Don’t Ask Me About “Fun” Plans

Welcome to Monday Folks!

Are you the type of person who hates the question, “Got any fun plans for the weekend?” or how about, “What’re you doin the rest of the day” or anything else along those lines? All giant anxiety-inducing questions.

It can’t be just me……

I’ve seriously dreaded that question ever since I turned like 16. No I don’t have any dates. No I’m not hittin the clubs. No frat parties in my future. Movies, what are those?

I’m just over here like……..

current state of mind

p.s. a friend of mine etched my logo into this wine glass for me…..I should probably fill it more so you can actually see it though…..#blogfail

I’m not antisocial either I promise. I am very much an ambivert though, so after a long day at school/work/whatever, I just wanna go home, curl up in my Papasan chair, and dive into my latest library find (ps I just finished my 25/100 book for 2015)… nope, no “fun” plans this weekend by most definitions. (I should mention that asking me after the fact is A-ok…..just not before….I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either)

It’s almost a two-fold conundrum at this point as well. “So what are your plans after graduation” causes the same sort of anxiety, but tenfold because I have zero answers for them….none, nada, zip, zilch. I can tell you I’ll still be reading my library books though, so I suppose that’ll haveta do for now. (ps grad school posts coming soon, one about how it’ll drive you insane…….)

Moving on……I’m gonna go ahead and end this completely pointless post with what I really wanted to talk about today. My immense love and pleasure that the flowers are blooming all around me!

Thank you Mother Nature for finally bestowing us with this gift. If you happen to live in a late-bloomer of a state (see what I did there?) I’ll show you exactly what you’re missin out on…..because I’m a giver like that, you’re welcome…..

flowers in bloom

tulips in bloom

tulips in bloom

UK campus has got the whole flower thing on lock after a week of straight rain! Of course we’re getting another week of straight rain so here’s to hoping Kentucky blooms even more after that! There’s seriously nothin like the vibrant bluegrass against a robin’s egg blue sky…..Mmmmmm warms my soul just thinkin about it 🙂

Now tell me about your weekend? Wait, or don’t if you hate that question post weekend and please tell me about all the flowers in bloom in your area! Wait, unless there are none….Oh heck, just talk to me! Notice I’ve been

Wait, unless there are none….Oh heck, just talk to me! Notice I’ve been answering comments on time lately? Yup….rain. lol

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FriYay Five

Well here we are friends, another Friday!

I have a few humor and actual thought-provoking posts all ready to go and wouldn’t ya know it, I forgot to put photos in every single one of them and didn’t wanna take the time to edit anything last night. Call me a regular genius! So those will have to wait until next week to kick off. No biggie.

Today I’m linkin up with the Friday Five ladies to bring you the latest happenings in this ole life of mine.

Friday Five


I’ve spent about 3-4 hours every day job searching and sending out resumes to said jobs I searched. Graduation is fun isn’t it! I’ve already been through this process once after undergrad and scored a sweet job in no time, so I just need that to happen like pronto.

The planner in me is slowly dying on the inside because I can’t tell you what I’ll be doing in two months…..TBD


My Dad has finally gotten the call to head back to Germany for work, only this time it’s a two year gig so I’ll be heading home next weekend for his last hurrah. Which of course consists of schlepping it in the wilderness of the Smokies for the weekend because we like to live fancy.

Perhaps I’ll even ask him to take more photos and we’ll end up with something like last time……He thinks he’s hilarious 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! That is all……


I have plans to finally try my hand at macarons. I mean, they taste like air and happiness, plus they’re just so dang cute and I have to be the Master of Domesticity!!

It’s a strange compulsion, but Momma raised me right I suppose. Now if I could only trick some guy into letting me wife him up already……


In case you missed it. Unless you meant to miss it on purpose, in which case I bite my thumb at you sir! (Shakespeare reference for the win!)

Now it’s your turn to tell me something amazing from your week (or upcoming week)!

Also I want to know if anyone would like to hire me, pay me lots of money, give me all the time off I want, and feed me ice cream. K thanks

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Sun’s Out, Laptop’s Away

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I have to apologize……

spring is here

As this title suggests, I’ve been a bit absent from Blogland this week. I’ve been posting sure, but I haven’t been making the rounds like I usually do. And for that I am sorry.

My Bloglovin’ feed ran over 100 at one point and I’ve since knocked it down to around 50 with lots more being published every day.

It’s not my fault really. When the Sun is shining and temperatures soar over 65, something just takes hold of me and I just Have to be outside.

Seriously, The Sun know my name, I’m not even kidding. As soon as it rises in the morning (as I’m walking back to my car after spin class) it starts singing me a song that goes a little like this:

Kelsey, oh dear pale Kelsey

Come play in the fields and sing with the birds

Forget real life and come play.

Kelsey, oh dear pale Kelsey

I love you and you love me.

Nay you NEED me, I said pale twice afterall

So see, you can’t be mad at me for taking almost an entire week to respond to your comment. I love your comments (please keep them coming), but until I can break the spell that is sunshine and birdsong it might remain a bit slow in the responding category.

Le sigh, life is so hard sometimes 😉

Has anyone else been outside enjoying the Sun? What’re your weekend plans?

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Real or Prank? Convincing Mother Nature to Let Spring Stay.

Happy Marvelous Monday all you wonderful people out there 😀 First of all thank you for all the birthday wishes the other day. There better have been some donuts and cupcakes consumed in my honor that’s all I’m saying. 😉 In case you missed it, it was my 1 year Anniversary of starting B-SoL (no sorry, still havent’ come up with a better nickname) I designed a free background for your laptop, iphone, or ipad just for you so be sure to check it out!

This week is gonna be great, wanna know why? My  little sister is staying the week with me, YAY! Nothin is better than a bit of sister time….except sister time spent eating really good food. That probably tops the charts for me. Ironically we’ve got some fun stuff planned, mostly revolving around food…funny how that always works out.

My life is generally always marvelous (insert not-so-humble brag here) but today I wanted to share some reasons it’d be nice if Mother Nature didn’t take away Spring and turn it back into Winter like a cruel Cinderella-at-midnight prank. (forecast says snow on tuesday 😦 )


Reason 1: Birds are singing again. Nothing says Spring to me more then the Sun shining and the birds chirping. Although if anyone has ever seen Failure to Launch then you know birds outside your bedroom window are just plain annoying. The past few days some bird has been whistling the Hunger Games tune at me at 6am nonstop for an hour. I’m not sure if waking up about to be attacked by a small and ruthless child or starting a rebellion against a capitol of very strangely dressed ppl….so maybe singing birds aren’t a good reason…

Reason 2: Flowers! Everyone loves flowers right? They’re so pretty and smell so good. However, if you’ve ever strolled across the UK campus there’s these trees that look like the embodiment of Spring but smell like a Dinosaur’s butt-hole. For anyone that can’t imagine what that smells like, just know it’ll make you gag and quite possibly lose your breakfast on your way to your Health Communications class every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 o’clock…..


Don’t let the smiles fool you…we smell pretty bad….KIDDING! We’re adorable 🙂

Reason 3: Warmer weather. Who doesn’t love warm weather? Polar Bears, but I don’t see no polar bears around these parts so everyone…everyone is the answer to that question. Of course having it so hot outside makes ppl sweat, which makes ppl smell bad. And it’s never any fun having to sit in a chair that someone has been sweating profusely in prior to your perky buns claiming it….trust me, it’s just not…(shudder)….

Ummm….so maybe those aren’t the best of reasons to convince Spring to stay? We can all admit that we’re ready for the Winter blues to go away though, am I right? So pretty please Mother Nature, don’t take this away from us again 😦

Clearly she’s gonna take some convincing (and I’m not very good at it) so what are some of y’alls reasons for Spring to stay?



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Happy Blog-Birthday + Free Download

First of all I’m glad I’m not the only one in this crazy blog world of ours that doesn’t get Twitter. P.s. I’m right with y’all on the Pinterest thing too…le sigh…one day….

Anyway, can y’all believe it’s been one year since I started writing The Blonder Side of Life!?!?! Seein as how my Mother and my bestie JB have been my only readers from the beginning, I’m sure it doesn’t seem that long to most of y’all. But it has! Happy One Year to B-SoL (I literally just made that up as the first letters of my blog name and it turned out kinda dumb…I’ll work on a nickname later 🙂 ).


Donuts all around to celebrate!! (b/c donuts are better then cake am I right Andrea?)

Since it is my blog’s birthday I wanted to do something fun today. I’ve been designing backgrounds for laptops and iphones for my family and friends ever since I discovered Picmonkey. I’ve also been taking code classes to try and learn website design but that’s a whole nother Beast in and of itself.

So since it’s B-SoL’s bday and all, she can do whatever she wants and she so chooses to give y’all a gift instead of demanding fealty 🙂


I’ve designed a background with a few download options for y’all. All about the Blogger Life Yo!! I hope y’all like it. (and if you don’t just pretend you do and keep it to yourself, I’ll never be the wiser…)

Laptop download

iphone download

ipad download

The best way I’ve found to get it to your phone is to open the download on your phone (it’s saved on photobucket) zoom in with the magnifying glass, and screenshot it then crop out the bar at the top. There’s probably a better way but Lord only knows what it is b/c this girl sure doesn’t. I said I was learning after all, jeez. (If you still can’t figure it out, just shoot me a message and I’ll help ya out don’t worry.)

Also I plan on doing more of this type of stuff, get my feet wet with the whole design thing so be sure to share with your friends and be kind and give me a shout-out on that Twitter thing I don’t understand!

So Happy Birthday BlonderSide! Go ahead and eat a donut (or cupcake) for me y’all, it is a celebration afterall 🙂


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Linking up with the DC Gang, Little Friday, and The Sparkly Unicorn herself.

(b/c everyone could use some birthday lovin today 😉 )

Roasted Cauliflower

Hello Folks and Happy Friday!!

I’ve been M.i.a all week but after the Run the Bluegrass Half this past weekend it was back to reality and the knowledge that I’ve only got a few more weeks before finals and my move to Boston for the summer Eeeee I get so nervous even writing that! More excited than anything though. I’m ready for a little adventure in my life.

More on that later though. Because now I wanna get to the main event, this here little recipe for Roasted Cauliflower. Now I’m one of the strange people on the planet that can just eat vegetables straight up raw, no fancy dressing or seasonings. Cauliflower specifically is my favorite and I usually always eat it plain. My wonderful and lovely brother and his fiancé are those normal vegetable haters so I’m always tryna find new ways for them to try some veggies. So this one’s for y’all Veggie-Haters!

Roasted Cauliflower

I technically got this recipe here, I “googled” roasted cauliflower on Pineterest and then just clicked on the most simple looking one. I also just used whatever spices I had on hand so feel free to get creative with it on your own as well.

Roasted Cauliflower

  • Cauliflower (as much as you wanna eat)
  • Olive Oil (not too much, just a drizzle really)
  • Spices

Roasted Cauliflower

I roasted mine in the toaster oven b/c I’m single and cool like that but if you’re using an oven you’ll wanna preheat to 350. Cut cauliflower into pieces. Size doesn’t really matter, as you can see I just chunked it up. Next place in a bowl and drizzle the olive oil over the top and toss with the spices. Place in a single layer on a pan covered in either parchment paper or tinfoil so the cauliflower doesn’t stick. Then roast/bake for 20min!

It really is that easy I promise! I roasted mine up for lunch the other day and put in a salad Mmmmm. Try it out and let me know!

Anyone else ever roasted their veggies?



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Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Recap

Well I’m alive so that’s good news!! I’m so happy to announce that I survived the Run the Bluegrass Half at Keeneland 😀 That alone is Marvelous in and of itself! And though I realize I’m not as ridiculously good looking as this guy, I think this snapshot turned out pretty epic.

Run the Bluegrass Recap

Actually this was probably by far the most miserable race of my life so therefore my proudest race! There may or may not have been tears shed when I saw the finish line…….just saying.  It alternated between raining, spitting, and straight up pouring the entire 13.1 miles. Needless to say by the end I was soaked to the bone and didn’t warm up until after a 45min hot shower, 2 hot meals, cuddling with my sister and watching movies for a few hours, and hittin the hay by 9pm. A pretty productive day I’d say 😉

Let me back up to the beginning though. Thankfully I took the course tour the day before so snapped some pics for y’all. It really is a beautiful course, but you wouldn’t have known it running Saturday 😦 Alas, I didn’t even see some of the beautiful barns from squinting against the rain. And of course no baby horses for me to coo at.

Keeneland Run the Bluegrass half marathon

Like I said pretty right? Moving on…..It was also the biggest race I had ever run in with actual corrals and waves of runners. I know that’s kinda sad for a someone who has been racing for years but hey, smaller races are not only cheaper but allow me to occasionally win my age-group. I was of course in one of the later waves (unlike Ms. KelsieLou who woulda been at the front had she been here) but there were still at least 2000 ppl behind me (4500-ish total running!!!) I’m thinking this one is perfect for Mar to come visit me for next year, thoughts? (don’t worry girl I’m still lookin)

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

Still dry and happy at this point…aka the starting line

It was basically shoulder to shoulder the entire course which was nice. I even made a few friends along the way! Of course they were all from out of state so I guess that won’t really translate to my whole “no runner friends” dilemma. Oh well, maybe this summer up in Boston I’ll be brave enough to join a run club (just don’t hold your breathe).

Now I did finish in my goal time and considering the brutal hills this course claims I was kinda surprised. It that bad? I mean I’m pretty much my own biggest fan (I’m awesome and I know it, whatever) and even I didn’t think I could finish in 2:30. But I did and there was nothing sweeter then gettin this bad boy placed around my neck 😀

Half Marathon Finishers Medal

I look brunette, that’s how you know I was soaked haha

But let me break it down for you. I finished in 1885th place with 666 runners behind me plus the 397 people that didn’t even run. (yes I’m counting them as behind me). Placing 91st in my age category. If I was a year older though, bumping me to the next age division, I would have placed 29th…and yes I counted. Bring it on 25, I’m ready for ya lol.

Anyway, afterwards was spent shivering for approximately the next 8hrs. That cold set down deep in my bones and didn’t wanna let it’s icy grip go. Not one to let this hinder me, I rewarded my empty tummy with a giant burger, fries, and later a DQ blizzard (probably not the best choice when you’re freezing, but I like to live my life on the edge 🙂 )

The following morning I also indulged in a Sunday brunch with my family. As you can see below I was still famished. Table manners weren’t exactly high on my to-do list……Can we just agree that the best part of running is the eating afterwards part. No? Just me? Ok….

Giant Omelette Recovery Meal

I just realized this post has the most pictures of me then ever before. I normally have pictures of other stuff so sorry for bombarding you with my face, jeez lol.

Anyone else race this weekend? Or ever had a rainy miserable race?

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and give my little Facebook page a like if you haven’t already:) Thanks in advance!!


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