Memorial Day Confessions

Hello Lovelies 😀

Welcome to Wednesday and our weekly confession dump with Kathy where we all become besties! I’m just jumpin right into it today since, to be honest, I can’t think of anything interesting to say so really I’m doin you a favor…your welcome.



I confess…

>> I didn’t take the above picture. That credit goes to a friend of a friend…I left my phone in a locked car for 2 days while I partied at the beach so nary an American flag did I snap. But no lie, this picture rules all pictures of flags that were taken that day. I mean that’s freakin Mother Nature payin homage to America dudes…some all  natural American pride 🙂

>> I’m sure you’ve guessed from the above statement, but I didn’t take a single picture the entire weekend. I was in quite a few but none to show y’all whoops. Blogger fail, whatever.

>> Just because someone invites you to a BBQ don’t expect there to be food…well lots of food anyway…as in one burger all afternoon/night does not fill this girl up. (although the giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes I ate the next morning made my belly very, very happy so we’ll call it even 🙂 )

>> On that note, just because I am a personal trainer does not mean I don’t wanna stuff my face full of dessert at a party, so please remove your hand from my cookie and let me eat it….I digress….spoiler alert: I won that cookie battle.

>> Don’t promise yourself you will go for a run when you’re spending the weekend at a friends house b/c it won’t happen and all those calories you ate planning on a run will continue to sit on your hips (I’m sorry hips, I’m not sorry taste buds).

>> Also just because you’re at the beach all weekend doesn’t mean you should wear shorts. This Southern girl was freezin on the Massachusetts coast and I made sure everyone knew the South was better. Surprisingly I still made friends that night but I think it had more to do with my adorable novelty-ness of being the only one Not from Mass….I just roll like that.

>>I start my internship in Boston tomorrow and this is how I’m preparing for it….(ps. don’t forget to turn the sound on)

I’ll end my confessions by reminding y’all that next Monday, June 2nd is the next meeting of the Secret Blogger Club! This month our theme is SUMMER! As in write about something that has to do with summer….or at the very least use the word summer once. Grab the button in my sidebar and make sure to link-up with me, Susan and Kaitlin next week!

Now tell me your confessions from the weekend.



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Happy Memorial Day

I know, I know I’m way behind on this weekend update but I choose to spend it with my Guy and friends instead of writing…I’m sorry.  Let me first start out by thanking all those who have served our Country.  I know I owe my freedom and life to the brave men and women who give theirs.  I can never express the gratitude that y’all deserve!

On a completely unrelated note……Holy cold front New England!

Can you tell I'm a TN fan? :)

Can you tell I’m a TN fan? 🙂

It was such a FREEZIN couple of days up here in Massachusetts!  It rained on and off for 2 whole days and hovered somewhere in the 60’s with a biting wind.  A good rainy day is always welcome in my life though, I’m a huge book nerd and love snugglin up on the couch and delving into another world.  I’m currently reading a book called May the Road Rise Up to Meet You by Peter Troy.  Oh man it’s a good one, takes place during the Civil War from the perspective of 2 slaves, an Irish Yankee soldier, and an upperclass society lady from New York.  Very interesting how their stories all unfold….but I digress

Sunday I decided to grit my teeth, wrap myself in 4 layers (I know I’m a baby when it comes to the cold), and headed out for a 4.5 mile run.  By the time I got home my fingers couldn’t function properly, like I could feel them but couldn’t make them do what I wanted lol.

They would actually fire their muskets into the air!!

They would actually fire their muskets into the air!!

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day though, and after a short run in the morning dodging parade-goers, I decided to just stop and watch Memorial Day parade!  I truly believe  now that no one has American pride like New England does! Living in the city definitely has it’s advantages, I walked right out my apartment and BOOM parade!


Every time they stopped they fanned out and crouched down, I managed to snap this pic

We finished up the day with a cookout with friends.  It’s not memorial day without a hotdog!  I also made some peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  Look how patriotic they are!



Hopefully your weekend was as awesome as mine turned out to be.  Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?


“Every Artist was first an Amateur”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson