Small Town Fall Festival

Welcome to Wednesday Friends!

I finally got around to editing my photos from over the weekend. Not because I was too busy to do it of course. I only had a few episodes to go in the final season of Drop Dead Diva which of course took precedence over anything else in my life during my free-time. I’m what you can call a prioritization juggernaut.

Really the fact that I even have photos from that day is a victory. I usually either forget to take pictures, am too shy to ask anyone to take photos for me, or just plain forget my phone at home. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. I think my current record is having to turn back around three times for forgetting something. I’ve really got my ish together ya know?

Fall Festival

I was attempting to show you how awesome the solo cups I DIY’d into pumpkins looked on the trail but when the Sun was up you couldn’t really tell, as it got darker my photos turned out hazy like the one above and you still couldn’t tell, and once it got dark my phone couldn’t get a good photo. So this is what you’re left with…..

I am proud to report that I walked the haunted trail at least 7 times and was only scared for the first few. After that the kids knew when it was me and stopped trying to scare me. The final run through I filmed a few of the creepier scenes and got scared again but ya know, I’m alive and well so it all worked out 😀

So in case those last few sentences were confusing, or y’all just didn’t know, I’m still working a few hours a week at my local YMCA over some of their youth programs which includes the Teen Group aka Leaders Club. I’m the leader of the Leaders Club. So yea, Adulting.

I was also on the committee for the Festival, Though mostly because I had nothing else going on in my life at that point, not because I possess creative prowess. Oh and because there was free pizza at the meetings….thumbs up!

My portion didn’t happen until that night though so I convinced JB to come with me and invited his sister and family. We missed out on the hot air balloon rides by the time we got there but rumor had it that it was a bit too windy anyway so not many people go to do that.

I think the bets part was watching JB’s niece run around after the mascots. Here she is meeting one of her heros. No warm hugs were given though, she got scared as soon as Olaf got too close for comfort. Comfort levels are a bit different when you’re only  2 feet tall I guess. I wouldn’t know, I’ve always been at least 5 feet tall, just look at my awkward elementary school photos…..

Ty and Olaf

As obsessed as she is with Frozen (specifically Elsa), Elmo was probably her favorite. It took about 7 encounters before she would actually give him a high five and then two more for a hug, but when you spend an entire hour following him around, it wasn’t hard to “run” into him.

Also I don’t know if you can tell but she’s wearing an Elsa dress under her dinosaur hoodie. That kids got style and she’s already cooler than me.

She also went in a few of the bouncy houses and tossed some rings at the carnival games. At one point we (TY and I) challenged “Uncle” (JB) to a relay race and I thought I was gonna eat dirt after the dizzy bat portion. JB’s Brother in Law got it all on film but I have yet to see it so until I can, you don’t get that hilarious video of 6’5 JB racing 2ft tall Ty as I tip-toe behind her on the balance beam.

Our last stop was the pumpkin patch of course. Scratch that, Ty rode a pony and cried when she had to get off, but happy again when she got to pick out a pumpkin and leave with a goody bag. I think her dad was more excited though because he immediately pulled out a DumDum and ate it. That’s called Parenting done right.

Ty and Pumpkin

The pony ride definitely got the biggest grin you’ve ever seen. I think we all know what she’ll be asking for for the next decade of her life. You’re welcome for introducing that to her 😉

I did snap some “family” photos of everyone too but since she’s not my kid I don’t like sharing too much of her here. Judging from these photos, just the back of her head is. If you were to steal my phone and look through my picture roll you’d think she was my kid though. Or you’d think I was a creeper, which JB says I am so I’ll let you make up you own mind about what to call me.

I’m just gonna leave you with this photo that near about melted my heart to see….

JB and Ty

Seriously a kid and her Uncle may be the cutest thing ever, second only to a Dad and his little girl. specifically if that dad is my husband and the daughter is mine. I imagine that’s a pretty heart melt-y moment.

Have you been to a Fall Festival in your area yet?

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A Cape Cod Birthday Weekend

Happy Monday Friends!

Thanks to everyone for the kind Birthday wishes. Also I’m sorry to everyone who didn’t realize I’ve been dating JB for the past 4 years. The past 2 years of that was spent long distance (Kentucky to Mass) so I felt pretty single and wrote from that point of view a lot….I seem to be pretty convincing at it I guess lol.

Also before we get going. Congrats to Amanda Brooks for winning my Birthday Firmoo giveaway! I’ll be sending you an email with your code today! I wish I could send prizes to everyone who entered, but I’m poor and not famous enough to get that much swag, sorry.

falmouth cape cod

I spent my birthday weekend in the Cape with JB’s family. I know I talked about it enough so I thought I’d show some photos for those who feel like stalking me. But like, not physically stalk me, I’m not signing off on that kind of behavior.

JB and I started the day early, heading down to meet his family at his Uncle’s Cape house in Falmouth. They have this amazing porch with rocking chairs that I just love to sit and chat on.

falmouth massachussetts

Next we headed down for some beach time. We’re healthy people so we walked, duh. Plus it’s like a 10min walk to the water so it’s not a big deal for my flippy-floppied feet. The Falmouth Road Race was also taking place that weekend so they were setting up for the race. Needless to say, there were a TON of people and we didn’t stay long. Seriously people were liek shoulder to shoulder….no bueno for this hermit.

beach house falmouth

After a lunch of fish tacos at a local shanty. (It was literally called the Beach Shanty or something like that) we headed off to the beach house. Actually let’s backtrack a bit. I was super stoked to eat fish tacos after eating them for the first time out in San Diego. Fish tacos not is San Diego are NOTHING like fish tacos from San Diego…whomp, whomp. The fish was obviously delicious, but the rest of the taco was filled with some kind of onion and cilantro mixture….two things I hate….

fish tacos

It’s ok though because later that night we ate cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop. I was also informed that they opened a new shop but 15 minutes from my apartment, so I forsee many cupcake runs and a larger pants size in my future (sorry hips!) There were Oreo, Chocolate, Lemon (bleh), Carrot Cake (double bleh) and peanut butter chocolate cupcakes to choose from. I obvis ate the Oreo and Chocolate ones because dessert shouldn’t ever involve vegetables or fruit.

cupcake charlies

Dinner that night was a bacon and scallop pizza because we’re fancy individuals. No picture was taken though, because while JB’s family all know I blog and they even read it on occasion (hello :D) I still feel weird photographing everything when I’m with them. Although I’ve totally taken a rando “blog” photo with them all watching and they kept their judgment to themselves, I try to limit my awkward encounters.

falmouth cape cod

Sunday started early, around 6am, because we’re all masochists of sleep deprivation, and we hit up the beach again, this time at a private association spot so we were all by our lonesome. Typing that sentence really makes me wanna yell, “Hey everyone, look how awesome I am!” I’ll refrain though, you’re welcome.

birthday gifts

That Vera Bradley wallet/cross-body bag is a birthday gift from JB’s Mom. She’s an awesome lady isn’t she? I should mention, JB got me a heavy duty ipad case because I’m, “clumsy and will inevitably drop anything expensive and new.” JB’s niece gifted me an entire day at the Children’s Museum with her in two weeks and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t my favorite gift.

I tried to get JB to take a photo with me to show y’all that I’m not lying and he really does exist. (I swear that’s his foot in the porch photo!) He never cooperates though so I tried to sneak this photo of us being cute. He caught on because I’m never cute and I got shut-down….

kiss photo

So that was my birthday weekend. No blowing out candles or being sang Happy Birthday too, but I guess we all have to grow up sometime….Just kidding, I blew out a candle I stuck in a donut when I got home Sunday Night. I mean com’on, it was my Birthday!

Do you have any birthday traditions?

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A Kitchen Fail Kinda Weekend

Showing up on a Monday! (read in a sing-songy voice)

Happy Monday everyone!

I had the best weekend. Wanna know why? Well for one I didn’t have to work. Any weekend is automatically sky-rocketed into the stratosphere of awesome when there’s no working involved. But second, I got to hang out with the World’s Cutest Tiny Human aka JB’s niece.

Best. Weekend.

I had a few fails though…..

See, in case you missed it, it was Father’s Day on Sunday and with my Dad in Germany, I spent the day with JB’s family instead. (I did Facetime my Dad though because I’m a good daughter) And even though JB’s Dad isn’t mine and I have, like zero obligation to get him anything, I’m a super adorable person and wanted to bake something for him anyway.

Enter the Kaluha…..

See, I was even ready with my props for photos!

See, I was even ready with my props for photos!

It happens to be his favorite so I decided to get creative (aka search Pinterest) for a good baked Kaluha treat. Here’s where things went wrong. Like really, really wrong.

So I started off attempting to make some no-bake Kaluha truffle things. All I needed was Kaluha, powdered sugar, and a bag of mixed nuts and chocolate covered espresso beans. Easy enough right? Nope. Mine didn’t set, ever, even after sitting overnight in the fridge and adding an extra cup of powdered sugar. So I was left with a bowl of soupy Kaluha goop and a bag of crushed nuts. Not a very tasty treat….

Not pretty, but delicious for sure.

Not pretty, but delicious for sure.

Enter plan two.

I decided to make brownies with a Kaluha swirl. Delicious, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself. Well you’d be wrong again. The Kaluha mixture didn’t like the oven and bubbled up and basically turned into a layer of plastic on top…Fail #2.

Finally I dropped by the store, picked up a tube of cookie dough, tossed it in a bowl, added a few splashes of Kaluha and the crushed nuts/beans and baked em up. These actually turned out edible but apparently there was zero Kaluha taste to them. Whatever, they were gone within seconds so I call them a win.

So two disasters aside, I managed to bring home a win, even if it was only semi-homemade. Some lady made a living off of that on tv after all 😉

How was everyone else’s weekend? Ever turned a kitchen fail into a win?

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Father’s Day Pancakes

Whoa it’s Father’s Day weekend!

How is it almost through June? Yesterday was New Year’s Eve was it not??

Anyway, my Padre is across the Seas living in Germany and while my sister got to go visit for a few weeks, Adulthood beckoned and I had to hang back and work and pay them bills. Sad face. So while they’re both playing, I wanted to share a little bit about my Dad. (you can read more here and here as well)

One of our many trips together

One of our many trips together. Perfectly explains our relationship

My Dad is Awesome with a capitol A. I just wanted to get that out there before we started. Now I know you probably think you’re Dad is cool and all, and he probably is, but there’s just nothing like a Daddy-Daughter relationship. Growing up my Dad walked on water and was as tall as the trees. He was as strong as a Giant and as funny as a video of someone falling down (you know those make you laugh too).

It may also help that I’m as gullible as a three year old at Christmas time, but I thought my Dad hung the Moon. (still do) Out of all my brother’s (that’d be three of them) my Dad and I had the most in common so we were special pals. We’d go camping together, fishing, hiking, played sports together, worked on my game, and just all around had fun.

Ignore the blurriness, it's one of my favorites from an  old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

Ignore the blurriness, it’s one of my favorites from an old flip phone #sorrynotsorry

One special thing you should know about my Dad is that his culinary skills are at their finest in the woods. He magically transforms into a gourmet chef once we cross into our campsite. Most kids simply roast a hotdog over the fire, or bring sandwiches from home. Not my Dad. Nope. We eat stew, we eat berry cobbler and apple crisp. We eat fancy noodle dishes and complete “home”-cooked meals. Granted we started with the hot dogs and sandwiches, but over the many many years he’s become an expert at eating like a King in the wilderness.

One thing that always remained a tradition though, was breakfast pancakes in the morning. He’d even start making them for us at home sometimes too. If there was ever an award for best pancake flipper, it’d go to that guy.

What better way to say thanks than to make my Dad some special Father’s Day pancakes then? Of course I’d haveta ship them across the World and I highly doubt they’d be all that delectable once he received them, so you’ll just have to help me out and make them for your Dad instead.

Father's Day Protein Pancake

It’s such a creative and adorable idea I don’t know how I have never though of it before!! You can find the recipe here! Can I admit that I tried to make these anyway? They’re just too cute not to!

premier protein

Premier Protein also sent me a chocolate protein shake and some wicked delicious protein bars as well. Let me tell you. These bars? Manna in my mouth. I ate the cookie and cream and chocolate peanut butter ones before i had a chance to take any photos. Read why here. They are the perfect snack bar on the go or after an intense workout to help you recover.

So now I want you to tell me your Father’s Day plans. It better involve at least calling that Dad of yours and telling him you love him!

Oh yea, Love you Dad!

This is a sponsored post. Al products were received for free in exchange for my honest review, however all opinions are my own. 

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Some Friday Five Randomness

Hey Hey Party People!

It’s Friday and with all my traveling and laptop charger forgetting saga’s, I feel like I’m a bit out of the loop. I did however make it around to all your blogs though so I guess I’m not as far out of the loop as I feel…..Let’s be real, I just like talking about myself 😉

So for today, we’re doin a little Friday Five fun!

friday five

Gettin right down to business!


One fo my best friend’s is moving to Zimbabwe next week to volunteer in an orphanage all summer while simultaneously teaching sexual education and safety classes at the local college…..yea try having that as a best friend as you tell people you’re working at a summer camp post grad-school….

Kidding! I love her and she’s off to do big amazing things in the World!!


Like anyone with more important things to do with their lives, I spent like an hour…..or more, on Buzzfeed last night instead of writing this post…..Don’t worry though, I found out like really deep and important soul-searching type things about myself. Things like if I’d make it past the first night on the Bachelor (I would), or what kind of donut my personality is (old-fashioned, duh), also if I’m more Cosette or Eponine (Cosette), and finally what job I’d have if the internet didn’t exist (tailor).

Clearly you need to get on my level…..


Enough about me for a second, but only a second……..

Kym at Our Fox Tales is holding a book swap for the summer. In case you’re either new to these parts or don’t actually ever read anything I write, I love books. I’m currently reading my 47 book of the year…..You should go sign up and swap books with us

Now back to me….(admittingly that was mostly about me anyway…..)



I haven’t done a confession sesh in entirely too long and needed to get this off my chest, here’s goes….

I mostly skim posts that don’t have lots of photos unless it just really pulls me in and here I just wrote one myself and expect y’all to sit there and read it. For that reason, anyone who comments below that they read this part gets a prize (this is not a drill people!)


I tried this Instagram trick, minus pretty much all of it except the one part. I spent about 1 min, 5x yesterday scrolling through the search page liking photos I liked and commenting on the ones I felt like I had a comment for. By the end of the day I’d gained almost 15 new followers…

I don’t like the whole mindset of “if you don’t follow me, I won’t follow you.” I’m not, nor will I ever be, a #follow4follow girl, but if you’ve got something I like, then heck yea I’ll follow you and like you and comment. If you choose to follow me  as well, then hey, nice to meetcha!

That’s all I got for ya today.

I just want to finish with saying that just because the Secret Blogger Club is taking a little break, doesn’t mean I won’t still be promoting y’all. It’s one of my very favorite things to do #gagifyouwant

P.S. that gif above was just for you skimmers (you might wanna go back and read below it)……P.P.S It was also my very first gif ever so you’re welcome….P.P.P.S(?) now I’m kinda addicted…..

Now tell me something random goin through your head right now! That means YOU!

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Sun’s Out, Laptop’s Away

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I have to apologize……

spring is here

As this title suggests, I’ve been a bit absent from Blogland this week. I’ve been posting sure, but I haven’t been making the rounds like I usually do. And for that I am sorry.

My Bloglovin’ feed ran over 100 at one point and I’ve since knocked it down to around 50 with lots more being published every day.

It’s not my fault really. When the Sun is shining and temperatures soar over 65, something just takes hold of me and I just Have to be outside.

Seriously, The Sun know my name, I’m not even kidding. As soon as it rises in the morning (as I’m walking back to my car after spin class) it starts singing me a song that goes a little like this:

Kelsey, oh dear pale Kelsey

Come play in the fields and sing with the birds

Forget real life and come play.

Kelsey, oh dear pale Kelsey

I love you and you love me.

Nay you NEED me, I said pale twice afterall

So see, you can’t be mad at me for taking almost an entire week to respond to your comment. I love your comments (please keep them coming), but until I can break the spell that is sunshine and birdsong it might remain a bit slow in the responding category.

Le sigh, life is so hard sometimes 😉

Has anyone else been outside enjoying the Sun? What’re your weekend plans?

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(Not My) Wedding Day

Hello Friends 😀

I know I’m late to the post wagon today but it’s b/c I went out with some friends for dinner last night to celebrate the end of the semester and I didn’t have time to put the finishing touches on it. (read that as I was too lazy and an episode of Gossip Girl sounded more fun then proof-reading)

So I’ve already shared the rehearsal dinner photos from my brother’s wedding weekend but today I wanted to share the beautiful photos from the actual day. (with the happy couple’s permission of course)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Oh but first things first I suppose I should announce the winner of the scarf giveaway. I’ve already emailed her (congrats jennifer!)and as soon as I hear back it’ll be on it’s way to her ;D A huge thank-you to everyone who entered and said such nice things about my work. I really do enjoy it and am hoping to branch out into some more fun designs and patterns.

Ok, back to the wedding. If you don’t like pictures or weddings I suggest you turn back now……

We started the day with all  the girls getting ready together. Professional makeup and not so professional hair (for my sister and I anyway, I did it myself….feel free to judge) Everyone looked so beautiful with their makeup. I seriously could have just stared at myself all day, I’ve never felt so pretty. But, there was another special lady that I was there to celebrate and she really did take the cake on being the most beautiful. (hint: I’m talking about the bride)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Selfie with the bride herself 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My sister is gorgeous and makes it hard to keep up.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mother and sister 😀

And b/c it’s been well established that I’m pretty into myself, I took a duck-faced selfie in the car on our way to the ceremony. #SomeThingsNeverChange Can I look like this every day? K, thanks.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Of course the professionals took the ceremony photos and I can’t wait for the bride to get those in. I think I’m just as excited as she is! She’s had a sneak peek though, and I’ve been told they’re amazing duh (Jeri Ann Photography, check her out)  🙂 SO here are some phone snaps of the pictures post-ceremony.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sheron kids 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

All my siblings (minus a little brother not in attendance)

Inside, I got a few of the grooms table. My brother is weird and is really into Coca-Cola so his table was appropriately decorated. P.S. the wedding cake was delicious! I’m a bad blogger though and didn’t get a photo of the actual wedding cake before we cut into it. I feel it also noteworthy to tell you there was no cake-face-smashing much to the dismay of all the little children in attendance. Future groom take note, I will not have cake shoved into my face either….

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Next was on to the dancing. Though since I was dancing I only got a few selfies. #sorrynotsorry (also I’m not sure why I feel the need for so many hashtags in this post…#sorrynotsorry?)

I got to dance with my Dad and brother of course. The rest of the night involved two little girls and some serious dance moves. There’s just something about weddings that make ya wanna dance.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My padre flew in from Germany for the Wedding

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Those smiles make my heart melt 🙂

We finally sent the happy couple off with bubbles. Since I was busy blowing the bubbles I didn’t get shots of them goin through the tunnel of love (well bubbles) but if my sister does it justice you can imagine what it might have looked like.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The picture in front of the car is my attempt at being a wedding photographer. They stayed until the very end of the shin-dig which was so nice to get extra time with them. I’ll be seeing them for a few days this weekend again before they leave on their honeymoon to Disney.

Oh, And b/c public embarrassment is the name of the sibling game, here’s a photo of my brother gazing lovingly at his bride’s bouquet. He was also chasing bubbles at one point so it’s really not that hard to do…….

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I sure do love ya bro! You and your beautiful bride I can now call my sister 😉 I still so honored and blessed that they chose me to stand beside them on their big day. I can’t wait for us all to be together again…nerds!

Hopefully my own wedding day will be as perfect. I’m so happy to have a new sister 🙂

**Insert question to elicit comments here**


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