DIY Forrest Gump And Jenny Costumes

Have you decided what to be for Halloween this year?

Um, you might want to think about it, it’s today……

I realize I’m a bit late on this one, so let’s pretend it’s more of a reveal, like “Hey, everyone, look how good looking I am!”

No? Ok, well fine 😛

Forrest Gump And jenny Costumes

So Halloween…..

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan. Not of the dressing up part, because besides all the candy that’s the only good part. I hate being scared, I hate being out past dark, and I really hate being super uncomfortable having to be around all the girls showing off every inch of skin and leaving nothing to the imagination in sub-par weather in the most ridiculous costumes of all time. I’m lookin at you “sexy ebola virus” Ah college, how I don’t miss you.

Since I’m an adult now and everything I won’t have to worry about the sea of flesh parading itself around the various Halloween parties this year. (How are you not cold!!)

Of course we can’t forget that my purse strings are tighter than trying to fit into spandex two sizes too small, so I’m all about thrifting.

Hippie Costume


And because I force JB to do cute things with me against his will with the promise of pumpkin treats and doing his laundry, he placates me sometimes. He did shoot down several of my ideas before agreeing to this couple’s costume. Ideas that in my mind were golden with Danny and Sandy from Grease, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and Fred and Wilma Flintstone among them.

Honestly though, I think we settled on the best possible idea. Forrest Gump and Jenny. Not only is it one of my favorite movies ever, but seeing JB in tiny red running shorts is too awesome to pass up.


So how did we get our costumes together? Thrift Shop, duh! “Saving my money and I’m happy it’s a bargain” Macklemore anyone?

I dragged JB to Goodwill with me first where I usually have tons of luck finding exactly what I went in looking for.

I’ll be honest, it took me 4 trips to Goodwill to finally find the dress that was perfect for my costume, so I suggest starting a bit early if you’re a single-track mind like me and won’t change their vision of what they want to look like.

Because when one is a hippie they frolic in fields right?

Because when one is a hippie they frolic in fields right?


JB was easy, all he needed was a white shirt and tiny red shorts. Plus a beard and wig duo we got from Party City. Easy, Peasy, he’s done.

Sure he could have bought one to be have exact replicas but those are so boring (and expensive!) However, this is the look we were going for…

So the beard cost quite a bit at $22, but the rest clocked in at $2 so not horrible. He already had the Harvard hat, red shorts, and tall white socks.

I got the yellow shirt (1) at Goodwill for $2

Total = $24

Forrest Gump Costume


Mine was a bit more challenging. Now obviously Jenny goes through, like a billion looks so lots to choose from. I went for the classic hippie look, that way even without JB I looked dressed up. Plus who doesn’t want to be a hippie sometimes.

So I wanted a white lace and/or flowy dress, fringe vest, and flower crown. I was already planning on wearing my tall brown boots so that was all set.

hippie costume

JB actually bought me a flower crown (3) at Party City for $5 but I wanted to DIY it to make it cuter. Michaels was having a sale on Fall flowers so I got $3 worth of flowers plus $2 flower tape. Had JB not gotten me the flower crown which I used as a base, this project would have been a total of $5.

I got the dress (1) and vest (3) at Goodwill for a total of $7 and $2 respectively.

The vest is actually a man’s large brown shirt with the picture of a whooly mammoth on the front which I chopped up and turned inside out and I am so in love with how it turned out! Yay me!

Total = $14

Jenny Costume

So there ya have it folks. Pretty cheap and extremely easy DIY Halloween costumes!

I’m becoming more of a Halloween person as I get older, I mean the whole couples costume thing is pretty fun. I would have loved to do the whole DIY girl group thing back in the day but not having friends kinda puts a damper on that kinda thing. Kidding, I wasn’t as cool in college as I am now. Obvi.

And one more photo of me becasue getting JB to take as many photos as I want is rare. Yay Holidays!

And I’m a bit conceited about the whole look…I mean, I look good 😉 And that flower crown, watch out world, you’ve got another flower child on the loose!

hippie costume

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?

What’s been your best DIY costume ever?

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Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Friday Friends!

I’ve got the cutest and easiest Halloween DIY craft for y’all today. Really absolutely no skill is required to make this decoration either. Trust me, an artist I am not.

I actually got this idea when my Teen Group at the Y was put in charge of the Haunted Woods at our annual Fall Festival. We essentially had a zero dollar budget which means we had to get creative. Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not all that creative. This is where Pinterest comes in. I seriously have no clue how society functioned before Pinterest.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

This craft is not only easy to create, but also cheap!

I didn’t actually follow a “tutorial” for this because seriously you can just look at the picture and know what to do. Like buy, draw, light….easy peasy.

I admit I didn’t draw them all myself. The bag of solo cups comes in a pack of 50 and ain’t nobody got time for that. So I recruited my Teen group to draw the remaining cups once I finished my 5 masterpieces. Ok fine, passable works of art at best, but I never claimed to be an artist. Quite the opposite actually 😉

What you’ll need:

-Orange solo cups

-Black sharpie

-Tea Lights

No kidding, that’s all you’ll need.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin decorations

Start by Googling pictures of jack-o-lanterns. I kid you not, I actually had to look up jack-o-lantern faces because that’s the lack of creativity that resides in my head…..

Once you have the faces you want, grab that sharpie and get to work! Most of mine turned out quite well and exactly how I wanted them to, however I did have a few…um….mistakes….

But this is a cute post so I won’t show you that guy…..

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After you’re done, simply pop a tealight under them, arrange them on your mantel, bookcase, stoop, anywhere you want and wait for the sun to go down. Once it’s dark and you turn the tealights on the real magic begins.

Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

I’ll have you know they’re more impressive in person where they blink and subsequently wink at you. They really are the perfect alternative to getting pumpkin goop up to your elbows. At least that’s what I told myself when I decided not to carve a pumpkin this year. Studio living is not for the faint of heart…

For our purposes, we lined the kiddy “haunted” trail with the cups added tea lights under them (on of course) and waited for our first visitor.

The big kid haunted trail was too scary for me to walk through so I can’t tell you about it, but here’s some photos of the creepy kids I work with. They almost convinced me to dress up and scare unsuspecting children with them, but I got too creeped out just watching them practice their scenes that I selfishly volunteered to man the kiddy trail. I’m such a giver.

So do you like the easy pumpkins?

Gonna give it a go?

Better yet, tell me your own easy DIY Halloween NON-scary decorations?

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Museums, Babies, and Awkward Adult Encounters

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!

Anyone else just hanging out in their pajamas all day? Yea i didn’t think so…..

Does anyone even read these besides my parents anyway? Whatever, let’s go.

This weekend was my weekend of Ty (JB’s niece) For my birthday, she set up an entire weekend of plans for me including a day at the Boston Museum of Science. She’s pretty advanced for a 1 year old….

Boston Science Museum


I actually went to a cookout at their house Saturday, sans JB, He’s at a bachelor party all weekend in Philly. A 5 day bachelor party, but that’s a story for his blog….if he actually had one…which he doesn’t, so the story will never be told…..

Back to the cookout! I was the only unmarried, childless one there. The group literally consisted of married couples, each with a child, and then me… So the whole day looked something like the grown-ups talking and me splashing in the pool with the kids. Story of my life.

The next day was museum day though which is where the non-awkward fun began. (note; the awkwardness came from me, not JB sister’s friends). I drove over to their house and we set out to dodge the suicidal-offensive drivers in the city. Seriously, the number of times people will cut you off, move into your lane with no warning, and honk at you for them doing something wrong is astounding.

Now I’ve never been to the Boston Science Museum so everything was a new experience for me. This was also Ty’s first trip so we basically had all the same feelings about it. Except she actually fit on the hands on exhibits like the see-saw, swings, and really all the fun stuff so I guess she actually had more fun than me. Although she didn’t really get the Pixar exhibit so who’s the real winner, hmmm?

She ended up falling asleep on the way home in the car as I hand-fed her watermelon. Kids really are in too much of a hurry to grow-up in my opinion.

So that was my weekend. Pretending to be an adult but secretly just making friends with their kids, running around a science museum with a small child who’s attention span is shorter than a tweet, and binge watching entirely too many episodes of Hart of Dixie (anyone else from the South find that show slightly offensive?)

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

Also I’m toying with the idea of a vlog….I know…but if you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask type away and send em my way! (comments, twitter, facebook, you pick your method)

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Obligatory Fourth Post

Well darn-it if I didn’t have a very different weekend then planned.

See the plan was lots of fireworks, friends, cook-out food, and goold ole ‘Merica pride. My actual weekend looked a lot like the back of my eye-lids. I did end up having a hot dog and attempted to crawl out of bed long enough to see some fireworks down the street but got as far as my apartment door before calling it quits. Whomp, whomp.

False advertising, this was from Memorial Day last year but it's all i got sorry friends.

False advertising, this was from Memorial Day last year but it’s all I got sorry friends. You can’t deny it’s Patriatism though 😀 


JB was sick earlier this week and the darn turkey gave it to me and by Saturday i was flat on my back. Kind of good timing as far as the work week goes, not such good timing as far as my social life goes…..


He was good enough to come take care of me Sunday though. This  basically entailed filling up my water bottle with ice water, bringing me tissues, and doing my grocery shopping for the week for me. Most of this was done while I was passed out. You could say I’ve got a keeper.

I was awake long enough to write this post and eat some cookies (priorities) before returning to dreamland.


So now tell me all about your 4th filled holiday weekend! Did anyone else have to work on Friday? Apparently people got that day off? Lame-sauce.

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Father’s Day Pancakes

Whoa it’s Father’s Day weekend!

How is it almost through June? Yesterday was New Year’s Eve was it not??

Anyway, my Padre is across the Seas living in Germany and while my sister got to go visit for a few weeks, Adulthood beckoned and I had to hang back and work and pay them bills. Sad face. So while they’re both playing, I wanted to share a little bit about my Dad. (you can read more here and here as well)

One of our many trips together

One of our many trips together. Perfectly explains our relationship

My Dad is Awesome with a capitol A. I just wanted to get that out there before we started. Now I know you probably think you’re Dad is cool and all, and he probably is, but there’s just nothing like a Daddy-Daughter relationship. Growing up my Dad walked on water and was as tall as the trees. He was as strong as a Giant and as funny as a video of someone falling down (you know those make you laugh too).

It may also help that I’m as gullible as a three year old at Christmas time, but I thought my Dad hung the Moon. (still do) Out of all my brother’s (that’d be three of them) my Dad and I had the most in common so we were special pals. We’d go camping together, fishing, hiking, played sports together, worked on my game, and just all around had fun.

Ignore the blurriness, it's one of my favorites from an  old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

Ignore the blurriness, it’s one of my favorites from an old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

One special thing you should know about my Dad is that his culinary skills are at their finest in the woods. He magically transforms into a gourmet chef once we cross into our campsite. Most kids simply roast a hotdog over the fire, or bring sandwiches from home. Not my Dad. Nope. We eat stew, we eat berry cobbler and apple crisp. We eat fancy noodle dishes and complete “home”-cooked meals. Granted we started with the hot dogs and sandwiches, but over the many many years he’s become an expert at eating like a King in the wilderness.

One thing that always remained a tradition though, was breakfast pancakes in the morning. He’d even start making them for us at home sometimes too. If there was ever an award for best pancake flipper, it’d go to that guy.

What better way to say thanks than to make my Dad some special Father’s Day pancakes then? Of course I’d haveta ship them across the World and I highly doubt they’d be all that delectable once he received them, so you’ll just have to help me out and make them for your Dad instead.

Father's Day Protein Pancake

It’s such a creative and adorable idea I don’t know how I have never though of it before!! You can find the recipe here! Can I admit that I tried to make these anyway? They’re just too cute not to!

premier protein

Premier Protein also sent me a chocolate protein shake and some wicked delicious protein bars as well. Let me tell you. These bars? Manna in my mouth. I ate the cookie and cream and chocolate peanut butter ones before i had a chance to take any photos. Read why here. They are the perfect snack bar on the go or after an intense workout to help you recover.

So now I want you to tell me your Father’s Day plans. It better involve at least calling that Dad of yours and telling him you love him!

Oh yea, Love you Dad!

This is a sponsored post. Al products were received for free in exchange for my honest review, however all opinions are my own. 

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Ideas for a (Single) Valentine’s Day

TGIF friends!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.) Or Single’s Awareness Day for all you Debbie Downers out there, chin up! I love Holidays, no matter how mass produced and actually non-existent they may be. Any reason to celebrate is a great day in my book.

I realize this isn’t the case for a lot of people however so I’ve complied a very legitimate, thoroughly researched list of ideas for you to still enjoy this most sacred of days. (*sacred if you’re a cherub, it’s your day to shine buddy!)

Single Valentines Day

(*This post was originally published on Feb. 14, 2014)

1. Tiny Heart Candies.

I feel like this one doesn’t need any explanation but I’ll humor you. They’re tiny little hearts that tell you how much they love you, or want to hug you, or call you…it’s not creepy just b/c they’re not alive. Oh and they’re yummy, you should eat them.

2. Have a friend? It’s ok, you only need one.

Tell that person how special they are. Ya don’t gotta be dating someone to love them. Heck Brick from Anchorman loves lamp! And if he can do it, so can you! Have no friends? Yes you do silly, I’m your friend! 😀 (and I love to be told how amazing I am FYI)

3. For those of you with no friends (and who so rudely denied my friendship request), have a pet?

Or a neighbor that does? Or there’s squirrels in your front yard? Or you saw a bird in the sky once? Please say yes to one of these, I’m trying really hard to include everyone here….Go tell that furry friend how much you love it. There’s no love like puppy love!

4. Have siblings? Maybe a sister or two?

They are built-in best friends after all (and if you don’t like your sister go make up now!) Make her a gift of paper hearts and confetti. Nothing says love like a giant handmade card filled with confetti that when opened explodes over her entire room and takes hours to clean up! #thumbsup (note: Mother’s also love this type of stuff)

I just realized I listed food, friends, and animals before my own sister….While this will require much internal reflection and a serious One Tree Hill marathon together to figure it out, I am confidant we can get to the bottom of this Sis!

5. Own a pair of running shoes?

Go show that pavement just how much you love it by pounding in it’s face for a few miles. It doesn’t even have to be running, it can be lifting weights, yoga, cross-fit, anything to get active. On the bright-side, this also allows you to eat more tiny heart candies so it’s really a win-win for everyone.

6. Buy lots of, chocolates and flowers (I hear this is a traditional gift).

Then as you eat your sorrow and drown your loneliness, you can at least pretend some handsome man gave them to you….(sorry I kinda ran out of ideas…)

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After you’ve read my list of awesomeness, I hope we can all agree that Valentine’s Day doesn’t haveta be all about whether we’ve locked someone down or not. (though I am trying Mother, please stop asking….) Find something or someone wonderful to celebrate with, for, or in secret. I’m referring to my obsession/girl crush on Lauren Conrad. She may never know my love for her, but heck if I don’t celebrate it anyway!!

So are ya with me!! How are you spending your Valentines Day?


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Peppermint White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Happy Post-Holidays Lovelies!

First everyone was too kind from Friday. I may really think I’m a pretty awkward individual in front of the camera, but I don’t actually think all those horrible things about myself. It was just too fun to write not to share.

I also realize this is a terrible time to post a dessert recipe. Resolutions and all that jazz. But I held on to this beaut a little too long and I’m not about to wait an entire year to post it. Besides Monday night’s are Bachelor nights (yes I watch the bachelor, duh) and calories don’t count when you’re drowning your single status feelings in man-candy and crazy females on tv…..

Y’all also know my proclivity for easy recipes. The less time and ingredients needed the better. As much as I love baking, there’s nothing better then spending minimal time in the kitchen while still getting the fancy result that everyone will love.

This cookie recipe is not one to disappoint and I’m so excited to share it today. I’ve already posted one pudding mix cookie recipe, pumpkin spice pudding cookies, the perfect cookie for every basic white girl in your life.

Well here’s one for every Christmas Season lover in your life.

Peppermint White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

It’s such an easily adapted recipe that all I did was switch out the pudding mix and chocolate mix-in from the pumpkin spice recipe and for experimenting, it actually turned out really yummy.

My un-jaded opinion towards sugar really doesn’t do it much justice though, so you’ll haveta make it yourself and let me know if your tastebuds give it the ole thumbs up as well. Tongues with thumbs….ew, forget I said that….

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Peppermint White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

  • 1 box white cake mix (I could only find yellow but white would be more festive)
  • 1 box cheesecake pudding mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/2 cup (or as much as you want really) chopped peppermint hershey kisses

Mix all together and bake for 10-12 minutes at 350. Viola, done, and eat!

Anyone else a fan of the pudding mix cookie combo?

And I’m sorry in advance for anyone trying to eat better this year….


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