Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday Lovelies!

Posting only on a Wednesday is kinda cool. Ya know like on Wednesday we wear pink kinda cool.

Maybe one day another day will make it in the rotation but it’s a case of baby steps….

Down to business.

I don’t stress…about anything. Seriously, I keep it cool as a cucumber in any given situation that doesn’t involve open water or a shark attack. Or unwarranted confrontation. I don’t enjoy that at all…..

Post-engagement however, I started to stress about the most important part.

No not the dress, venue, or guest list. All of that pales in comparison to the official Wedding Hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags

The wedding hashtag totally sets the mood of your entire marriage. Have a lame hashtag and you might as well sign the divorce papers now. I’m not making this stuff up people, it’s science!

The only thing I could come up with that I thought was truly original and clever was : #IfYouLikeItThenYouBarrosPutaRingOnIt


It’s kinda long right?

Before I even called my family to tell them the good news, I was online trying to craft the perfect hashtag. I found the hashtag generator on Wedding Wire and had to share a few of my options.

#TakeMetoBarrosTown (and we have a winner)





#BarrosPartyof2 (cliche?)

#TheBarrosesSayIDo (predictable?)

#SheronBarrosMashup (Is this a sorority mixer?)

#StokedToBeaBarros (this one might be bending the truth a little much)

#LiveLaughBarros (What are we a beach?)

#Kelseyand JohnSittinginaTree (I’ve never climbed a tree so this would be false advertising)

#JohnLovesKelsey (good luck getting him to admit it in public!)

#YouHadMeAtSheron (except that I’m the bride….)

#HereComeTheBarroses (it’s growin on me…..)

So those are my options. I need your help. Are you more clever than the Wedding Wire? Give me a Hashtag or I’ll never sleep again!

But seriously share with me what your wedding hashtag was in the comments below!

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Things That Are The Worst

Hello Friends,

I’m one of like the most optimistic people in the entire world. Just ask anyone. Well preferably someone who actually knows me or else they’d just be lying to you and unless they’re gonna lie and say only good things, than I don’t want them talking about me…..

But I digress. I can always find something good about pretty much anything or anyone. Here, watch me……It’s street cleaning day and I have to walk 2 miles to work in the rain? I needed to stretch my legs anyway. I haveta work the front desk at the gym Friday night? Good time to catch up on my studying!

Something positive can always be found.

I thought I’d take a different approach to today’s post, however, and talk about a few things that are just plain the worst! As in no silver lining, lend me your ears because I’ve got something to gripe about

Things that are the worst (humor)

I already mentioned people asking me what “fun” plans I have for the weekend. Then Kasey pointed out the equally classic “What do you do” question…..

Here are some other things that are just #THEWORST!

>> Getting your hair stuck in your lipgloss. I know most women want beautiful and glossy hair, but this is the wrong kind of glossy and ends up more sticky.

>> Stubbing a toe.

>> Chipping nail polish the day after they were painted. Manual labor and I are not friends…..

>> Putting on/taking off skinny jeans when you’re hot. Is there a more impossible task?

>> Speaking of pants, highwaters. #tallgirlproblems

>> Nicking your ankle with your razor in the shower.

>> Wearing the same exact dress as a co-worker. I should mention I work in an office of 6 people……

>> Seeing cute shoes, pulling our your size, and realizing you found where Noah’s been hiding his Ark…….

>> Walking across wet grass in tennis shoes and having wet toes for the rest of the day. You could also try to dinosaur step your way across but this never works and only serves to make you look more ridiculous than normal.

>> Being the last single friend. Make that the last single friend AND the last one without a kid…..I need new friends…..

>> Trying to explain to a non-blogger what you blog about. It will never make sense to them and they will never think it’s a legit thing so just give up now. I’m lookin at you Dad!

>> Wedgies…..scratch that, people catching you fix a wedgie…..

>>The word wedgie

Ugh, the worst right?

I promise I don’t complain often, but when I do, I like to post it on the internet for everyone to agree with me. Maybe one day I’ll do another of things that are the best, but that one’s so subjective and I like it when people agree with me.

Now it’s your turn. I wanna hear some things that are the Worst for you! (tweet them at me with #theworst)

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