Secret Blogger Club (22)


I forget the rule on apologizing about being absent from the blogosphere. Am I supposed to? Not supposed to? I don’t know. Whatever.

My laptop finally kicked the bucket after spilling water all in it about a year and a half ago so I’ve been stealing time on other computers when I can. Which hasn’t been a lot, I’ll admit.

So even though I’ve been posting (all scheduled ahead of time) I haven’t been able to read and comment on as many other blogs as I normally like to.

I did find some good reads for the Secret Blogger Club today though!

Secret Blogger Club Title

Before we get into the good stuff, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share my favorite hashtag with y’all first. Go read that here and join me!

Secret Blogger Club

>> Six Tips: saving Money (Painlessly) by Gretch Runs. Gretchen linked up with us last week and after reading her post I could’t NOT share it this week. I mean who doesn’t want to save more money? I know even with my new job I’ still perplexed how anyone in New England can afford to even exist. Why so high rent? I’m a big believer in the email tip. If I don’t see the sales right in my inbox I don’t magically “remember” that I actually do need new sweaters for the season and they’re on sale so why not? lol Go read this now you savvy fashionistas you!

>> 13 Signs Your Obsessed With Food by Bethany Georgina. Um yes….my life….I love food and food loves me (sorry hips). I don’t eat as much as I’d like, there’s the whole not wanting to be morbidly obese when I can prevent it, but yea food is my person. I found my Christina to enjoy all the food with me (Hey Nat!) but she lives in TX so now I’ve got food….that’s really sad reading that back out loud….whoops!

>> Why I DO Read Your Blog by To Travel and Beyond. Everyone is always writing about why they Don’t read your blog, so how about a few nice reasons of why someone Does. I think Macy has some pretty darn good ideas of what makes a great blog.

>> Why I Blog by Sweet Tea by Hydrageas. Now that we’ve seen why someone reads your blog, how about some reasons we blog! Mistle might be a little newer to the blog game than some, but she’s dialed in to the best perks of the blogosphere. I wish I had been as insightful when I started this whole thing lol.

>> A Day in the Life of A Grad Student by Blonde Freedom. I couldn’t Not post this after posting about things to know before even going to grad school. Skylar gives a good look into what life might look like once you actually get there.

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

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Secret Blogger Club (18)

Well another Thursday is here!

That makes this officially half way through the October Instagram Challenge. Have you joined the party?

Also make sure you check out my post from yesterday. Seriously even one tweet or insta post that you tag me in and you could win FREE grocery money. (you don’t even need the app!) Free money yo. Check it out.

I’m so happy y’all have been joining me every week for the Secret Blogger Club! There’s nothing worse than planning a party and having no one show up. Thank you for making sure that never happens to me lol.

Secret Blogger Club Title

>> How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job by Very Erin. As someone who will be starting a semi “desk” here soon (fingers crossed I get the offer) I loved reading this post. I’ve always worked pretty active jobs as a personal trainer, sports coordinator, teen group leader, wellness specialist, etc so the whole desk thing will be an adjustment. I also realize most people try to go the other route, from desk to a more active job, but with arthritis in your knee, and move into a less active job is a necessity.

>> Do You Allow Yourself Grace by Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos. Lindsay is spot on with this post. I used to be so stuck in getting everything done that I would miss out on living. In the past few years I’ve tried to make a conscious effort on living more in the moment and saying yes to experiences instead of blindly following some path to get to the end. It’s all about finding joy in the journey.

>> Removing Phones From Your Pictures by Notable. This one isn’t even from a smaller blogger, just very eye-opening. I just wrote about making dinners unplugged, (LINK) but really there are entirely too many moments we lose by staring at our phones or tablets when we could be connecting with those we love. Have y’all seen this commercial as well? Kinda scary in my opinion. But then again, I did grow up in the family that played road games, sang songs together, or simply talked.

>> 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During The Holidays by Fit Chick Nextdoor. It’s not yet Halloween but this is still something we should all be thinking about. Mini candy bars anyone? My favorite are the classic tootsie rolls. I may or may not have eaten my fair share while watching football last weekend, oops. My biggest fit tip is portion control. I don’t deny myself the holiday treats, but I also don’t eat my weight in them….Oh and spin class….lots of spin class….

>> 12 More Reasons I’m Crap At Being An Adult by Bethany Georgina. Y’all know the whole adulting thing it’s my jam just yet so this post was right up my alley…..Unfortunately for my student loans….

So those are my picks for the week.

Make sure you link up below for your chance to be featured!

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

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Welcome Back to the Secret Blogger Club!

Welcome back!!

I’m so excited to welcome y’all back to the Secret Blogger Club! I had fun this summer with the Summer Reading Challenge but it feels good to be back into the swing of things. Fall tends to be the season that I reorganize and feel re-invigorated to get the ish together. ❤ you Fall!

P.S. did you catch my October Instagram Challenge? #Blondetober It kicks off today so pretty please join me! Everyone can sit with us (aka use the hashtag) so even if it doesn’t match the prompt for that day hashtag it up and lets all be friends!

Ok, on to the Secret Blogger Club.

Secret Blogger Club Title

Since there might be a few new faces, and it’s been  three whole months since we last linked up together, you can click on over to the SBC page to see what we’re all about. The short version is making friends and support fellow back to middle of the pack bloggers like myself (and you?) Big bloggers are welcome too…I guess…. 😉

[Tweet “Have you joined the #SecretBloggerClub yet? Go add your latest post to the linkup!”]

Basically you link up with whatever post you’d like, and every week I’ll be highlighting bloggers of all sizes! Feel free to highlight your own faves from the week, but you don’t have to in order to link-up. Link-up whatever post you want, and it’d be smart if it’s one you’d like to be featured. I promote all posts I feature on social media if that’s your jam.

So here we go!

>> Five Things to do When You Just have Your Computer to Kill Time by Anchored to Sunshine. Instead of turning to flappy bird (is that still a thing?) try one or five of Amanda’s tips to use that free-time productively. Not only will you actually get something done, but you’ll feel as though you didn’t just waste those minutes of your life. And anyone who has ever come up for air after a Buzzfeed binge or a good ole fashioned Facebook stalk knows exactly what I’m talking about.

>> DIY Sparkly Cat Mask by The Bold Abode. I’m not a Halloween fan so I historically don’t dress up for the night. But heck, maybe I should get into the Holiday this year. And with an adorable and easy cat mask like this one, plus my surplus of black clothing, it’s easier then ever.

>> Easy Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online by Bethany Georgina. Because who doesn’t like saving money?

>> 20 Good Reasons to Judge Me by Wife in Training. We all do things that are judge worthy but Lindsay put it all on blast. I may have to do my own post soon, though I know y’all are already judging so why the heck not lol.

>> Social Media Hacks by An Uncomplicated Life. You know I’ll never be a bigger blogger because I can’t make myself love social media like that would require. Instagram is the only one I’m obsessed with. Pinterest is for finding my dinner menu and Twitter….well I’m horrible at Twitter. Use these tips to improve your game though!

So now it’s time to linkup your latest post and get social!

I’ll be hopping around to all posts linked, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next week?

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

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In Vs. Out

Happy Last Friday in September, what?

Weird to be typing those words. It’s such a blogger thing to say though so somehow it felt right at the same time.

I’m linking up with Allyson for her In vs Out Linkup!

In Vs Out


I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to telling other people what to like or do, I do tend to have an over-inflated sense of importance so this is really up my alley!


 >> New Blogging Supplies. I even wrote an entire post on the supplies that you should have to reinvigorate your passion for blogging!

>> Tripod for Your iphone. I bought one for myself for my birthday and now it’s so much easier to take my own photos! It’s a lot more awkward though….Amazon Prime <<(Affiliate link) got it to me in only 2 days Free shipping too!!

>> All the Musical things. Have the seen the T. Swifty mashup by Todrick Hall? Musical genius. Check out his website here for more gems.

>> Hiking! Fall is the perfect weather for hiking! It’s my happy place 🙂 I’ve got plans this weekend with some friends! Ok fine, JB’s friends but really we’re all friends now right? I just know who’s side they’ll take in the event of a breakup kind of friends…hint, not mine lol

Fantasy Football. This is the first season I’ve ever participated in Fantansy Football and I couldn’t be having more fun. It’s literally not even possible. The games are So much more fun to watch and I find myself turning on every single one of them instead of just the bigger ones. Thanks Lindsey and Rebekah for putting it together!!


>> Comparison. It’s hard not to play the comparison game, especially when it comes to blogging. For instance, I’m sure you’d all love to have an awesome photogenic sense such as myself, but we can’t all be models 😉 Check out this awesome article on pulling back the curtain on Instagram lives. (here)

>> Only working PT. I’m one of those people who actually likes working. When I’m not working I feel useless. I like being a contributing member of society. You’ll be hearing about this one until I can secure something FT sorry peeps.

Ok I’m out of OUT things….Loving things is way more fun anyway!

So what about you? what’s In and Out this season?

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Secret Blogger Club (6)

We made it to another Secret Blogger Club!!

Or another Wednesday if you don’t wanna be one of the cool kids, your choice 😉

I’m writing from Boston as I will keep reminding you all week because it makes me so Happy!! It will also explain my lack of bein around…. #sorrynotsorry also #ifeellikeadouchesayingthatallthetime

Secret Blogger Club Title

>> Are You Beautiful? (Life is Rozie) I actually found this floating around Facebook last week and just had to share on here. I seriously wish all girls, heck WOMEN could learn this lesson at a young age. I spent entirely way too much time trying to hide my “imperfections” when in reality I should have been celebrating them.

Plus, duh like one of my favorites said, we’re Awesome! Thanks for that Rebecca!! << Another good read right there!

>> A Letter to My Teenage Self (Cupcakes & Crossbones) Y’all know I’m all about empowering younger girls to feel beautiful, confident, and powerful and Tori did not disappoint with her letter to her younger self.

>> Explaining Bloggers on Instagram to Non-Bloggers on Instagram (The Daily Tay) Just yes…..Every time someone from my real life (i.e. work or school) adds me on Instagram, I feel an obligation to explain myself….. #bloglife

>> Wedding Traditions We Skipped (Geez, Louise) Not that I’m planning a wedding any time soon as far as I’m aware…I loved Kalyn’s wedding photos and her no apologies attitude when it comes to how her and her husband decided to celebrate their love. There shouldn’t be any rules to planning your own wedding!

>> Unwanted Side-Effects of Adulthood (Just the Elevator Pitch) hahahahaha….just go read this NOW

Now link up below!

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life



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Secret Blogger Club (5)

Welcome to the Secret Blogger Club!

Well we’ve made it to the day before my doom….aka graduate exams start tomorrow and I should probably be more worried than I am. Whatever, I’m not afraid to admit that I love school and the words academic scholar follow my name just as easy as peanut butter follows jelly #HumbleBrag

Because I’ve been studying this entire week, also I should mention I really really like study groups, like to the point that just may make you barf. I’ve always had a ton of friends in class b/c I make the best study partner #HumbleBragNumber2 of the day

Secret Blogger Club Button

Moving on….ignore my conceited spirit and read these amazing ladies instead 😀

Be sure to grab the button (in my sidebar or here) and join the club!

Today’s features!

>> Lessons I Learned From The Bachelor (Becoming Adorrable) Because y’all know I’m a sucker for anything Bachelor related. #1 way to get me to read your blog? Write about the Bachelor #obsessed

>> Easy 4-Ingredient Fudge Brownie Truffles (Apple of My Eye) Just like Christine says, this is not a drill, go make these right now, who needs a job?!? I don’t even care that it’s sponsored, I want to eat my computer looking at her pictures!

>> No Shampoo: My First Reactions (Geez, Louise) I KNOW this is all over the internet already and I know other people have reviewed the process before, but Kayln’s was so, just real. I’ve always toyed with the idea but I’m as yet to ingrained into the shampoo bandwagon to really do anything about it.

>> And last, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Hemp Hearts! It ends tomorrow!

Now link up and join the club! Be sure to tell your friends 😀



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2015 Word of the Year is Fearless

Oh hey February, I didn’t see you there….

January is over and I’m just now coming up with a word for the year I know. I’m late to most parties, if I even show up at all. It’s not a statement of how cool I am though, I’m just usually cowering in social anxiety behind my knitting needles…..but I’ve arrived, so points for effort.

I may have shared my Resolutions with you last month, and hopefully gave you a few things to think about. What I didn’t do was actually share my goals for 2015 with you. I’m not big of resolutions in the real sense. I don’t think they ever work and are honestly more disappointing and depressing then just calling them regular old fashioned goals. Call it semantics if you will, but there’s power in words.

I do however love goals. (duh, I’m a blogger)

As I look towards graduation and starting a new chapter in my life, this year has the grand potential to be one of the best. Besides 25 is the new 21 anyway right? Who wants to be barely legal and still have homework to do? That certainly doesn’t sound like the best years to me….

So here’s to 2015 (minus January, for non-bandwagon purposes) being the year of being FEARLESS! (with achievable small steps b/c what good is my degree if I don’t put it to good use)

Word of 2015 Fearless


Travel Abroad. This has honestly never been on my radar before. Call me the most vanilla person on the planet, I don’t care. I love to travel and have in fact been to almost all the Lower 48 states (barring Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and Louisiana). So a lack of interest in traveling isn’t what’s held me back. Perhaps the language barrier. Or more likely the time I accidentally watched part of Hostel 2 and had nightmares for months…. No matter, it took 25 years for me to actually want to travel abroad. I’m thinking Paris. Thoughts? (remember my Dad is in Germany so that’d be “home base”)

Step One: Get Passport.


Get Published. As cliche as it sounds for a blogger to be writing something they want published, boo to your rules. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but it’s taken a few hardships and struggles to get the material to write something actually worth reading (in my opinion anyway) I got a good start during NaNoWriMo but then I realized I had too many graduate projects to put any real time into it. So I started writing again during the break and have a good beginning so here’s to finishing. Or at least giving it a good go.

Step One: Schedule Time for Writing (it’s lookin like Saturday mornings are my best bet)


Expand My Yoga Practice. After drinking the racing kool-aid and completing two half marathons and a multitude of 5 and 10k’s over the past few years, my knee needs a break. I turned to spinning in the Fall to pick up my cardio slack, but yoga is what really grounded me and helped bring me out of my bout with depression. I’d like to expand my practice and work of some inversions. Balance and flexibility have never been my forte so here’s to hoping 😉

Step One: Go to class!! (I have free classes on campus)


More Photography. This one isn’t super specific which is like a SMART goal sin. (Have I ever mentioned I wrote an e-book on this topic for grad school?) Anyway, I’ve always loved photography but have never moved beyond a typical point and shoot camera. I’m venturing more into the art now and have already signed up for a few local classes. Also my Big Bro has graciously allowed me to borrow his DSLR to practice with.

Step One. Try a photography challenge


Revive My Blog Hop. Y’all remember that time I started a link-up called the Secret Blogger Club? Yea me neither. I started it kind of on a whim and it seemed to be a bit confusing for some people. BUT now it’s back and I’m hopin y’all will help me keep it going this time with a brand new button! P.S. you’re all invited!

Secret Blogger Club Button

It’s a weekly blog hop every Wednesday. It’s the same concept as before, in that it’s all about bloggers supporting bloggers. Also, there’s no theme, it’s a blog hop link-up. AKA link up whatever your post may be and hop around a bit.

Food? check. Travel? duh. Friends, family, diy, kids, whatever makes you happy. If the very act of writing your post made you happy then I want you to link up with me. Of course all I ask is you link back in your post or display the button on your page. Also be friendly! Make some new friends and let’s help make 2015 bigger and brighter then ever! (ps. grab the button from my sidebar or from here)

Step One: Link up, you know you want to 😉

So there they are. My goals and hopes for 2015. I’ve got some big changes ahead of me and can’t wait to see where life takes me, or rather where I take myself b/c let’s be honest I’m an ambitious go-getter.

I’m a bit late to the party I realize, it being 6th of February and all. But if you haven’t already, tell me one of your resolutions goals for 2015! I’d love to hear them 😀


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Linkin up with Little Friday

Summer Wish List + Secret Blogger Club

Hello fellow Club-members! (If you’re not in the club yet just linkup real quick)

First off I wanna thank everyone that’s been givin me stellar tips for ridin the train. I’ll be doing more Boston posts b/c y’alls advice is SO good! Also, my complaints about the people was pure sarcasm, I actually think New Englanders are Way nicer then the rap they get back home. I mean it’s no Southern Hospitality but ain’t no one even playin in the same ballpark with us 😉

Alright! Secret Blogger Club! This month’s meeting carries the theme of “Summer” Basically as long as the word summer is somewhere in your post your good. Don’t worry we’re not gonna search that hard for it so even if you write about winter you’re still in.

I wanted to create a summer wish list. Kinda like a bucket list but I don’t have the morbid deadline of death looming over me.


>>Take in a few baseball games

>>Farmer’s Market Saturdays!

>>Ice Cream stand visits weekly

>>Weekend trip to NYC

>>Explore Boston on my time off

>>Seventy-billion cook-outs with friends

>>Day hikes

>>Picnic? (not sure the dude will go for this but here’s to hoping)

>>Drive-in Movie Night

>>Day trips to NH and VT

Anything I’m missin on my list? What would go on your list?

Be sure to check out my bloggy-friend and co-host Kaitlin from California Endless Summer as well! You can read a bit about her below. And don’t forget about my constant Co-Host Ms. Suzan from Welcome to the Nuthouse. Her running prowess and love of Mexican food is legen….wait for it….DARY! Now come sit at the cool-kids table and linkup 😀

Blonder Side of Life
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Blonder Side of Life"><img src="" alt="Blonder Side of Life" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Kaitlin started bloggin about 2 years ago and has since become one of my best blogger friends. Plans to meet-up this summer are being made as you’re readin this 😀 A few of her favorite posts include why she started blogging and a personal favorite when she tells us about the cheapest therapy! (score!) Go show her some love b/c she rocks!




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Vega Bars Review

**Disclosure: I received free Vega products to review, but all opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

I feel so grateful for all the opportunities my blog has brought me but this one might be the coolest to date. Through my Sweat Pink Ambassador status with Fit Approach, I was one of the lucky bloggers selected to receive and review the new Vega bars. And oh boy they did NOT disappoint! Before I jump into it, you can go to this link here to read up more official stuff about the bars.

Y’all know I’m pretty bad with “official” stuff. I’ve got a bit of a different spin so let’s get started with 5 reasons you should be on the Vega Bar wagon.


1.  These are absolutely awesome for any lifestyle. I am actually eating the Vega One Peanut Butter Chocolate bar as I’m typing this. Now I’m not a supporter of the whole meal replacement thing, but mid-morning chocolate snack, I can get behind that for sure.Oh and that’s actually good for you?  Does it get much better than that??? I submit that it does not.


2. I lied, actually yes it does. These bars are plant-based and all ingredients are one’s you can actually pronounce. Things like dates, almond flour, agave, and coconut oil. Organic and Non-GMO, this is a brand you can trust with what they put in their products (and consequently feel good about putting it in your body). The Cherry Chocolate Almond literally tastes like a candy bar! Scratch that, even Better than a candy b/c it doesn’t have all that nasty trans-fats and processed junk.

3. While I may not the busiest of bees, I am usually on campus all day long between classes and work. If you’ve been reading BSoL very long, than you’ll know that this girl loves her food. I do pack a lunch but I don’t eat a ton at once so snacks are a must for me. The Vega Snack bars clock  in at around 180 calories, depending on the flavor, 3g protein, and 3g fiber to keep you satisfied and full.


Like my messy bag and beat up planner? It sees a lot of use 🙂

4. Also despite my lack of running these past few weeks, the Vega Sport Protein bars are perfect for after a long-run. Don’t run? No worries, at only 240 calories and 15g of plant-based protein, they’re perfect for any post-workout snack! I accidentally partially melted the chocolate mint one but it was so good I was a weirdo lickin the wrapper in public….what can I say I’m not awkward at all 🙂


5. Favorite flavor? Chocolate Coconut Almond…or the Mint Chocolate…or maybe the Cranberry Almond…no quite possibly the Apple Cherry…Gahhh!! It’s too hard to choose!! With a flavor for every different picky palette out there, there’s literally something for everyone.

Be sure to check out Vega and all their wonderful products here. How would a Vega bar fit into your life?

Also don’t forget to link-up with me and Suzan from Welcome to the Nuthouse for our first ever Secret Blogger Club link-up! Details can be found here, but basically everyone is invited, and more importantly WANTED!! Also there is no theme for this first one (although it is Cinco de Mayo) so link-up whatever you’ve got! We just wanna see your smiling face and brilliant words 🙂


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Linkin up with Little Friday & 5 Things

Hump Day Laughter

First things first, hopefully you’re all getting as excited about my new link-up as I am. I’d prefer it not be an utter failure with 4 links (if I’m lucky) so I’m hoping y’all will do me a solid and spread the word and link-up with me (pretty pretty please 🙂 )

Ok, now for some fun. It is Hump Day after all. Anyone else out there a Vine-lover? Am I the only adult that loses brain cells watchin this stuff?….ok, well I’m about to make a believer out of all of y’all. I think this represents my life pretty well….#SingleGirlStatus (be sure to click the sound on)

Hahahahahahhahaha Excuse me while I continue looping this…….

Whew, laughter has subsided enough for me to go on, all y’all with me?

Today I have a few confessions……..

-I haven’t run since my Half Marathon a few weeks ago. I’ve thought about it and even put my shoes on this past saturday but ended up hiking and zero running was achieved. My only motivation to log some double digit miles is so I can eat an entire pizza myself….is that bad?

-Speaking of races, I just realized I hadn’t updated my Races page until I wrote this post….oops. You’ll notice my 2014 schedule has been pretty sparse thus far and I don’t really have an explanation for you on that one except I’m broke and can’t afford entry fees, sigh.

-The statement that blondes have more fun isn’t true. I have been the epitome of “all work no play” these past few weeks. Between finals, large end-of-semester projects, internships to organize, and moving plans, I’ve been pretty busy. Oh and also the whole work for money thing has been getting in the way lately. (that kinda made me sound like a Lady of the Night…I’m not just so we’re clear…)

-I got way too excited to design the new button for my link-up. So in that sense this blonde has still been having fun lol



-I’m kinda worried this linkup will be a complete failure and I’ll have to retire from blogland in disgrace….you’ll help me out won’t you? Membership to the Secret Blogger Club is free….I’m also not above begging…if you’re friendship can be bought then I’ll buy it, just saying….

-I have 39 drafts (make that 41) sitting in my posts section. I can’t even pretend to be cool and organized b/c they’re all unfinished drafts…so yea there’s that. Maybe one of these days I’ll get my blogger act together.

-Speaking of which, it’s Cinco de Mayo on Monday which I only realized when someone asked if that was the theme of the link-up…..Um, Nope, I didn’t even know it was a holiday…I’m very out of touch with reality sometimes. Someone also had to remind me Mother’s Day is coming up (sorry Mom). For a girl who owns at least 4 calendar’s, I’m really bad with dates….

-Oh and remember that whole “I didn’t run so I don’t get pizza thing” from above?….I ordered the pizza anyway, oops….

Have anything to confess?

Plan on joining me in my link-up?



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Linking up with Kat for Confessions and Liz for Hump Day!