5 Things You MUST Do This Fall

Whoo! Welcome to October Friends!

October 5th, but still. It’s Fall and the weather has finally decided to cooperate around here. New England has the weirdest weather of anywhere I’ve ever lived. And seeing as how I’ve lived in all US geographic locations, I’m, somewhat of a weather expert…minus the expert part 😉

Anyway, since it’s fall and every other blogger on the planet will be compiling a Fall Bucket List, because we’re bloggers and it’s what we do, I’m throwing my list into the fray. What makes mine better than any other list you could possibly look at? Absolutely nothing! Seriously, all of these lists will be basically the same, something about leaves and pumpkins. Do me a favor and read mine anyway, if you comment I’ll send you an internet hug, and who doesn’t like hugs.

5 things to do this fall

1. Do something with Pumpkins. Drink em, eat em, pick em, take photos with em it doesn’t matter. Everyone knows Fall is the season of the pumpkin. Of course if you’re a communist and don’t like pumpkin then you can always substitute for apple. Just know if you do, you’re not really American AND your basic white girl card will be void.

2. Attend a Festival. Fall festival, food festival, beer festival, harvest festival, heck double points for a pumpkin festival! Go drink some cider, eat a donut, paint your face, ride the hay, play some games, toss the rings, win a prize, listen to the music, chuck the corn, pick the apples, kick the leaves, eat the food. Whatever your fancy there is a festival for you!

3. Drink hot beverages. Coffee, cider, hot chocolate, pick your poison and sip away. I prefer mine extra chocolate-y, heavy on the marshmallow, please and thank you 🙂

4. Host a Cookout/Dinner party. With the nice crisp weather comes perfect grillin weather. It doesn’t hurt that most sane people also love good food. (And if your friends don’t love to get together and eat than you need new friends.) Pair that with football, and you’ve got my favorite weekend activity! Of course only do this if you actually have the room for people over. I myself live in a studio apartment without even a couch so not really ideal to having anyone over….I take advantage of good friends who invite me over.

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5. Hike! Please for the love of everything holy in your life, do yourself and favor and get outside! Unless you live in Siberia (hey, hello!) nature is changing and you don’t want to miss it. Get off the internet, leave your car behind and get that booty moving outside. Besides think of all the awesome Insta content you can snap. The better to join my Instagram challenge with my dear.

So whatcha think? Have you done any of these things yet?

Better yet, how many Fall lists have you seen so far?

Tell me your favorite Fall activity!

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Monday Marvelous

Can I just say that I’m still feeling the love from Friday….Seriously, y’all are the best 😀 Because I’m feeling so blessed I’m linking up with Katie to celebrate some of the marvelous stuff goin on in my life.

First up, marvelous is grocery shopping…The only thing better then doing the shopping is eating it throughout the week 😉 There’s just so many possibilities when I’m at the store, I can almost forget that I’m a terrible cook!


Not so marvelous is realizing I used the wrong “than”….I’m sorry grammar Gods 😦

Marvelous is reaching over 10 countries with one post (Date a Girl Who Runs). I’m international y’all!! The most exciting part are the hits I got from the Netherlands since I’ll be there this summer! I’ll be arriving as a celebrity!! haha….totally just kidding….no one will even know my name and I think I’ll be ok with that…..with time….


Not so Marvelous is being sick all weekend….I guess it was just a 24 hr bug, except I had it for 2 days…so 48hr bug plus a lingering cough…so 72 hr bug? Idk, but it sucks. Marvelous though is having amazing friends who bring you yummy snacks and movies despite the threat of contracting whatever I was carrying. Haven’t seen The Croods yet? I highly suggest it, funny, weird movie.

Marvelous are these two ladies! Kelsie Lou and Mar. Love them, love their blogs, love…well everything about them, go check em out!

Again not so Marvelous is having a 6 mile training run planned before work and walking outside to this…….Guess I shoulda looked at the weather report…Sorry #MNBchallenge you won’t be seeing my favorite way to sweat today, just A way to sweat lol. (ps. it’s trail running if you didn’t know)

And yes I AM peekin out through the blinds...it's called hidin lol

And yes I AM peekin out through the blinds…it’s called hidin lol

Marvelous is going into Week 4 of marathon training and still feeling awesome! I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage and it’s been working like a charm. My running group has also been a huge support/motivation for me through it all. Though with all my favorite trails still lookin somethin like this….I’m still sadly on the treadmill so it’ll be nice to get off it soon. (no thanks to Mr. Groundhog though)


Marvelous is the wonderful support I feel from my fellow bloggers and SweatPink sisters. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about moving over to a self-hosted website and everyone has been so helpful and patient with me. Not to mention picking everyone’s brains about redesigning my Facebook and Twitter. Want some tips, hit me up! (or have any tips for me)


“Replace the word ‘problem’ with the word opportunity in all your thoughts”

-Matthew Keith Groves


Crock-pot Chicken Tortilla Stew

Whew, you’d think the weekend would be a bit more chill then the week but goodness! This past weekend certainly wasn’t. When it rains it pours I guess, but at least this kind of “pouring” was all happiness and fun so I shouldn’t complain.

First up one of my good friends is a photographer and she got a brand new (very fancy/expensive) camera on Friday and snatched me up for an impromptu photo shoot. Disclaimer: a model I am not, any beauty in these photos is due to her immense talent. Well and the fact that I’m a sexy beast! What? A little self-confidence never killed anyone. lol

winter photoshoot

More importantly then me flaunting my vanity however, is the 6 mile run I got in this morning at…wait for it….6am. Yes, wonderful blogland of dedicated runners, I actually did another early morning run….It was painful to get up that early for “pleasure” and not an obligation of any kind, but I did it. Seriously, if you find yourself having a hard time gettin out for your runs (no matter what time of day) find yourself and buddy, or two buddies, or join a group and make a buddy! 60% of the time it works every time. (points for naming that movie!)

treadmill running

Confession time: Does anyone else go lots slower on the treadmill? I think I’m bad at playing mind games with myself to keep going faster and I just get so bored. Idk. Those are prob just excuses, but in reality the treadmill does hurt my knee more then pavement. Just me??? Ok, moving on….

Next I have a question for all veteran marathon runners…Should the long run be slow or should I try to push it? I’ve been havin the mindset of slow and steady to make sure I get all the miles in but I’m wondering if that’s right?

I also made the most wonderful Chicken Tortilla Stew on Sunday as well. Claiming to have “made” it is kinda a stretch since my crock-pot did all the heavy lifting. I did open the bags of frozen veggies and cans of beans though, if that counts as cooking. Full disclosure I got the original recipe here, though I did make some changes to it.

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually make something that doesn’t require a crock-pot, but don’t hold your breathe it might be awhile. Although if you haven’t seen it already I did make some Corn Tortilla Chips the other day! Again minimal work, baby steps ppl. 🙂

Crock-pot chicken tortilla stew

I was also nominated by Ashley at the Grits Blog for a Leibster Award, what a sweetheart, go check her out! Doesn’t get much more marvelous then that 🙂 So be on the lookout for that!

How did y’alls runs go this weekend? Anyone  brave the cold for a race?


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu


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Baked Corn Tortilla Chips

Hello Lovely’s 🙂

Welcome to the weekend! I didn’t think I was gonna make it for a second. Plus it looks like this right now, so I’ll be stayin in today thanks.


With the Superbowl coming up you know what that means right? No not football silly, parties and food!! While I do enjoy football myself, I know a lot of y’all are purely in it for the excuse to party. And who really needs more of an excuse am I right? You know your girl loves her some chips and dip but who needs all the sodium and ickiness (ok fine me). At least this way I can feel better about myself after eating my weight in chips.


These are probably the easiest thing you can make and get tons of “oh my goodness these are homemade” comments. The girls will wants to be you in all your domestic cooking glory, and the guys, well let’s face it the guys are probably actually there for the football. But they’ll eat them all and love you for it nonetheless.


Yup, these are amazeballs and you should make them and eat them and share them and love them 🙂 Now I’m off to go snuggle in my bed and read with a giant cup of cocoa!

How are you spending your Superbowl Sunday? Any good party eats I should try?


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela


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Crock-pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Since I added the new recipe tab to my blog I thought I should start with one of my go-to favorites! I actually have mentioned it a few times before but I’ve got the full recipe for you this go around.

Aww soup, doesn’t it just make you think of curling up in a big fluffy blanket during a snowy winter? No? Well not really me either but whatever, it’s yummy and I love it!  In my quest to become a domesticated woman(as in wifey material, cooking for a family and such) I’ve started very simple and will slowly,(probably slower then most) but slowly make my way up to more difficult things.  SO my go-to is as always the crock-pot.  Your can’t really mess anything in the crock-pot up.  I mean really, you toss in a buncha ingredients and a couple of hours later, BOOM! Fully cooked, and wonderfully delicious dinner!


I’ve already touched on this recipe before, which is why I decided to start with it. It’s also one I make monthly and was my most viewed before so it must be doin somethin right 🙂

Crock-pot Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 5c chicken broth
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2c chopped green onions
  • 1/2c chopped celery
  • 1/2c chopped carrots
  • 1can whole kernel corn
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1.5c egg noodles
  • 2cans pre-cooked canned chicken breast
Step 1: add everything but the noodles and chicken to the crock-pot.
                 -cook on low for 4hrs.
Step 2: add the noodles and chicken.
                 -turn on high and cook for 1 more hour.
Yup that easy, 2 steps. So dust off the crock-pot, chop your veggies, and get to cooking!  And by cooking I mean doing absolutely nothing but being praised by anyone who partakes of this wonderful soup like your a cooking goddess!  Yes you’re welcome 🙂
Have any good crock-put recipes you’d like to share?

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A Shaped-Up Santa

I got home to Knoxville earlier this evening so I just wanted to drop-in and share with y’all a cute poem a friend shared with me. It gives a little twist to a classic and I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂


‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, we were all into fitness – including the mouse!
Some sweat socks were hung by the chin-up bar there, in hopes that they’d mellow from getting some air.

The children were dressed up in exercise clothes, while bending and stretching and touching their toes.
And my wife in her sweat suit and I in my shorts, had just started doing some push-ups – of sorts!

When from out on the lawn I could hear such a howl, that I jumped to my feet, quickly grabbing a towel.
Away to the window I ran like a sprinter, tore open the shutter and got stuck by a splinter!

Then what did I see in that white winter scene, but tiny eight reindeer in a warm-up routine.
And a red-suited leader so well-built and trim, it took me a moment to recognize him!

As quick as a wink the deer jumped to their feet, while he whistled and shouted and called out a beat:
“Do leg-lifts!  Do knee-bends!  Now stretch left and right!  For we have half the world left to cover tonight.”

Then up to the roof flew St. Nick with the sleigh, hitched to eight robust reindeer that jogged all the way.
While they all ran in place, I could hear on the roof, the clumping and thumping of each sneakered hoof.

As I pulled in my head after seeing all that, down the staircase St. Nick dashed in two seconds flat!
He was wearing his warm-ups.  His healthy physique, made me suddenly feel I was puny and weak.

His arms how they rippled!  His muscles how taut!  It was easy to tell that he worked out a lot!
He was solid and strong (which is odd for an elf), and he clearly knew how to take care of himself.

A flex of his arm and the bulge of his shoulder, soon gave me to know he could bench-press a boulder!
He spoke not a word but went straight to his work, as he lifted his sack with a weight-lifter’s jerk.

After filling the socks, he put hands to the floor, then taking off fast, up the staircase he tore!
He sprang to his sleigh like a red lightning flash, and the reindeer took off on their million-mile dash.

But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight – “Merry Christmas to all – hope yours shapes up just right!”

Haha cute right! Lastly I’ll leave y’all with the quote I posted for the RunnerBox challenge! Anyone else doing the challenge too?



October Foodie PenPal

Happy Halloween everyone and a very special Happy Birthday to my Mother!!!  Best lady around 😀

Another month and another box of goodies.  Seriously people if you haven’t joined Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean yet then we can’t be friends (just kidding, let’s still be friends please!)

I actually got the box the day I left for the Bourbon Chase so didn’t really get to inspect the contents until that Sunday.  Here’s what Olivia sent me:


I promptly broke out the Almond cookies as a recovery (ok just yummy) food as I laid in bed watching Parks and Rec on Netflx.  I also made granola using the coconut peanut butter and it’s now one of my favorites 🙂 Mmmmm.

Ok but serious descriptions now…..


Look how official this picture is lol

1. Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter.  This definitely had a different flavor to it but it grew on me and like I mentoned earlier was super delish on the granola I made (though in full disclosure I did burn a bit 😦 ).

2. Anna’s Almond Thin Cookies.  I regret to inform you that I couldn’t control myself with these and they only lasted a day haha.  I would take out 2-3 to enjoy then find myself taking out 2-3 more an hour later until there were no more 2-3 to take out.  These were by FAR my favorite item, Thanks Olivia!!

3. Dagoba Raspberry Chocolate Bar.  It’s a bit of an understatement to say I love chocolate.  I have finally come up against a chocolate flavor that I didn’t like that much (GASP!)  I know right!  It was good but not good enough to wanna consume the whole thing in one sitting.  So really maybe that was a good thing lol

4. Crystalized Ginger.  Not for the faint of flavor buds, it definitely has a strong taste and again not one that you would want to binge on.  But like Olivia said it did have settling effects on the stomach so I enjoyed it.

5. Tamari Almonds.  Oh Lord did these become my newest snacking obsession.  They were great to take to work and eat between training clients!  Double Yum thumbs up!


6. “Evening in Missoula” Tea. Lastly was this delicious tea named for the very town Olivia hails from.  Yum yum.  I’m not much of a tea drinker so this gets major props to have me think it was worth drinking.

Did this convince you to sign up for November?  Maybe we’ll be PenPals!! 😀

I hope everyone had an amazing October and celebrates Halloween like a champ! Here was my costume….

My partner in crime Batman!!

My partner in crime Batman!!

“Smile, breathe and go slowly”

-Thich Nhat Hanh