like to check that out as well.


Despite being busy I was able to get in 21 miles this week (don’t ask me how lol).  Winter is trying to slowly take over though so I’ve moved a lot of my runs indoors sadly 😦 But have no fear there’re still getting done which is the important part.  I’ve got my 6.8 mile Prediction race next weekend so gotta keep going 🙂 Fingers crossed the weather will stay nice”er” and look a little something like this….Adorable no?

Pumpkin time!!

Pumpkin time!!

Be sure to check out all the other wonderful bloggers at RunningBloggers, they seriously inspire me to keep pushing! You’re bound to make a new friend or two, trust me 😉

Oh I almost forgot! I made a new batch of homemade granola so that’s something to look forward to as well. Seriously soooooo yummy!!!! Everyone’s life can benefit from homemade granola I think…FACT! lol I also made flour tortillas myself this week which was surprisingly easy as well.  I’m turning into a regular Martha Stewart…well ok not even close but pish I’m still pretty awesome, right Mom? 😉

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”



Busy Life Check-in

Goodness, just when I think life couldn’t get any busier, I spend 3 hrs entering data into our work system…..true story.  So I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like, which has resulted in a loss of followers, oh well I guess?  Not much I can really do about it, so thank you to anyone and everyone who is sticking around and forgives me for my sporadic appearances 🙂

I also started my new job as Personal Trainer in the gym on campus.  As much as I love my graduate program I have missed training clients since moving here, so this is a good addition to my (already) busy life.  I honestly don’t know how other bloggers keep up with everything!!  I’ll keep doing my best though lol.

Anyway, tomorrow is finally Friday and I’ve got a nice long run planned for the morning.  It’ll be nice to get out and hit the pavement and resolve a lot of issues that have been banging around my head lately.  Relationships, group projects, work-office dynamics, and my social life are all up for grabs during the 8miles.  I tend to do my best thinking when running (to the dismay of my bad knee haha).

That;s the end to my brief check-in, I do have a few bigger posts being written and in the line-up.  For now I’ll leave you with a picture of my dinner, which was all made with my Farmer’s Market finds from last weekend.  Yummers 😀


What do you do when you fall behind on your blogging?


“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks…Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

-Michael Jordan

Cross-Training on a Friday

It’s finally the weekend (in a few hrs) but since the semester starts next week I’ll be a busy little bee for all of it.  Next week is Grad student orientation, plus a job interview, plus the start of GOTR practices (have I even told y’all about that?), plus the beginning of classes, plus my best friend flying into town to see me, PLUS the end of August!

Phew, I need a mental break just thinking about it all…..

This has been the threatening weather all week

Random picture of the strange weather this week

So this weekend besides getting ready for all of that, I also have CPR/First Aid re-certification (there goes my Saturday).  I’m so glad those things last 2 years, sigh.  Then it’s into the mail for my CPT forms to turn in my CEU’s!

I won’t have time to get in my long run of the week (5 miles) in my Half Marathon training this weekend so I did a little cross-training at the gym tonight.  (It really is convenient working at a gym sometimes).  Seriously technology just amazes me, there’s machines that now simulate running, besides a treadmill of course,  while taking away impact to your joints.


Odd angle but can you see it?

I felt like I was flying!!  My mile splits were 5:50!!  yea that’s Waaaaaay too fast for me by a few minutes so obviously it’s not a completely accurate transition so I ran an extra mile just for good measure.

This was only the screen during my warm-up

This is the screen during my warm-up

That brings my total mileage for August up to 64!  Whoo!!  Only 6 away from my goal and a week to do it in!

Also you still have a little bit of time to enter my birthday giveaway!  Hurry it’s ending soon!

How do you make-up a run you had planned?  Be sure to check out the RunningBloggers Fitness Friday link-up!


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

-Edmund Burke

Been Awhile and Outdoor vs. Gym

**Disclaimer: Lots of chocolate covered strawberries were harmed in the making of this post**

Remember when I was talking about my “Marvelous Monday“?  It seems like so long ago right now.  This week has been rough, I’ve had quite a few emotional roller coaster things happen with the relationships in my life which has knocked me off my blogging feet.   But that being said, I’ve had some stellar stress busting workouts because of it so plenty to write about now! Before you worry, everything is fine, just some big life desicions to be made.

Enough of the sad though, let’s move on to happier things, like the fact that I’ve worked my way up to a 1:30 min plank!!!  Oh and did I mention that I beat my 60 mile goal for July?  Yea that happened!! (Thanks Manda and Mr. Howie 🙂 )

timed plank

Now I have a confession for y’all that might come as a bit of a suprise……Even though I’m a Personal Trainer I Hate(?)(I don’t normally use such a harsh word for things but it really does sum it up) working out in the gym unless I absolutely have too! I know right?!?!? Shocker! I love being in the gym and helping others, but when it comes to my own workouts I take it outside 99% of the time. (Just another reason Boston wasn’t for me in the long term, those winters are brutal man!)

university of kentucky faculty gym

I don’t know if it’s because I work in the gym all day long so I just wanna get out of there by the end of the day or what. It is by no means my “happy place” when I wanna sweat. (Although it is super convienient when the weather is not so nice outside. Like the other day it was raining so I got in a nice grueling rowing machine workout). When I need to let off some steam, get my sweat on, think through life’s big dilemas, I hit the pavement or trails or anywhere outside in the sunshine!

So here’s to more Marvelous Mondays( and hoping the days in between are much better then last week 🙂 )  Now I want to put forth the question to you, dear Readers….Which do you prefer? Indoor gyms or outside in Mother Nature to get in a sweat sesh?


“Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

-Marilyn vos Savant


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