Welcome Back to the Secret Blogger Club!

Welcome back!!

I’m so excited to welcome y’all back to the Secret Blogger Club! I had fun this summer with the Summer Reading Challenge but it feels good to be back into the swing of things. Fall tends to be the season that I reorganize and feel re-invigorated to get the ish together. ❤ you Fall!

P.S. did you catch my October Instagram Challenge? #Blondetober It kicks off today so pretty please join me! Everyone can sit with us (aka use the hashtag) so even if it doesn’t match the prompt for that day hashtag it up and lets all be friends!

Ok, on to the Secret Blogger Club.

Secret Blogger Club Title

Since there might be a few new faces, and it’s been  three whole months since we last linked up together, you can click on over to the SBC page to see what we’re all about. The short version is making friends and support fellow back to middle of the pack bloggers like myself (and you?) Big bloggers are welcome too…I guess…. 😉

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Basically you link up with whatever post you’d like, and every week I’ll be highlighting bloggers of all sizes! Feel free to highlight your own faves from the week, but you don’t have to in order to link-up. Link-up whatever post you want, and it’d be smart if it’s one you’d like to be featured. I promote all posts I feature on social media if that’s your jam.

So here we go!

>> Five Things to do When You Just have Your Computer to Kill Time by Anchored to Sunshine. Instead of turning to flappy bird (is that still a thing?) try one or five of Amanda’s tips to use that free-time productively. Not only will you actually get something done, but you’ll feel as though you didn’t just waste those minutes of your life. And anyone who has ever come up for air after a Buzzfeed binge or a good ole fashioned Facebook stalk knows exactly what I’m talking about.

>> DIY Sparkly Cat Mask by The Bold Abode. I’m not a Halloween fan so I historically don’t dress up for the night. But heck, maybe I should get into the Holiday this year. And with an adorable and easy cat mask like this one, plus my surplus of black clothing, it’s easier then ever.

>> Easy Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online by Bethany Georgina. Because who doesn’t like saving money?

>> 20 Good Reasons to Judge Me by Wife in Training. We all do things that are judge worthy but Lindsay put it all on blast. I may have to do my own post soon, though I know y’all are already judging so why the heck not lol.

>> Social Media Hacks by An Uncomplicated Life. You know I’ll never be a bigger blogger because I can’t make myself love social media like that would require. Instagram is the only one I’m obsessed with. Pinterest is for finding my dinner menu and Twitter….well I’m horrible at Twitter. Use these tips to improve your game though!

So now it’s time to linkup your latest post and get social!

I’ll be hopping around to all posts linked, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next week?

The Blonder Side of Life
The Blonder Side of Life

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A Valentine to Running

Who had a dream about running (and winning) a marathon last night? THIS GIRL! haha…I also consequently didn’t turn my Garmin on an there was a maze at once point, but still. Best. Dream. EVER  😀

So 5 mils conquered on the treadmill yesterday. This weekend I’m hittin double digits with 10!! (hopefully NOT on the hamster wheel) I also am one of the workers at the Heart, Glove, & Sole 5k here in Lexington. It’s put on by my office so I’ve been doing a lot of the leg work that goes into a race. It’s been weird/fun being on the other side of a race and I certainly have a newfound appreciation of race officials and organizers.

In keeping with my Valentine’s theme this week, I thought how appropriate it’d be to write a valentine to the one thing I love most in this world. Bloggingfoodsigned copies of my Lauren Conrad books…RUNNING! And b/c I’m such a giver, feel free to give this valentine to your own running shoes so they know just how you feel 🙂


Dear Running,

Roses are red and violets are blue,

I’ve got bad knees so I know the importance of a good shoe.

Also that outside is always better then the gym.

You fill me full of joy right to the brim!

Whether I win or lose,

Or bring up the caboose,

Race day is my personal nirvana.

You’re always there to see me through

All the happy times, as well as the sad and blue.

I love you Running despite this bad knee,

Also I have no friends so please don’t ever leave me….

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day everyone. If you cold write a valentine to something you love what would it be?


Let’s Connect!


Linking up with Karly and a Blondie friend 🙂

Monday Marvelous

Can I just say that I’m still feeling the love from Friday….Seriously, y’all are the best 😀 Because I’m feeling so blessed I’m linking up with Katie to celebrate some of the marvelous stuff goin on in my life.

First up, marvelous is grocery shopping…The only thing better then doing the shopping is eating it throughout the week 😉 There’s just so many possibilities when I’m at the store, I can almost forget that I’m a terrible cook!


Not so marvelous is realizing I used the wrong “than”….I’m sorry grammar Gods 😦

Marvelous is reaching over 10 countries with one post (Date a Girl Who Runs). I’m international y’all!! The most exciting part are the hits I got from the Netherlands since I’ll be there this summer! I’ll be arriving as a celebrity!! haha….totally just kidding….no one will even know my name and I think I’ll be ok with that…..with time….


Not so Marvelous is being sick all weekend….I guess it was just a 24 hr bug, except I had it for 2 days…so 48hr bug plus a lingering cough…so 72 hr bug? Idk, but it sucks. Marvelous though is having amazing friends who bring you yummy snacks and movies despite the threat of contracting whatever I was carrying. Haven’t seen The Croods yet? I highly suggest it, funny, weird movie.

Marvelous are these two ladies! Kelsie Lou and Mar. Love them, love their blogs, love…well everything about them, go check em out!

Again not so Marvelous is having a 6 mile training run planned before work and walking outside to this…….Guess I shoulda looked at the weather report…Sorry #MNBchallenge you won’t be seeing my favorite way to sweat today, just A way to sweat lol. (ps. it’s trail running if you didn’t know)

And yes I AM peekin out through the blinds...it's called hidin lol

And yes I AM peekin out through the blinds…it’s called hidin lol

Marvelous is going into Week 4 of marathon training and still feeling awesome! I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage and it’s been working like a charm. My running group has also been a huge support/motivation for me through it all. Though with all my favorite trails still lookin somethin like this….I’m still sadly on the treadmill so it’ll be nice to get off it soon. (no thanks to Mr. Groundhog though)


Marvelous is the wonderful support I feel from my fellow bloggers and SweatPink sisters. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about moving over to a self-hosted website and everyone has been so helpful and patient with me. Not to mention picking everyone’s brains about redesigning my Facebook and Twitter. Want some tips, hit me up! (or have any tips for me)


“Replace the word ‘problem’ with the word opportunity in all your thoughts”

-Matthew Keith Groves


Overwhelmed with Love

I am seriously overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support I got from yesterday’s post. Not gonna lie I was super proud of it and was hoping y’all would enjoy it, but I never imagined what I got. If you haven’t read it yet I’ll wait for you….Reason’s to Date a Girl Who Runs ….Back? Ok.

Not to use the term viral loosely, b/c trust me Double Rainbow Man I am not, but for my little blog literally tripling it’s views in the first hour of posting….that is pretty darn viral to me 🙂 So I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who liked, tweeted, or shared it with their friends and family. Now KEEP DOING IT! j/k ….But seriously, I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful bloggy friends supporting me 🙂


But don’t think it’ll go to my head, oh no. While I don’t consider myself a one-hit-wonder (I’m talking to you Big Bro), I do know that the level of exposure I got yesterday is not likely to remain the norm…..Remember when I talked about being realistic? Yea, I’m taking that to heart don’t worry. So thank y’all once again, especially those who will be stickin around for a bit longer.

I guess I should say something about running, since this is a running blog……was that enough? Whatever, I’ll leave you with a picture of a double rainbow, b/c maybe I do want to be an internet sensation 😉


Now back to your regularly scheduled program 🙂

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish, it’s about what you inspire others to do”



Couch to 5k “Coach”

Well it was back to regular life for me today, work started up and school starts on wed. Don’t be mad, I fully realize how spoiled I am in this matter. If it makes you feel any better that’s the last time it’ll ever happen as I (fingers crossed) graduate next Dec. Still kinda wish I was here though….Oh well back to reality…


Speaking of back to normal, I can’t believe I havent’ told y’all about this yet! Copious amounts of free time really does mean nothing gets done lol. As y’all know I work in the Health and Wellness office at school and b/c of that get to work on several awesome programs and events. One of those is our annual 5k our office puts on, the Heart, Glove, and Sole 5k in Feb.

If you're in the Lexington area you should sign-up!

If you’re in the Lexington area you should sign-up!

Anyway, this year I’m the lucky graduate student who gets to lead the couch to 5k program we provide for faculty and staff! How cool is that! Now I’m by no means a running coach so I’m using a tried and true training plan and words of wisdom from people much smarter then me, but it’s still awesome! I’ll keep y’all updated on the class 😀

Huge side note: I know I’m way behind the “cool-blogger” party on this one but seriously, someone could have given me a heads up……


How have I never tried this stuff before….it’s like crack for your taste buds! Remember when I was obsessed with chocolate peanut butter? Yea…this is waaaay better then that. Go get some and eat it for me b/c I’m certainly had my limit lol. (little side-note: besides this wonderful nectar of the God’s, and a delicious chicken burrito I purchased, I still don’t get the hype about Trader Joes, am I missing something? Let me know)

Have you ever gone through or taught a couch to 5k program? Any tips for me from either perspective are welcome 🙂

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”

-Arthur C. Clarke


Hump Day Happiness

I know, I know, it’s not Monday and therefore can’t post anything “Motivational.” Well to heck with that weird blogger theme!  Today is Wednesday and I’m having a great day and want to pass my joy on to y’all 😀

A friend sent this to me with the following caption….


“Good morning! Just want you to know I’m really glad we’re friends….Hope you have an amazing wed!”

Adorbs right? (ignore the fact that I just said adorbs…)  Friends are amazing and this picture is even more amazing.

I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Hump Day!! And in the off chance you aren’t, maybe this picture can bring a little sunshine to your life 🙂

“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling”

-Margaret B. Runbeck


Fitness Podcast VIP

I’ve got a very special announcement for y’all today…Ready?  My favorite podcast, Awesome Starts Today, read my email on air today!!!!  What?  Yes, this really happened and if that doesn’t keep me out there pounding the pavement then I don’t know what will!


Awesome Starts Today is a weight-loss podcast put on by comedians so a lot of it is jokes and funny stories but they do throw in some good fitness tips as well.  It’s mainly geared towards men but I listen to it on my longer runs/walks to take my mind off the distance and it literally has me laughing out loud sometimes!  I suggest you give podcasts a try next time you lace up them sneakers.

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

On to keeping myself accountable, I’m up to 50 miles this week Yipee!!  I’m only 10 miles away from my goal and a little over a week to get it done in!


Next my planking has been improving, I’m still hovering right around that 1min mark though I’ve been pushing more towards 1:15 so slight improvement.  I’ll get there 2min, don’t you worry your very long mind about it.  I’m going to start tossing in some other core exercises as well (mostly lower back), since that’s usually what gives out on me first, and see if that helps.

How has everyone’s week gone?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Races planned?  Planks to do?


“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”


Swagtastic Virtual Half

I like to race.

I  like to run races that benefit good causes.

I like social media.

I like when social media benefits good causes.

I REALLY like when these two things come together to benefit good causes!  I recently came across the Swagtastic Virtual HAlf Marathon from a fellow running blogger and before I could remind myself that I have a very Real half marathon to run tomorrow morning, quickly registered.  You’d think I’d wait to run one before I commit to run another (my countdown reads 18hrs till the Blackstone Valley Half as I’m typing this).  Virtual-ness aside it’s still 13miles, but that’s how us runners do it right?  Support each other via more running!

All proceeds go to Medals4Mettle which for this specific race is giving racing medals to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing(victims and responders).  Um yes please!

race banner

You can read about the race here and register here!  The actual half starts the July 4th through the 9th.  You don’t have to live in Mass or RI or New England for that matter, (I’ll be visiting my parents in TN that week) you just have to run.  If you love running and helping great causes for great people then this is an event for you!  Check it out, you won’t regret it.


Run and Remember

So much love and support has been poured into the city of Boston from all over the country.  Anyone and everyone wants to show their support to those affected from the tragedy on monday.  On the Facebook page created called Run For Boston, people from all over the country have uploaded pictures of themselves dedicating their runs to the people of Boston.  I unfortunately, because of my bad knee acting up lately, couldn’t run for Boston today but I got out there and walked for them all the same. Below is the picture one of my best friends submitted to the site all the way from NC.  What a champ!  Go share yours too!


A friend of mine shared this website (Recover) and fundraiser with me just today and I didn’t even hesitate before ordering one.  I wanted to share with you this opportunity to buy one of their shirts where all proceeds go to the victims of the bombing/whereever it’s needed most.  Since I can’t physically do anything to help these people I feel good knowing that in a small way I can by extension of this great company.  They also use 100% recyclable materials, so not only are you helping out the people of Boston, but also the planet.  Go check it out now!

One of the designs

One of the designs

Lastly, as much as I sometimes complain about social media and the negative effects it can have on society, it’s times like this that I love what it can do.  It’s such a great tool for people to connect, and when used right can have an overwhelming effect on the human heart.  So keep on people! Keep on running, keep on loving, keep on sharing, and keep on supporting because together we can become stronger and overcome the hate.