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Oh hey it’s me….the girl who just moved 900 miles to Massachusetts and is currently freezin her butt off in June. WTF New England.

Although to be fair, I’ve heard from friends back in Kentucky that it hasn’t been all that warm there either so I shouldn’t be too upset with the weather here. I knew what I was getting myself into before I came so whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, I’ve been unpacking and settling in before I start work next week. And for that crazed mentality of moving your entire life many, many states away, I just barely responded to all your awesome comments over the past week. Which is also why we’re havin a Thursday Thoughts post today.

Sidenote: I spent off and on the entire 15 hours drive trying to take the perfect photo to post on Instagram while driving from TN to MA…..It’s a sad fact I know, but I couldn’t help it. Below is the closest I got…..judge me.

moving day

Look how cool I am riding shotgun through some state…..


To start off, THANK YOU for the wonderful reception of my Summer Book Challenge #BookishSideofLife I seriously thought I’d be in it alone. I’m no stranger to creating something that doesn’t pan out. It’s just so darn fun creating something, #cantstopwontstop.


We talked about the weather already, but can we talk about the strange looks I get up here? Like do I really stick out that much? It’s almost as if everyone just knows I’m an “outsider.” I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s my good manners, or the fact that I say ma’am and sir, possibly even my fresh-faced innocent country face, or my tendency to make small-talk with strangers…..all tell-tale signs I hail from a strange land also known as the South….

I haven’t quite developed the hardened exterior that people up here are known to have. Am I allowed to say I’m ok with that though? (sorry to all readers and friends from New England if that was offensive, I love it up here obvi!!!)

donuts on moving day


My obsession with donuts has taken a hit since my move….No longer will I be able to indulge in the best donuts on the planet from North Lime Donuts in Lexington. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Lexington, KY or even anywhere near it before 1pm, you need to get yourself all the donuts! The chocolate glazed are my personal favorite, but every day they have two new featured ones including that caramel turtle donut in the top left of that photo….right!

Now New England may run on Dunkin Donuts, you can literally find one on almost every corner that exists, but they’re donuts have nothing on North Lime. Sadly I haven’t been able to even find a donut shop oher than Dunk’s or Honey Dew (another chain found right across the street from every Dunk’s ever) and it’s just not the same. And to answer your next question, yes I’ve only been up here for 4 days and have already looked for a donut shop….Priorities people!


I told my sister in law the other day that cleaning was like Christmas Morning to me because I love a good project. I must have sounded like such a tool. Sometimes I amaze even myself with the stuff I say, but darn-it if I don’t love a good cleaning challenge, just for the satisfaction of the end result. Also, I should clarify it’s only a select few people’s messes I’ll clean up with no objection. JB is one of them and Lord knows he needs my help so it’s a good thing I enjoy doing it.


Can we all just take a moment to realize that entire last paragraph was about my love of cleaning? I really need some friends up here…..

Will you be my friend?

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Things Blogging is Better Than….

Happy friday baby

How cute is this little munchkin??? One of my best friends snapped this photo of her little girl and has graciously allowed me share the pure adorableness of it with y’all. Plus it’s always a celebration when we make it to Friday!

I’ve got a busy week, moving back home to Knox before I’m off to Boston for the summer so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a hot min (I’d promise to pre-write some stuff but we all know how bad at that I am). Before I go though, I wanted to talk about a serious topic….blogging, and my subsequent obsession with it….

I love my little blog, (one could even say I’m a Fan) and I seriously nerd out over it to anyone who will listen. I even admitted in public I had a blog the other day…to my graduate classmates….let that sink in for a minute….My enthusiasm cannot be contained, what can I say. Despite my passionate (yet professional) announcement, there were still those ppl who just didn’t get it….so for all those non-believers out there, here are a few reasons why blogging is so awesome.

better blogging

Blogging is better than….

….getting picked last for the ultimate frisbee game in the park. Cripple knee or not I play a mean game of ultimate if they would just give me a chance.

….writing a 25 page paper on the future direction of health campaigns and interventions…Well really any 25 page paper, but that’s the topic of mine that was due in this week….needless to say my brain was really stretchin for those last few 10 pages. #gradschoolproblems

….waving to someone who waved at you only to realize too late that they weren’t actually waving to you….this happens way too often for my liking. I’ll just chalk it up to my friendly demeanor.

….studying for a completely un-career related (also boring) subject that also happens to tap into your worst subject…math…Oh and said test will take you at least 2 hrs to finish….good luck GPA, I will pray for you….

….having to par down all your worldly possessions to only what can fit into your car for yet another move to yet another state. Wanderlust much? That’s not to say I’m not excited for the move, just not the whole packin part of it, bleh. On the bright-side, I will be in Boston in 2 weeks livin the 20-something-independent-white-female-New-England-urban dream. (I may have gotten the “dream” wrong though b/c there’s no Starbucks involved. Oh well I’ll be living MY version of it…and yes I know my version is weird and slightly boring…grow up)

….goin to a theme park, riding a water ride then having wet pants for the rest of the day….or going to theme parks in general (I’m not a fan unless it’s Dollywood at Christmas-time)

….living with a roommate who doesn’t talk to you….Well actually pretty much anything is better than that, b/c that’s just freakin weird. But blogging fixes all that is wrong in the world and gives you best friends right at your finger tips. Who needs real life friends, am I right? (Note: I am Not right and would very much like some real life friends…..I’m currently taking applications if you know anyone).

….trying to squeeze into last summer’s shorts. I swear it’s all muscle and not the fro-yo I ate every day for a month!

….dropping said fro-yo on the ground…it was a sad day for all parties involved 😦

Whew, If that doesn’t convince someone how awesome blogging is than I just don’t know what will….

Ok, maybe until you’re a Blogger you just won’t ever get it…Aaaaand some of those examples were a bit extreme but dang-it I love me some blogging and I refuse to stop nerding out about it! I hope y’all stick with me on this crazy journey I’m about to take 🙂

What are some things that blogging is “better than” for you?

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Oh and my Mom’s not convinced yet, so keep hittin that follow button Lovelies 🙂


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I Like to Move it, Move it!

Moving Day is here!!  These past two weeks I’ve felt like a nomad, wandering from place to place…Boston, Knoxville, Augusta, Spartanburg, and Atlanta, each for a few days.  But I’m finally in Lexington where I’ll spend the next 2 years! I’m all moved in and surprisingly unpacked, I’m getting the whole process pretty streamlined at this point I guess.  I’m so excited to start my new job as a Grad Assistant on campus as a Personal Trainer whoo!


I moved into an unfurnished apartment so had to pack up furniture as well as all my clothes, etc so my Padre rented a Uhaul truck for me…..yea it was kinda sad how little space I filled up in it lol.  But it held all my Wordly possessions and got them to Lexington safe so I’m happy.

It's so empty....

It’s so empty….

Switching gears a bit, do you remember the Swagtastic Virtual Race I signed up for months ago that benefits Medals4Mettle?….No? Well in a second you’re gonna be wishing you’d have signed up too b/c I got the box of swag in the mail the other day and it blew my mind and it’s about to blow yours……



Seriously this box was overflowing with samples of all kinds, bars, gels, coupons, chips, gum, waterbottle, frisbee, throat lozenges, you name it, it was probably in there!  So thank you so much Swagtastic donors and volunteers who put this whole thing together, I can’t wait to rock out my 10k this week just for y’all!!

Also this week I’m proud to say that I got in 13 miles for my 60 in 30 challenge!!  A great start to the month and I can’t wait to try and up the mileage this coming week!!  Who’s all for exploring a new city? This girl!!


“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney