My RunHaven Freelance Articles

I’ve haven’t made it a secret that I do freelance work (wanna work with me check-out my sponsor page) Anyway, I realized that I’m pretty horrible at sharing those articles with y’all here. Obviously I write exclusive content for their websites so I won’t repost them here but I can link to them, duh Kelsey!

The One that started it all: Reasons to Date a Girl Who Runs

This wasn’t actually a freelance article but since writing it last year has become my second most popular article and has been featured on many other websites. (Including RunHaven below)



I started writing for RunHaven right around the time I decided to take a break from running for arthritic-knee purposes. Ironic I know…. Since then, I’ve amassed an entire archive just for myself. I’m pretty proud of it. I think I’v written only two serious articles for them with the rest being humorous. hey, what did you expect from me?

After the popularity of my debut article (date a girl) I obviously followed up with a Reasons to Date a Guy Who Runs. What kind of writer do you think I am!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.38.37 AM

Here are a few of my other favorites: (in no particular order)

>> Run Like You’re in the Hunger Games – I designed my own themed race for the Hunger Games. If you’d like to run with this idea I only ask you give me some kind of kicback 😉

>> Which Disney Princesses Would Be the Best Runners? For some reason all of humanity is obsessed with these ladies, but most especially runners so I of course had to write this. All opinions are welcome, besides wanting to be a mermaid growing up I wasn’t too fascinated with princesses so I’m clearly an expert.

>> Absolutely Absurd Alternatives to Running Shoes. All these shoes have actually been worn in a race… it if you don’t believe me.

>> Will Run for Brunch. Brunch plus running…there’s an actual club coming to a city near you…

>> 7 Running Costumes That Require Minimal Effort for Maximal Fun. This one even features one of my favorite photos from my last Ragnar Relay race with all my buds. We were all superheros that year.

>> 5 Gifts You Should Absolutely NOT Give a Runner. I wrote this for Christmas but it applies to any situation you’re looking for a gift for your runner. Read this before purchasing….

>> The Different Types of Runners Part One & Part Two. Being the Type A person I sometimes am, I like to categorize everything. I can put a label on just about anything much to the dismay of every guy I’ve ever dated/talked to/flirted with #labelmaker Not even sorry about it.

I’ve written plenty more for RunHaven as well as the University of Kentucky faculty Health and Wellness monthly newsletter. Those ones are obviously fact-based and researched heavily, which is why I also have a blog so I can publish as many non-researched based entirely in my opinion kind of things….life is all about balance 😉

And because what kind of writer employee person would i be without plugging all their social media channels as well. They actually do publish really helpful articles on nutrition, gear, and training as well. I’m the comedic relief I suppose….at least I laugh and they haven’t turned me away yet so that’s a good sign.

Twitter * Facebook * Instagram

I hope you enjoy my bit’o freelance work! Which one was your favorite?

Ok fine, real question not fishing for compliments, do you do any freelance work I should check out?


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Dogs: A Runner’s Best Friend


As exciting as this week has been blog-wise,(ps. don’t forget to enter my giveaway for free ad space!) in real life I took a hit. My beautiful dog Riley passed away on Wednesday. As sudden as it was, it was kinda expected. I got her in the 8th grade if that gives you any idea how old she was. No matter how expected a death is though, it’s still hard and takes its toll. I actually had a completely different post planned for today, but had to pay homage to my bestest doggie friend instead.

RileyTitle Riley, or as I called her Schmiley or Schmiles, was my running buddy from the day I got her. Well not the exact day because neither her nor I were very capable at first. So from day 500 and some change, she was my running buddy. I’ve written before how running is my happy place, but that happy place wasn’t complete without my pup.

So here’s to all the other dogs out there hittin the trails with their runner pals. In honor of some of my Best memories, here’s a look at what it’s like to run with your dog.

>> They give you an excuse to take a break. Dogs aren’t the best at planning their day. They’re more of a fly by the seat of their pants, do whatever they want when the fancy strikes kinda animal. Because of their lack of foresight, they inevitably must poop during the run. This gives you the convenient excuse to take a break while you wait for them to finish their biz…Any break is always welcome….or maybe that’s just me.


>> They push (aka pull you) on the run. I don’t know about you, but my dog is faster then me….by like a lot..a lot, a lot. I’ve run some of my fastest splits with her because she constantly wants to go, go, go. There’s literally no excuses to stop when a steam-engine propelling you forward.

>>They motivate you to start. Riley was one smart pooch. She knew which shoes were my running shoes and which were for grocery store runs. She also got to the point where she could hear me getting ready in my room and would wait for me at the bottom of the stairs. The problem (for me at least) came when she thought I was getting ready for a run when I wasn’t. I’d come down the stairs to an excited pup and no shoes….sad dogs are the pits, so I’d get the right shoes and take her for a run afterall.

That giant sock monkey is her "baby"

That giant sock monkey was her “baby”

>> They make you meet new people (and dogs). As you can see, Schmiles had beautiful coloring (the most beautiful in my mind). She also had a slight blue tinge to her in the sun so people were forever stopping me to ask me what kind of dog she was. (Boxer-Bluetick mix if you must know). I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met because of that dog 🙂

>> Finally, they make it fun. There was nothin more fun than a happy puppy. After every run there’d she be, tongue out, enjoin the wind from the open window of my car as we drove home. I’m unashamed to say I’m firmly in the “Cat-person” camp, but when it comes to my runs, I need a dog by my side. Life is more fun with a happy-go-lucky attitude like your puppy.

cookie for my puppy

And go Big Blue and all that I guess….Just Kidding Go VOLS!

Although as she got older, and I retired her from the running schtick, she remained my best bud. We even matched with our bum knees! I’ll miss her immensely, but I take solace knowing she’s no longer in any pain and can finally run free. Now go run with your dog for me, won’t you 🙂

Has anyone else ever lost a pet? What’s your favorite memory?


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Linkin up with Little Friday, & the DC Gang

5 Reasons to Love Nature

Happy Friday Lovelies 😀

The ladies of the DC gang put forth the theme of 5 of your favorite places to run….

Now it’s no secret that I’d rather be outside any day of the week (except a New England winter, boo) BUT after being back in Mass and visiting all my favorite trails this past week I thought I’d give some of y’all non-believers a few reasons to get outdoors this summer. Especially if you’re in my area, there are some seriously weird things to see….


Reason 1 >> Wildlife. You probably won’t see too many non-squirels if you’re runnin on sidewalks and in neighborhoods, which if why I like to hit up parks and trails. I usually find a few different ones in my area then rotate through them so I never get bored. Bike trails work really well too, just keep an eye out for crazy bikers who these trails were technically made for. Runners are cooler though, just saying.

Beautiful swan

saw this beauty my first day back in Mass

Reason 2 >>Nature’s Beauty. This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Duh nature is beautiful and duh you’ll see a lot fo it if you go outside. But I’m talking about looking for it on purpose. Really take a minute and look around you. Everything around you can be beautiful (minus all the garbage rude ppl throw on the ground, you know who you are…). This takes me straight to my happy place 🙂 It also puts everything in perspective for me which is a huge plus for a chaotic brain like mine.

inspiring quote

Reason 3 >>Art. I’m not artistic by any means which is why I’m grateful for those that are. Some might be bothered by graffiti but I’m actually a huge fan. None of that tag a name bull though, I mean something that takes talent not just a streak of rebellion. I mean how can you not giggle a little bit when you come across this goofball?

graffiti cat on wall

Reason 4 >>Whatever this is. Not all art is beautiful however…some is…um, rather strange. It still had me smilin and laughin though so I can’t be mad. Also this might have just been a weird prank not actual “art.” Like I said I’m not artistic so I don’t really know the rules…You’re right, this is just weird, moving on….

pink bra on tree

Reason 5 >> Geocaching. If you’ve never heard of geocaching, don’t feel bad. I heard about it for the first time literally like a week ago from my sister-in-law. It’s basically like a treasure hunt for adults. I’m pretty terrible at it myself, but I have snagged a few finds and let me tell you, you find one and you feel like a Boss! And who doesn’t wanna feel like a Badass while out running. (ps. there’s a free app that shows you where these things are)

geocaching Massachusetts

Can you spot it? Found this tricky guy in R.I. off a bike trail.

If that doesn’t convince you to get outside then there’s no hope for you. And no I don’t wanna hear any excuses about bugs or being too hot. Put on your big girl pants and discover something new this summer! (need a friend? I’m available!)

What are some of your reasons for loving nature?


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Linkin up with the DC Gang and Little Friday

Hump Day Laughter

First things first, hopefully you’re all getting as excited about my new link-up as I am. I’d prefer it not be an utter failure with 4 links (if I’m lucky) so I’m hoping y’all will do me a solid and spread the word and link-up with me (pretty pretty please 🙂 )

Ok, now for some fun. It is Hump Day after all. Anyone else out there a Vine-lover? Am I the only adult that loses brain cells watchin this stuff?….ok, well I’m about to make a believer out of all of y’all. I think this represents my life pretty well….#SingleGirlStatus (be sure to click the sound on)

Hahahahahahhahaha Excuse me while I continue looping this…….

Whew, laughter has subsided enough for me to go on, all y’all with me?

Today I have a few confessions……..

-I haven’t run since my Half Marathon a few weeks ago. I’ve thought about it and even put my shoes on this past saturday but ended up hiking and zero running was achieved. My only motivation to log some double digit miles is so I can eat an entire pizza myself….is that bad?

-Speaking of races, I just realized I hadn’t updated my Races page until I wrote this post….oops. You’ll notice my 2014 schedule has been pretty sparse thus far and I don’t really have an explanation for you on that one except I’m broke and can’t afford entry fees, sigh.

-The statement that blondes have more fun isn’t true. I have been the epitome of “all work no play” these past few weeks. Between finals, large end-of-semester projects, internships to organize, and moving plans, I’ve been pretty busy. Oh and also the whole work for money thing has been getting in the way lately. (that kinda made me sound like a Lady of the Night…I’m not just so we’re clear…)

-I got way too excited to design the new button for my link-up. So in that sense this blonde has still been having fun lol



-I’m kinda worried this linkup will be a complete failure and I’ll have to retire from blogland in disgrace….you’ll help me out won’t you? Membership to the Secret Blogger Club is free….I’m also not above begging…if you’re friendship can be bought then I’ll buy it, just saying….

-I have 39 drafts (make that 41) sitting in my posts section. I can’t even pretend to be cool and organized b/c they’re all unfinished drafts…so yea there’s that. Maybe one of these days I’ll get my blogger act together.

-Speaking of which, it’s Cinco de Mayo on Monday which I only realized when someone asked if that was the theme of the link-up…..Um, Nope, I didn’t even know it was a holiday…I’m very out of touch with reality sometimes. Someone also had to remind me Mother’s Day is coming up (sorry Mom). For a girl who owns at least 4 calendar’s, I’m really bad with dates….

-Oh and remember that whole “I didn’t run so I don’t get pizza thing” from above?….I ordered the pizza anyway, oops….

Have anything to confess?

Plan on joining me in my link-up?



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Linking up with Kat for Confessions and Liz for Hump Day!


A High Five Kinda Life

There’s a few things I’ve learned in my 24 years of existence. One thing that always hold true is that when I have a lot on my mind the only thing that clears it up is a nice long run (or walk). Also that sometimes life just gives you a high five…

High Five Life

I found that on my thought-clearing run yesterday and thought, “Gee whiz, some precious soul really just made my day and they don’t even know it. People really are good and kind.” Feeling a little pep in my step I kept going. Then I came across this….

Skull Spray Paint

Thus is life. Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes it’s crappy. (and yes, sometimes you do need that extra slice of cake). It’s all a matter of perspective. I mean who made up all these “rules” we feel we need to live by anyway? Why do they get to decide how I feel about things. Seriously, who decided that it’s lame to stay home on a Friday night if you’re single, but it’s acceptable if you’re married?

Also Twitter? I just don’t get it…..I confess: I’m a blogger who doesn’t understand the appeal of Twitter and I’m ok with that Do I have one? Yes (and you should follow me...also explain it to me). Should I lament the fact that pretty much every “it” blogger says you needa be a Pro at Twitter to be successful? (well maybe) But I won’t.

I choose to live life by my own rules and view it my own special way. If that means some people don’t get it?…..Well, oh well. I am Me and will never be anyone else. As deeply philosophical as that sounds (kidding), it’s a pretty simple concept that’s hard for some to grasp. I don’t believe in being fake, but embracing everything that makes you You! Never apologize b/c one person doesn’t understand it. If no one gets it, then you know you’ll always at least have me gettin your back. Though I hope that’s the case.

So Idk about you (no I’m not feeling 22) but I do choose to live a High Five worthy life!

What do you think? I’d rather be myself and happy then trying to conform and miserable. High five or no? Let’s chat below!


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Don’t forget to check out LIZ and her Hump Day link-up! She sure knows how to keep it real 😀

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Recap

Well I’m alive so that’s good news!! I’m so happy to announce that I survived the Run the Bluegrass Half at Keeneland 😀 That alone is Marvelous in and of itself! And though I realize I’m not as ridiculously good looking as this guy, I think this snapshot turned out pretty epic.

Run the Bluegrass Recap

Actually this was probably by far the most miserable race of my life so therefore my proudest race! There may or may not have been tears shed when I saw the finish line…….just saying.  It alternated between raining, spitting, and straight up pouring the entire 13.1 miles. Needless to say by the end I was soaked to the bone and didn’t warm up until after a 45min hot shower, 2 hot meals, cuddling with my sister and watching movies for a few hours, and hittin the hay by 9pm. A pretty productive day I’d say 😉

Let me back up to the beginning though. Thankfully I took the course tour the day before so snapped some pics for y’all. It really is a beautiful course, but you wouldn’t have known it running Saturday 😦 Alas, I didn’t even see some of the beautiful barns from squinting against the rain. And of course no baby horses for me to coo at.

Keeneland Run the Bluegrass half marathon

Like I said pretty right? Moving on…..It was also the biggest race I had ever run in with actual corrals and waves of runners. I know that’s kinda sad for a someone who has been racing for years but hey, smaller races are not only cheaper but allow me to occasionally win my age-group. I was of course in one of the later waves (unlike Ms. KelsieLou who woulda been at the front had she been here) but there were still at least 2000 ppl behind me (4500-ish total running!!!) I’m thinking this one is perfect for Mar to come visit me for next year, thoughts? (don’t worry girl I’m still lookin)

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

Still dry and happy at this point…aka the starting line

It was basically shoulder to shoulder the entire course which was nice. I even made a few friends along the way! Of course they were all from out of state so I guess that won’t really translate to my whole “no runner friends” dilemma. Oh well, maybe this summer up in Boston I’ll be brave enough to join a run club (just don’t hold your breathe).

Now I did finish in my goal time and considering the brutal hills this course claims I was kinda surprised. It that bad? I mean I’m pretty much my own biggest fan (I’m awesome and I know it, whatever) and even I didn’t think I could finish in 2:30. But I did and there was nothing sweeter then gettin this bad boy placed around my neck 😀

Half Marathon Finishers Medal

I look brunette, that’s how you know I was soaked haha

But let me break it down for you. I finished in 1885th place with 666 runners behind me plus the 397 people that didn’t even run. (yes I’m counting them as behind me). Placing 91st in my age category. If I was a year older though, bumping me to the next age division, I would have placed 29th…and yes I counted. Bring it on 25, I’m ready for ya lol.

Anyway, afterwards was spent shivering for approximately the next 8hrs. That cold set down deep in my bones and didn’t wanna let it’s icy grip go. Not one to let this hinder me, I rewarded my empty tummy with a giant burger, fries, and later a DQ blizzard (probably not the best choice when you’re freezing, but I like to live my life on the edge 🙂 )

The following morning I also indulged in a Sunday brunch with my family. As you can see below I was still famished. Table manners weren’t exactly high on my to-do list……Can we just agree that the best part of running is the eating afterwards part. No? Just me? Ok….

Giant Omelette Recovery Meal

I just realized this post has the most pictures of me then ever before. I normally have pictures of other stuff so sorry for bombarding you with my face, jeez lol.

Anyone else race this weekend? Or ever had a rainy miserable race?

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and give my little Facebook page a like if you haven’t already:) Thanks in advance!!


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Run the Bluegrass Race Expo

As you’re reading this I’ll be running in the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon through the beautiful horse country of Lexington, KY! Also can we have a moment of silence for my TN Volunteers, who fought valiantly but lost to Michigan last night 😦



Now can we celebrate the fact that Kentucky won last night ?!?!?! Whoo Wildcats!

Ok, down to business. I hit up the race expo Friday afternoon to pick up my race packet as well as take a bus tour of the course.

Run the Blugerass Half Marathon

First of all, I started with a pre-pre race meal of Tom&Chee. Aka grilled cheese from the Heavens Mmmmm…..I am that girl that will go to a normal restaurant and order the grilled cheese. It’s the simple things in life right.

Tom & Chee Grilled Cheese

Second of all, if you ever have the opportunity to take a tour of the course you’re gonna run, DO IT!! Seriously do it! Everyone has been telling me about the tortorous hills that makes up most of this race and I’ve been slightly freaking out on the inside. BUT after the bus tour I realized that those ppl that have been telling me horror stories probably haven’t grown up running in TN and KY most of their life and aren’t used to the terrain. Or I’m just a dummy. Either way, I feel so much better about the course.

Also after the tour they gave out bourbon balls. Who can be nervous after getting free chocolate? Not this girl 😀

Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Honestly I’m not much of an expo girl. I never buy anything and I’d rather just skip the whole thing. That being said the volunteers and race vendors were wonderful and it was never super crowded either. There’s about 4500 runners in this race so I was really worried it’d be shoulder to shoulder but that wasn’t the case at all. I mainly just walked through to get my race stuff so I don’t have much else of an opinion on the expo.

The shirts are beautiful and I got a glimpse of the medals which are true to advertising. Literally the most beautiful medal I will own afterwards. (though shout-out to the Bourbon Chase for having really cool medals too. Must be a KY thing?)

So hopefully I’ll have good news to report come Monday morning with my race recap. As long as I didn’t collapse in a ditch from exhaustion or get so soaked full of water I burst, I’ll count it as a success 🙂 #backofthepack for the win!

Anyone else racing this weekend?



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