Miles on Miles on Miles

Does anyone else compose their posts during long runs or it it just me? I mean I got lots of miles to think, so many a post gets mentally written to distract myself. The trick is remembering all the literary gems I concoct out on the trails…it doesn’t happen that often…oh well.

Anyway it’s Monday and you know what that means! Y’all getta hear me complain about said Marvelous long run YAY!!! j/k It really wasn’t bad but I’m still new to this whole long-run fueling thing so I’ve got a kink or seven to work out still.

I started out thinking I’d do 6 miles out and back to my car, eat some GU/water then finish up the remaining 5miles…..did I mention that I started running at 1pm on an entirely uncovered trail under the blazing 65 degree sun? I guess I’m still young (read that as dumb) enough to think I can power through that sort of bodily abuse…..say it with me people, fluids are your friend!! Apparantly I spell long-run D-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-i-o-n….that says dehydration for those special readers out there 😉

See finished with a smile on my face...couldn't have been too terrible :)

See finished with a smile on my face…couldn’t have been too terrible 🙂

Now if you’re a male and do not wish to read about womanly details then I suggest you skip down past the next picture, go ahead leave now…..




All gone? (ps if you’re a dude and you’re still reading this, you’re weird…just throwin that out there, sry)

So ladies, running when your monthly visitor has stolen all your energy is hard. It just is and no amount of GU or adrenaline shots (are those available?) will help. My knee also aches more…or that very well could be in my head….stupid womanhood…messing with my head and my runs….le sigh.

It really should read "EVERY day is a nice day for a run" but I won't bee too picky lol

It really should read “EVERY day is a nice day for a run” but I won’t bee too picky

K gents welcome back. I hope you enjoyed my graffiti discovery. Someone has a sense of humor b/c while it was a great day for a run, I’m not too sure homeboy next to that saying is feeling the endorphins. I probably looked like him right around hitting mile 8 haha.

But 11 miles in the books and like I said it wasn’t as bad as I just made it sound. I’ve learned a few things and I’m ready to tackle 13 next weekend!

Have some fun long-run stories? Or maybe some not so fun ones? Share them with me!


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8 Mile & Valentine Week

Wowza, I somehow snuck an 8 mile run in this weekend between all the bouts of snow and slush we got. It was one of those magical runs where you’re in the zone and the miles just slip by. And Oh. My. Goodness! It felt SO GOOD to be back outside again!!! That right there is my freedom kids 🙂 This is also my last week without a double digit run and I’m gettin kinda nervous/excited. When I ran my Half I didn’t really follow a training plan so honestly I never ran over maybe 8-9 miles (gasp, I know). So we shall see!!

Now for something fun…..I’ve got a few Valentine’s themed posts comin up this week.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know some of you out there are just as date-less as I am right now (though I am working so money is a nice consolation prize). Don’t let that worry you though, it’s only Monday so we’ve got 5 days till that clock strikes midnight and we turn back into a pumpkins. I recruited my sister for help on this one, so if we all put our heads together we may just pull this off.

Because I’m the wonderful helper and hopeless romantic that I am, I’ve put together a list of MARVELOUS ideas for how you can snag yourself a date for Vday. These are things that have personally worked for me so I apologize if they don’t have the intended effect for y’all. Just remember above all else, confidence is key! And if all “else” fails no man can resist a woman who cries….work-it girl!


My beautiful sister (who already has like 10 dates don’t hate)

-Casually drop hints to every guy you know that you’re still date-less. Your guys friends, classmates, co-workers, the mailman. There’s gotta be some poor sap out there that will be guilted into taking you out to dinner.

-Change your Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with____” and send the request to every single guy you’re friends with. Chances are at least one will take the bait. 60% of the time, this works Every time so the odds are in your favor. And don’t worry, if anyone gets weirded out by this gesture just claim hacking.

-You know the phrase “ball and chain?” Get your own and attach it to the nearest single male, Viola! Instant date! (maybe not the most willing of dates, but ya know we gotta take what we can get at this point).

-Recruit your guy cousin to go to dinner with you then just conveniently forget the minor detail that he’s your cousin when you’re regaling your girlfriends with stories about your mystery man. Tall, dark, AND handsome, he’s got it all (mainly b/c you’re lying through your teeth but shh they don’t need to know that part).

If you use any of my tricks let me know!! And it they’re not really your style that’s ok too. I mean, really, who needs boys to have fun on a Friday night? Ladies Night is calling and it wants to have a good time 😉

Who else had a long run this weekend? Any more magical runs goin on out there?



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Snow Running – Thinking Out Loud

I decided to link up with Amanda today b/c honestly I just have entirely Waay too many thoughts that go through my head every day. So b/c I know you’ve all been dying to know what’s goin inside this ole noggin I’ll get to it.

  • If a run doesn’t get blogged about did it even happen?…..The answer is no…haha j/k but without the feedback from fellow runners then how am I to know if it went well or not? Also it’s pretty lame to show up at my favorite park only to discover it’s covered in snow. There’s supposed to be pavement somewhere under there. Double also is it just me or does anyone else find this angle not entirely flattering? And yet I keep doing it (banging head on wall).


  • When is someone going to invent a hat that doesn’t mess up hair? Until that day I will stubbornly (and stupidly) go uncovered even in the coldest and windiest of winter weather! I will, however, rock the crap out of a ear warmer. #swag


  • I’m not gonna lie, I’m one of those girls that tries to not look like the hideous troll I turn into when I exercise (trust me, my inner troll is always threatening to bust out, it’s a constant battle) so I  wear “cute” workout clothes in an attempt to offset this. But when does cuteness need to take a backseat to comfort?…..It did today b/c it’s 7 degrees out and I piled on an many sweat-wickin layers as I could.

Yes this is in my car (parked) before I braved the weather.

  • Anyone else afraid of big dogs? I was chased by a mammoth beast when I was little while riding bikes at a friend’s. It chased me across a bridge and wouldn’t let me back over. What happened next was either A). I stared down the dog until it submitted to my stellar bravery and superiority or B). I may or may not have peed my pants as it bit at my heels all the way back to the house….I’ll let you decide which one really happened (hint: it rhymes with pee) Anyway, I met this goofball the other day and while my fear is not gone, I’ve decided not all big dogs want to eat my face and bathe in my tears (too graphic?).
His name is fittingly Bear

His name is fittingly Bear

Well that escalated quickly. I’ll so ahead and stop there before I have a mutiny on my hands. As you can see my wheels are constantly turning and I can get a bit off track….shrug.

Have any random thoughts rattling around your head you just need to get out? Let’s chat below!


“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Early Morning Run…Yay or Nay?

I got up early to run this morning…let me have that sink in for a moment….I Kelsey, set an alarm to get up early to run 6 miles…..WHAT! I know that’s like old hat for a lot of y’all but this girl don’t early rise for exercise lol. I’m a morning person like you wouldn’t believe but I don’t like exercising till the evening so this was a feat for me! Out on the course before the sun even!


It helped that I had my running group though. Knowing I had ppl countin on me to be there is a huge motivator to lace of those shoes and head out the door. So a good 7 miles today (last one walking). I did the first 2 with the group and the last 4 by myself so I recorded them separate which is why my watch says 4. I also didn’t record the last mile walking, I’m anal like that.

I had amazing feedback from my marathon training question yesterday so thank you, thank you! In response, I’ll still have my long run every week, I just can’t do 2 back-to-back days of running on the weekends so the second day will be spent biking. From what y’all said that’d still give me the mileage I need for the big day (correct me if I’m wrong!)


Man after 7 miles nothing feels better then stretching out my legs. Is it weird that I look forward to stretching? Don’t get me wrong the running part is very freeing but a good stretch afterwards just feels like magic! (not foam rolling at home though, there’s no magic feeling involved there lol).


Anyone have any tips to get yourself outta bed in the morning for a long run? (I can use all the help I can get lol)

Linkin up with Katie today b/c let’s face it EVERY Monday is marvelous around there parts 😉 And Amanda b/c gettin up early to run puts my #Bestfoot forward darnit!

“If you do the work you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life”

-Michael Jordan



First things first, many changes and renovations are coming for my little blog this year which you’ve seen some already. Keepin in theme, I’ve created a Facebook page to help get my content out there. So if you wouldn’t mind hoppin over there and givin me a little click on the “like” button I’d appreciate it 🙂


Second things second, I did my 4 miles today in a snowglobe. Granted it was a very large snowglobe b/c I’m not a miniature plastic person. My world is also not filled with water so the metaphor only stretches so far but you get the picture. I tried to capture this phenomenon in photo evidence but my iphone failed me, le sigh….It was also in the 20’s and freakin COLD!

3 layers, a headwrap, and a was cold!

3 layers, a headwrap, a scarf, and gloves….it was cold!

Oh the things we do for the love of running and a training run. haha I warmed up as soon as I started goin of course and by then end I was even warm enough to brave sittin on the frozen ground to stretch a bit before hoppin in my car.


Finally, thirds things third…many of you know that I declared my intent to run my very first marathon this year, of which I’ve started training for already. Well b/c of that I didn’t really look at signing up for any other races btwn now and June. But thanks to my lovely friend Kelsie Lou, it was brought to my attention that the Bluegrass Half just so happens to coincide with a weekend when I’m slated to run 13miles….coincidence?……I think not

So the Bluegrass Half has officially made it onto my docket! If you’re near Lexington and you’re running in it (or want to) let me know and we can be buddies 😀 (disclaimer: you’ll probably be a much faster buddy but buddy nonetheless)

Linkin up with Whitney today 🙂

“it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”

-Babe Ruth


On the Trail Again

Well the cold had me beat there for a few days (don’t judge me b/c I’m a baby about the cold) but I finally hit the pavement again today and boy did it feel good……..AWFUL b/c it’d been almost a week since I’d run lol. Just kidding it was fine, running is running and it feels good just bein out there again. I also attempted to be artistic with this photo…it’s not really in my blood….whatever, I was by a tank, be jealous lol


I also finally used my Forerunner *correctly* for the first time (again this is a no-judgement zone ppl). It was a short 2 miler, startin back in slowly after my break. (Refer to Realistic Goals)  I was wicked stoked with my watch though! I tried out the run/walk option since that’s what I’ll be doin for my marathon, and besides needin to turn the volume up so I actually hear it beep, it was pretty cool. Anybody in the market for a basic running watch then this is your baby. I mean who can beat a purple gps running watch?….


Ya know I just realized I gave y’all not 1 but 2 watch pictures today! Either I’m tryna catch up to every other runblogger out there or I just forgot to take a picture of something else…..I’ll let you decide which one is correct. 🙂

Next week is gonna be awesome…the trifecta of awesome (aka pile-it-on baby!). School, work, and marathon training starts! Ya know that phrase when it rains it pours? I think it applies here 🙂 But in a good way, I perform best when there’s lots going on. Not in a I-perform-best-under-pressure kinda thing (no one likes pressure I don’t care what they say), but rather a I-waste-my life-on-Netflix-and-Buzzfeed (if you don’t know what Buzzfeed is then just don’t, trust me….Don’t) kinda way when I have too much time on my hands. Busy = Productivity

Did you survive the Polar Freezing Cold Sub-Zero Temps Vortex? (or whatever it’s called) Next question, can anyone compete with a run by a tank? (I need to know if I needa up my game or not lol)

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

-Dalai Lama XIV


The Big Freeze

I, like a lot of y’all I’m sure, got hit with the snow/ice storm yesterday…..yea, not much to say about it, it really put a damper on my plans. I did get in my runstreak mile before it hit yesterday and not gonna lie have yet to venture outside for my mile today…we’ll see how brave I get later lol. (Disclaimer: I have since run 3.5 miles outside).

I was supposed to attend a Christmas party last night but due to the inclement weather it got canceled 😦 And I made tons…literally tons of these pretzel chocolates and now I have a giant container sittin in my freezer….I put em in there so I don’t eat them, I like melty chocolate not frozen chocolate….it works lol.


Actually pretty much everything shut-down early, campus, businesses, etc. But a friend and I braved (or recklessly) went out and caught a movie, pretty sure we were like one of 10 cars out. (side-note: even the theater closed early that night).To be honest, here in Lexington we didn’t get hit with the bulk of it so the roads weren’t bad at all. The tree’s sure were pretty though!


I’ve never seen a tree completely covered in icicles before and it was amazing to see. Alright, I’m gonna finish this post up small b/c I really do needa get out there and run before the weather turns bad. Take my window of opportunity while I still have it lol

Did you get hit with ice yesterday? How do you fit in exercise during bad weather seasons?

“Goals are a fuel in the furnace of achievement”

-Brian Tracy